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How you can earn one hundred thousand Dollars per month with chat GPT a Legitimate way to make money online Right now what is this well my name is Ryan Borden let me show you what I'm Talking about here if we go to stripe This is our credit card processor that Collects money we also have PayPal but This is the credit card processor we can See the past four weeks is 225 000 we can see it nicely summed up down Here if we roll out to the past 12 Months we can see that it looks more Like a million dollars 1.05 million Dollars and we have some successful Payments and then you know there's Different breakdowns here and then we Have failed where people didn't have Enough money or they were fraud but the Actual payments we collected is here a Little over a million dollars in the Past 12 months but let's talk about four Weeks instead and keep it simpler Basically a month right 225 000 I did Say a hundred thousand dollars a month You know we made 225 000 in the past 28 Days but the truth of the matter is this Does take some work and you're not going To get to a hundred thousand dollars a Month even like tomorrow it's just not Going to happen you got to like build up To it but you have to start in order to Get to a hundred thousand dollars a Month and you definitely can if you want

To put in the work and the time get to 100 000 a month but the reason that We're gonna make this legitimate way is One we're going to run it like a real Business because it is we're going to Run it like big businesses do and we're Going to be smart about it but we're Also going to use chat GPT which is the Hack as well as other AI which we're Going to talk about today including Mid-journey To leverage be working smarter and not Harder so how do we do this well the First step if you'll do me a favor pause For a second and put a yes down in the Comments if this is content that you Like because I look at the yeses and the Quantity of them and so I can judge what Kind of videos work versus what kind Don't in fact I was just in there Looking at them right before I started This video so if you do that for me of Course it helps with YouTube too but Give me a yes in the comments and let me Know that you like this strategy and That you want more strategies like this Step one we need a list of something to Promote so stick with me for the video I'm going to walk you through this Process but Step One is the scary tool Checklist and it's just a checklist if You go here to this website right here And enter your email address then we can See that there's a list of tools that

Will pay you to promote them there's Lots across the bottom of course we can See different ones But basically it's a list of tools and You can get a link from them and then When someone signs up you get paid the Second thing to notice in here in the Scary toolbox checklist is the yellow Bar here and that is the free Facebook Group where you're going to want to join Because there is tens of thousands of Other like-minded people and people Having success posting their screenshots Of what they're doing and answering Questions and helping people every Single day so you want to join the free Facebook group so do that as well when You go to the website now after we have Our list let's say I'm just going to Take the top one here this happens to be Jasper which is an AI writing tool we Can log into our affiliate control panel And you just sign up at the bottom with The affiliate Partners thing here let me Log in Pretty straightforward we have some Unpaid earnings of three thousand Dollars or so we have some payouts that We can see rolling back over a year and It's a reoccurring commission structure Which is also really nice so we get two Three thousand dollars every month we Haven't promoted it in a while but you Can see 30 reoccurring commission means

If someone signs up today you get paid Next month and the month after and the Year after and the year after that all The way out until they cancel or if they Stay a customer for the next 20 years You get paid for the next 20 years every Single month 30 percent Right so that's a really great thing but Basically we just need this link right Down here this is our link to get paid Now this is not a system that's Fly by Night like I'm not teaching you how to Do that I want to teach you how to Actually run a business so we're going To use an actual business system called A CRM to leverage up to make more money Because this is really how you get to Making more money we could send traffic Directly to this link like we could go Post it on social media make some videos And whatever and we'll make a few sales We'll make a few bucks and if you want To just do that shortcut the process Because you're just looking for some Money to you know go out on date night Or you're looking for some money to buy You know a low end drone or I don't know What you want to do with your money Right you want some gas money for the Month I don't know whatever it is you Can do that I am not interested in that I'm interested in actually making a Whole lot more money like thousands of Dollars and tens of thousands and

Hundreds of thousands of dollars so That's what I'm going to teach you if You want to do the shortcut method go For it if you want to earn tens of Thousands of dollars you know stick with Me So we have our link we have our product We'll talk about that later on down in The process now we need to start driving Some traffic well we're just going to Replicate some videos now we can use Chat gbt to help us with that as well as Some other things I've talked about that In other free trainings as well as we Talk about it of course in the live Classes what are the live classes if you Go here to this website right here you Can get in the live classes where we Have every Tuesday and every Thursday in Fact this you know the next classes this Coming Tuesday which is tomorrow then You can go ahead and get in the live Classes and we break everything down for You but what we're talking about right Now is going to get short form content And replicating it now I went to tick Tock it can be Tick Tock it can be YouTube shorts it can be Um Facebook reels Instagram reels it Doesn't matter really what it is it's Just short form content the vertical Content like you see that's less than 60 Seconds this is the hottest fastest Lowest hanging fruit method to get this

