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The future is here and I am seriously Blown away by this new AI tool called Chat GPT and in this video I’m going to Show you the best ways to use it to make Loads of money but first if you don’t Know what I’m talking about then where Have you been because everyone has been Talking about it over the last week or So but if you don’t know what it is it’s An AI robot that can basically do almost Anything and it is unbelievable it can Write you a song about anything it can Write you essays it can even code and it Is super super mind-blowing I’ve been Playing around with it for like the last Few days and I found some epic ways that You can use it to make money and I Actually am really ill at the moment I Was just in bed a minute ago I’ve got a Cold off flow but this has just been Spinning around on my mind I was like I Just need to tell someone about it I Tried to explain it to my girlfriend About how amazing it was and the things You can do with it she kind of didn’t Get it slash didn’t really care so I was Like I just need to pull the camera out And show my subscribers some ways that You can make money using this awesome Tool first up if you’ve seen other People speaking about how to make money With this this is not going to be like Those videos because I’ve seen a few Videos where they’re basically the main

Way that people think you can make money From chat gbt is and I’m going to show You how it works in a second if you Don’t know what I’m talking about but They they think oh you can just get it To write blog posts get it to write a Blog post and then you could maybe host That blog post get clicks on it and then Make some money from affiliate marketing Or or ad Revenue that is not the best Way to use it other people are saying oh I’m going to set up an agency like a Copywriting agency and then I’m gonna Basically sell copywriting services and Then get the robot to do it for me which Is okay but I mean that’s not the best Way to do it either with that is just Scratching the service with what is Possible with chat gbt and I’m going to Show you the very best ways that you can Use it to make a lot of money and very Quickly before we Dive In All I ask is That you smash the like button because I Did just get out of bed with a really Bad cold to film this video and I really Do appreciate it first up is to create a Money making browser extension the Chrome extension business is massive and I’m going to show you how easy it is to Make one with chat GPT in just a second But I’m sure most people watching this Video have used the browser extension Before the main ones are hosted on Chrome and they’re basically just little

Applications that work on your browser You can see here on my Chrome browser in The top here on this bar there’s lots of Little icons they’re all Chrome Extensions that I’ve installed and They’re basically just little helpful Tools like this one here really simple It allows me to pick a color from the Page so I click on that or another one Here is this one here which allows me to Draw on any page so if I’m doing a YouTube video and I want to talk about This ambulance picture I can draw on it I can Circle it a really simple browser Extension but those are just a few of Them there’s literally thousands of These Chrome extensions which you can Access in the Chrome extension store From massive companies and independent Creators that do all sorts of things and They can be a great way of making money Just to give you an idea the guy that Created this Adblock Chrome extension According to the podcast my first Million generated over 44 million Dollars in 2017 from this Chrome Extension that he created himself and There’s also this other simple Chrome Extension which generates around about Ten thousand dollars per month and Basically it allows people to screenshot A full image of a web page really really Simple tools that you can get chat GPT To create and I’m going to show you how

I want to create a Chrome extension I’ve Got zero clue how to do it I don’t know Anything about coding I don’t even know Where to start I’m just going to come to Chat GPT and ask it to create me one and Tell me how to actually do it so let’s Just try it here so I was thinking Before What can I create an app for a Chrome Extension and I was thinking I’m vegan And I thought when you go onto like a Recipe website that’s got non-vegan Recipe it would be really good if it Could have a little a little Chrome Extension that automatically makes any Non-vegan recipe and turns it vegan and It’s really simple to do because all it Needs to do is take the word milk and Then replace it with the word vegan milk Alternative and if it sees the word meat Or chicken it can change it to vegan Chicken Alternatives so it’s basically Just a really simple Chrome extension That can just change a word on a page But if you’re a vegan you might want to Have that turned on so every time you See a recipe you’re not being bombarded With milk and fish and egg and all that Kind of things So let’s let’s ask it to create one So I’ve just said can you create me a Chrome extension script for an app Called veganize the extension will read Content on a web page and change the

Word milk to vegan and it said it may be Against their policies but I don’t think It is but it’s still giving me the the The the script And then it literally is producing me The script for this this thing that I Just created I just wrote it in like Really Non-specific terms not really Grammatically correct can you do this I Wanted to do this and you work it out Yourself and it’s actually creating me The the script and it’s telling me step By step what I need to do basically I Need to copy this code and then you need To save it as a file called Manifest.json so I’ll just copy the code Then I need to come to text edit which Is this program on my computer and then I need to just save that as a file Called manifest and then I need to take This code which is a content and then I Need to basically just save that as a Text file as well then it tells me what I need to do so I need to install the Extension go to Chrome extensions page And then developer mode and then load Unpacked button and add in the file so Come to Chrome extensions this is all my Extensions here but I just need to click On developer mode and then click on load Unpacked and then I just need to upload The file that contains both of those Documents

