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Hey everyone it's Amanda I have a real Good treat for you today quick Introduction to explain what is going on Here so my friend Nicole Gail and I got Together and we decided that we had to Start bringing a message to women that Combined mindset energy that kind of Stuff with real grounded Real Life Practical sales skills because we Noticed in the marketplace that either Women were being trained in  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing And manifesting and energy and Femininity and all of that but they were Getting zero sales training and real Life business skills or they were only Getting sales training and real life Business skills but they weren't really Getting the important mindset and energy Stuff so I went on a quest To find the best that I could find to Start bringing on the podcast and start Doing live streams together and start Collaborating with to talk about these Topics so that we can really integrate The two because that's what we really Need to understand we need to understand How to bring the two together and that Is what most women are not being taught So Nicole and I collaborated on this Live stream we're also going to be Collaborating on a few other cool things You can find the wait list below for That and more information as well as Some of the free resources that we

Mentioned in this video but that's all I'm really going to talk about because This live stream is Juicy and we got a Lot of really cool DMS and a lot of Really cool feedback from it and now It's time to share it with the YouTube Family and you know before getting into It subscribe like hit the notification Bell do all the things without further Ado let's get to this training going Live And we'll see that we are live so Welcome Amanda Hi I'm very excited about this yeah I Know we've been scheming behind the Scenes Behind the scenes darling So Amanda a sales coach and make money Your honey I absolutely love all the Amazing work you've been doing we want To talk about how to double your sales And we've been talking about how this Year has been like a crash test dummy Year for so many coaches and healers Because they were used to selling in a Market that felt really easy easy money Sell my high ticket program and they Were easily converting that but now They're finding out that whoa I really Have to learn how to sell and you're the One that they need to go to for that so Welcome again so let's start off and Let's chat and tell us a little bit About yourself and we'll just kind of

Roll away yeah so it's interesting that You call this out that now we're in a Really hard Market because it you'll Appreciate this it I'm intuitive I just Never talked about it because I never Realized I was intuitive until clients Come back to me later and they're like Do you remember when you told me in 2018 That the world systems were going to Collapse and that's why I have to do This and now we're like in 2020 and I Was like oh [Laughter] So one of those yeah so I only just Recently really started putting two and Two together but one of the areas in Which that intuition started coming out Was I sales so I've been calling out the BS in the coaching industry in terms of  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing and I love manifesting I love  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing I love all that stuff but I've Been calling out the BS in terms of People Lacking actual skills since 2017. wow Yeah it exists I had a column at Inc it Still exists you can go Google it I pull Out the receipt every once in a while But back then I was like you all have The same copy you all have the same hair Extensions you're running the exact same Ads this is going to be a problem We need some crown and we need some Honey This is gonna be a problem right

2017. I was calling that out then in 2020 everything starts going crazy and You know I cut my teeth with in Recruiting and in fundraising and asking Strangers on the street for money and Doing tours and starting a business from Nothing so 2020 comes around and I'd Already been teaching people kind of you Know how to put offers together  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing and sales but like actual Sales and 2020 hits and I'm like oh this Market's about to run into a big problem In a couple years We didn't feel it in 2020 because people Were handing out money like it was water Yes yes yes yes yes so I had that had That not happened right we would have Been feeling what we're feeling now back Then it's just now we're paying price So you've been warning about this in 2017 and I remember 2020 when you know Everyone is kind of like here's the free Money here's the free money and people Were really kind of like still living in That free money bubble and they didn't Realize it was going to crash yeah and So now we're seeing that you better Learn how to sell Or you're not going to have a business So let's talk about that a little bit More yeah so what happened was I started Doubling and tripling down on sales Training for women number one because I Had to learn from men because I couldn't

Find sales training that was for women Number two when I was learning from men I realized oh men and women are Conditioned totally differently and my Body functions differently and I Energetically function a little Differently so I need to make Adjustments because I'm a woman and I Don't know Nicole I don't know how you Feel about this but I think men and Women are different men or women are Absolutely different on every level So I realized I really appreciate it Which was amazing because it kind of Helped me see men in a new light and Respect them in a totally different way Which I was not raised in that so it was Amazing to learn that from them when They were mentoring me and teaching me Sales but I had to learn how to adjust It for myself because I was like if I do What y'all are telling me to do I'm Going straight into adrenal fatigue Oh let's talk we need to talk about that We need to talk about that so we have to Learn essentially how to take what men Were teaching you about sales and how to Streamline it and or how to integrate it To be more sort of like embodied right In terms of to be more embodied because You know I would get results with what The men were teaching me and and by the Way like I've come to the conclusion That sales is neither masculine nor