Right now and the truth is like I'm After a low hanging fruit we can we can Work harder if we want and do other Things And you know but I'm always after Whatever's a low hanging fruit whatever Is the easiest way to do this because I believe in smarter not harder and I'm Gonna go after the low hanging fruit now Eventually when you get up into making Millions of dollars a year you got to Figure out different systems and and you Got to do other things and so the new Low-hanging fruit might not be so low Hanging you might have to get on the Ladder to go up the tree to get the Fruit but that's okay because there's a Lot of fruit up there too but right now Especially when you're just starting out You want the stuff that you can stand on The ground walk up and just pick it Right Used to live in Phoenix and there was This huge field of orange trees they Were turning it into a development and So the orange tree farm had been Abandoned and you could just go out and Pick oranges and we'd just walk out and Just you know I I went all crazy and Bought this big old fruit picker on a Pole and all this sort of stuff and I Got there and realized that you can just Walk out and the oranges are just there She just reach up and just pick the

Oranges they're just hanging down right There for you and you go from tree to Tree to tree and we like failed so much Like we did like five or six seven trees Had like so many boxes of oranges in the Car it was crazy we shared them with People couldn't handle anymore never Needed the fruit picker right so that's What I'm talking about walk out grab the Fruit which is the money and go with it All right so back to the point grab a Video that's done well we've got 4 000 Views three million views 1.2 million Views grab a video that does well Replicate it we can use chat GPT for That go watch another free training on That on the same YouTube channel and Once we replicate our video somewhere in The video we're gonna put a link to our Website which redirects to our CRM what Does that mean we put a link like this Say it's whatever it Is you register domain name something That's easy to remember and then we Redirect it to our landing page which We're about to look at so how do we do That well I don't have time to cover Everything this is like a 15 minute YouTube video right And so we break all of that down for you In the live classes here at this website But You can go so you can go ahead and join There and accelerate you can even join

The Facebook group and ask how to do That and see if someone will help you It's not complicated but it's a few Steps right so at any rate we need to Get to our landing page because now we Have a video we posted it out there People are watching it and they're going To our amazing website whatever it is And now what happens well it goes to the Landing page landing page looks like This Landing page looks like this and we Actually built the title and the Subtitle here with chat GPT in a Different video which you can watch and We have this all set up what happens is Someone comes here they enter their Email address once they have their email Address once we have their email address Rather then they are what I call a lead So don't get hung up in terminology but I'm going to call it a lead for Simplicity because now they've entered Their email address the email address Goes into the CRM here And the CRM starts sending them emails Automatically like so so we're still Building this out right in this campaign But it starts sending them an email and When you go in here to the email you can Read about it and then it says click Here to get started where do you think That link goes It goes to our affiliate Link here so that they click on it and

Then they go to the page and they say oh They watch the video it's awesome and They claim their free 10 000 words or Whatever try it for free and then they Convert to a paid customer and then you Get paid so that's how the process works In a nutshell but we need to set up the CRM so that it's automatically sending These emails and the beautiful thing About it is it starts sending emails on A delay setup so it delays and as soon As someone enters their email they get An email from us so they immediately go To that page they immediately go here as Soon as they enter their email address And they enter the email address like Right here so go to the page they can Buy most people don't buy right away of Course it takes seven times on average But that is an average a few people will Buy right away very few so if you do Mass numbers you'll make a few sales Immediately the rest of them are going To buy when you send them an email now And then in five hours and then a day And a two days and five days and you Know every single day for all of 2023 And we're going to sell on this tool and Then we're gonna go back to our Checklist and sell in the next tool and The next tool and the next tool and the Next tool and sell them all the tools And we're just going to sell to them all Year long and it's all going to run on

Autopilot with the CRM doing all of the Work sending out all the emails Automatically for new people to come in Right and so that's how you build a System so that's what our system uh Looks like in a nutshell this is a you Know we obviously have way more emails Than in this this is a sample Environment that I'm building like a you Know a demo environment this is what I Use the account I use to teach in the Classes as we build through things So obviously in ours it's like massive We I mean we send out multiple emails Every single day 365 days a year Christmas New Year's doesn't matter We're sending out emails so how do we do This well we need to make this landing Page as awesome as possible and like I Said we use chat GPT to write some Descriptions and different things for This but now we can throw in an image Here and make this better right Jasper Has what's called boss mode so now we Want to edit the page and use boss mode So what I'm going to do now is I'm going To use some more AI Tech to help us in This process so we have a landing page But we want to increase conversions what Does that mean well we get leads leads Ultimately are the people that enter Their email address on the landing page Like you see in the background there So what does that mean well as they

