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In today's secrets of affiliate All-Stars interview I'm truly excited Because I have an incredible guest when It comes to affiliate marketing and Success now this guy his name is Scott Darvin if you somehow don't know him Over the years I would constantly see His name as one of the top of the Leaderboards inside of the affiliate Program I was in and I started thinking Who is this guy right you know what what Is he doing to just crush it no matter What he promotes well recently I got Connected to him and what I'm going to Do is I'm going to sit down and I'm Going to ask him certain questions to Really uncover what are his secrets to Success right how does he choose a Program what does he look for right once He's inside of that program what are Some of his secret strategies to start To get traffic start to promote I'm Going to really uncover this inside of This interview so sit back relax I think You're going to get a lot of value and You're really going to discover some key Things you can apply to yourself and Your own affiliate marketing business so Without further Ado let me go ahead and Dive right into the interview Welcome to the secrets of affiliate All-Stars podcast You know I just again I want to thank You so much for joining me I know a lot

Of my subscribers are really excited Because they want to know you know some Things to avoid the pitfalls and also How to succeed you know a lot of people Out there maybe they're still working a Job and maybe they want to have more Freedom you know I know that's a big one I know I think that was a big strong Thing for what got you involved could You take us back You know some years ago before you kind Of discovered affiliate marketing what Was your life like and then kind of how Did you discover this amazing path that Is affiliate marketing All right so basically when my first Pass so around 2014 I started looking to I started searching make money at home How because I know it was possible I Worked like 10 12 hours a day and I I Was pretty much just like all right I Want to be a business owner I want to Own my own business but I don't want to Have to go and put a hundred thousand Dollars down on like a building I don't Want to have any stock or anything like That I just wanted to have a business I Can work online work globally which is a Big part where globally and work on my Schedule so I ventured into all sorts of Stuff in 2014 and for two years I had I Just had I couldn't find the right thing I I was I was making money but I just Wasn't consistent and then in 2016 uh

When this came along I was I jumped on This when they only had I think the Vertex Elite level and I jumped on this And I've been with it ever since so and It actually gave me the knowledge too Because the actual training they have in There was phenomenal even back then and Now it's even better now so that's Amazing man and real quick just to Interject for people that don't know Exactly what we're talking about we're Talking about the e1u life uh affiliate Program and platform Um because I know some people watching This they may be involved in other Things but we're also going to talk About why we both kind of decided on That specific program to run with and I Know there's a lot of key benefits that You found inside of there now taking This back just a little bit before that So you were working I think you said you were climbing Climbing poles can you work for a cable Company I I installed phone internet and TV and well I was in order for that to Come that are the polls outside so I Climbed the polls it was Zero I'm in New York so it was zero degree weather mine Is ten it was cold man it was cold so I Was like all right it's got to be a Better way and I said to myself I'm like I'm I looking at there's got to be a way I can do this part-time so I can

Transition out of the grind of waking up To an alarm clock I haven't used an Alarm clock in seven years It's amazing so wait I had to get out of That grind you have to train yourself to Be like I'm the business owner I work When I want but you have to make sure You put that time frame in and it Doesn't take much and what I getting Back to your question what I liked about E1u life versus all the other ones that I tried from 2014 to 2016 was the Simplicity and it has a Compensation Plan where you're rewarded to help Others which I love so that's kind of Why I dialed into there right and and so Kind of touching on that you were Working a job that maybe you didn't Enjoy was that the main thing that kind Of got you started it wasn't the job That it was the time it's like I had to Be there at 8 right and then I worked Till 4 30. I was dictated as to when my Hours were I was dictated why not to Take lunch and I worked overtime but it Was blood money because they taxed the Geezers out of you I guess so and it was Overtime so I bought my house I worked a Lot of overtime I bought my house in 2012 and when I got settled in this House I'm in now I said you know what Now that I'm here is two years later I Started looking then I got sick so I Said I need I can't climb the poles