Feminine I know there's this big Conversation online about that and the Reason why is because a very good Salesperson is using both energies in The same conversation but we can get to That later right because I I realized That learning from men I had to learn You know sometimes you have to lead in The conversation sometimes you have an Uncomfortable conversation you have to Be proactive right in sales a lot of the Time and at the same time and this is Where they struggle a little bit more When I sometimes train men you have to Be very empathetic and you have to Listen and you have to be very receptive And you have to be in this energetic State of I'm good matter what And that's definitely a lot more Feminine right right So I had to kind of learn how to combine The two and then what ended up happening Was I've created a bit of a system where It's kind of like both right so I call Her the huntress archetype Say that again the huntress Archetype oh my goodness yeah because Everybody's always talking about Queen Right I love me a queen I'd rather be an Empress than a queen if we're going to Be talking archetypes but when I was Learning money right I was in the Situation where at first I was in all These women business groups which was

Like a lot of manifesting but nobody Taught me how to close a deal so that Was a problem then I had to swing all The way to the dudes right in order to Actually learn something but then I Would run into other problems like Adrenal fatigue or cycle issues or just Energetically feeling totally depleted Or just not having fun So there was that and not being playful And creative because it was very like You probably have a better word for it But like when they get focused on Something they are like That's it it's like they're going to war Every day and I'm like I don't want to Do business like I'm going to war every Day I want to have fun right it was more Like hunting instead of sort of like With feminine energy and more linear Like driven yes more driven more linear Which is helpful so then I would go to Women's spaces again trying to balance That out for myself and it's like queen Queen queen queen and I started to Realize that the archetype of Queen Didn't really make sense until someone Was already at over six figures because When you're over six figures okay yeah You need other people right your Advisors the people in your court all That kind of stuff you need systems There needs to be better structure yeah And and things like that and then you

Move over to Empress who I believe is You know you're the Visionary and then You have other queens around you because That's the reason I like Empress it's Because I want other queens not just me Yeah you know and you're in the Visionary state right but now before Even getting to Queen I realized that I I was embarking something called the Huntress Everybody always talks about Queen this Queen that or divine feminine this Divine feminine that or goddess this or Goddess that or high priestess or high Priestess that and the huntress gets no Love So if we were to look at the huntress It's Artemis I don't know what she would Be in other pantheons but Artemis is the One that comes to mind from Greek Mythology and I think she's Minerva in Roman what was Artemis doing Artemis was Out in the forest hanging out with Animals and fairies having the time of Her life while men were fawning over her Because they couldn't have her Oh my God I okay so I'm just really Fascinated by your conversation right Now really did you want to go into the The huntress a little bit more or did You want yeah so with Artemis what's Cool about the huntress is like she's Out she's she's playing a game So it's fun but there's still a hunt

There's still a Target Yes She's got a little bit of boy energy in Her I don't know if that's like the Appropriate way of saying it but like You know and then at the same time right She was not to be messed with her and Her twin brother killed like seven People because they called her mama House so like So it wasn't like she was like this Docile like submissive thing either Right because she she had very strong Boundaries now of course I think there Was a dude that or a male God or semi Demigod or something that you know she Lost her mind a little bit with that one But Hahaha because they were supposed to Reflect humans but in terms of archetype Right I'm like wow most women are trying To skip to Queen but they haven't even Embodied hundreds Right right so she's like a focused Directive energy that is really zeroed In on the target yeah so the woman's System needs to kind of like move into That place yeah and she's not at War She's out in the forest having a good Time So it's like how do we combine those two Things because this should be fun and You should have a Target Yes yes yes yes and at the same time had

