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I’m gonna reveal some mind-blowing money Making ai-powered websites and tools That can generate you incredible daily Income some can earn you an extra Hundred dollars a day others have got The potential to make you thousands I’m So excited to share these tools with you In today’s video so let’s not waste any More time and dive straight into it the First tool I’m going to show you is the Most simple tool on the list and it’s Not the most sexiest but you can use it Totally for free and it’s a pretty easy Way to make some extra cash and if you Look on my laptop here you can see that Someone is using this method and they’ve Already generated over thirty thousand Dollars nearly 3 000 sales from this and The AI tool that you can use to do this Is this here called palette dot fm and What it is it’s a very simple tool that Will turn black and white photos into Colored photos and there’s a few ways That we can make money from this but I’ll just show you how easy this is to Use upload a black and white photo so it Could be a photo of someone’s Grandad or Grandparents and the AI technology will Get to work instantly and turn it into a Colored version just like this and as You can see that black and white photo That I just uploaded is now color and I Can download that and there’s a few ways That you can make money from this the

First way the most easiest way is you Can actually just offer this service on A website like Etsy just like this Person is offering here and they’ve Actually generated over thirty thousand Dollars by doing this very simple method Usually you would have to use Photoshop And you’d have to have skills in color Grading and things like that but with This new AI app you can just do it in Seconds and offer this service there may Be a bit of competition on Etsy and on Fiverr for this service so what you need To do is when I’m telling you these Ideas is kind of think outside the box Think how you can put a spin on it for Example maybe you could offer this Service in your local area on Facebook Marketplace where there might not be That many people offering this service So that’s one option but a really good Idea what you do with this is if you Were going to offer on Etsy rather than Just offering to turn people’s black and White images to color you could maybe Couple it up with a print-on-demand Service where you actually turn Someone’s image from black and white to Color but then you’ll add it onto a wall Print for them that you can actually get Printed out and sent to their door so it Could be more of a gift that they might Want to give to their grandparents or What you could potentially do which I’m

Just thinking off the top of my head now Is maybe create a commemorative 70th Anniversary mug for someone’s Grandparents that have been married for 70 years and you could offer a service Where you’ll turn their black and white Photo into a colored photo add it onto a Mug and then you could sell that service On Etsy one more idea which I’ve Literally just thought of as well you Could potentially rent out a market Stall on a Saturday and Sunday in your Local area get a sign created black and White photos turned into color while you Wait you could maybe buy a colored photo Printer and a scanner and you can Actually scan people’s photos in while They wait running through this app on Your laptop and then print them out for Them and you’ve got a little side Business that you could actually be Offering in your local area on your Local market there’s also another AI app As well which is called restore Photos.io which is a very similar setup Where you can upload photos that are Grainy and it will actually use AI Technology to turn them higher quality So you could combine those two together And you’ve got a little side business The next tool I’m going to show you is Completely different to the previous one But is is an awesome little tool that You can use to make money it’s actually

A Chrome extension called Devi and I Will leave a link to this in the Description down below and essentially What this tool does it will allow you to Monitor Facebook groups automatically And what the software will do it will Look out for specific words that you are Looking for and when someone mentions Those specific words it will give you an Alert now there’s a few ways that we can Make money from this but I’ll just show You how it works now so I’ve currently Got this set up at the moment to monitor 15 Facebook groups in kind of the  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing Niche and it’s looking out for A specific keyword which I asked it to Look for which is funnel Builder when Someone asks in one of those Facebook Groups anything about a funnel Builder a Sales funnel Builder which is basically A website builder I will get an alert And I’ve actually got an alert already And a lead has been generated here Someone wrote earlier today can anyone Recommend the best sales funnel Builder Now this is an opportunity for me to Make money because what I can do is come Over here inside of this software and I Can actually leave a comment and say hey Senior looking for the best sales funnel Builder here’s my affiliate link so you Can actually couple this up with Affiliate marketing and use it to find Leads for the software that you might be

Promoting so now I can message them and Say Here’s my affiliate link to kartra Or builderall or click funnels and There’s so much potential for this Because you could use it in so many Different niches Facebook groups are Really good hubs of people in lots of Specific niches you could maybe have This monitoring YouTuber Facebook groups For looking for the keyword vlogging Camera when someone is searching for the Best vlogging camera and you could Potentially get an alert for that you Could send them your Amazon affiliate Link and you don’t just have to use it With affiliate marketing that’s just one Way that you can use it maybe you’re a Fitness coach you can have it monitoring Fitness groups for people that are Looking for certain things they might Want a fitness plan and you could have Keywords looking out for that another Thing is maybe you’ve got a Drop Shipping business and you might sell dog Products and you might want to monitor Dog Facebook group for someone saying What’s the best dog shoot and then you Could jump in and go oh check out this There’s a link to my product before we Move on to the next one if you are Liking this this video and you’re not Yet subscribed please make sure you hit The Subscribe button and turn on the Bell notification because I’ve got some