Because my left side wasn't working so I Said I need to find something that's Simple for other people to replicate and Simple for me to get out what I'm doing Because I just bought a house and this Is here and now I'm so it's been around Seven years not a lot of people can say That you've been with the same affiliate Business online business for seven years There's not a lot of people that can say That that's incredible man and that and We're going to touch on that a little Bit later on why it's so powerful and Why you've really stuck with it where There are some other things out there And I'm loving the program as well Had you tried when you were still Working a job you started probably going Online kind of searching how to make Money online yeah just you know going Down that rabbit hole I think we've all Kind of been there people watching uh This last video after video after video And then an hour or two goes by and you Got nothing done Yeah and I know a lot of people watching This probably are in that right now Where it's like they want to make money They maybe want to quit a job they want More free time like you said you kind of Want to not have to answer to a certain Person or be in a certain location Have you tried any other ways to make Money online because you know I love

Affiliate marketing it's so simple I Think and I think you love it as well But had you experimented with any other Like what led you specifically to Affiliate marketing affiliate marketing Because it it solved one of my problems As I said before when I was working it's Like okay how can I still I you know you Have to work you have to do something But how can I do it on my terms and not Eight hours 12 hours a day and that's What really drove me it's like all right I can make more money doing this than I Am at my job part-time and then I was Able to transition my way out of that Right and right after my right after my Honeymoon because it was 2000 I got Married July 2016. so uh e1u life came About in August I I joined August 4th 2000 August 14 2016 is my day I started With EU one life e1u life now okay it Used to be easy wanna but they rebranded So much better now it's yes they have Still have the great same mindset Knowledge and education that you need to Be successful in any online business but They took it to the next level where They had a One-Stop Job That's exactly I totally agree and I Used to be involved with the easy uh Easy one up as it was and now I totally Agree it's even even better than it was Before so that was your first affiliate Program that was no I I'm sorry I I'm so

In those two years I tried I went into MCA I just never had a click with me I Tried MCA I like I said I did a high Ticket business and I was successful With it and I was doing that part-time It's just it didn't have the how do I Put that I don't I didn't think it had The longevity because things were Antiquated in there I'm like you know What so that's what made me look for Another opportunity and when I found That I was like all right and that's Been my bread and butter since so I've Been consistent with that and now that Since they relaunched in the past two Years and redid everything even better It's just going to help so many more People because it's simpler than it was It's simpler right and well no exactly Man and then that's because when people Want to get online and I and I think About my own story and maybe you can Relate you know there there can be a a Big learning curve right especially if You've never made sales or you've never Promoted anything you know to try to Just start to learn it when other Programs can be so complicated you know They don't have good support or you know There's no training in the back office I Always deal with Philly business that Have support that's really one huge Thing to look at well so let me that's a Great Point man and I want to kind of

Ask you this because I know you know You're constantly on the top of the Leaderboards for people that don't know I mean you've been crushing it I used to Always see your name before we Personally connected just crushing it Man and all the results and all the People you've been helping so it's Absolutely incredible to be able to you Know sit down and talk with you and Thinking about that because I know a lot Of people right now are watching and They're doing some research you know Maybe they are looking to join an Affiliate program and really invest into It really run with it for the long term How did you kind of decide on what to Run with like what what do you look for In a good affiliate program does that Make sense yeah 100 so what I look for Is is the is the car is it simple when Someone comes there is are they going to Have to call me with 100 different Questions or or is it in the back office The tutorials where they have to take Their time take notes and because like Any business like anything you have to Know your way around and that's why like 30 day blueprint because that completely Solves that problem and it solves it on A self-learning side and I'm there to Backend the support for  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing Because that's what I do I can direct People way to Market but they have I

Need I needed something and that's what This other program was lacking that I Was telling you about it was lacking the Tutorial videos it was lacking the Upgrades it was Antiquated and it was I Was getting too many questions so I said You know what I was still working a job And I just got sick at that time so I Was like you know what let me see so I Started looking again and then this is Right easy one up in 2000 August 2016 Came about and I jumped right in And they only had at the time it was a It was a five it was the vertex Elite That was the only right we're live right And to also clarify as well if if people Don't know what that 30-day blueprint That's actually a 30-day course video Course that's built into the back office Of uh e1u life where someone can go Through each day their bite-sized video I've actually completed it myself Because I wanted to you know see what Was all about and it's incredible Training so I totally agree man you Don't have to really On board people you know and that's what I think people are afraid of too they Join something and they're worried am I Going to have to be coaching people all Day you know they want maybe some time Freedom so I absolutely D1u life allows the time Freedom like I Tell everyone when you're starting off