Good boundaries was not one to be messed With and obviously had some sort of Feminine energy that the men loved and Was very naturally attractive Right right Oh I'm just loving this so what do you Think is really missing for women in Today's market 2023 it's a buyer's Market if you don't know how to sell You're going to be left behind period It's just it's literally it's no longer That you're gonna get cheap sales like People need to really get that right and A lot of people are freaking the Out yeah yeah yeah because they actually Don't know how to sell in a buyer's Market yeah let's talk about that a Little bit more yeah so I think what Happened with a lot of women business Owners if they even made it past six Figures it was based on their Personalities and because they Market it A lot You can get to six figures in sales Based off your personality you're not Getting to seven And when it and when the and when the Market gets harder that personality you Can't rely on it as much Now we're talking skill because what We're dealing with in the marketplace And I started talking about this in 2020 But then the market was flooded with Money so now we're just in that space is

You're dealing with uncertainty Uncertainty is the biggest objection in The marketplace right now And it'll come in a bunch of different Ways they'll say like oh cash flow oh uh You know I got burned three times before I got here we can talk about that one You know but it's uncertainty that's Really the biggest issue marketers don't Know how to deal with that sales people Do So what's the difference now between the Women who are trying to rely on their Personal brand and their personality Branding versus the women who really Know scale in terms of their income Where do you see them going do you see Them Those of us who know skill are getting a Lot of attention Yes yes yes yes finally finally adding a Lot of attention what I'm seeing Happening from what we're hearing Because it's interesting how a lot of Our clients now are already in the six Figure range and they're asking for Sales training and it's because it was Personality right but they don't they For example right they won't know if Somebody says you know that's too Expensive they have no idea how to Respond to that No idea how to respond to something like That and then find out what the real

Objection is or I was training a client Yesterday and she's like oh I keep Getting this particular objection and I'm like well that's that They're telling you that because look at Their behavior over here What's the real objection So it's it's that they're not able to She's we're working through that with Her but it's like they're not able to They're not able to tell when people are Bullshitting them And they also just don't have this skill Set in terms of like let me acknowledge This person and how they're feeling Because it's it's real to them and it Could be a very real situation and then Find out what the real problem is so we Can solve it and close this deal Right okay so personality can prob you Know probably get you to like a Six-figure business yeah six figures you Could get their own personality To get past okay yeah into seven figures And also you can't just rely on Personality in 2023 otherwise you're Just you're just gonna be left behind Okay you're going to be left behind yeah I've also I don't know I don't know if We were gonna go down this Rabbit Hole Maybe you've noticed it I've noticed People who can integrate skills with Energetics and mindset those are the Ones taking off

So my team was just telling me this Morning you need to talk more about Energetics because that's one of the Most popular podcast episodes this year That and when you geeked out on email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing Systems yes yes so let's talk About that yeah which part Chinese Combine is scale with energetics and That's the game changer right that's That sort of Game Changer in 2023. yeah So it's interesting I was talking to a Mentor about this yesterday and I was Like look I there was a a period in my Life where it had to be skilled because It's preparing me for now and it was Also preparing me for having a team Because that's the other thing if you Don't have skill there's no way in hell You're going to be able to duplicate Yourself via a team it's not possible And if you don't understand what you're Doing in sales and you don't understand The process and the mechanics and all Those things there's no way you're going To be able to duplicate it with Automations So there's also that that's one of the Reasons why you need the skill so it's Interesting because I was talking about Mentor yesterday I was like look I went Through like two or three years right Where I really had to go in on skill and Structures and building now right I

Already got all that now I'm real and Since last year really working on Clearing stuff really working on the Energetics really working on I think I May have told you this but like Basically after my first six figure Month I went into a giant trauma Response yes yes you did yeah I did yeah So clearing a lot of that stuff right And now learning how to integrate and Really balance the two and I've also Trained under people like David Nagel Where it was all about the universal Laws and things like that but in a Really grounded practical way so it's Kind of one of these things where now I'm learning how to integrate okay Here's how we talk about universal law Like law of polarity law of cause and Effect law of vibration all the stuff That I've studied extensively and I've Practiced extensively and have seen it In my life okay okay now how do we Combine that with business and actually Ground this stuff because what's Happening is a lot of polarity where It's like oh it's just manifesting it's Just your energy I was just interviewed Earlier today by someone who said that She got really really pissed at a guest One time because the guest was like oh Just being your feminine flow and Money's just going to come to you and Then maybe how to Freudian slip where