And boom I think that is it let’s just Go to my list of extensions here Veganize here let’s Pin It To The Top Bar it’s this little V and we’re in Business so let’s go and find a recipe And see where it actually works so let’s Open up a recipe for rice pudding and as You can see here this recipe is asking People to add in on the shopping list 700 mL of semi-skimmed milk and it says Sugar hair stir-fry the milk we’re vegan We don’t want milk so we’re going to Turn on this Chrome extension Onto all sides And boom it’s already happened before Our very eyes 700 mils of semi-screamed Vegan milk alternative Then tip the rice and sugar and stir Through the vegan milk alternative boom It’s changed that so every time I view a Recipe online it’s gonna have vegan milk Instead of milk and now we’ve got a tool That literally veganizes any recipes and I’m sure that other vegans out there Would probably want to install this on Their computer so they don’t have to Look at non-vegan recipes ever again so There’s a few ways that we can monetize This the first way is we could go to Chrome Store and we could upload it on There and we could actually sell it Someone might want to pay a dollar for This or whatever I mean it’s not the Best app it’s a very quick one that I

Just created off the top of my head but We can make a more advanced one that Someone might actually want to pay a bit More money for or maybe you could have a Free version and then you could have an Upgraded version which maybe Um tells you where you can actually buy The the ingredients for the vegan Alternative foods and that kind of thing And then you could potentially could Connect that to affiliate links so That’s a massive opportunity there Um by selling it through the Chrome Store another way that we could use this To make money is actually by giving the Chrome extension away for free and I Know that doesn’t sound great because Like how we going to make money from That but what we could do is we could Use it as a really really valuable lead Magnet so we could create a very simple Basic landing page that says do you want To turn any recipe into a vegan recipe In one second with this free Chrome Extension app all you need to do is Enter your email address to get access To this for free and then basically Promote that by promoting on YouTube we Can put on Tick Tock or you could Promote in in Facebook groups with Vegans giving away these free this free Tool in exchange for someone’s email and Then you will build an email list of People that you know are vegan and then

You could then promote other products to Them like affiliate products and Supplements and things where you could Get commissions by sending them emails And making money that way so there’s two Opportunities there where you can make Money from a Chrome extension the next Way we can make money using chat GPT if We don’t want to go down the Chrome Extension route is to actually create a HTML web tool which is similar to a Chrome extension in a way but we can Monetize it in a completely different Way and we can also so use it to make Money from free organic traffic so we Can actually get chat GPT to create us Some of these really useful tools which We can monetize in a very very simple Way and just to show you what I’m Talking about here I’ll show you a tool That I always use quite a lot of the Time really really simple but a genius Way of making money and I come to Google And I type in v80 calculator and this One pops up at the top and it’s Basically a very very simplified Calculator that all it does is it adds 20 which is the going current going rate For v80 in the UK and vat if you don’t Know it’s just basically sales tax so if I’ve got something that I’m selling for A thousand pounds and I want to know how Much vat to charge I click that and it Tells me to charge 1 200 pounds to

Collect 200 pound vat really simple I Could probably do that with a normal Calculator I could probably do that in My head but I just go for the easy Option typing Google give me a vat Calculator tell me it in plain simple Terms now this website makes a lot of Money for this very simple tool all Because of these adverts which pop up on The side here and up here at the top and Just to show you the amount of traffic That this website gets let’s just paste Into similar web with 336 000 visits Every single month and they’re all Viewing these adverts so they’re Probably making a lot of money from this Very simple tool and we can get chat gbt To create as one of these tools as well And as you can see here I asked chat GPT To create me this tool earlier two lines Said create me a v80 calculator with an Ad v80 button and also have a button Where it says remove vat it gave me this Script I then just pasted it into a Blank page on kartra which is a website Builder I use and it spat out this and Yeah it is very very simple I didn’t Give it any design feedback I actually Said a little bit later on can you add a Little blue box around it but this is Just to show you how simple it is to Actually get something to create a tool From scratch now you could embed this Into a nicer looking website or you

