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What's up guys Ryan Borden here today I'm going to show you how to use chat GPT to earn 2100 a day with the fastest Method possible so I just want to show You what's possible here So let me pull up a PayPal account here And we can refresh it and see what's Going on here so this is the sales Insight so the past 90 or the past 30 Days here is 98 000 we can go here to 2022 and have a look it's 684 thousand Dollars this is just PayPal course and I'm not saying this to brag I'm just Showing you this is what's possible even Like in the past seven days there's been Twenty two thousand dollars right so we Can see the trend and it's just going to Keep you know we've had some different Things that's going up and it's just Going to keep going up do we have a lot Of stuff planned this year and we're Already seeing massive Trends here so You can definitely make more than twenty One hundred dollars a day and before we Get into this though I do want to if you See if you can do me a favor and reply Yes for me down in the comments if you Want to see more videos like this so There's lots of tests running in fact I Have several tests running and several Ideas today for new tests that I'm going To run personally and if you want me to Keep you updated and give you more Content like this go ahead and give me a

Yes down in the comments to let me know That this is what you like so that I can Give you more of it so also before we Get way far into this I do want to Mention That we actually have full classes on This because live classes so obviously Chat GPT is new and there's a lot there And a lot still to be discovered earning 2100 a day is not something that you can Do like tomorrow it's not magic there is A little bit of work involved we're Going to use a bot like what's here Running in the background in step three To help facilitate the AI that we're Going to do in step two so we're going To take a lot of the legwork out of it By using Ai and Bots but you still do Still have to do a little bit of work You got to learn a few things you need To go to the website at and just enter your Email address to get started and join The live classes so so that we can break It down for you and that sort of thing So let's jump in here the first thing That we need to do is get our checklist So we have something to work with it's a Free checklist and let me show you If we go here to we're Just going to enter an email address Here and hit grab now and that's going To redirect us to the checklist the Checklist is a very large list of tools

That you can promote as an affiliate and Get paid so most people know what Affiliates are From some aspects but let me just break It down for you on here basically you're Not doing the work you're just promoting Someone else's product and they give you A percentage oftentimes a recurring Percentage so for example we can go Across the bottom here and see all these Different tools and the list goes on Right so like here's it just goes on and On and you can promote all of these Tools and get paid so let's take the top One here like Jasper for example if we Go to Jasper and then roll down to the Bottom of the page You can see the affiliate link now most Companies will put the affiliate Partners affiliate links whatever Section at the very bottom of the page All you gotta do is click on it and then You can apply to be a partner Jasper Gives you 30 reoccurring for life and It's an AI writing tool so people love It and let me just go ahead and log in And you can see here in Jasper there's Like almost four thousand dollars of Unpaid earnings if you look at the Payouts there's you know it goes on for Some time into well over a year you know Twenty eight hundred three thousand Twenty seven hundred thirty four hundred So about two to three thousand sometimes

Four thousand dollars a month with this Tool because and we haven't even Promoted this tool for a while this is Just people that have signed up and then This money just comes in every month so This is something that we built and then Stepped away from and it is self-est Self-sustaining and getting money For us every month without having to do Any work promoting it right so if we Were actively promoting it it'd be more But we just have so many things going on That we don't have time to promote Everything So if we go here to the dashboard we can Get our affiliate link and this is what We're going to plug into our Bot that's back here so that it can Promote it so let's have a look at that We're going to kind of jump to step Three for half a second so you can see What's going on and why we need chat GPT And how chat GPT plugs into this so let Me jump in here to the bot so I'm going To go here and just abort this campaign That's currently running which will take Just a moment And so I'm going to go ahead and go into This campaign And in the campaign there's a lot of Stuff going on we explain that in the classes no worries but If we go here to message so there's a Subject which is just really and that's

Fine if we go here to the message Um if we don't know what to write we Actually can utilize chat GPT for this So we're going to send them a message And we're going to say Hey you know go Buy Jasper because it's an amazing AI Writing tool right so how do we do that Well a lot of people don't know what to Put here or it doesn't work out it's not High converting so let me show you step Number two here which is chat GPT And so let's actually just pull this up Here we go chat GPT and I'm going to go Ahead and type this out All right so I just went ahead and typed This out please ratify it three to five Sentence message that we can send Someone that will tell them about the Benefits of Jasper AI which is an AI Writing tool please use the problem Agitate solve framework and then direct Them to click a link to get the solution And then I'm also going to add that this Is a sales message We are trying to sell them Jasper all Right so chat GPT AI is going to give us A message here in just a few seconds That will allow us to sell Jasper with In the most effective way possible in The most highest converting way possible And we don't even have to write it so You don't have to be an expert you don't Have to know how to write High Converting sales copy you don't have to

Know how to use all of these tools Because we're going to teach you in the Fortunebots classes how to use the Bots And stuff and this is done now and ready To go so we're just going to read this Are you tired of spending hours on Tedious writing tests Jasper AI is here To help our AI writing tool can quickly And accurately handle a wide range of Writing tasks saving you time and effort Click this link to learn more about how Jasper can benefit your business and Then we insert the link right so we're Going to go here copy this go back to Our bot And go to the submission content go here To the message pop this in and there we Go now we go back over here to our I'm Gonna have to close out of that for half A second go back over here to Jasper Grab our affiliate link come back over Here to the bot and make this bigger so We can see it And come over here to the end where it Has the option for the link and I'm Going to replace this with the link Obviously we wouldn't put the direct Link in there we would use a redirect Link again I'll cover that in the or Even a bridge page and I'll we cover That in the fortune Bots classes but for The sake of this again I don't have time To teach all of that in a 10 minute YouTube video so we're just going to go

