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You can legitimately earn one thousand Dollars per week even if you consider Yourself to be a lazy person because You’re going to leverage Ai and chat gbt To do all of the heavy lifting and hard Work for you which is just smart my name Is Ryan Borden let’s jump into this is It possible for you to legitimately earn One thousand dollars a week well this is Our PayPal account you can see the past 30 days fifty six thousand dollars if we Roll to the past week it’s thirteen Thousand dollars so we made thirteen Thousand dollars in the past week and PayPal plus stripe which isn’t even Shown here that’s the credit card side Of things and I’m not saying this to Brag but what I am saying this is for I Want you to understand that it’s Possible because if we can make thirteen Thousand dollars in a week and 189 Thousand dollars in 60 days and six Hundred eighty four thousand dollars Last year just with PayPal then it’s Possible for you to make a thousand Dollars a week because that’s one Thirteenth of this now it’s not magic You’re not gonna retire on the beach Tomorrow you gotta learn some stuff you Gotta do some stuff but it is possible For you to earn one thousand dollars Every week so I have a question are you Actually ready to start earning money Online now that seems counterproductive

But a lot of people actually get scared Of earning money online because they’re Afraid what happens if they’re Successful I might have to pay taxes I Might have to do this I might have to do That so what I want you to do is decide None of that matters and if you earn Money it’s still more money than you Have now so it doesn’t matter how much You earn if it’s a thousand ten thousand Dollars whatever so if you’re ready to Earn money online give me a yes down in The comments to prove to yourself and to Show me that you’re committed to earning Money online just pause the video give Me a yes right now and then let’s keep Going Chat gbt is amazing helps us make lots Of money which I’m going to show you how But all of a sudden you’re using it or You try to use it it’s at capacity this Drives me crazy and you can see people Saying this all over the place they want This to get fixed and of course even Having a paid account doesn’t solve it It was down for me with my paid account This week and so we have a way to get Priority Access to chat GPT chat GPT is Actually just the shell the back end AI That runs chat gbt we can get direct Access to that and totally bypass the Shell and go directly to the brains to The AI all we have to do is go to this Website right here log in we have a

Bunch of cool tools but at the bottom we Get chat and this is Priority Access to Chat GPT that bypasses the shell and Gets this direct access to the AI brains If you want to call it that that is Behind chat GPT Replicating a video with chat gbt is so Easy that you don’t even have to make Your own videos to earn money anymore Chad CBT can make the video for you Basically and then you can just earn the Money so if I take a video like so and I Grab the transcript and I am just going To transcript means whatever said in the Video I’m gonna throw it into chat GPT So now that I have the script here all I Have to do is replicate the video with This script and now I have a video that Was basically created by chat GPT at Least the creative side of it which is The key thing that’s really hard and now I can use that to make money Chad GPC Now can make the videos for us but how Do we actually earn money off the people That are watching the videos well we’re Going to use what’s called a redirect Domain to accomplish this Google domains Is the best place to get this as far as Simplicity goes just pick a domain that You want Once you have your domain just roll down Here where it says forward to domain to Another website and enter the website That you want to forward it to which is

Going to be the landing page where You’re going to capture their email Address and of the utmost importance is That you click on Advanced options and Make sure that you set this to SSL on That is very important and set it to Forward when you are done then in your Video at some point near the end or Somewhere in the video say go to this Link to get the full system or go to This link to get the product or whatever And you put your link in there how does The landing page help you make money Well the thing about making money is That you don’t want to redo work over And over again so this is a landing page And what happens is when you send your From your videos you put the redirect Link in there and then you send them Here and so someone watches your video And they visit your landing page and They enter their email address if you Send them straight to the product Whatever you’re trying to sell whether It’s affiliate or your own products or Services if they don’t buy right away Then You’ve Lost That customer but by Utilizing a landing page you get to keep That Customer because once they enter Their email address you can use the CRM Which is the backend system if you don’t Know what that is drop a comment I’ll Explain it but you can use the backend System to send them emails every single

Day and you get to sell to that customer Every single day rather than once so now You get to sell to them indefinitely Making money with an automation system That automatically makes you money is The key to scaling your income because You want to get past the income that You’re at right now of course so this is How you do it and the way that you do it Is of course when you make your video And send somebody to the landing page Via your redirect link then you’re going To capture their email address and this Is crucial because now you can sell to Them all year long which is super Important because otherwise you only get To sell to them once but what happens is The automation system will send them Emails kind of like this and in the Email is a link and that link links to Your product so that could be your Affiliate product your service your Products somebody else’s products Whatever it is you’re trying to sell You’re linked to the product because you Need people to buy something in order to Get paid and this will sell for you Automatically every single day all year Long What are you gonna sell though so if you Don’t have your own products what are You going to sell if you do have your Own products and services awesome if you Don’t have your own products and

Services you got to sell something in Order to make money because that’s how The world Works sell something you get Paid don’t sell something you don’t get Paid so if you don’t have your own Products you can go to this website Right here and get the free checklist of Products that will pay you to promote Them so these are companies that will Pay you to promote their products and There’s tons of them there’s across the Bottom here you can go to different Categories and everything so tons of Products here and then you can keep Using you can use all kinds of different Ones and then also here in the yellow Bar is the free Facebook group which is Super important because there’s tons of People in there that will help you along The way including me so join the free Facebook group when you’re there and get The checklist at this website right here So how do you actually legitimately make Money though well of course this is the List of companies that will pay you to Promote their products at this website Here but if we pick one and go here of Course there’s going to be an affiliate Program Down Yonder at the bottom and Once we go here we can sign up and log In and we can see earnings that are here And then of course customers and Whatever and the link right but if we Look at the payouts this is the key so

Two things one they’re about two three Thousand dollars a month but the other Thing is that we haven’t actually Promoted this in a long time because it Has a reoccurring commission which means You just keep getting paid for the life Of the customer which is amazing but the Link down here is the key you take this Link and you put it in your emails in The automation system the chat GPT helps You with and then the automation system Sells people with your link all year Long You can actually legitimately make a Thousand dollars a week so let me show You so if we look at Jasper here which Is just one of the affiliate programs we Can see we have some unpaid earnings Like forty four hundred dollars but if We look at the payouts going back well Over a year because it’s 2023 and this Is 2021. they’re about two three Thousand dollars a month so that’s not Quite a thousand dollars a week of Course some months we have were here but This is just one program of course the Website that of companies that pay you To promote it the affiliate companies Which is at this website right here then There’s tons of these so you this is the One I just showed you but you can use All of these two and all of these two And all of these too so you have tons of Companies that you can use

And when you start stacking them and you Get payments in PayPal you can see in Our PayPal here just in a week is Thirteen thousand dollars but a whole Month is fifty six thousand dollars Which is you know we’re talking about a Thousand dollars a week here so massive Difference To get the full course I just did on This go to this website right here right Now and get the free training that’s on This website as well there are live Classes every Tuesday and every Thursday And I will see you in the next live Class when you join up I’ll see you in The Facebook group and in the live Classes I’ll answer your questions in The Live question on answer time as well As the other people that are teaching in There and the other students that chime In and help each other both in the live Classes and in the Facebook group so go To this website right now get the full System and watch the next free training On this page right now and I will see You in the next live class and until Then Happy earning

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