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What's up guys Ryan Borden here today We're gonna unlock three thousand sixty Six dollars per day with chat GPT this Is the best way to make money online Right now and let me show you what I Mean if we go here to PayPal and we look At the past 30 days ninety two thousand Dollars if we pop open a calculator That's how I get this 92 000 30 days for The 3066. of course this doesn't even Include stripe which is well over this Amount for the past 30 days as well but That is how we get to our number here And I'm not saying that to brag right I Want you to understand what's possible I Didn't even include the stripe money Because I want you to see That you can do even more than this and I'm going to show you more here so stick With me because I'm going to show you People that are actually doing it like Matt Billington right so Before we get into this I would like if You would just entertain this idea if You'll put a yes down in the comments That will help me to understand if this Is what you want because I'm changing Some different tests right now and some Different content and I want to know if This is one of the videos that you Actually like or if this is video that You don't like go ahead and drop that Down in the comments below as well that Way I can keep giving you free trainings

That you actually want and that are Right on point with where you want to be Also I do want to mention that there's a There's a bit here we have three Thousand sixty six dollars a day if you Think about that for a second that's a Significant amount of money I mean That's ninety two thousand dollars in a Month That's a lot of money that's you know Doggone close to well that's over a Million dollars a year I guess So that's not something that that is Just going to show up I mean No One's Gonna ship you ninety two thousand Dollars in the mail or just deposit it Into your bank account you're gonna have To do some stuff you're gonna have to Learn some stuff and so I can't give you All of that here in this video because You know we're on YouTube and it's like 10 minutes So if you go there you Can get in live classes we just had a Live class today actually and you can Break it we'll break everything down for You and help you through the process as Well as there's other people in there so What does this look like well we do need A list to start so let's grab our list We can get it from It's a free list just enter your email Address and we get our list of Affiliates so there's different ways you

Can do this there's ton of other videos Here on the channel where I've showed Other ways so this is one way And of course in the Classes we cover multiple ways but Here's one way we can take an affiliate Which is means are not our product but a Product that we can promote and then Still get paid so we can see there's Tons of them we can go across the list You can get all kinds of Affiliates what This is is a giant list of Affiliates That will work and that will let you Promote their products and a lot of them Give you reoccurring commissions so once You sign up sign someone up you get paid Forever right so what does that really Mean well let's look at one for example Pick 3 here is a new account and there Hasn't been a whole lot of promotion let Me sign in We can see this is an example account 218 dollars of unpaid earnings and 10 Customers right so this is a reoccurring Commission for each customer so whenever They sign up we get 20 reoccurring Commission for life so if their customer For 10 years we get it for 10 years Another example is Jasper this is a tool We promoted more not currently promoting We can roll down and most of the time The affiliate links are here at the Bottom and we can just log in and they Actually give you 30 reoccurring so let

Me log in We can see this one's a bit more Developed with 4 200 of unpaid earnings And payouts that have gone on for some Time again we're not even promoting this Right now what's happening is this is All the reoccurring commission that you Can see that just Stacks up So it's very useful obviously to get These reoccurring ones because then it's Two three four thousand dollars it's Just coming in every month right and so Affiliate basically you utilize the link And you get someone to click on the link Sign up and you get paid that's the Concept in a nutshell but it's not Exactly as easy as that because if it Was as easy as just Plastering your link All over social media and you can make Some money doing that but you're not Going to get you know here to the thirty Six hundred dollars by just doing that You actually need a system that works And you need to leverage bots in AI Which is what I'm going to focus on Because you just can't You can't get to 3 600 or 3066 dollars By just doing stuff manually I mean you Can definitely do stuff manually can Definitely make money but you're just Not going to get to this level of making Money without leveraging like Bots and Ai and scalable systems because in Automation because that's how you get to