She mentioned her husband was very Wealthy All right So the host almost ripped her to shreds Because like how of course you can say That because your husband is wealthy but You can't say that to women who have Three jobs and two kids like you know That's not the whole thing right so so It can be very like not grounded right You know what I mean because we're still Working on this 3D plane right like we Still have to learn play the game and Play by the rules it's a game after all So there's this part of it where it's Just not grounded or and they're like oh You don't have to do anything and I'm Like okay I suppose technically in the 5D you Don't have to do anything but to my Knowledge we're like we're still living In 3D like I can still touch my laptop So like we you know I still believe if I Cut myself so yeah you know yeah one of My men yeah one of my mentors said oh go Ahead yeah you're wanting to check there For a second you know you hear me talk About the stroke thing you know like you Know you can just oh yeah yeah yeah I'm In pleasure on you hear me talk about How you know they go into the Airy fairy Type of like La La Land and it's all About kind of like thinking it into Existence and it's going to happen it's

Like they forgot about the root chakra It's like they forgot the lower three Chakras is what yeah comes to mind yeah Which is the foundation you know because Without with a wonky Foundation you're Toppling over Exactly yeah yeah so that's really and She was like I'm so glad that you Described it in this way that's very Practical and grounded because I've Almost strangled guests before and I've Had to stop having those kinds of women On my podcast So there's that extreme right which I Experienced you know in my 20s where I'm Like great I feel better but where's the Money you know like like if someone Teach me how to close a deal I'm not Understanding and that's why I had to go To the men and then the men it was the Other thing it was the aggression it was Going to war every day it was the one Call close you know they have their own Conditioning and stuff that they have to Deal with which now I can see very Clearly but that's that's for men to Figure out and um so but that was The Other Extreme where they'll be like Manifesting's and I'm like well That's not entirely true either right so It's kind of like uh like they're both Wrong and they're both right So it's like learning how to integrate It yes that's why we need integration

Exactly yeah exactly it that's exactly What I was gonna say so the energetics And the skill set For sales is the top dog like that's the Elegance that's what's going to help Women really nail their High ticket Clients and convert them so yeah keep Going I'm loving this conversation by The way yeah so it's really interesting How like the polarity is what gets Attention on social media or did for so Long so I think part of what's going on Is there's a backlash to both so there's A total backlash to hustle culture and I Agree with it some hustle ain't bad Though right but then there's a total And then there's a total backlash to Energetics going on at the same time at Least publicly because if you look at my Podcast stats people love both Right so so it's really about how do we Connect the dot further to you and find That middle ground and that's something My team and I are definitely doing a lot More because I started talking about Some of this stuff on live streams and People kept begging me for it yeah Because it was just more grounded and Practical mm-hmm yeah so I think the People who are able to do that yeah We're going to take off because it's not Just like a surface level understanding Where I read this in a book or saw it on A YouTube video it's lived experience

It's extensive training and it's really Deep Mastery and integration and Devotion And a lot of people is that surface Level like there's no Mastery yeah so I'm loving this because when I came Across you I just I just saw that you Were really different you really stood Out and I actually didn't know that you Were intuitive but I now I'm looking Back and I can see okay that's why she Really stood out right and so your Deeper integration and embodiment of the Energetics combined with the CL skills This is this is top level Mastery I Would say that's sales Mastery right Right there I'm really excited about What you're going to be teaching the Women in the wealthy Femme sales Academy Sales is my favorite topic favorite Topic yeah yeah so taking women that are Struggling let's just say that they are Just 10K months what's going on with Them why can't they break into 20K and Or 30k and or you know 40K 50k and so on Oh I'm glad we got a little extra time Okay because we might need it Make as much time as you need okay okay So here's what I'm seeing a lot of and It's interesting because I was able to Go from 10K it's like 20 30 40 50. blank Like no issues at all my cap came at a Hundred but I see a lot of people Getting stuck at that 10 like maybe 200

000 a year right like low six figures Getting stuck there Thing number one and I keep telling People particularly women I keep telling Women this because it just works against Our bodies you have to stop creating so Much time for money It literally works against our bodies Hmm yes unless they're paying you top Dollar top notch Because I'll have more private clients Now but it's because I have the time and Space to have more private clients and I'm getting paid top dollar for it Because I've set up my business in a way Where I can get paid top dollar for it And again Mastery so people are paying For that I think that's number one but I Feel like there's a lot of resistance to That and it shows up in other areas as Well Because it's worthiness Oh wow so yeah I was gonna ask you where Do you think the resistance is coming From it's worthiness and I I've actually Started seeing it with a few men too Right where it's like oh no it has to be Me I have to be the one delivering Everything or it has to be in a One-on-one container or it has to it Doesn't have to be anything Hmm yeah um you know so there's a lot of Resistance and I went through it I just Went through it at a later stage where

