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The craziest cleverest way to earn five Thousand dollars a day with chat gbt by Using Tick Tock in this simple method It's absolutely crazy let's jump in here My name is Ryan Borden and let's have a Look at this what am I talking about Well let's go over here and have a look At income for just a second and this is Our stripe account which is credit card Processing means that's how we collect Payments you know we put in your credit Card and something has to process that This is stripe we use PayPal too but That's separate and I'm not bragging Here but I do want to show you what's Actually possible because I think a lot Of people struggle like I'm never going To make a dollar online or it's not Possible for me but it actually is right And so the truth of the matter is is That we all started from somewhere you Know I didn't start making money online My first job was at a grocery store I Was a bagging groceries right Technically my first job before that was Cleaning up construction like I was Sweeping out buildings but that didn't Last a whole long time I got to a Grocery store was inside out of the cold And making more money so Here we go and 145 000 if you divide That out on 28 weeks it's like five Thousand one hundred ninety one dollars So I just rounded us off here to a nice

Five thousand dollars a day and so Actually if we roll here and we can look Beyond this at like three months for Example and get 489 000 in 12 months and then here we go Like 1.155 million dollars and we're on The path right now as you can see the Income's kind of gone like this Um and then this is just at the end Because we just were right in March so It doesn't know what to predict yet so It always puts it down but this we got Some new stuff going on and so this will Keep going up we're trending and Projecting towards about 3 million this Year that aside I want you to understand That if we can do three million you can Do you know start out and make a Thousand dollars a month five thousand Dollars a month ten thousand dollars a Month and that sort of stuff you're not Going to get the five thousand dollars Like tomorrow and it's not going to be Instant there's no magic button here you Do have to do work and to that end if You could give me a yes in the comments Right now just let me know if this is a Video that you want helps me on YouTube Helps me to understand and that I'm Giving you the right kind of videos Because obviously I want to do that and I look at those metrics to see where We're at Which is how we get to this video here

And something else we're going to need Is the tool list and then I'm going to Talk about live classes so what are Those the tool list is this if you go to This website you can get this checklist And we have a list of companies that Will pay you to promote their stuff and In the yellow bar we have the free Facebook group where you can join up and Get among like-minded people ask Questions and that sort of stuff and Then the live classes which is in the Blue bar there this is where you can Join us live on Tuesdays and Thursdays And we break down everything answer Questions and take your questions and The community jumps in and gives Feedback and so we can join us every Tuesday and Thursday live if you go to This website so as we go to number one Our checklist here we can jump in and Have a look we need a company to promote So what does that mean well we got to Have something to sell basically so this Is a popular tool here we're going to go Here have a look-see at their affiliate Program which is at the very bottom most Of these if you just roll to the bottom You can get to the affiliate program if Not direct links and then we can apply And then log in and we get to see some Stats which is great but what's really Important here is the link the link Is how people are going to ultimately

They're not going to directly click on It we're going to talk about this later In the video because we're going to do This in a smart way if you you send Traffic directly to this link you can Make a few hundred bucks a month that's Fine that's what you want to do but I Prefer to make thousands and tens of Thousands and then hundreds of thousands And so we're going to do this in a more Clever way to make more money so stick With me later we'll talk about the link But this is the link when I talk about It that's what I'm referring to you can See if we go to our payouts here there's You know thousands of dollars a couple Of two three thousand dollars a month That we get paid and then you know That's all because we haven't promoted In a while but it's residual because They pay 30 reoccurring so like the cool Thing is like when I worked at the Grocery store and I was bagging Groceries if I go in and work part-time Then Um 20 hours a week let's say bag some Groceries up I get paid the next week or Two weeks later for 20 hours right then That's it the cool thing about this is If I get a customer and their customer Two years from now I'm still getting Paid every single month two years from Now So that's a huge leverage point and

We're going to do some more leverage Points which is what makes this the Clever simple way to do it right because It seems really simple that if you could Instead of doing 20 hours of work over Here and getting paid once if I can do The same 20 hours of work and get paid Every single month for the duration that They're a customer that's that's simple Everybody can understand that you get Paid multiple times for the same work Now that may be a foreign concept if You've never had that but it's really Simple and it's amazing once you start Experiencing it you will love it so the Next thing we need to do now is start to Create the views so that we can get Leads sales and then money right so this Is a process that's basically just Working across like this and how do we Get views well we need a video we can Replicate a video and so step number two Here stick with me because we're going To talk about a couple of things here First of all we're going to jump over to Tick tock or YouTube right and grab a Video that we like typically you can Search for like a video around the Topics you want Jasper AI for example And we can find videos that work why do We want to use videos that work because We don't want to reinvent the wheel we Want to get something that the Algorithms on the platforms already know

