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What's up guys Ryan Borden here today I'm going to show you how to use chat GPT to shortcut the process to making Ten thousand dollars a month it really Is the easiest way to make money with AI So let me show you this before we jump In that what's possible actually is Because So this is the past 30 days I said you Could make ten thousand dollars in a Month that we've actually made ninety Three thousand dollars in the past 30 Days and in fact in the past seven days Over ten thousand dollars right and this Is just with PayPal so the majority of The payments actually come in through Stripe so each month it's much higher Than this but PayPal is the lower so I Wanted to go a little conservative and Show you what's even possible now As we jump in here if you can help me Out let me know if this is something you Like by putting yes down in the comments So obviously I want to give you what you Want I have a ton of tests running and If there's certain things you don't like That's fine I'd like to know but if There's certain things you do like drop Me a yes down there so I know this video Is one of them obviously that helps with YouTube and then we can bring more Content to you and to everyone else and Help everyone else so the first thing Is that this is a ten thousand dollar

Strategy a month obviously I showed you Just on the lower side in one payment Processor we're making seventeen Thousand dollars in seven days so you're Going to take a minute of work to do This and I can't really cover absolutely Every step here in the video because I Mean let's be honest ten thousand Dollars a month is pretty decent money No matter where you're at because you Can live off of ten thousand dollars a Month even if you have a decent sized Family and if it's just you or just you And a significant other unless you're in Like a super high area ten thousand Dollars a month could be a really nice Lifestyle I mean that's six figures that Puts you in the top three percent of Earners in the United States now Obviously I don't know what all the Stats are around the world but That's pretty good Point being it takes a little bit of Time and effort so we have live classes At and you can go here In your email address and get started And every Tuesday and Thursday we have a Live class where we break down this Strategy as well as other strategies on How you can make money utilizing various Tools Bots and AI So Step One is we need a checklist Because there's several things here and So a checklist is just easy it brings it

All together for us we can get that at here and if we just Enter an email address we can grab it And then what it is is the list of tools That we can promote right so these are Affiliate tools many people are familiar With Affiliates but if you're not the Concept is pretty simple you promote Someone else's product and then when Someone buys you get paid so there's Lots of them going across here you can See they're all over the place there's Just a lot of options right so here's a Tool called Jasper this is a great one Because Jasper is fairly popular And Still a lot of people don't know about It even though it's popular but it has a High conversion rate and people tend to Stick around for a while so it's a Really great example if we jump down to The bottom of the page go to affiliate Partners and log in we can see a lot of Clicks a lot of referrals 3 800 of Unpaid earnings now this is a recurring So you get like 30 recurring the cool Thing about that is you can build this Up over time so this strategy is how to Make ten thousand dollars monthly in the Fortune Bots classes we're going to give You more than one strategy so you can Actually obviously make a lot more again With a little effort and learning but if We look at Jasper here we can see that

The payouts run you know between two and Three thousand dollars a month on Average and they've been going on for a While we haven't even promoted this in a While sometimes it's four thousand Dollars in a month Etc so this is a really great tool that You can build up a following right of People that love it and that stick Around for a long time and then you can Keep going back and building this same Thing with lots of other tools so you Build up your income and and pretty soon You know ten thousand dollars a month Becomes not even a big thing because you Know you're getting into six figures and Sixty days and that sort of stuff so Let's look at this if we take Jasper and How we're going to make money with chat GPT well we're just gonna go to YouTube For example and I'm gonna pull it up and I'm gonna grab a video about Jasper and We're just going to basically utilize Other people's success so I know it Seems kind of crazy but stick with me Here because we're it's going to go even Deeper so if we go to YouTube and just Type in like Jasper AI right and We're going to filter it just quick for Under four minutes because I'm looking For shorts videos because this is shorts Are a really great way to do things Here's one that makes 5.6 000 views Right here's 1 000 views I did a video

