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Hey everyone welcome back to my channel Now in today's video I'm going to share With you some powerful affiliate Marketing tips on Tick Tock so you can Start to generate tons of leads and take Your affiliate marketing game to the Next level Now if you've followed me for a while You know I'm all about autopilot results I like things working when I'm not there Now Tick Tock is amazing because once You post a video that video will keep Bringing in leads and sales if you do it Properly for months to come so what I'm Going to share with you is how I Actually went from struggling with Tick Tock for a long time I couldn't seem to Figure out how to do it to consistently Getting views leads and sales you can See that this video got 1 million views Right here this video got 214 000 views 109 000 views and I'm going to Share with you what I've learned so you Can go out there and apply it in your Own business now before I dive into this Step-by-step strategy if you want to Actually access more information on how I'm generating tons of leads on total Autopilot be sure to click the link Below and get access to my training but Without further Ado let me go ahead and Dive into the very first step so the Very first step is you want to create a Tick tock around a certain Niche I see a

Lot of people going out there they're Posting random videos videos about dogs One day videos about losing weight the Next whatever product you want to Promote you want to figure out what Niche is it in you can see right here This is all about making money all about Affiliate marketing okay so people know That this is a go-to guide if they want To master affiliate marketing you can See this page right here Jeremy uh ether Right he's a page that I found that all He does is talk about building muscle Okay building muscle losing fat he's in The health and fitness Niche mainly for Men and you can see that he's very very Consistent the reason again you want to Do this is consistency is going to start To attract a following you want to be Very simple you want to be very Consistent with your following if you're Posting again random things people are Going to be confused and they're going To unfollow you you can see this page Right here motivation okay so you can See you know they're post testing Celebrity quotes celebrity interviews Where they're giving motivational Messages and it's a very consistent Strategy so again you want to figure out If you're not currently in a niche maybe You're brand new with affiliate Marketing pick a niche now I recommend You choose one either in health and

Fitness making money or relationships Okay those three are the top three Niches and you can drill down you know You can go into like I did affiliate Marketing which is a subcategory of Making money online but you want to be Very specific the next step is you want To be targeting Trends Tick Tock is all About Trends and going viral okay it's Very easy to go viral nowadays with Tick Tock it's still pretty new so one thing You can do on your phone okay I can't Really show you on the computer but if You go to your phone and you type in Viral sounds in the top search bar and Then you filter by the sounds tab this Is going to share with you songs that Are actually very viral and popular Right now and what happens is when you Click on that song you'll be able to see A list of all the different videos that Are currently using that song and the Cool thing is when you do that you'll be Able to see the latest trending dances The latest trending videos and things Like that and you can go ahead and model It for yourself okay so if you can see Right here a lot of times I'll actually Do that so with this video I added this Song because this song was trending and When people started to see that song They found my video and this video was Allowing me to get you know over 200 000 Views so you can see if you click on any

Song and Tick Tock it's going to list All the different videos that are using It and then again you can open up this Video reverse engineer and figure out What are they doing in video what are They saying there's a lot of viral you Know comedic skits there's a lot of Viral dances that people do and again You can just tailor it for your own you Don't want to blatantly copy it word for Word but you can take it from let's say A health and fitness Niche and you can Make it slightly different to fit a make Money online Niche or a relationship Niche okay so that's the second tip Using viral trending songs viral skits And things like that and my last tip in This video for tick tock that really Helped me start to blow up my videos and Really attract the targeted prospects That I wanted was realizing that Tick Tock is a search engine a lot of people Don't realize but Tick Tock is very Similar to YouTube and Google where People can actually go to the search bar Type in some keywords and look for Videos look for solutions to their Problems because when you do affiliate Marketing the product you're promoting Is a solution to a person's problem okay So if you're promoting a product that Teaches people how to lose weight their Problem is you know how to lose weight How to gain muscle right how to build a

Business whatever product you're Promoting whatever problem you're Solving you can actually go to the Search bar and you can type in some Keywords so for example how to lose Weight okay so you can see as I started Typing that these keywords are popping Up and then what I would recommend is You use these keywords for future topics In your next videos okay you can Literally start the video off with this Specific keyword so let's say you want To Target this one you're in the health And fitness Niche you could literally do A tick tock and say you're going to Learn how to gain weight ASAP right and Then inside of the video you just give You know three to five tips okay and if You don't know how to do tips you can Just literally go to Google okay and Just go how to lose weight ASAP right Type in the keyword take you know some Of these tips from an article and then Literally just read out hey in this Video I'm going to teach you how to lose Weight ASAP number one you know don't Skip breakfast breakfast is very Important number two eat regular meals You you know number three be sure you're Eating fruits and vegetables you know It's very important blah blah blah right You just go through those tips inside of The video and again you're using the Keyword that you found as a topic

Because you know people want that topic Tick Tock is showing you that this is Very popular you can see I literally did It with this video this video got 12 000 Views and what I did was you can see Right here I took this keyword that I Found in the search bar and I put it in My caption so that tells Tick Tock that Is what the video is about and in this Video I literally give tips on how to Promote affiliate products without a Website and then the last step inside of Your video is you want to give a call to Action so you want to either tell people To follow you or click the link in your Bio to learn more about whatever product You're promoting so before you get to a Thousand followers on Tick Tock you Can't put a link in your bio so I would Give my call to action being to follow Me from more information and then once I Hit a thousand followers on Tick Tock Then I would say hey be sure you go to The link in my bio if you want to learn More you always want to end your video With a call to action so you can start To generate leads and even sales now These tips have really helped me grow And I really hope they will help you as Well now before I get going be sure Again to click the link directly below And get access to my training where I go Way more in depth on how to generate Leads on total autopilot and also be

Sure to take action on these tips I Challenge you to implement at least one Of them in the next few days and be sure To comment your results down below and Also subscribe to the Bell icon so you Don't miss out on my latest training Anyway my friend thanks so much for Watching and I will see you on my next Video Foreign [Music]

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