We have a lot of ego wrapped up in our Businesses and what we're able to Produce and what we're able to do for People and our whole identity is wrapped Up in it So if we start scaling right then what Do we have to do we literally have to Stop giving people so much of our time And energy Or we're giving it to them in a new way I think it's more of a reframe right so Maybe you're not getting it from me as Much in our coaching containers or we Have more digital products but now guess What I'm able to do this is my fourth Interview today Wow so impressive you're just yeah You're amazing It wasn't planned that way it just Happened but I was like oh okay right But but if I was still tied up trading All this time for money I wouldn't be Able to do that Does that make sense so I think there's A reframe of that but it's worthiness I Was talking to a mentor about it Yesterday I'm like why do I keep saying This issue this issue this is true with Clients this issue with colleagues this Issue like this makes no sense Right and she goes it's worthiness It's not feeling worthy of having that Level of money or we start going into a An issue where it's like oh I'm going to

Make more money by working less or People are going to get mad at me if I Change this container like I'm not going To have you're not going to have so much Access to me anymore and people are Gonna get mad and I'm gonna lose money And what people don't realize is when You start taking your time more Seriously other people start taking it More seriously too yes You know I even have heard of people and I've heard this more than once in the Last week and this is why I told you in The DM says I think we got to talk about Energetics more than once in the last Two weeks I've heard several people tell Me that they don't even have a Pre-qualifying process they're just Talking to anybody and anybody and I'm Like okay you got the six figures doing That but at this stage your time your Brain your money and your energy are Extremely valuable and you need to start Acting like it Hmm So there's a lot of resistance there Right and and I think so I think part of It is worthiness and I think a part of It is also survival right and I Completely understand that one coming From an immigrant background and fleeing The Cuban Revolution and all I get it Right where it's like everything was About survival in immigrant households

But you don't have to be an immigrant This is just what we're taught about Money so everything is is it's like well If I've made six figures this way up Until now and that's the only way that I've made money I can't wrap my head Around Not giving away all this time not giving Away all this energy not actually doing Stuff for people and still getting paid And not only getting paid but making More money Right so women are really kind of like Stuck in survival yeah absolutely their Nervous systems were shot yes yes yeah Yeah and then trying to see the forest From the trees is kind of difficult when You are in a business model that has you Running ragged and then your nervous System is shot and then you and I both Know this life will life So if you have a business that's not set Up in a way to deal with life-lifing on Top of it which we both have been Through yes yes you're done you're down For the count you're done Right right so worthiness and so what Are two other top things So that's one right we got to stop Trading time for money then we we start If we're able to get that I was able to Get that one real quick I had no issues With that one whatsoever my stuff came a Lot more around team and systems

Particularly team right but in systems It came in and I'll just share my story Personally in case it resonates with Everyone because this is very Interesting I was the kid who I would I would skip Steps on the math homework I would Calculate what I could get away with not Doing in a semester so that I wouldn't Have to do it I would and I didn't Realize until last year that really what I was doing was that I'm actually just Really hyper efficient And it's a gift but I got called lazy my Whole life Oh no yeah right so it's like I'm Literally trying to like not I'm trying To make this more efficient so it's not Such a waste of time but that scene is Lazy because I didn't show my work or Lazy because I didn't do all the steps In my head I was like but why would I do That if I don't have to Foreign Yeah do you remember when you and I had Our official chat and you literally Drew Out like a super efficient framework Within like 10 minutes or less oh I've Added more to it since then I added up Events right and that's what I do for Clients like I had a client that I was Looking at some of his stuff on Thursday Right and I he's like I'm like just do a Brain jump for me on what this offer

Looks like and I'm like full here whole Here whole here here's the thing here Answer this question here right or Yesterday I was helping a mentor with Her messaging and and she actually had Brain trauma and is coming back from it So that's one of the reasons why I'm Assisting her because her brain now Works in a different way than it did Before so it's like the messaging stuff She needs some help with and I'm like Brain dump it I'm like here's your Framework it's a triangle do this do This do this because she has a Presentation in like six weeks that I'm Helping her with so yeah I didn't Realize that was a gift of mine until Literally last year and part of the Resistance was I'd been called lazy my Whole life so if things started getting Easy or if I was trying to skip steps I'm like a bad person and don't deserve The money so that was an interesting one And then Um the other one so for some people they Have a resistance to systems either Because they don't think they're smart Enough for me it was like you're lazy For other people it might be they don't Feel smart enough they or it's still That thing of like I have to do it Myself and it's like no you don't Why would you if you don't have to but It's that programming of that's how we