Is successful and people want that means That people want to watch videos like This so we're going to make a video that They want to watch Does that make sense right so how would You go from wherever you are right now To making either your first dollar or Making more money online Give people what they want because if They already want it you don't have to Convince them they already want to watch Videos like this this is three million Views 1.5 4 million views people already Want to watch this stuff they proved it There it is there's the views people Want to watch it so we're going to give Them more of what they already want Sound straightforward again we're going For simple here just I don't know how to Make it any simpler so what I'm going to Do is I'm going to go to chatgpt and ask It to rewrite a script for us All right so stick with me here like I Said this point is a little long you can See it's got a lot of stuff going on Here we are going to ask chat gbt to Utilize a hook from James Jernigan's List which I'll tell you about that in a Minute and do it in a certain grade Level right so what does that mean well James Jernigan let's talk about him for A minute he taught one of the classes This week And he's going to teach him more classes

In the future James has a list he's been Doing videos for years and he's tested Tons and tons of hooks what are hooks They are the intro to your video it's Like hang on there you know or you know This feels illegal to know but it's not This is the kind of things that grab Your attention you know if someone if a Video doesn't have a great hook you Generally don't watch it but the ones That do those are the ones that you Watch and you may not even be aware of This but it's super powerful psychology And so what James has done is he spent Hundreds and hundreds of hours testing Different Hooks and he's taught classes On it before in his own courses and so Now he's come into the live classes Again the live classes I'm talking about Are right here at this website And so he's taught something he's going To teach some more and he gave us his Hook list so his master hook list of all The hooks that he's found that provide The most attention grabbing because the Hook is the thing the biggest thing that Makes a difference of whether or not Someone watches your video or not and Once they watched your video they can Move to the next step of becoming a lead Ultimately becoming a sail which Ultimately makes you money so it makes Sense right we're going for simple right How is the simplest way if I have 10

People watching my video the most sales I can make is 10. right so I'm getting I Could get paid now everyone isn't Obviously going to buy not everyone that Walks into the grocery store buys every Single item in the grocery store it's Not how it works some people buy bread Some people buy apple juice some people Go over here and they're gonna buy Apples right so you go to the grocery Store and you buy certain things so some People are going to buy some of the Products you're selling and other people Are gonna buy others now you can have Some people that are gonna buy like Everything of course but obviously if we Have a hundred people that watch the Video then we now have 100 potential Sales if we have 1.9 million people that Watch the video that's a whole lot more Potential sales which is a whole lot More potential money for you and we're Working to do this in the most clever Way possible and the most simple way Possible so what I want to do if I go Out is make the most money in the Smartest way and the simplest way Is that what you want to do Right so That's that's pretty basic so whether You're trying to make your first dollar The first thousand dollars or make ten Thousand dollars a month you know and You don't have to get to five thousand

Dollars a day because it's a lot of work Right you can stop at a thousand dollars A day or five hundred dollars a day Right 500 a day is what that's like Fifteen thousand dollars a month if you Had an extra fifteen thousand dollars a Month right now like you got fifteen Thousand dollars right now and then next Month you got fifteen thousand dollars And next month you got fifteen thousand Dollars and next month you got fifteen Thousand dollars right what would you do What would you you know where would you Go would you change how you eat would You change what you do would you change Where you go would what would you buy What vacation would you take this year So If that makes sense let's let's dive Back into this here you can stop at any Level you want make as much money as you Want or stop if you're happy but the way That you can make more money is by Having a fantastic hook because that Gives you more views now we also want to Write it in a grade level that makes Sense two reasons one Stats say that most people can function Like most content that runs about eighth Grade level is ideal right between Sixth And eighth grade if you make it at a Higher level than that you start to Narrow down your audience that you can Reach to because of how people

Communicate and how they think and what Schooling they've had and whatever right So I go for grade level six because if You can get at sixth grade level you can Hit the most amount of people plus if People from other languages that English Isn't their first language watch the Videos you get them as well so like I Said stick with me point two is the Longest Point here Um we're gonna jump into this and we're Gonna move to three so how do I do that I talked about it let me show you So if I go in here first of all I have a Video script down here that I've put in Here that I got from video I'm asking Chat gbt to rewrite the script then I'm Asking Chad gbt to use one of the hooks From James list this feels illegal but It's not so this is a fantastic hook Because if you roll out and you're Scrolling through social media Tick Tock Or YouTube and if you don't do that Other people do and they're scrolling Through and they hear a video within the First two seconds like this feels Illegal but it's not That is a fantastic hook you're like oh What is this you want to watch it right Again what's important here abuse Because views equal ultimately money so If we go in here I want to write it at a Grade level six so I don't know what Grade level the script is at but chat