Such a high dollar value and so let's Look at this so Matt Billington actually Is somebody who joined Classes and he posted this the other day In Facebook And he showed a picture here he said He's sitting on a balcony and he's at Diamond Head so his kids are asleep and He's using the fortune Bots right so he Actually was able to get everything set Up and run it from his phone so he's Running the whole VPS and everything and I have another video that talks about What the VPS is and again we're going to Break that down into classes but he's Running it from his phone and he is Sending out contact forms from his phone And here's a picture where he's showing That this is the VPS and the contact Forms and this is the picture where he's Sitting and what he's looking out at Which is here at Diamond Head in Hawaii I believe is what he said here And yeah so Diamond Head actually is a State park here in Hawaii so What Matt is doing is basically he's run He's worked through the fortune Bots Classes and he's utilizing the contact Form so this that you see here is Actually this bot here that's running That you can see we'll talk about that In a second and he is he's actually Using a VPS and running it from his Phone while he says in Hawaii which is

Crazy Um but you definitely can run it from Your phone from a tablet you can run it From a computer whatever but he's Leveraging the Bots to do the work while His kids are asleep and he gets to sit On the balcony you know and be on Vacation in Hawaii So that's that's the beautiful thing About Ai and Bots is you get to leverage Them to do work for you and that really All to me obviously is how we get to This so chat GPT is obviously Ai and We're going to leverage that too so Let's look at that I said we'd look at The Bots here so what does that mean If we go back to our list we had our Affiliate offer so Pick 3 for example And we had that affiliate link well we Do want to promote it but we want the Bot to promote that link for us so we Can reach more people faster right so we Reach people at scale That's what this bot does which and That's the same thing that Matt is using Here and he's plugging it into the bot So here I have a picture campaign Running he plugs it into the bot and you Can see this campaign I started it Before the video but it's it's sent 37 000 it's promoted our link to 37 000 People right and you can see it running Through here and you can see other this Um sent column are what's been sent for

The different campaigns you can see Here's a campaign that sent 238 000 or 230 000 and here's when it sent ninety Eight thousand and you can run this Right this is just on my local machine I Also have servers like Matt and that's Where I scale up and you're sending you Know tens of millions promoting it to Tens of millions of people In a month's time the bot is and I'm not Actually doing it you know I just set it Up and run it so you got to do a little Bit set it up again Classes is going to cover that and then Once it's set up it just runs so how can We set it up in a better way because What happens is when we go in here Here's just a test product project if we Look at it we need to create a subject And a message and a lot of people get Stuck here on how do we do this because Obviously we need to promote our link we Have Victory and we have our link but What do we say if it's going to get it In front of people you can kind of think About it like an email So if this bot here is going out and Sending an email it's not but if it were And we were going to send an email to Somebody we are sending them a message With the bot and so we are trying to get Them to sign up for it But if it were like an email what would You say and so we need a subject and we

Need a message well chat GPT can Actually do that for us and let me show You how So chat gbt is just loading and am I is This making sense so far for example Does it make sense that you can't get to 3066 dollars by yourself that you might Need some AI does that make sense And does it make sense that you know Matt is doing it here and that you can Do it too you know does it make sense That we're going to work through a Process to get this done and that you Have to do a little bit of stuff and It's not Magic Okay so I think that makes sense to Everyone and if we look at chat GPT we Can actually give it a prompt here so Let me do that All right so I've given it some prompts Here and chat gbt if you don't know you Can basically talk to it like a human so You can be redundant you can misspell Stuff you can just give it different Variations of your idea so that it Clearly understands and it'll understand Everything so I basically asked it to Give us a subject and a short message That a business owner might want to see For an AI video creation tool called Victory and obviously the point is to Get them to click a link so I asked for That as far as the call for Action goes And then I said please present it as a

Problem that a business owner might have And then present Pick 3 as the solution So let's give it to chat GPT it did say It was super busy so it takes a second But obviously we can see it's flying Away and so streamline your video Creation with Pick 3 so we can use that As our subject here and I'm just going To copy this out well and it finished Already here so let's go ahead and copy This into our bot here so I will do that And we can see the message here are you Tired of spending hours creating videos For your business And then you know it has a click the Link below and it sells them on the idea Of picture here so what I've done here Is go on ahead and set it up in the bot As our test project here but I also need To import our link now you would never Directly import this link you would Obviously use a redirect and again we Cover that in the Classes how to and why but assuming for A moment that we have a redirect link And to keep it simple I'm just going to Use this exact link as a demo here and We would go in here to our message and We can see we put in the subject already That chat gbt created here is the Message and I'm going to make up a name Here so you're tired of spending hours Creating business or video for your Business so on and so forth it says

