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You can earn 75 000 a month even if You're a beginner utilizing the new chat GPT hack that's built right into shine Ranker that's what we're going to talk About in this video so let's jump in and Have a look this is stripe which you've Seen before if you've watched any of our Videos it's the credit card processor we Have PayPal too I want to show you What's possible here I'm not trying to Brag I do want to show you in the past Four weeks in stripe alone there's been Eighty three thousand dollars in Payments and then there is more of Course in PayPal itself and so how did I Get to our 75 000 that I said you could Have well it's eighty three thousand Dollars just in stripe plus PayPal in The past four weeks which is 28 days I Said seventy five thousand dollars in a Month just want to give some nice round Numbers and I also wanted to round it Down a little bit because if you go in PayPal it's over a hundred thousand Dollars total so I want to try to make It a little bit easier because a lot of People get stuck up on the fact that Um seventy five thousand dollars is hard To earn a month because we're talking About you know if you roll this out to Over a year Or at nine hundred thousand dollars in a Year if you take that sort of thing so Just under a million dollars and so

Sometimes if I give two bigger numbers It's hard to go because some people are Just starting so you might be just Starting having never earned a dollar or Maybe you're at a hundred dollars a day Or a hundred dollars a month or maybe You're already making 10 20 30 000 a Month but either way this is a method That you can use and apply and we're Going to utilize Ai and chat gbt that's Now built into shine ranker just to make This a whole lot easier because why work Harder when you don't have to so if you Could pause the video leave me a yes Down in the comments so I know that this New method that we just took the time to Build into the tool is actually Something you want trying to gather some Data right now so I can understand where We want to go because there's some other Stuff we want to build into shine ranker And so if you could let me know that I'm Going to explain shine ranker and all This sort of stuff in just a second as Well so if you don't know let me get out Of this here if you don't know what Shinemaker is you can check it out at There is actually a free trial but um it Has a lot of tools in here that we can Use for different things one of them is The chat which is chat GPT we integrated Chat GPT Priority Access directly into Shinemaker what that means is when you

Go to chat gbt and they're overloaded When you go to shine ranker we have Priority Access to chat gbt so we can Bypass that line and you don't have to Wait for chat GPT at all also you can All get it right in here so as you're Doing your keyword research to find Different keywords that you want to Target and if we add other things in Here for example we're thinking about Adding in some video creation stuff we Might be adding in some stuff to do like YouTube tracking and all that sort of Stuff then it's all integrated and you Can just jump back and forth and we can Even have chat gbt you know create stuff That then we use in other things in fact The keyword research we're working on Powering some of the keyword research With AI That's run through chat gbt so That aside what are we going to do here To make some money so first of all we Need to utilize the chat GPT here in Shine ranker to Make a video and then drive traffic what Does that mean well basically we need to Sell some stuff right so we need to make Some money in order to make some money We got to sell some stuff in order to Sell some stuff we need to get some Views on some videos we need to get People interested in Buying it right so in order to do that You can go out and you can spend money

On ads or you can go hang flyers on Doors you can go to parking lots and put Your ad on cars at the mall you know These are all traditional methods that You know I've even used in Years Gone by But Um But that's like the hard the hard way Right so the easy way of course is Utilize social media because if you roll Back 20 years you had to have millions Of dollars to get on TV and get in front Of traffic or spend a bunch of money and Get on the radio or do direct mail now With the internet like YouTube and Tick Tock Facebook Instagram like people Don't realize that that you have the Power of a TV station right in your hand That you have the equipment you can Record and you can get eyeballs on it For free so and now you don't even have To do it as much because chat GPT is Going to help so how's it going to help Well we need to grab something that's Already working and then we need to Utilize chat gbt to make it work for us In a way where we don't have to do a Bunch of work So how are we going to do that well we Need a product we need to start at the End and work backwards so we need a Product to promote so the way we do that Is we are going to go to this website Right here and you can see you can go

Ahead and get this free checklist right Here we're going to pick a product I'm Just going to grab this top product here And as a secondary note here the yellow Bar is very important the Facebook group That you can get into for free has 61 000 people I think in it right now that Are working on this that are doing these Things that are posting screenshots Every day of their success and answering Questions so jump over there join the Free Facebook group introduce yourself And then ask questions and then once you Know answers you can help other people Again you can get all that at this Website right here you can get this big List of tools all kinds of categories That will pay you to promote their Products we need to pick one so let's Say we pick one here I'm just going to Pick Jasper we go to the bottom of the Page sign up for the affiliate program Log into the affiliate dashboard which Looks like this and we see some stats we Can even see the payouts there's you Know two three thousand dollars a month For the past well more than a year and Then on the dashboard there's lots of Stats but we need this link later in the Process so this is our product right so We picked our product no worries now we Need to go and we need to get some Videos going and some traffic and so Like I said we're working on some new

Ways to make videos but for today A super easy way to do it is just go to YouTube search for something I did Filter by under four minutes so I can Get short you can also go to tick tock Facebook reels Instagram reels whatever And get a video that works so this one Has 4 000 views this one has 33 000 Views 466 000 views so perhaps I will Take one that has something like this Where it's like 466 000 views So I actually just picked a video and Then I have the transcript here that we Can get in YouTube you can also get it From other websites I think YouTube is one but you can Google For that but you can get it right in YouTube I'm gonna grab the transcript I'm gonna go over here to shine ranker I'm gonna give it a command here So I'm asking it to rewrite the script Now I just picked a number I asked to Change at least five percent of the Words you can pick a different number to Kind of make it your own and feel where You want to feel on how to do it so we Have a new script here that we can now Recreate a video for and then we can Swap out links in here with our own Links and so what are we going to do so We'd replicate this video we'd make a New video and then we're going to throw It up on YouTube Facebook Tick Tock Instagram Twitter wherever you want

