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In this video you're going to discover What I believe to be the best online Business from home anyone can start that Requires zero experience or more than 30 Minutes a day to do if you're someone That's working a job you don't like Right now and you want to possibly quit That job and be able to experience the Freedom of doing what you want when you Want while still having money come in or Maybe you're just someone who wants to Create a side income on top of what You're doing that's very passive and Simple this video is for you first I'm Gonna share with you the results of Beginners who have used this simple and Easy online business so you can see What's possible then I'm gonna share Exactly how to set up this online Business in as little as 10 minutes by The end of the video you'll have a full Automated Business System running in the Background full with products you'll be Able to receive large commissions from Referring people to a done for you Website and even a follow-up process That will get people sending you money Money on autopilot even while you're Hanging out with friends and family or Sleeping then towards the end of the Video I'm even gonna share with you a Live example of a totally free way you Can get clicks to that website in less Than five minutes as well as a different

Bonus way to do it that way you'll be Able to quickly and easily get to 300 or More a day as fast and as effortless as Possible so if you're excited to learn This be sure to smash the like button to Let me know now real quick I want to Share some proof so you can see what's Possible so first off I want to share Some proof of myself using this online Business you can see Garrett Berry right Here now this business has four main Income streams which I'll share a little Bit later in the video just income Stream number one you can see I've been Able to generate 38 525 dollars and this was in a little More than 30 days using this simple Process now if I go into the members Area right here of our Facebook Community you can see tons of people That are using this online business you Can see Justin just nine hours ago Another two thousand and fifty dollar Commission you can see this from right Here Simeon another two thousand dollar Commission just came in while I was out Having coffee and you can see the Screenshot right there this person here Joe I logged into my back office just Using this online business I'm going to Share how to plug into just before Church yesterday he says and saw I got My first sale a two thousand dollar Commission and last but not least Nate

Right here just a few days before Recording this video boom another two Thousand dollar commission rolled in and You can see the screenshot right there So now what I want to do is first off Explain exactly how this online business Works and then how you can plug into This and start getting clicks so you can Get these commissions as well so you can See on this online whiteboard how this Online business works I want you to take A look at it and I want to break this Down very simply now a lot of online Businesses they're very complicated they Have a lot of moving pieces and you have To set everything up yourself as you can See in this red text full automated Online business everything in this red Square is going to be done for you okay I just want to break down how exactly This works though but keep in mind all Of these pieces are going to be pre-set Up and you literally can just plug in And start using it so the first thing is You're going to have a website right Here that has a headline and a box that Will collect your prospects email Addresses now when it comes to online Business the fortune is in the follow-up This system will allow you to collect People's emails and what will happen is Two things it's gonna automatically Redirect them to a webinar that will Start to sell people for you and get

Them to want to buy the products we're Promoting but it also is going to get Added to an automatic follow-up email List so when someone puts their email Address they will get added to an email List that has pre-written emails that Will start sending people back to the Sales webinar and what's going to happen Is the webinar and this business system Will do all the telling and selling for You so you will start to make money with The four main income streams inside of This system so you can receive autopilot Payouts now I want you to take a look All you have to do is again realize this Is the full automated online business System that's done for you the only work You'll have to do in about 30 minutes a Day is just send clicks from Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube Etc wherever you want to get clicks from We're gonna be sending clicks to this Full automated online business and we Can start to make money now there's Going to be a link directly below this Video when you click that first link it Will take you to a page that looks Something like this now this is also Going to be the exact business system You're going to use so once you go Through this process pick close Attention because this is the process You're going to use as well now on this Page if it looks slightly different

That's fine you're going to click the Button if there is one and you're going To put in your best Gmail address okay Your best Gmail email and click continue Now once you do that you're going to be Able to get taken to a page that looks Something like this now it's very Important that you watch this video and If you want to read over some more proof You can see Paulo right here was able to Actually get his Range Rover in cash Just using the earnings with this simple Online business you can see me right Here I had a four thousand dollar day But what you want to do is just scroll Through and you want to click it on the Webinar now once you do that you're Going to want to watch this webinar it's About an hour long and you're going to Learn more information on the products We're selling with this online business How it works and how to set up your System but in this video I am going to Give you a brief overview on how to do It as well and then once you do that Once you watch this full webinar you can Click to join the team and then Ultimately you'll get taken to your back Office now like I said there's four main Income streams all you have to do is Click these buttons here and you go Ahead and activate your income streams Now it's very important specifically on The first income stream you activate the