Epic videos coming over the next few Weeks and you do not want to miss them The next tool I’m going to show you Allows you to jump on a massive Trend And you can make some good money from This if you give this a go now there’s a Lot of YouTubers out there just like Myself that I’ve not really taken Advantage of short form content you know Like YouTube shots and Tick Tock I’ve Tried to dabble in it I can’t stay as Consistent but now there’s a piece of AI Software which is about to make that job So so much easier it’s called video.ai It’s an AI piece of software that allows You to upload a YouTube link and it will Turn it into short form content with Captions and templates and it makes it Look really cool and it chooses the best Part of the video now I’m going to show You a genius way you can actually make Money from this in just a second but I’ll show you how easy this is so before I just uploaded a clip of Alex hamozi Genius is is producing some epic content At the moment I uploaded one of these Long form pieces of content to this and Then it spat me out for short form Videos AI is going to be the biggest Shift in our lifetime it is the Equivalent in my opinion of the moon Landing except the only difference is That it will actually change all of our Lives right so what that’s done is it’s

Taken the best part of the video he’s Added captions onto it he’s added a Really cool template and it’s added a Little title at the top it’s made some Really good short form content literally In a second all I did was uploaded a YouTube link to his video so the way That you can make money from this is by Offering this service to people YouTubers don’t have time to create Short film content themselves now the Only issue with this is that there’s a Lot of people offering this service at The moment I get like 10 to 15 messages Every single day and emails of people Saying Liam let me edit your long form Videos into short videos for tick tock It’ll help you blow up none of them Stand out because they’re all sending The same emails and the same messages What you need to do if you want to stand Out you need to kind of take it up a Level what I would do is I would I would Create an Instagram account and a tick Tock account and then what I would do is I would find people maybe medium to Small size YouTubers similar to me but Don’t bother going have to make his Account of being bombarded with loads of Messages after this video and then what You want to do is you want to actually Use this software to create some content For them before they’ve even asked for It just create one Epic video using this

Software and then what you want to do is Upload it onto your Instagram that You’ve just created and upload it onto Your Tick Tock that you’ve just created And then you want to tag them in it and You want to say here’s a video I created For you I’ve sent you a DM and what That’s going to do is I don’t care how Busy you are or how big you are or how Special you think you are if someone Tags you in a video you’re going to Check it out and then they’re going to See an epic piece of short film content That you’ve created that’s going to be Wowing them in the face and then they’re Going to read the caption which is like Hey Liam I hope you like this video I Created it for you I’ve dropped you a Quick message and then they’re gonna go To the messages and you can say I can Offer you this service and I’m going to Charge you fifty dollars a video or a Hundred dollars a video or let’s do 10 Videos and I can give you a certain Price and now what you’ve done is you’ve Stood out from everyone else you’ve Actually got the attention of these People and it’s not taking you that long Because you used AI to create the video And I know a lot of people will probably Comment and say well why would someone Pay for a service like this when they Could just do it themselves I could do This myself but I can’t be bothered to

Even upload them onto the AI app so There’s still people out there that Can’t be bothered to go through this Process and you are filling that Gap so Yeah it’s still a great service that you Can offer and you could build a little Side business from it the next one that I’m going to show you has got some epic Potential thank you to the king of YouTube Mr B’s now this is a little bit Similar to the previous one but it is Jumping on a a different Trend which is Is totally untapped compared to the Previous one and we’re using a different Piece of AI software so what Mr Beast Did he actually decided to dub all of His YouTube videos or his main channels Into different languages like Spanish so He could reach a total different audio To go viral all over the world now this Service of dubbing your videos costs Quite a lot of money I think the service That Mr Beast used is is really Expensive and I think they take a cut of Your ad Revenue as well going forward of The videos and if you was to even get Like a private company to dub your Videos it would cost so much money like Hundreds and hundreds of dollars but now There’s AI software that can actually Dub videos it will translate them and Actually add a dubbed voiceover to them So you can then offer these videos all Over the world this app here called