Right but at least throw it up on like YouTube and Tick Tock at a minimum but Once you make the video like I'm a fan Of throwing it up everywhere because You're just going to get more views and So more views equals more sales at the End of the day and so now we need to get Some other stuff too the other great Thing that chat GPT can do for us in Shine ranker is to go in here and we can Get other information that is useful So right now I'm asking it to give me Some three possible titles for titles For this so now I have some titles and I Can use these in Tick Tock and YouTube And that sort of stuff when I upload my Video another great thing we can do here Is to go ahead and get some hashtags and So these are really great hashtags okay These are not not great hashtags hang on And so here we go I just had to give it The script again Um AI is still uh obviously in early Stages we these kind of the GPT model Has only been out since last November And it's only March it's only been out Not even four months so they're still Working on it Um it's still exponentially better but Sometimes you have to give it a little Bit more prompting so I just pasted the Uh actual script that it gave us right Here back in and then ask for 10 Hashtags related to that and of course

We have 10 great hashtags now and so now We can use some hashtags we can throw Those in to the actual if we're doing YouTube shorts we can throw those in the Title of course hashtags are important On Tick Tock and other platforms as we Go along and so once we get our video up And going and we utilize our hashtags And titles and everything that we get From shine ranker and so you can get Even there's even actually a free trial Where you can try it free for 10 days so This is the equivalent of the paid chat GPT but you can get it for free for 10 Days and so you can check it out at however once we have that Information we need to go into our Automation system now this is not too Complicated I've actually made Many videos on this channel so I would Say when you get done with this video go Ahead and watch the next video on the Channel because I explain in fact the Previous two videos on the channel I Really break down some of this stuff so I would watch that but the long and Short of it is that if you want to go And capture the email something like This And we pop up a website like so all Right so we just build this in our CRM Which we do have some live classes which You can actually get into At this URL up here and in the live

Classes they basically walk you through So I'm in their teaching every Tuesday And Thursday along with other people and James and Alex and everybody else right So teaching how to do that and we had Some fantastic classes this past week And some great classes coming up this Next week but anyways so teach you how To do it step by step basically and walk You through the process so I you know in This 10 minute YouTube video I can't Break down everything however basically You just need to capture you get you Build a landing page like this and you Capture an email address and then on the Back end it's going to start sending out Emails every single day and it's going To sell your products for you what Products is it going to sell the stuff That you got from this checklist here so You signed up for whatever affiliate Link you signed up for we picked Jasper We're gonna load this email address into The backend CRM and it's going to send Out emails every day and the amazing Thing is if we go back here to shine Ranker and use the chat feature it can Write all of the emails for us every Single day and let me just show you And we could get a little bit more Detailed like this like who could talk About the grade level and you know make It pretty simple or make it short or Long that sort of stuff but I've got

Some other videos on that and there'll Be more coming but like here's an email And we could write emails every day and So every single day it's going to give Us an email and then we're going to take Our link and stick it in here again this Link right here and then the system is Going to send everyone who signs up an Email every single day and so that's how They're it's going to sell your product For you now obviously there is some more Steps here so I kind of explained it and If you go back and watch the other Videos the past two have really broken Down this stuff and then I have some Other videos before that where I bring Some break some stuff down there's you Know you can't get to seventy five Thousand dollars by watching a 10 minute YouTube video like I can't I can't teach You that kind of stuff like why would we Have Um you know if you could learn how to be A doctor in 10 minutes on YouTube College wouldn't exist right for doctors But it does because there's more to it Right there's moving parts and there's More things you need to know even if you Want to get to a hundred dollars a day You know which is like three thousand Dollars a month you're gonna have to Still learn some more stuff than this And you know get stuff done because That's like thirty six thousand dollars

A year which I realized thirty six Thousand dollars a year is not like okay Let's go buy a yacht and retire right But thirty six thousand dollars a year Is still thirty six thousand dollars a Year and you can do a lot with thirty Six thousand dollars a year right you Know it's something right Um obviously you want to make more than That and more than that to live and if You have a job that you're trying to Quit you want to do that so you want to Get to you know ten thousand dollars a Month twenty thousand dollars a month Thirty thousand dollars a month you know And so on and so forth and then up to 75 000 a month if you want to go that far You don't have to but in order to make a Dollar even you're gonna probably need a Little bit more information than this And if you want to start making you know A thousand two thousand three thousand Dollars Five thousand ten thousand twenty Thousand dollars in a month you've got To learn some more stuff so you need a Blueprint so the blueprint while there's A whole lot of stuff going on you really Kind of have two choices here so you can Get a lot of the blueprint uh if you Just go watch all the other videos here On this channel which I would encourage You to do because there's a lot of great Information also if you want to just

Speed up that process you can just go Here to this URL here and get in the Live classes and then all the replays Are in there so you can immediately get Access and start watching the replay Classes and you can attend the live Classes next week and so on right so and Then of course there's a Live question And answer and there's a community that Helps out And that sort of stuff and of course you Want to be in the Facebook group too but This is the fastest way to get going and Get the whole blueprint and get Everything done and so I would encourage You one right now to go ahead and go Over here to this website right here and Then sign up and get the get in the live Classes and then the next thing I would Say that you should do is to go ahead on This very YouTube channel and watch the Video from yesterday and the day before That and just do that right now and Until then Happy money making

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