An hour to do 30 minutes two hours a day You just have to block it out because The work you do now pays off down the Road 100 I totally agree man and you Kind of mentioned this and I want to Clarify as well because like I said when People are joining now my specific YouTube channel is all about affiliate Marketing and there's really two types Of affiliate marketing you can do There's low ticket affiliate marketing And then there's more High ticket Affiliate marketing where you make let's Say 250 or more per Commission Now you Mentioned you tried in the past the more Low ticket offer and it didn't seem like You really liked maybe that style I love High ticket affiliate marketing I always Recommend people start with that and and Really focus on that can you kind of Touch on what made you want to do Heights within affiliate marketing as Opposed to let's say promoting lower Lower ticket offers so I looked at the Lower ticket offers and like I did a few And I made a couple bucks like 20 it was Just basically it was lunch money pretty Much right it wasn't any it wasn't Anything that was gonna substantially Change my situation and help me get out Of my job I'm doing So I said what if there was higher Ticket like 250 500 and what I like About e1u life which was different from

The high ticket I was in because they Even have a place for everybody so they Even have those lower product levels Where they can come in through the Training and now if they do that bridge License thing they can make 50 Commissions on every single sale and It's amazing but getting back to your Original question is I needed more of a Cash flow and more value to give people So that's why I jumped on e1u life Because at that time you can make 500 Instant commissions so I saw you could Be anywhere from 25 to 500 so I like That there was a place for the people Who were just starting out maybe they'll Have a lot of money and then there was a Place for somebody where they can Actually and the 500 dollar level the They have endless leads that is an Unbelievable course that shows anyone How to get leads but I've decided to Start helping people Fast Track that Like you have So we try to get their business started While they're going through the 30-day Blueprint so that that's what I tell my Team go through the 30-day blueprint Expect any bonuses that you and I may Have we issue them to them we can even Start their business for them while They're going through the training Therefore they're learning and earning At the same time

It's it's an amazing amazing thing man And with unu life as you talked about You know in the past and even now they Have many different levels you know and That's what always I found you know some Of these programs they're really kind of Like hard selling and forcing people to Get into this one package where maybe You just can't afford it you know I I Know I couldn't when I you know back a Couple years ago so I totally agree how They have this range so no matter what You can afford at that time you can join And then upgrade of course at any time And like you said with a 30-day Blueprint all the different trainings Can you talk also man because a lot of People you know they may look at it as You know it's just a way to make money And I think a lot of people look at These programs oh I just want to join And promote it they don't actually even Realize the incredible value that's Inside and I know that's very important You know you only promote something that You believe in just like me what can you Kind of touch on even even the value in What we're actually promoting to people I love the products okay I love the Products not only can you learn from Them you actually have a product you can Use to Brand yourself you can get a Basic opt-in page which is what every Internet online affiliate marketer needs

You get custom locals you can completely Brand yourself while you're learning so While you're learning while you're going Through all the the basic steps in your Back office learning your back office Because your back office is your Business okay you can get a you can get Funnels built you can get a logo built You can have your own website I mean Your own website everybody in 2023 needs A website now period in the story Everyone's online even the local Restaurants have you can order your food From your cell phone online so Everyone's doing that and what I like About e1u life you don't have to just Use it in affiliate marketing you could Use it for any business you can use it For a brick and mortar business if you Wanted to approach someone for a website Hey I do a website completely dumb for You no monthly fees one time Their people could be like what Right that's exactly right man it's Really a no-brainer because you know I've been in so many different programs Over the years and I know you know you Had tried many things oh I did Um yeah and you know we both kind of Been led to this you know e1u life for All the things you really he's pointing Back here everywhere I go I I'm an Entrepreneur so I love to look at other Things if I see value in it I'm going to

Look at it and what I ask myself in this Is it going to help somebody and then if It doesn't I want nothing to do with it And if that has support but over the Years everything LED back to e1u life or Easy one up it used to be easy one up so I I keep coming back here so this is Where it's at this is what's going to Help people this is what's going to help People quit their jobs this is going to Help people make extra money and Transition out of that rat race of a Nine to five That's exactly right man and like you Said you know the high ticket Because I think some people they believe That you know selling higher priced Products is maybe harder you know I've Heard that objection people have they're Like oh you know I like the idea that You know one sale I can make two Thousand dollars you know it's Life-changing but isn't it harder to Convince people to buy you know a higher Price product than it is a lower price Product what would you say to some of Those people that maybe they want to do High ticket affiliate marketing they Understand the power but they're a Little bit resistant because maybe they Don't you know they're brand new to Sales or they've never done this before What would you say to some people just Starting