Ahead and click OK there and okay and Then I'm going to load in some contact Forms normally you'd have to scrape for Contact forms but we actually have a Marketplace where you can get Like millions of contact forms ready to Go so we can speed up this process the Bot here is using contact forms to Promote the link and so that's why we Need contact forms you can think of it Kind of like an email although it's not We're going to a website going to their Contact us page and then submitting a Message through there and that is easier Because we're able to get the message to The people much easier and with less Headache than if we wanted to send like Cold email And I've gone ahead and loaded in 750 000 contact forms and I'm going to hit Start send message and we can see this Get to work it is going to take a moment To prepare the data and then it will be Off to the Races And we are just finishing up and sure it Gives you a preview there and away we go So what's happening now is the bot is Going out and sending messages so you See it's already sent 10 there just While I was explaining what was Happening and so this bot is just going To run and crank through it can run when We sleep it can run what we eat it can Run while we do other things you can run

While you go to the movies right So the bot is going to run and it's Going to contact businesses and offer Them to buy Jasper when someone buys Clicks that link and goes to that the Bot is sending out when they click the Link So well I guess let's review right so Basically what's happened here is we're Using a bot and the bot is sending a Message we made the message with chat GPT in a high converting way and what We're doing is we're promoting a link Which we got from our checklist which we Have at the scary toolbox website so Scary we have the checklist And we're promoting that and so then When people click on the link and go to Jasper here they sign up we get our 30 Reoccurring which it has listed right Here and we get that for the life of the Customer so if they're a customer for a Year we get it if they're for 10 years We get 30 every single month which is How we get to these crazy numbers where We can see that we're getting two three Thousand dollars on stuff that we Haven't promoted in many months so it's Because when you build it and that Reoccurring subscription happens once You build this up and you build it up You can go back to the scary toolbox Checklist and you can just build this One and this one and this one and she

Can go down the list and you can make Money from all these and then you can go To the other sections and make money From all of these and go to the others And so on and so forth right you can go Through the whole list and it's quite Extensive there's more and more and more And it will take a little while Obviously to do this But You can go through the whole list and Make money from all of them and you can Make at least twenty one hundred dollars A day in fact last year we made over 1.6 Million dollars and this year it's going To go over three million dollars so you Can make way more money than that so the Last thing we actually need to talk About now that we've talked about chat GPT and the bot and so on is what are The enemies of this well the biggest Enemy of this is learned helplessness And what that means is is that people Get stuck they say you know they've been Taught not to take risks people tell Them oh it won't work you know your Teachers your parents as a child your Co-workers you know even maybe your Significant other or other people in Your life your friends and that sort of Thing so I'm not telling you do Something crazy like take your life Savings and go to the casino and just Bet it right that would be crazy and

That would be an excessive risk you Don't want to take that kind of risk I Think we all know that and you should Listen to your friends if they tell you Not to do that but this isn't a huge Risk because it doesn't take a ton of Money to do this I mean you can do this And actually the Bots when you're all Said and done chat GPT and the Bots are Going to wind up making you money it Doesn't take a ton of expertise you Don't have to be an expert I mean we saw How easy the chat GPT AI is to use the Bots are easy to use it's going to take Some work you got to go to the classes and sign up and and get in the classes The live classes that happen every Tuesday and every Thursday where I and Other people teach you and break it down How to make money as well as other Methods methods that you can make money Besides this right So you need to do that it's going to Take a little time but the reality is That it's not the economy or the Government or your job or anything else Those aren't the issues what you need to Do is take action so you need to take What is called A calculated risk so again I'm not Telling you to bet your life savings at The casino this is a calculated risk and The calculation here and the risk is

Really time right so everybody says oh Well if I spend 20 30 50 100 hours on it In six weeks and it doesn't work out I've lost that time the truth of the Matter is if you keep doing what you've Been doing you're gonna keep getting What you've been getting so if you get Up and you go to work and you come home And you do whatever and then you do that Five days a week or six days a week or Whatever and then you go to the next Week and the next week the next week six Weeks from now is still going to show up And so if you were to stop and invest Three hours a week and go to the live Classes right the classes are actually Only an hour two different days Tuesdays And Thursdays and then you could do an Hour of actually doing what you learn in The classes so three hours a week for The next 16 weeks right you'll be at 18 Hours You're gonna spend those 18 hours one Way or the other the question is is are You going to spend them on Tick Tock Watching videos are you going to watch YouTube Netflix Amazon the rest or are You going to use chat GPT and Bots to Actually make money with those hours Because those 18 hours are gonna get Spent either way you have to spend them So are you going to take action and take A calculated risk with that time and Actually invest that in that time to

Learn or are you going to go ahead and Just keep doing what you've been doing Because six weeks from now you're going To show up six months from now you're Going to show up and six years from now You're going to show up the question is Will you be better off with Bots and Chat GPT and earning money because of it So the way to start is to go to classes Rather and then go to put your email Address in here click let's do this get In the live classes and I will see you In the next class and until then Happy Money making

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