Click the link below and this is where We put our redirect linked obviously I Just put the exact link throw in a name I have compliant stuff down at the Bottom and then I'm going to click OK Click OK and I would just go to start And actually at first I would import a List of URLs that you can get from the Marketplace your list of contact forms Which I'll put the link for the Marketplace in the description you can Put in keywords it's slower but it does Work as well again all that's in classes however What we've done here is we created our Project and used chat GPT Now to create the message and then we're Going to go ahead and start it so I'd Import some URLs and start it and it Would eventually start running after About a minute of preparation just like This where it is cranking away sending Our message to tens of thousands of People telling them that Victory can Solve their problems and so then they Start clicking on the links and they Start buying just like you can see where They have clicked a few here and signed Up and then obviously when you start to Get to scale you get things like this And then once you do that You have a system where Bots are kind of Running everything does that make sense So your Bot here is running everything

You're using chat GPT to generate Content for the bot to send so you don't Have to be creative chat GPT does that For you you don't have to actually do The work this bot does that for you and That's how we get to higher levels but Then we also need to double down and so What does that mean well that means that We go back to our tool list and we say All right look I'm promoting Jasper I'm Promoting Victory what else can I Promote with the bot because we can run More than one campaign you see All these campaigns and again I'm on a Laptop right now so I'm not running a Ton of campaigns but on my servers the VPS like Matt was using in his post see He said uh he was using a VPS that is a Server it is another machine that you Can basically use to send to install This software on and run for you and Then you can connect to that machine From your phone from a tablet from a Computer whatever and I actually do this All the time I leverage time so if I Have to wait in line somewhere I just Log in on my phone and I do the little Bit of work that I do have to do because Again you got to do a little work but I Do that on my phone so I leverage the Time that I would otherwise waste when I'm waiting in line or waiting you know For something and that's how I get more Free time to spend with my family free

Time to do the things I want to do and In Matt's case free time to be at Diamond Head in Hawaii so does this make Sense and the doubling down part is just A scale part so when you go in here to The list you just start promoting more Offers and you just go here and you get In video and All these different ones here and you go Across and you get more and so on and so Forth and you go down the list and you Build a campaign for each one of them in The bot and then you can start scaling Up And that is how you double down and then Double down again and then double down Again and then double down again and Eventually you're getting up here to This level here And if you want to go faster like some People are they want to go here okay Some people show up and they want to go To the classes and they Want to work through the process they Want to set everything up and they want To do it that's fine that's awesome That's great some people they come in And they're like how can I go faster Like really really fast like I just I Don't want to work through the process I Just want to get to the end where I am You know promoting the links and making Money well then you can go into the Marketplace and you can actually get

Help let us help you expedite the Process by setting things up for you and Getting the contact forms already Pre-filtered for you and basically we Just give you a bunch of jet fuel and Allow you to go a whole lot faster and Take off like a rocket rather than you Know taking off like a plane with a Propeller and either way is okay because You're making progress and you're taking Action and that's what matters you have To take action because if you keep doing The same thing you're doing now are you Going to get to three thousand sixty six Dollars a day Yeah so does it make sense that if you Keep like look at where you've been and Where you're at right now does it make Sense that if you keep going forward on Your same trajectory that you're going To get to where you want to go And if it doesn't make sense doesn't Make sense then that you might need to Make a change to get to 3066 a day you Might need to adopt AI you might need to Adopt some Bots you might need to adopt A different strategy a different system So that you can do like Matt is doing And Propel yourself into a different Reality and a different life that's Possible for you because it is possible It's possible for you right Matt Six weeks ago wasn't well it's probably Like eight weeks ago but Matt wasn't

Living that and now he is and now Matt's On a great trajectory to do even more so What is life going to be like eight Weeks for you from now for you because Eight weeks from now is coming But are you going to be in the same spot Are you going to take action and become In a better spot working your way to 3066 a day or more if you want to start And you should you should take action And you should better yourself what you Do is you go to the Website it's just the word fortune and The word Bots and you enter Your email address click let's do this And then you will get into the live Classes and you show up to the next Class and just show up to the class and That's what you do take action and then I will see you in the next live class And until then Happy money making

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