Just starting I would basically say this And this is it's a it's a marathon not a Race now you you know nothing about Selling and that's that's great because Guess what they they show you how to do It plus the system sells for you already It has a one solution in there you don't Have to go to an autoresponder on this Website you don't have to go to this Website for that you have everything Built in it's a number one Business Solution even with I think we're and I Believe with any package you get the Basic email so you have an email email Broadcaster everything affiliate Marketer needs is here nobody has that And nobody has it with one stream of Income meaning Under One Roof you have Different places that have different Income streams and different things like That but e1u life has everything you Need Under One Roof from the basics to The advanced so there's a place for Everybody and you could start where you Feel comfortable because you're going to Learn and then you're going to see the Value in it and you're gonna be like I'm I'm going up to the top because you're Going to see all the other ones in the Community making those two thousand Dollar commissions And thousand dollar commissions and 500 Commissions exactly exactly man and can You we haven't even touched on one of

The the best benefits really when it Comes to even the compensation plan now I don't know did you ever I love the Compensation Right did you ever promote anything on Like ClickBank or any of these other Like platforms have you tried any of That in the past or I never did I looked At it I'm like saying to myself why do I Want to wait so long to get paid and That's another thing that I looked at I'm like okay what's going to pay me now Because I want them to be like I have my Own store if I owned a deli if I owned a Craft store or whatever it is and Someone comes in they're handing me Money there it's going into the cash Register and that's what's great about This it's instant directly to you So there's no waiting for it I think Some like Amazon uh what is it uh all The other ones some are 60 days to pay Click pays 80 but it's 60 days I don't Even know what the the how long to get Paid for ClickBank so yeah no that's and And that's what you know you don't even Need a website with e1u life because They give you it's out of the box ready To go so you don't have to everything's In one spot you don't have to watch 17 Different videos about ClickBank you Don't have to go through a catalog of Products and see what you want to share With people no this is set done for you

It's everything people need they need a Website if you want to be a business Owner if you want to learn you need the Training and we're live their life twice A week for uh invite guests what Corporate company do you know that Actually presents for you Tuesdays and Thursdays and those member only training Every Wednesday No it's absolutely it's absolutely Incredible man um I want to I want to Touch on that because that's the thing I You know when we think about what are The main issues people starting with Affiliate marketing people wanting to Make money online with this type of Industry this type of path what are the Main stumbling blocks and please right They can't find leads we solve that they Need a website we solved that we you Need a teamwork uh Team based uh Structure we have that we have the Training we have the support everything Is there for you all you have to do is Implement the simple steps it's not Difficult it's it's basically it's like You're sharing a link with somebody Indirectly they're finding you because And then the system does the follow-up For you so with that being said you need To look for in a business does it have An email autoresponder built in because That's what you need for the newest Person and I'm going to tell you

Something here I then you're not this is This is true I did not and believe it or Not I did not use email until about 2018. no way two years oh I I know what I did Phone oh I did this I was taught listen How I was taught in this original Business the original business I was Taught when you got a lead into your Email Call them the next day so what did I do I came home after work and I got on this Black box right here and I called and I Dialed and I dialed it was so Frustrating And then 2016 I did the same thing with Easy one up because but they had a Different because with what I had the Reason I went with easy one up because The original one I had there was their Capture Pages were in a separate section So everything was all over the place it Wasn't in one spot you see one up when They had everything in one spot so my Leads that came in I would go into the Back office the easy one just like you Have now you have all the information I Would dial them I would call on the Phone then 2018 came around I'm like all Right everyone's talking about email so I that's when I really really excelled In the email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing aspect of the  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing part of this and that's and That ever since then I use SMS

Permission based SMS and I always use SMS before that's what I use to Pro and Then laws changed and I had to remarket Different but that's how I started using SMS  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing and now I use SMS Permission based and email combination It works very well that's incredible man Because that's I want to focus on a couple of things You said because there's so many golden Nuggets you're dropping and I know People watching this are really excited Because what they're realizing is number One you know e1u life and and you know What we're doing with our teams and Everything we're constantly evolving Right so yes you started off you you Know in the times it was calling people And then it moved to email and now it's Even more technology and automation so You're really adapting oh it's easier in 2023 now with everything that we have With the social media especially Facebook and YouTube for free leads and It's amazing and even posting ads Craigslist is a gold mine right right And I and I do want to touch on Um some  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing in just a second now Going back like you said with the Autoresponder now for people that don't Know what that is that's basically where You can capture your prospect's email Address or name name and email address And you can actually have these