Could actually give it a bit more Feedback on the fonts you want to use And the style and stuff like that then Another really simple tool which I Thought of before so when I’m writing a Script for a YouTube video and I kind of Want to know how long the video is going To be based on how many words are in my Script based on the speed that I speak That can make it quite hard to work out Yourself so I I actually asked chat gbt To create me something which will count The words in a piece of text and then Based on the speaking speed that I’ve Got how long will the video be in like An estimation so let’s give it a go here Video length calculator we paste it in There and then based on four words per Second it says it’s going to be an eight Second video there we go and you can Change it depending if you speak fast or You speak slow now again very very Simple tool but that’s just the start I Literally give it a line of information To create me that and it created me that So imagine if you actually put a bit More time and effort into creating this And making it look cool you could have a Really good tool and then the way that You’d make money with these is obviously Trying to get them to rank on Google so I typed in one day video length Calculator and then a tool popped up and You could this would pop up but

Obviously there’ll be a bit of Competition for things like vat Calculator and video limb calculator but If you can think of a newer trend for Example maybe like only fans is taking Off someone might want to know how much They can make on on only fans based on How much they earn and actually someone Has created and only fans calculator but That was someone jumping on something Maybe you could rank above them because It’s probably a fresh one and it says How much do you charge per month how Many social media follows do you have What is the potential and there’s loads Of little things that you could create That someone might be able to work out If they did it the long way or with a Spreadsheet or a calculator but you can Actually create a simplified thing that Someone might actually search for and You could actually come up with some Really good tools and then you could Have adverts on that page where you make Money from the adverts next up you can Use chat gbt to create you a trading bot Indicator now this one is epic if you’ve Ever tried to trade crypto or stocks you Might have used this tool here called Trading view which is a charting tool Which shows the price action of Different coins and commodities like Bitcoin or stocks like apple and things Like that and basically people come here

If they want to trade and buy and sell Stocks and cryptos I’m not going to go Into too much detail on this one because I know my channel is not a trading Channel I’m a no trading expert but this Is super super super powerful what you Can do so I just wanted to share it so Inside of trading view one of the main Features is the indicators so they have A lot of indicators here which you can You can get for free but there’s also Some that you buy and they basically add Things onto the charts Giving you indications of whether to buy And sell and things like that for Example I actually paid for a trading Indicator called Market spot which cost Me around about 300 just to show you how Much money you can make for these from These if you was to create one and it Basically this one tells you when to buy And sell so here this little thing that Pops up this is an indicator it’s Telling me to sell that it’s telling me To buy there and it basically takes some Data and works out the best time to buy And sell now there’s a big business in This because as I said I paid like 300 For six months of one of these Indicators so you could actually create An indicator and sell it using chat gbt And it’s really as simple as what we’ve So you could come into chat gbt and say Can you create me a pine script

Indicator because that’s the software That tradingview uses that triggers a Buy Signal when the volume increases by Five percent on the 15 minute time frame I mean I don’t know if that’s a good Thing but if there’s a lot of volume Maybe that’s a good time to buy other People are buying and then it will Literally spit us out a script and tell Us how to use it for trading View and as I said you could create a website where You maybe sell leads to people who want Indicators or if you could think of a Good thing that you want to keep for Yourself and a good indicator you might Be able to use it to help you trade as Well and it’s literally spitting us out This we add it in here and it will Literally just appear in your indicators Under here under my script there so yeah I’m not going to go into too much detail Like I said with that one but it is Really powerful if you are into the Trading game the next thing that you can Do with chat gbt is absolutely Mind-blowing and I’m going to show you How to do it now but also stay tuned Because I’m going to show you another Epic AI tool which I’ve not heard of Until recently and it is it’s almost as Mind-blowing as chat GPT so make sure You keep listening for that because it Is epic and we’re going to use it with This strategy as well so basically what

This one is is we can get chat EBT to Write us a book and what we can do is we Can actually get this book published and The book that we’re going to actually Focus on is a children’s book because It’s actually quite easy to do it’s not That many words and we can actually Publish this on Amazon and I’m going to Show you how we can do the images and Everything all using AI technology so so We could just come to chat GPT and say Like can you write me a children’s book About a shy bear called Timmy who was Scared to go to school bam and one Really important thing about doing this With like children’s books is we don’t Just want to say can you create me a Random book about a book about a bear That went on a day out that’s not that’s Not interesting we want to try and Create a book Touches on kind of a social issue or It’s kind of got an educational element To it because there’s a much more chance Of of parents wanting to buy it but also They might recommend it to other people As well so rather than just going like The bear that had a day out to the shops You’re not going to recommend that Someone but if there’s a this book has Actually got an underlying message about A shy bear because there’s a lot of shy Children that are scared of going to School this could be a good present to

