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You can earn fifty thousand dollars a Month with AI and chat gpt4 and honestly It's kind of a lazy way to make money Because you're going to use chat GPT and AI to do a lot of the heavy lifting for You you still have to do work you still Have to learn stuff but we can make it Smarter not harder overall so let's jump Into this can you actually earn fifty Thousand dollars a month well this is Our PayPal account for the past 30 days We can roll farther and see even more Money of course but if you look at the Past 30 days here we can see fifty Thousand two hundred thirteen dollars Now I'm not saying this to brag and it Obviously takes work to get here you Have to learn things and do things You're not going to push a button and Retire tomorrow on the beach however you Can earn fifty thousand dollars a month It's possible it's possible to even go Past this because this doesn't even Include some of our other income but I Just want you to be able to see and have The understanding that if you imagine Yourself now in the future a year from Now two years from now whatever earning Fifty thousand dollars a month what Would that feel like and what would you Do with it Before we get into this though I would Like to ask if you would give me a yes Down in the comments right now just

Pause the video give me a yes if you're Committed to success if you realize that You're going to have to make a change And depart somewhat from where you are Now if you want to earn more money Online than you're earning right now Drop me a yes down in the comments right Now and let's dive into the strategies That you can use So how can you actually make money Online though well this is the strategy Views winds up equaling people entering Their email address plus automation Which equals money so what does that Mean if we actually break that down well Views equals videos so short call form Content and people are going to click The link in the video which is going to Direct them to a landing page where they Can enter their email and then the CRM Is going to if you don't know what a CRM Is just drop me a comment I can explain That but the CRM is going to send emails Every day with your link the link is to Your products and services or affiliate Products and services and then when People click the link and buy you get Paid So how can we actually make videos Without really like stressing out about That and getting terribly creative well A super easy way is to do a reaction Video right so what's a reaction video It is just where you've seen them

Someone reacts to somebody else and They'll give a face about whatever so You can see Duets and stuff like that on Tick Tock but and this sort of stuff Works on all the platforms but like this Video is completely crazy because if you Watch it it is literally something Happening up here and the person down Here has got like a puppet or something I don't even know what this thing is Right it's literally like so you can do Videos that don't have even your face in Them or you can put your face in the Mini react you can put a tree in them it Doesn't matter react to a video stick a Link in it get views get traffic get Money so how are you gonna make money Online by capturing people's emails well That's pretty easy of course we make Short form content and then we're gonna Put a redirect Link in the videos that We put up and then if someone's gonna Come to our landing page which is where The redirect link sends them and they're Going to enter their email address here And click let's do this or whatever the Button button is and then they're going To get put into the CRM database CRM is Just the system that manages everything And then we're going to send them emails Automatically for example here is emails Based on delay where they get an email Every single day and the emails are Pretty straightforward they just look

Like this they have a link in it that Links to whatever it is that you are Selling and the automation system is Going to send these people emails every Single day all year long selling them Stuff and when they buy you get paid so How do you get people to once they enter Their email address after they've Watched your video click the link in the Video that you redirected them to your Landing page you capture the email and Stuff how do you get them to Automatically be sent emails well you Need to utilize automation rules and They're pretty straightforward they're Really cool actually it allows the Machine to understand what's going on so You take this and then you add an action And the reaction is subscribe them to a Campaign you pick the campaign that you Want to go to and you save that now what Happens when someone enters in this Email it's automatically going to take Them into the email campaign that is Associated there and send them emails Every single day based on the setup and Sell them stuff for you for as long as That campaign is set up for Automatically So how do you get the email content for All of your stuff so of course we're Going to use the videos to get the links To get the traffic to the landing pages To get the emails and use the automation

System to automatically send emails Every day and sell the products for us But you still have to come up with all Of these emails right so you still have To have the emails that have a place in Them to put a link so that you can sell The product well that's pretty easy chat Gpt4 is really amazing at this so if we Go here and we choose number four we can See the ratings over here it's quite Excellent we just asked for an email and You can ask for 2 3 10 15 20 30 days of Course there is limits on chat GPT Um and you can see chat gbt is a little Slower but the quality is Top Notch with It it can even give you emojis quotes And other things so have chat gbt4 write All your emails Chat gbt4 is of course going to write All the emails that make us the money That these emails of course are going to The people again that watch the video Did the redirect link and enter their Email address in the landing page But now you're sending them emails but What are you going to sell them well if You have your own products and services You can sell them that if you don't have Your own products and services then you Can just go to this website right here And get the free checklist of tools that Will pay you to promote these products So each one of these companies is going To pay you when you promote their

Products and people buy them and there's Tons of them in here and you can use all Of them and then of course while you're Here you're going to get on the yellow Bar join the free Facebook group and you Can ask questions and get help and you Can help other people once you know Things and then begin to pay it forward Now of course this is the website you Can go to for the free checklist of Tools that pay you to promote them but How do you stack up your income Basically and get even more because you Can get money right so for example we Even have a Jasper account and you can See so I logged in and there's like four Thousand dollars of unpaid earnings and It's about two or three thousand dollars A month right but the key here is two Things number one on our free list of Tools that pay us to promote them here At this website there's tons of them so We're going to use them all we're not Going to just use one so we can continue To build more and more and more in our CRM and promote them all through videos And then the other thing is we love ones That have reoccurring commissions so you Do the work once and you get paid every Single month for the life of the Customer for the full blueprint and the Next free training on how you can make Money online go to this website right Here and we're gonna break it down step

By step with live classes twice a week Including q a The classes are Tuesdays and Thursdays And we do break it down in segments so You can understand it we have Live Question and answer time if you want to Ask questions and get answers and there Is a free training on this page as well As more information and you can see a Lot of other people that have done it And then of course when you go to this Website and then go to the Facebook Group you can join the Facebook group And I will see you in the Facebook group And then at this website here I'll see You in the live classes and until then Happy earning

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