Pre-written Email uh messages that will start going Out automatically using technology Following up with your leads now the Problem has been and tell me if you Agree with this man the problem has been You'd have to go like you said and kind Of find an email autoresponder somewhere Else online and then you'd have to find A funnel creation software and try to Learn how to do copy and all this stuff And find out exactly where people got Caught right there what just getting out Of your mouth that is one of that and Leads are the biggest issues no please Share it because this is what you used To have to do separately and now with E1u life it's all in one everything's There and now I can concentrate as me Being a veteran is evil easy one up like You are now I can concentrate on pushing My time to help my team because it's It's all in one spot I don't have to go Like you said to this tablet Everything's right there same spot even The even the Baseline gives you a order Of In-House follow-up already and you Can follow up with your leads email by Clicking a button email and type an Email saying hey I've seen you join any Questions feel free to ask watch the Video because it's it's that simple People just over complicated I think It's it's incredible man and that's what

That's what I'm touching on as well and That's what you're touching on is the Fact that you know we've kind of been Through the trial and error we've seen What it could be and we know how Difficult it used to be and like you Said having to call people and a lot of People they don't want to get on the Phone with people and it turns to Eventually you become the hunted not the Hunter Exactly exactly man and so with E1 new Life again the reason I'm so passionate The reason I can tell you're so Passionate and so many people from Around the world that have been joining This is because it's all Under One Roof Like you said it's I mean virtually a Business in a box it's you plug in I Call it the number one Business Solution Man that's it it's your number one Online Business Solution period I I love It and again with a 30-day blueprint People can you know start that daily Because it's that accountability right You need to routine it's a routine and Then even like you touched Sean which we Didn't really mention my consistency the Consistency and then to even help with That consistency the weekly calls yeah Is i that's a note on that I use that All the time and it's great touch on That a bit anybody can come there with You give them the link you can create a

Free account in the hole in the back and The whole back office all those there And there you don't even have to send Them the zoom link they can create their Free account they can go to these every Tuesday and Thursday at 7 pm Eastern Standard Time which is New York time and They can actually watch the presentation And it's only 20 minutes it's very it's This is so simple it doesn't take a long Time to explain because I go through Videos on YouTube sometime and I'm like Listen I said Um it may sound repetitive but this is How easy it is so I just keep doing the Same thing over and over and over again But that I'd like to it's consistency in Being repetitive man that that's what it Is and and for people out there thinking Like Scott Those YouTube you you don't Need YouTube I didn't do YouTube when I First started and I still made money There's so many different Avenues you Can go and the bonuses that you offered Bonuses I offer it's going to it's going To help people tremendously because like You just said it took everything out I Took all the questioning it took the Hard work out not the hard work it took All the confusing stuff out where you Laid it out so it could be ABC one two Three It's exactly it's exactly why again so Many people are loving this because when

You see what else is out there and you Compare it to what we have it's really An absolute no-brainer now if you could Man and I know you share some things With your team If you'd be willing to share just a Little bit so let's say someone they Join uh e1u life they sign up let's say They do have some money they join at you Know one of the higher levels and again We talked about you can get in whatever Level you can afford let's say they get Into higher levels like you know a lot Of people do How and they set up you know they get Their link like we said the Autoresponder is already taken care of All that's already taken care of Would you be open to sharing just maybe A few basic strategies because I know You're so great at  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing I mean There's a reason you're always on the Top of the leaderboards a few key Strategies someone may be brand new Can do to start to get clicks to their Link because that's really all they have To focus on once they plug in So what I do there's one and I took this Course probably oh 2018 or 2019. it's a Free course and they just recently redid It and it's probably a value of like 500 Or something Bucks close to 600 bucks I Give them this course you know what I What I say to my uh my team I say listen