GPT will rewrite it at grade level six And yes you can do this along with lots Of other things that we have talked About in the live classes but here it is And it's writing the whole thing out in Grade level six it's going to use my Hook and it's going to give me Everything I need by the time it's all Said and done here right so now I don't Know where I'm going here hang on so now That we have our script right that we Have replicated and we use James Jernigan's hook and even if we don't get It in chat gbt we can actually literally Just we don't we don't really have to Put that in chat gbt you could literally Just take the script it writes at sixth Grade level and then just add that on The front of it and be like hey this Feels illegal but it's not and then go Into the script right as you replicate The video post it up on Tick Tock YouTube Facebook Instagram everywhere You want to post it right now now you're Getting views now what well you got to Turn those views into leads that's where Number three comes in and that is our CRM what's the CRM in simple terms it Takes a a landing page like so it lets Us get let's just collect people's email Address because we want to be able to Email them hang on click on the wrong Thing here we go we want to be able to Email them right so we want them to

Enter their email address they watch our Video they go through a redirect link Which again we cover that in the live Classes but um don't have time for that In this video because it'll get Way Long If I teach you everything and I I just Can't Um because you don't want to sit here For three three hours right so Short version is they watch the video They enter redirect link they enter Their email address right here once you Have their email address you're going to Send them emails now you're not going to Do it the CRM is going to do it and Emails look something like so tons and Tons of them but there's going to be the Link remember the link we talked about At the beginning That's it we're going to put this link In the emails so that's why I said you Can send views directly here and you're Going to make a few bucks right and There's plenty of people out there There's methods you can go get out there On YouTube or Tick Tock right now that Are going to say hey post your link in The video and Away you go fine go make a Few hundred bucks if you want to The smarter clever way to do this is to Set up a CRM and again we cover that in The live classes but what the CRM does For you is it works for you now I like Automation Ai and Bots to work for me

While I sleep while I work while I do Other things so that I don't have to do As much work but I still make more money So I do less work and make morning more Money now I still work a lot but because I want to Go obviously we're working on getting From 1 million to 3 million and again You can't do that without some work However if you're working on getting From zero to a dollar to a thousand to Five ten fifteen twenty thousand dollars A month this is the way you start Because now every single day when Someone comes over here and they enter Their email address in to the landing Page they start getting emails and they Get emails every single day so I'm Talking they get an email right so if we Go here where I just was and right away Zero minutes means as soon as they sign Up to get an email then the next day They get an email then the next day they Get an email then it comes out here and It sticks them into the next thing and They get another email and another email That sticks them to the next thing we Can make these really long these are Really short because I'm showing you Examples but we can make them Ridiculously long look here's one with 11 emails but I have campaigns that I've Built before you ultimately want to Build a campaign different campaigns so

They get stuff going all year long right Why would we want to do that right so See we see tons of emails in here why Would we want to do that well because we Want to just Loop the concept here we're Going to Loop it over and over and over Again so it's kind of like here and then You go back to number one and then you Go through this and you go back to Number one and you come back here you Get the concept it's like a giant Loop You come back over here so what does That look like in like 30 seconds in 30 Seconds that looks like you go back over Here you get a new tool from the list This one this one isn't all of these and Then all of these and then all of these Right you just go down the list you grab The tool you replicate the video using a Great Hook from James's list that he Gave us all for free in the live classes On Thursday so he taught the class gave The list away free it's in the replay Sheet if you join the live classes you Get it so I'm going close to my 30 Seconds you use chat gbt to rewrite the Script at a grade level six and then you Automate it by throwing up a landing Page and some emails utilizing system Here or any CRM that you want to use but This is the one we show in the live Classes and it automatically sends Emails every single day and sells them The stuff and just keep going so what

Does that mean as you go through here You make your video which gets views you Send them to the CRM landing page which Gets them it turned into a lead the CRM Sends them emails every day which Creates sales And you get the money So that's it in a nutshell Now I realized that we're like 15 Minutes in here so there's a lot again Even if you want to make ten thousand Dollars a month you've got to do some Work and you've got to learn some things You need to learn more than whatever you Know right now because if you know how To do this then you should stop watching This video and go do it already if you Know absolutely everything and how to do It but my guess is since you're watching The video you were like me at one point And didn't know how to do this and so The first thing you should do is just Get over here to this website right here And get the free checklist because You're going to need that it's free just Do it shows up in your email box away You go the next thing you want to do is Join the free Facebook group because Again you want to be around like-minded People you want to be able to ask Questions and you want help don't you Yeah I do I mean I have questions once In a while too because everybody has Questions at whatever level they're at

And so In the Facebook group people will help You then the next thing you want to do To really accelerate this is join the Live classes come to the live classes if You can if you can't you can watch the Replays and you can learn the in-depth Strategies and you can get the resources Like James Jernigan's hook list that he Just gave us on Thursday as well as tons Of other stuff that's in the replay Sheets And you can start leveraging these Things to really create a lot of value And you can start with a dollar ten a Hundred a thousand five ten twenty Thirty forty fifty thousand dollars a Month all the way up to five thousand Dollars a day and Beyond if you want to Go that far do you want to quit early go Ahead if you don't want to that's fine Too you can keep going you can blow past Three million dollars a year if you want If you're willing to do the work but it All starts by going to the live classes Into your email address get into the Live classes and as soon as you get in Here there's another free training and I Will see you in the next live class and Until then Happy money making

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