Enter their email address then we can Send them emails and they click on the Links and they buy and that equals money So leads equals sales equals money Pretty basic now the more leads we get The more people we have to sell to to Send the emails to and thus the more Money we make so we want to increase This conversion because X number of people are going to come Here right 10 000 people come here out Of those 10 000 people only a percentage Will enter their email address so if one Percent enter their email address then You get one percent of ten thousand People you can sell to if 20 of people Enter their email address then you have 20 of people that you can sell to if 50 Equals and you have 50 of 10 000 people Right so that's five thousand people Versus versus one percent of ten Thousand people which I think is like a Hundred off the top of my head right so That's massive a hundred versus five Thousand is absolutely huge in the Amount of people that we can sell to and The more people we can sell to the more Money that we make So it's very important to increase our Conversion rate again live classes at This website we cover all this and I Started covering some of it last week And we're going to go into conversion Rate optimization as we move through the

Current eight-week boot camp because They're eight week boot camps of live Classes right and we cover everything so What do we do well we need to generate An image because if we throw an image in Here that could help because you can say A lot you know the old phrase a Picture's worth uh I think it's a Picture's worth a thousand words is the Common phrase but if you go back in time And look the phrase started out as a Picture's worth a million words and so Obviously it's worth a lot I am Perfectly terrible at Art so I use AI Instead so what I'm going to do is Open up mid-journey here this is the mid Journey bot mid journey is an AI image Generation now you may recognize some of These spots because I use them to make The Bots for the YouTube thumbnails in Fact the YouTube thumbnail that you're Watching right now will have a robot That AI created in the thumbnail So I don't sit around and draw those Things I can't barely draw stick figures But I don't need to because in a matter Of seconds AI creates it for me which is Pretty amazing so what we're going to do Here is focus on Jasper like I said and Jasper has if we roll here and just look At the actual landing page that they're Going to see Jasper has what's called a Boss mode boss mode is pretty Self-explanatory everybody knows what a

Boss is I mean you're in Boss mode You're in high performance mode and You're just crushing it right so if you Watch the video here about halfway Through it talks about boss mode so We're going to do boss mode so if I go Here to Mid Journey which happens to run In Discord if you know what that is fine If you don't no worries I can create Boss mode so I've done some sample ones Here but I'm going to go ahead and we're Just going to re-roll a couple of these And see so I'm going to re-roll this one And this one right what does re-roll Mean it's just a term in the space of AI Regenerate basically so we give it a Text generation so I punched in boss Mode right here as a textbook text Generation and then these are just Parameters which I'm not going to get Into how all of that works and so on and So forth and I put in different ones and We get different results so let's see What we get we got them generating here We can see 31 percent they are currently Being generated so I'm going to let that Finish that'll take just a minute here As we see it goes through here and I'll Pause the video and here we go All right so we got boss mode we can Click on it Um AI is not terribly great with words So you can see it puts all these wonky Words in there you could either just not

Use those or you could um you know get Rid of them I'm not terribly fond of any Of these like if we're going for an Alien kind of theme we could do that Sci-fi whatever I'm going for something More and this is too non-emotional we Want something emotional see how there's All this background stuff but it has the Letters so I think this part this one's Really cool and there is some um a Couple of them up here that I did as Well so this one I think is kind of cool Like I think it'll get the point across Really and Not sure about this car background this One I think gets the point across it's Kind of sci-fi with whatever I feel like This is buildings in the background I'm Not really sure it's AI so it could Literally be anything so I'm thinking Either this one I'm going to go ahead And upscale that one and which means Make it bigger and more high quality and Then let's see this one I kind of like This one too This one's okay too I'm not really big On the city scene well that has a city Scene in the background too I don't know Um so we could upscale numbers one and Three and just have a look at them Because when you upscale them it adds a Few more details and so we kind of want To see what happens there so I'm going To pause the video while it upscales