This is what we have to do I said you Need to be accountable take this course Remember how we were just talking about How you have to go through a 30-day Blueprint so do a video with a 30-day Blueprint and take this course because It shows you free ways to email people It shows you free ways the right ways to Post Craigslist ads it shows you the Right way to get free traffic the right Way to get paid traffic I give them that And if they do come in at the vertex Live I start their business for them Basically while they're learning there's Traffic there's hungry buyers and There's tier one traffic and I've been Using this traffic sources 2000 Same traffic source that I've been using 2008 that got me results I'm going to do The same and I also give them the advice Of you need like I was saying before With the consistency like in your Business you need to be consistent in Going through this material because if You watch a video and you don't take Action chances are you're not going to Go back and do it so what I like to do Is tell people once you watch your video Take notes and implement it if you do a Training on Craigslist implement it post An ad it's not going to break the bank This is all cost effective  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing too It's not costing thousands and thousands And thousands of dollars

Or even hundreds at that be consistent If you want to do one ad a week do one Ad a week or two heads but whatever you Choose whether your  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing budget is Small medium or large make sure you're Consistent with that period end of story Because if you're not consistent see Consistency will outweigh skill meaning Consistency builds your skill because if You're consistent you're going to learn That skill if you're not consistent You're not never going to learn it I love that I love that and that's Exactly what I did I mean I I didn't Know how to climb a pole I didn't know How to throw a ladder on there when I First saw what did I had to do I went to Training and I did and I had to throw The ladder up climb I must have climb Hundreds and hundreds of times and I Learned how to use a bucket truck it's The same thing in your real business Right now whether you're a cashier Whether you're a lawyer whether you're a Doctor the doctors get paid well but They have to be there to get there uh to Make the money because they need to see Their patients here you can make your Own schedule make a doctor like Executive pay you definitely can you can Make executive pay and you don't have to Have that you don't have to be there Physically you can be anywhere in the World and communicate with your team or

Your new prospects and e1u life helps That by doing the the done-free auto Responder there not many companies have That not many not many affiliate Businesses allow you to go into that Back office and compose an email Exactly so this here this company has The the value you get just at the like 2500 for vertex live the values tenfold That because remember 2016 seven years same company same Affiliate business Same product that just got upgraded and It's even better one thing I want people To understand is just what you said About when you were doing your job you Know climbing poles and things like that You went through training yeah right 100 Right and so I think sometimes people Think that you know  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing when People or when people see other people Succeeding and making money online that It's some like magical thing or they're Just lucky or you know whatever 100 in this example I use that it's like An apprenticeship and then what I say Your first sale is your that goes to you Your second sales of the apprenticeship Sale so that I'm helping you it's just Like a plumber an electrician a Carpenter they have like if I even had a I had a section like like four years in The cable company I would go boom and Then I would be done with that the next

Year I go up to this page the same thing That happens in a union of a a plumber Electrician or a carpenter it's the same Thing here except you don't have to go Anywhere You just have to have a anything where They have a cell phone connection now Internet's basically 5G now so internet Or cell phone to to do your to to work Your business when you're not really Even working it because it's working on The back end you're just initiating I Call it initiation initiation equals Automation and that's facts because if You never initiate something you're Never going to get the automation out of It I love that I love that and I know The people watching this light bulbs are Going off because that is so true and Again it's it's Even your life I mean we're almost out Like a broken record but it just it is What it is it's just getting back to What I was saying it's simple so you Could be a broken record that's what you Call Yes You can show easily that it's people Like that saying I'm like that's it it's That simple don't over complicate it Take it step by step do the first step Do the Second Step take notes that's the Biggest thing take notes and take action When it's amazing and I I've gotten this

Question before on my Channel I want to Run it by you you've seen someone very Good at this you mentioned staying uh Consistent consistency is really a key To success with affiliate marketing with Any business and I totally agree do you Have any tips for people that maybe they Struggle with being consistent uh Consistent or they're not very organized You know maybe they don't kind of you Know they're all over the place do you Have any Maybe simple tips people could use to Get more consistent right because I mean I don't know if you were always Consistent but I know I struggled with It I had to learn how to be consistent Because remember I worked a job so but I Had what I had what I did so to answer Your question what you want to say to People is when they're first starting is You have to get organized that's why I Say take notes so you go to the 30-day Blueprint you do one video at a time if You don't understand that first video Watch it a few times take notes then go To the next and then I always say to Make sure if you have any questions After watching feel free to email me and I can elaborate but you're not when you Ask me a question if you don't go Through the 30-day blueprint and you Don't do it step by step you're you're