Dubfirst.ai allows you to upload a link To a YouTube video and it will translate It and double also recently just added This feature here called Neo dub which Not only dubs your voice into a Different language but it clones your Voice as well so the Adobe Voice Sounds Like you but is speaking in a different Language this is epic they’ve actually Given a sample of how Mr Beast would Talk if he was talking in Hindi hey Mr Beast the first guitar Now this is an opportunity for you to Create another service based business Where you can offer this service to YouTubers like me who might want to have His videos translated into a different Language the next tool I’m going to show You is perfect if you are someone like Me that’s got so many ideas for Different businesses and things that you Want to try because when you come up With an idea for something it’s really Good if you can kind of prove the Concept so if you can create like a Website and you can maybe start to build Up every interest in the idea to see Whether it’s worth pursuing now there’s This tool here called mixer which I will Leave a link to in the description down Below and it asks you what is your Startup ID so say you’ve got this idea Spinning around your mind and you kind Of want to put it into action you would

Go what’s my startup idea so let’s just Say for instance off the top of my head I’m thinking of creating a new app for Strangers who want to go to the gym Together like gym buddy app for people That want to go to the gym because they Don’t want to go on their own so And then you click generate site and Then AI technology is gonna take the Idea and it’s gonna put it into action And then we’ll see what it comes up with Now it is azure logo it creates you Images it writes a sales copy it creates The code on the website it optimizes the SEO and it’s literally produced me this Website here which we’ll go and have a Look at now from scratch they’ve created A name for it it’s called gym pair we’ve Got a logo it says find a workout Partner with Jim pair and it’s created As a full website with with images with Text everything and the purpose of this Site is to collect emails for people to Join your waitlist so when you can build An email list of people that are Interested in what you are going to Launch so obviously when you do launch It you can monetize it that way or you Could actually use this email list and Market other products to those people as Well because you know they’re interested In a specific Niche and inside the app You can go in and you can actually save And customize the site change anything

That you want and all of the emails that Get added they get added into this and Then you can export them if you want to Actually do  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing to those people Obviously this isn’t one of the tools That’s going to make people money Instantly but I just wanted to include It in this list because it is a genius Piece of software and if you are Thinking of the bigger picture and you Are building a business then this is Going to really help you out at the Start get you off the ground and run in Because action leads to motivation and If you are taking action you can get Your idea up on a domain the minute you Think of it but let’s move on to the Next one so the next tool is fantastic And it’s going to save people a lot of Time but it’s also going to make people A lot of money and there’s a few Different ways that we can make money From this too and you’ll I’m going to Show you what they are just now but the Tool is this here it’s called SEO dot a I and it’s not like any other SEO tool That you’ve seen it’s genius at the Things that it can do and there’s some Great ways you can make money from it But essentially what it is is an SEO Tool which helps people rank on Google Now I’ll just show you how this works Because it’s pretty genius so if you Come inside it now there’s a few ways we

Can use this one of the first ways is if We just use this to actually help our Blog ranks you could create a blog and You could help it rank on Google and This will help us not only find the Keywords it will help us write the blog And it will also help us get the SEO to Make sure it ranks and you could use This to actually promote affiliate links There’s another way that we can actually Make money from this which is is not Affiliate marketing and it’s not Promoting your own blog which I’m going To show you in just a second but I’ll Just show you how this works now so you Come into the keyword research section And you type in what your keyword is Could be vlogging camera and then what You’ll do is use Ai and it will suggest You your target audience aspiring YouTubers and then it will it will Suggest us a problem for that audience Which is going to help us Rank and Actually write this blog post so we want To Target aspiring YouTubers that want To find the best vlogging camera for the Budget and then we click find keywords And now what it’s going to do is Actually going to find keywords and it’s Going to tell us which ones are the best To go for which are easiest to rank for On Google and then we can actually use It to create our blog post then we can Just click on this here and then it

Shows us all of the associated keywords That it thinks we should potentially go For and it gives us a difficulty score Here like super hard and hard now Vlogging camera is probably quite a lot Of competition you could find something With a little bit less competition now This keyword vlogging kits has got a bit Of search volume and it’s only got me Medium competition so then we click on Create document and this is where it Becomes even more genius because it’s Almost like a little bit like chat GPT But at the same time it’s giving you an SEO score to help you make sure it ranks And it helps you write each step so you Click on the H1 title headline and it Actually suggests as a headline which is Going to help it rank so the complete Vlogger starter kit for beginners or a Guide to choosing the right vlogging kit So then we click on that and then here It’s saying include the target keyword In the H1 and I’ll take a keywords Actually vlogging kits so let’s change That to Kits now our SEO score has Increased to 20 and then what we can do Is we can actually use AI down here and Say can you write me an introduction for This blog post and it will actually Start to write us an introduction as you Can see the SEO score is climbing up and It’s starting to hit other Associated Keywords which are going to help it Rank