Level of vertex live you will find out More information if you watch this full Tutorial here okay you can actually go There and you can see they have a Tutorial you want to activate to vertex Live because that gives you the ability To earn one hundred percent two thousand Dollar commissions like myself and all The other people you saw in the Beginning and once you sign up once you Upgrade to the vertex live level you Want to put your username here and click Save and update this allows you to get Credit when you leverage this simple System right here the same system that Myself and everyone else is using okay Once you go through you want to do that With all four income streams as you can Can see I've already set up my system Now once you do that all you have to do Is go ahead and get your link right here This is your affiliate link this is the Link that sends people to the front of The system so it's going to be tracked To you my affiliate ID is 22 you will Have a different one so I like to copy This link and put it in a notepad file Because we want to keep this handy now Like I said if I go back here all you Have to do is just send clicks from one Of these places to the full automated Online business which is basically to Our link so if I go to the link okay I Want you to take a look here if I

Actually open this up you're gonna see It's going to take us to the page that I Shared in the beginning so you're going To be able to get this exact system that Has all the website all the follow-up All the high converting products built In if you have to go out there and try To do another online business you're Going to have to do this yourself you're Going to have to hire coders you're Gonna have to figure out all the sales With this system it gives you all all This built in so again once you take Your affiliate link you just want to get Clicks to your link now in order to do That you can go down and I'm going to Share with you how to promote now you Can literally just use free traffic free Methods to get people to click your link And the system will do all the selling For you so they have a tutorial inside The system on getting traffic from Facebook now I'm going to share with you A live example of doing this so all you Have to do is you can literally take This post and you can post this on your Facebook profile and if you have some Friends you can start to get clicks to Your link now I want to share with you How to do that okay all you have to do Is save this image here okay so I saved It and opened it up you can see this is What it looks like I found a way to earn Two thousand dollars per day paid

Instilling directly to your bank account No crypto no MLM 2K commissions now all You have to do is go to your Facebook Profile and if you have some friends and Family you can do this method just go to Photo here and and upload the photo that We just downloaded so you can see right Here that is the photo and literally all You have to do is post this to your Facebook profile and you can start to Get people commenting so what's gonna Happen is people will actually start Commenting under this post and I'll Share with you an example I did a while Ago you can see right here I said wow Just found an instant paying 100 Commission opportunity to get paid from Your smartphone comment 100 for info and You can see all these people commented 100 100 100 all I did was I opened up This person's profile I clicked message And I just sent them the link I said Something like hey I just saw you ask For info on this online business just go To this link for more info and then I Literally put in that affiliate link and What I did was I copied that message and I just sent these people that message And what happens is again they will go Here they will put their email in and They will start to go through this Process on auto autopilot and you can Start to earn just like we're all Earning here now I want to share with

You one more method to get clicks to Your link if you have a little bit of Extra money you can actually use Something called solo ads so if you go To all the links referenced in This video are going to be in the Description below you can actually go to Fine sellers here and what you can do is You can purchase solo ads from these Vendors now what these vendors do is These people have email lists that are In the make money online Niche which is The niche this online business is in and You can open up someone's profile like This and I can go down and I can Actually purchase clicks directly from Them now you can see the price here so For this person it's 40 cents per click So I would do starting off 200 to 300 Clicks before you go you know a lot of Clicks because you want to test this Person to make sure that it converts you Just want to choose that and you can go To only link and then put in your Profits passport link okay profits Passport is the name of this online Business put it in there check out with PayPal or a credit card and you can Start to get clicks within the day Sending directly to your link and again Remember this is what's taking place in The background this is what's going to Allow you to make these autopilot Payouts and all you're doing is just

Sending clicks to this full automated Online business and to your link right Here so I really hope you enjoyed Learning what I truly believe to be the Best online business to start in 2023 And Beyond it gives you every single Thing if you try to go out there and set Up an online business yourself you're Going to have to spend tons and tons of Effort and trial and error this gives You a high converting system to plug Into all the links down below be sure to Subscribe at the Bell icon so you never Miss out on my latest step-by-step Training and until next time my friend Thanks so much for watching and I will See you on my next video [Music] Thank you

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