Not gonna you're not you're not getting Everything because you're missing it so When you ask me questions that the Conversation is going to be much longer Because you can't elaborate on what you Watch that's why I my big thing is tell My team tell everybody when they go Start a business whether they're a Veteran or not go through the blueprint In the back because you need just like You if you were a chef you own the Restaurant or you need to know how to Cook right you need to know how to cook You need to know your business same Thing here is you need to know your Online business that's why we have these Tools in the back office so you can to Your tour can go around you can know Your business so when you become a Leader you're able to direct your team To do exactly what you did because again There's nothing different between me and You doing this I I it's worth the job I I searched online I found something I Started it and then I found this in 2016 And I loved it here ever since And that I again I I just I'm resonating So much what you're saying because I Totally say the same thing Duplication right you know so many of These so-called leaders out there they Have their new members come in but then No one ever Duplicates what they're doing you know

No one ever reproduces and so I love That you leverage the training in the Back office because when people join you And they have people join They can tell them the same thing you're Doing you're not doing anything Differently that your your members are Doing and that's why everyone's creating Amazing results It's an apprenticeship I I reference That word a lot apprenticeship like any Business like when you get out of high School you don't want to go to college You just you go into uh apprenticeship It's like going to the military it's Like you know it's like when I first Joined the fire department I didn't know How to run into a burning building I had No idea I had to what did I have to do I Had to be consistent go to training and There's a lot of things I just posted Something on my Facebook wall where it's Me in Yankee Stadium out front at 161st Street with the Yankee shirt on my last Name and I say What's the difference Between what's the similar average Between me and the Yankees I we we work To win 100 Yankees have the most Championships in the in uh MBA MBL than Any other cup why because they work for It I'm able to do this since 2016 Because I initiated and now I'm I'm Enjoying the automation on the back It's incredible man now I'm able to

Leverage my time to help more people and Leverage my time to do other things I Want to do that I couldn't do my job Because I was there 8 to 12 hours a day And that that brings us to another point Because I you know I think a lot of Times with trainings online and things Like that people get kind of stuck in The weeds right you know they're talking About the technical aspect of posting an Ad and like we said all that training's In the back office and also with our Team you know we Supply them with Training of course but what are some Things man if you don't mind sharing a Little bit what are some of the because I want people to really get motivated I Want people to get excited imagining What their life's going to look like What would you say are a few maybe Simple things maybe big things that You've been able to do now with this Extra free time or with this ability to Kind of work whenever you want I mean Have you I know you mentioned um I think You've traveled a little bit you've Loved Sports can you kind of just Because I want people to understand like This is what's possible when they just Follow what we're sharing 100 so what What I've done I don't have to be stuck In a van anymore I didn't have to go Into anyone else's houses if I want to Go on vacation if I want to go away with

My wife if I want to go to Florida if I Want to go to Atlanta Jersey which I Drive to all the time I can bring my Laptop enjoy myself go back to my hotel Room and I can do a video I can answer Emails that's it another 20 minutes and Go back out do what I want and then when I come back look at your phone Commission comes in so and that's what I That's what I've been able to do I've Been able to do more I was present in my Fire company I was able to do that for The last two years I'm done with that Now but I that I was able to free up my Time doing that and now what I do with My time is I work on helping other People I put content out there so people Can replicate that like you do say it's The same thing you're doing if more People did that ever want to win but we Have to start from the top and we're not We're not bosses we're leaders that's What I say we're leaders because when I Say yeah I fired my boss in 2016 I use That terminology all the time I fired The boss I'm I've been My Own Boss since 2016 but I'm really a leader if you look At it because what leaders do is they Show people what they've done over their Past years in the past and now I think Seven years of the same company you just About the same we know yeah direct and I've seen your content that you put out Is great everything like all your