Get a book for the for the child that’s That’s got his first day school coming Up and it can kind of have a little Important message in the book as well so It’s literally writing as a Story Once Upon a Time in the forest there’s a bell Named Timmy he was a shy bear and he was Nervous about starting school like he Couldn’t get the La La Land it keeps Doing it they sat in the classroom made Lots of new friends he even started he Learned it was okay to be shy and it was Normal to feel scared sometimes he was Grateful that he faced his fear and he Went to school and he discovered that it Was fun and exciting place to be and he Was glad that he taken the chance that Is a fantastic idea for a book now what We can do is we want some images for This book we can actually use AI Technology to generate those images and This is where it becomes mind-blowing Because we can say can you give me a Detailed description of what Timmy looks Like so I can get an AI image Creator to Draw him and then hopefully it’s gonna Give us an image Um a description which we can then plug Into this other tool which I’m going to Show you and then I’m actually going to Show you how we can actually get this Published on a print-on-demand basis so We don’t have to invest in any books or Anything like that and we can sell this

On Amazon is a mind-blowing great way of Making money with chat gbt here we go We’ve got it it’s a small bear is soft Fur brown fur soft brown fur a warm Honey Honey brown color that’s detailed In it small nose big eyes okay So what I’m going to do is I’m going to Take this description and then the next Tool that I’m going to use is something Called mid Journey now this looks like Super Beta technology and it is it’s Actually in beta it looks like something From like the 80s or something but it’s Unbelievable basically it’s it’s free at The moment there’s a free trial and you Basically join a Discord group and the Discord group you paste in your Description and then it draws you images From AI brand new images it’s it’s Absolutely mind-blowing so basically This is how it works we just come in Here we type in forward slash imagine And then we just need to paste in this Little description of what Timmy would Look like And then we click bam and then what it’s Going to do is going to create as an Image within 60 seconds of four images Of potentially what this bear can look Like and then we can upsize one of those Images and then what we can do is we can Actually use that image and then create More images that go along with this Scene that we can add into this

Children’s book all using AI technology As you can see it’s actually starting to Load it’s at 31 and it’s drawing as the Image of what Timmy the bear might look Like wow so these are the images that is Created of this bear that I that is Amazing it these do not already exist as Well it’s not like it’s stolen a Photograph from some of these do not Exist it’s created from scratch I love This one here I didn’t know it was going To be this realistic because you can put In prompts like cartoon bear which I Didn’t obviously do or Disney style bear And things like that and it will draw You on but that’s quite cool there this One so we can basically upscale version Four so it’s created as this image here So what we can do now is we can actually Take this image then we can forward Slash imagine prompt you can actually Paste in that image address and we can Add in that description there so we add The description button I’ve said setting In a classroom because we want to create An image of that bear in a classroom so Then what it’s done here is created some Things here I don’t know what this text Is here because it is AJ a generated so We could actually put in the word no Text and we might not get text but now We’ve got a similar looking bear in a Classroom setting so that could be one Of the the images that’s on the page

Where he actually makes it to school and You can play around with this and Actually build out a children’s book and The images using AI generation then you Can actually add those images alongside The the text into a a document that you Can now upload to Amazon so you can use A program like book bolt which is mainly For like low content books but it’s got A studio Builder where you can build out The the cover of the book and the the Pages inside and actually format all of That and it’ll give you in the perfect Dimensions for an Amazon book so you can Use that I’ll leave a link to that in The description down below or you can Maybe try and do it on camera as well From a scratch but you’ll have to do Each page age individually and then Download them as some kind of PDF then You can come over to Amazon KDP which is Amazon’s self-publishing arm of Amazon And basically you can upload your PDF of Your book and they will host it on Amazon for sale And then if someone buys it from Amazon They will actually Print It On Demand And then you take a cut and they take a Cut it’s a fantastic business model and You could do this so many times because It’s been so easy to create that Children’s book you could create 10 Children’s books or 20 children’s books All around different issues that are

Affecting children and one of them takes Off you can make a lot of money if you Want more information on actually Selling books on Amazon with Amazon KDP And low content books as well make sure You check out this video here thank you For watching this video hope you enjoyed It until next time cheers guys

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