And you can you can add the bit in Yourself if you actually wanted to write Or you could just say just write more And it will just continue to write the Whole blog post out for you and Obviously the goal is to get this as High as possible and and then you could Host it on WordPress with your affiliate Links leading through to your Amazon Affiliate links for the best vlogging Camera and vlogging kits and then you Could start making sales that way the Other way that you can make money from This tool if you don’t want to go down The route of affiliate marketing and Creating your own blog that’s absolutely Fine it’s still an opportunity for you To make money because you can offer this As a service to say for instance small Businesses to help them rank on Google SEO is a great business that you could Offer so you could get in touch with Local wedding photographers and say I’ve Noticed that you’re not ranking on Google I will be able to write your blog Post help you rank on Google get you More leads for your business and I will Charge you 300 for that service or Whatever price you want to offer and you Can actually just create another service Based business now there’s another great AI tool which you can use to help you With this so the next tool I’m going to Show you is hotreach AI and it’s a very

Simple tool but this will help a lot of People out and it’s just unique AI Generated first lines so if you are Reaching out to people like wedding Photographers or small business owners And you’re trying to sell it or even Some of the other ideas that I’ve shared With you today like YouTubers and you’re Trying to get in touch with people this Tool is going to help you get more Conversions because what it does is Allows you to import LinkedIn URLs so You find URLs of people in your Niche That you want to Target what you can do Is upload those LinkedIn profiles to This app and what it will do it will Write them personalized emails which Basically refers to some of the things That is inside their LinkedIn profile For example this one here to Joe Rogan Just on this example it says congrats on Your success of a stand-up comedian la La la and then there’s an opportunity For you to add your offer in here so you Could say do you want some SEO services And and then it adds some more Personalization at the bottom so this is A great little tool if you you want to Maybe start a little business or one of These service based businesses but you Can’t be bothered writing loads of Personalized emails to people this is Really going to help you out and help You stand out another little extra tip

Which is an extra bonus tool in this Video is this one here called Brown AI I’ll leave a link to it in the Description down below I did mention in One of my previous videos but what it is It’s a AI robot that scrapes data from Websites so what you could do is you Could use this to scrape data from LinkedIn so you don’t have to manually Do it and then you could actually Connect it to hotreach Ai and have it All automated so you could actually be Sending out these emails without even Doing the manual work yourself and You’re just waiting for the inbound Emails from the leads actually want your Service so there’s so many opportunities When we use these AI tools to our Advantage anyway on to the next one the Next tool I’m going to show you is Genius as well and it’s really quick AI Piece of software that can create Adverts well not just any old advert it Creates high converting adverts using AI Technology and it’s this tool here Called ad creative.ai there’s a few ways That we can monetize this and make money From this but I’ll just show you how Easy this is to work now so you Literally just come in and you upload a Logo and then it will it will create Your color scheme based on what your Logo is and then you can choose what Type of type of image advert you want to

Create we might want to create a story Ad and then we can click on continue and Then you can add in your headlines and Things down here if you want to add in Your own ones or you can just use AI to Actually create them from scratch then You can upload an image that you want it To use or you can just search for a Stock image like sports for example this One here and then it will spit us out Lots of different art creatives and it Will actually rank them and tell us how Well they’re going to convert so these These are actually got a score of 99 out Of 100 and these are story adverts and These are quite cool here it’s gives us Lots of different designs and then we Can either download them and use them in Whichever way we want so the way we can Make money from this is if you’ve got a Product that you’re selling if you maybe Do Drop Shipping or affiliate marketing Or something like that and you want to Run adverts you can use this it’s going To save you a lot of time to create Those adverts you could also maybe sell It to local businesses just like the Previous one where you say do you want Me to help you create some adverts for Your local wedding photography business As an upsell onto actually helping you Rank on Google then you you could Actually offer this as a service and Charge for that or another way you can

Make money from this is offering it as a Service on a website like Fiverr like This person here is selling different ad Creatives for like ten dollars at a time So it could be a little way that you Could make a bit of extra side income For creating really nice beautiful ad Creatives and it’s only taking you Literally seconds to create them the Next tool I’m going to show you is Actually my favorite one on the list and It’s a tool that I’ve been using quite a Lot recently and it is getting me some Absolutely mind-blowing results and it’s This tool here called vid IQ now vid IQ Is a YouTube growth tool but they’ve Recently just added some epic AI Technology into the app such as this AI Coach which is like a real life coach Which helps you grow YouTube channels And and come up with ideas and it’s Genius what it can do and it’s got lots Of other AI tools I actually recently Used this tool to create a full faceless YouTube channel from scratch only using AI technology and only using vid IQ and I did a full video all about it and you Can watch watch that here and inside That video I actually give you a 98 Discount off of vid IQ so make sure you Check it out

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