Documentations because I use your funnel Right now so it's great thank you man no And that's and it's funny I you know as You probably know I've been interviewing You know top Affiliates uh on my channel And I'm seeing the same qualities the same Characteristics between all of them and That's what's really exciting you know And it's it comes to the basics it's Being consistent Having a good vehicle that actually Works you know the e1u life yeah and Then following the proven steps that you Know all these people are doing now Fulfill the product for you you don't Have to worry about designing or doing Anything Exactly I mean that's exactly right you Know some people watching this they may Be like you mentioned earlier at the Beginning of the the interview you know Brick and mortar businesses maybe They're they've tried to do that in the Past and deal with all the the shipment And the problems and it's just with Affiliate marketing it's so simple and That leads me to one of my last Questions man like I said I know you're Busy If someone's watching this video right Now maybe they came across On a Blog maybe they're watching this on YouTube wherever they're seeing this and

Maybe they're in that research mode Right they're seeing this interview They're resonating they're realizing That you know this one new life is Sounding really good but they're brand New right they they you know they're Just getting started what advice would You give to someone what would you tell That person maybe a little bit skeptical You know maybe they you know they've Never done anything like this before What would you tell that person To do now you know what what would you Recommend I wouldn't tell them I would Ask them probably a series a few Questions here I'd say do you want to Change the situation you're in right now Yes or no do you want to be able to work From anywhere you want and learn at the Same time I get that learn at the same Time because I call it a learn and earn Earn and learn you're learning this Again getting back to the apprenticeship I want to make sure they that they Understand that this is a part I call it A part-time business I say so you say You work right now you can't stand your Job you want time Freedom like I did so You're you're gonna have to make it a Point and I tell people when you get Home from work before you eat make sure You do an hour of work respond to emails Check your spam that's a big one Checking spam is a huge one I'm marking

Knots man because 99 of this business is Now on the internet and it's email so You need to check your spam you need to Be uh in front of your email daily so Well it's as little as replying to and If someone's gonna ask you a question Right people are going to ask you a Question where they're going to text you However your communication is and I use Email I use email a lot and I say listen Your email you have to respond to people And then when people ask me what do I Respond with I said now you go into your E1 you like back office you have all Your done-free links the presentation's There send them that and once they're Done if they have any questions they're Going to ask you questions relevant to That video not questions relevant to What they're doing now and that's what I Tell everybody I say that's the biggest Question what do I do with these leads I Had this the other day what do I do how Do I reply to them I say first of all if You have an autoresponder going for you If you're an e1u life it's done it's Going for your race they're already Being followed up with but if you want To take it to the next level Call and text them email them email them Back like listen go watch this any Questions after getting started let me Know because it's really that simple People are afraid that when they when

They buy something that they're not Going to get the they're not going to Get something out of it and I can assure You I've been here for seven years and I Haven't been here for seven years Because they don't fulfill the product And I just say be consistent take your Time take notes one so when you feel Like you're getting overwhelmed just Stop stop and come back to it take a Break don't give up I love that man I I love it I know so Many people watching this are just Smiling I mean the immense value the Golden nuggets you've shared even your Story because I know so many people can Relate and I really just want to thank You so much We're a team here no matter and we're no Matter what we're a team we're all in The same Community we all have the same Goals to help others do the same that We've done Um any any last closing closing thoughts Or statements before we get going I just Want to say if you're if you're looking To get started with any online business Be sure to make sure they have support Make sure that longevities are really Really a good thing that I look at Because let me noting on this will be my Last noting on what I did with that Other business the high ticket business Before I found e1u life and I finally

Quit my job is they had in the other one They did not oh I lost my train of Thought I hate when that happens sorry Man no you're closing you're closing Thoughts you were listing out what what Someone should think about when they're Going to join support Longevity that's right the company that I was with before E1u life was around for like seven years When I started so oh that was around so I had longevity The only thing I as I said I didn't like About it was they didn't do the updates And with e1u life updates they do Updates every quarter every week it's Amazing the amount of updates that they Do back there so this is probably and This is not a this is probably this is The most popular affiliate business Online right now because of the value You get and the products that they offer To help you succeed Absolutely man absolutely pretty amazing Right I hope you really realized how Powerful so many of the golden nuggets That Scott was sharing over the course Of this interview there's going to be a Link under this video if you're ready to Find out more information as well as Even partner with our team inside of e1u Life we would love to have you there's Going to be a link directly below click That link you'll be able to find much

More information see the bonuses we're Offering and all that good stuff also if You've got value in this video be sure To smash the like button that's going to Tell us to make more videos just like This subscribe with the Bell icon so you Never miss out on our latest videos Thanks so much for watching this Interview and I look forward to speaking With you very soon take care

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