All right and so we have some upscale Done I think there's one more working Um I kind of like this with we're going For a motion here people pull the lever Of buying what makes them pull the lever As a motion it's not it's not fanciness Or prettiness it's emotion so we're Looking for a boss mode here that Generates emotion and human faces are Really good at that the thing I don't Like about these two images is the face Is where all the emotion is now you've Got some stance of motion here and I'm Not trying to teach you a psychology Lesson here but um both of those are Kind of this one's a little closer but They're both really far away I really Like this one because it's right in There and then it's got this fire behind The background so I'm gonna go ahead and Go with it has a lot of nice detail and You can see the person's face it's front And center and it basically says I know What I'm doing I'm in charge I got this So let's open this up save this off and Let me stick it in the landing page All right I've stuck it in there so Let's go to these page and refresh and Here we go so now we have our title and We have our subtitle and then we have a Image that helps elicit emotion and then They can enter their email address and Put in their you know click the button And then this should be responsive on

Mobile so it'll you know go nicely I did Resize the image you might want to make It even a little smaller because we want This all to be above the fold means when They open the web page we want them to See everything at least the email box Right but ideally the button and Everything which they can right now so This is a standard size uh browser so That is how we can begin to use AI again We wrote this with chat GPT we use and This with chat GPT for different reasons There's videos on that on this channel You can watch those And then we have the actual image that Begins to elicit a motion of Boss mode And we might even want to go back and Put I don't know if I put boss mode here In the text so we could even put boss Mode like somewhere in the text right so They understand the premise of the image Itself oh it says right here unleash Boss mode now right so we have the Concept the images that connect human Brains really great connects it So now we have a high converting landing Page and then we can begin to move Forward because we're really optimizing Things to when we make the videos right We have the checklist and review that Gave us the product we do a video that Drives them to a website like and then that lands Them on the landing page and we

Optimized our landing page to do it and So now what we're going to do is we're Going to scale the tools so if we go Back to our checklist here our scary Toolbox checklist at this you know Website up here then Basically what happens is What happens is we can so we did this One right so let me just go to the next One once we built this out and we have Our landing page and our email set up And it's sending them you know X days of Emails then we just move to the next Product you can set it up in the CRM so It automatically start selling in the Next thing and then the next thing and Then all the things right and then all The things over here right you get the Point so we scale up this and we just Work all year long building the CRM out And as people begin to buy the things And then they buy the first thing and They buy the second thing and the third Thing that is how we start to make money And use AI to go from making our first Dollar to 100 to a thousand dollars to Ten thousand dollars and so on and so Forth up now you don't have to go I'm Telling you right now it takes a lot of Work to get to a hundred thousand Dollars a month I mean let's be honest a Hundred thousand dollars a month is If we look if we roll back and look at The past 12 months it is 1.05 million

Dollars and we'll do over 3 million Dollars this year but I'm telling you Right now it is a lot a lot a lot of Work right I work seven days a week I Work 365 days a year and I work on the Holidays and the whole nine yards and we Have a team of people too we have some Va's and then there's of course Chase And then so on and so forth so you're Not going to get to a million dollars by You know doing 15 minutes of work and Watching One YouTube video and then Retiring on the beach or retiring you Know in a cabin in the woods I don't Whatever you want to do I don't know What you want to do right you're just Not it's still going to take work but The truth is you're going to work Anyways right or you're not because you Can't get a job and then you have no Money but if you are going to work You're going to work you're working 40 Hours a week what if you could work 20 Or 30 hours a week or even 40 you know And but have a total flexible schedule You could do what you want when you want You can Flex everything around and if You don't feel good you don't go to work That day or you need to take some extra Time off or do what you want to do and Then you know you're making two or three Or five times as much money as you're Making now at the same time and so then You can even choose to work less you

Know you don't have to go to a million Dollars a year maybe you want to do 200 000 a year or three hundred thousand Dollars a year whatever right it's up to You so that is the method that you're Going to use and then you're just going To duplicate things so kind of a lot uh And there's more than this because Um you know like I said I can't teach You a million dollar a year strategy in A YouTube video that we're now at 20 Minutes but you can go to the live Classes at this website here enter your Email address then there is another free Training when we get to the next page And the classes function twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays you can ask Questions and then there's replay sheets With resources as well and you can watch The free training here and roll down as Well and sign up for the classes they Are a paid class but the price is going Up in fact it just went up the other day It's going up again and if you buy now Then you get the discounted price and You still get everything if you wait and Buy then you still get everything but You're just paying a higher price so That's up to you I guess I would Encourage you to get in now while the Price is lower nonetheless live classes Is Tuesdays and Thursdays and I will see You in the next live class if you sign Up and definitely the first thing to do

Is sign up with the Facebook group Should have said that so go to the Facebook group in the website here and Sign up for the free Facebook group and Then after that go to the live classes And sign up at the website here and then I will see you in the next live class And until then Happy money making

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