With this one the other day and then 1.7 And the list goes on right there's There's plenty more but as you go into This here let's just take this one for An example so if we jump in here we can Grab the description and douche or this Transcript rather so we're just going to Go here show transcript and I'm going to Grab the transcript and highlight it Here I'm going to copy it and we're Going to go to chat GPT and we're going To ask it to rewrite the transcript So what I did was I pasted it in and I Asked it to rewrite it and here's the Script and so now it is going through And it is taking all of this rewriting It and sticking it in here because it Already is a good video we know that Because it has thousands of views so We're going to use the same components Here but we're just going to let chat GPT do all the work for us to be able to Have a great video script and that the Algorithms love and that people love but That is plagiarism free so now that we Have a great script what we're going to Do is we're going to take this script And we're going to make it into a video So for the video we can actually use a Product called descript now what dscript Does is you read it it gives you some Words to read like a few paragraphs you Read it in your own voice and then it Synthesizes your voice your voice and

Then you can put in any script you want And it will read it Using your voice so we can take our Script from dscript or from chat GPT Here pop it in here and it's going to Give us the audio for our video and we Don't even have to say it I mean think About that for a second You're going to let AI write a script For you based off of something we Already know that's successful a video That's already working AI is going to Give you a new script that's basically The same thing but plagiarism free and Then a different AI is going to take That script and create an audio file That has your voice Saying the script but you don't actually Have to say it and then you can simply Take that audio file and put that in a Video and post it and make money so what Does that look like well let me show you So here is kind of a sample I don't want To show you with this whole long script So here's a sample of before you can Listen to the person's voice and you can Hear them and then on the after side It's a different script but the AI has Saying that different script in that Same person's voice so this is the Before is the actual person reading the Script and the after is the AI reading The script So again here's before so these nuggets

Are made from chicken but they're made To emulate the taste of non-chicken Nuggets okay now here's the after this Is the AI so these nuggets are made from Chicken but they're made to emulate the Taste of vegan nuggets so did you notice They changed the word there so they they Had chicken nuggets and then they Changed it to vegan nuggets and you Can't tell the difference the AI is Literally reading the script and you Could type in literally anything you Wanted here we can put in our whole Script here from chat GPT and it's going To read it in our own voice which is Completely amazing that we now don't Even have to read the scripts for our Videos so we don't have to do anything All we have to do is let chat GPT make It and then another AI is going to read It for us and create that So what you can do is you can actually Take this you can do it several ways you Can make this into a video where you Upload it and AI created the script AI Created the audio and you can put Whatever video in the background you Want you could use a tool like this here To Go ahead and generate the video so this Video robot called Pick 3 You can use a lot of different things You can do it lots of different ways Right but AI is creating the whole video

For you and AI is creating the whole Video for you most importantly because You do use chat GPT to Take an existing script and that we Already know that works from a video and Rework it in a legitimate way that's Original but yet that still contains the Elements that made that video popular And AI did it for you and you can use AI To completely recreate the video without Having to record your face without Having to record your screen without Having to record anything or really do Anything AI is basically making the Video for you and so ultimately you can Use this to make a video for you and Then you're just going to stick your Link in there which ties it all back Together here if we go to our dashboard On Jasper get our affiliate link we're Going to make it into a redirect link Again we cover that in the classes and in the video You're just going to stick the link so Just the text across here for your link That then would redirect here to the Affiliate link so when someone signs up And someone buys you get that 30 Reoccurring for life and that's how you Can make ten thousand dollars a month or More using chat GPT and AI now the Important thing to talk about though is That either AI is going to come and Replace you or AI is going to

Supercharge you because it's going to Take your job it just is Depending on what job you have and how Long and how fast AI progresses will Depend on when that happens but it's Going to be sooner than you think so the Question is if you do nothing AI is Going to replace you If you join the fortunebots classes and Go to and you get out in Front of AI and learn how to use AI then AI can supercharge you so AI can help You make money Or if you do nothing and take no action Then AI will take money away from you Because it's going to replace you so Ultimately the question is do you want AI to replace you or do you want AI to Supercharge you if you want AI to Replace you do nothing keep doing what You're doing and AI will replace you It's simple if you want AI to Supercharge you the way you do that is Go to enter your email Address click let's do this get in the Live classes learn how to use AI to Supercharge you and then You'll be on the path to the Future that You want living the life that you want With the freedom that you want and the Freedom to do the things that you want When you want to do them so and sign up get in the Live classes the live classes are every

Tuesday and Thursday I'll see you in the Next live class and until then Happy Money making

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