Get our worthiness that's how we get our Validation money won't come in unless I'm the one doing it that kind of stuff And then another one and I see this Happen a lot is with team That's where most of my stuff came up Was around team because I'd built a Whole identity I'm really good at sales I'm a closer I did this I white knuckled This I built two businesses you know and Then I had to let that identity die So what about women who don't even have Teams like they're not even so they Don't a lot of women they don't have Energetics they don't yeah yeah they Don't have any skill set they just have Personality and they don't have teams so Energetic skill set in teams yeah so So what's keeping them from the 10 to The 20 30. yes exactly yeah would you Say that those three things are kind of Like what's really keeping them from the 10 to 20 30 40 about yeah I mean that Would keep them for Millions what I just Said yeah but even just the 20 30 40 50 It would be the starting a lot of women Have codependent relationships with Their clients Okay let's talk about that one So like what yeah like their sales It affects everything right because what Wealthy people understand is that time Is more valuable than money and we all Have it backwards we think money is more

Valuable than time right right so what Happens is they won't qualify they'll Give their calendar to everybody and Anybody they don't know how to say no to Things that don't make any damn sense For their business the other thing That's going on is they're so frazzled Because they're so overwhelmed with what They have going on in their businesses That they it's like they can't filter Information to make decisions that are Ultimately good for them it's like their Critical thinking skills like shut down Because they're so overwhelmed but They're overwhelmed because they're Codependent with their clients and they Don't have good boundaries and they're Not taking care of their time or energy Or space or any of it Right so would you say that it also is Really a control issue oh absolutely Yeah not being able to really let go Yeah no it's control so so my mentor the One that I'm helping her with her Messaging and this is all I'll say about It because it's really hers but she Taught me this thing and I'm trying to Teach her how to put it into a framework It's three things that keep us stuck It's worthiness it's safety and it's Power Wow yes yes worthiness safety and Power So I'll introduce you you'd really like Her she's going to be doing something

But I was helping her with some of that Yes she helped me through it when I was Going through my trauma response because All three of them were being triggered For me they just show up in different Ways in people's businesses a part of it Is control it has to be me or control Also shows up in like let me micromanage My team because I don't trust them Or let me micromanage my clients because I don't trust it safety is like well I Just made money in all this way how Could I possibly make it in some other Way yeah yeah and and worth is the Codependence right it's the well if I'm Not doing this I can't do you know how Many women I talk to who if I do the Math they're probably making 10 bucks an Hour even though they're making six Figures a year oh my gosh Wow well so we we need to change that We're going to change that yeah we're Gonna change that right I had a client That she works with a lot of event Planners and she came onto our sales Train and I was like hey look here's the The formula that you the math formula You have to do on the sales call so they See the value that literally paying you Is a no-brainer but you have to lay out The math for them Within a week she was closing more sales She reached out to me she goes you know I did that formula for a new client and

When I did the math it turns out she was Making eight cents an hour Oh my goodness because they're charging So little and doing so much yes yeah So it's not just I'm charging very Little and doing what's appropriate it's That I'm charging very little and doing Way Beyond what is appropriate it's both Right Yeah so we really want to get women on Stock you know These shadow systems that's running them That is clogging up their sales and we Really want to help them and double Their sales I'm really excited to have You teach in the upcoming wealthy Femme Sales Academy I cannot wait It's so good it's gonna be so good it's Gonna be so good especially because you Are so embodied in the energetics as Well as the skill set which once again Women if you don't have that in 2023 you Will be left behind you really have to Learn this right it is something that Women cannot not afford to learn in 2023 Or just in life Or just in life because once you learn It it will get you to where you really Want to go right the men get better too No I'm serious they do I told my team This when I was teaching them how to Sell I was like look I don't know how to Explain it but this is what happened to Me I learned how to sell and my dating

Life got way better I love it And then the same thing happened to them And then the same thing happened to them Okay I think it's because you just Become more confident and attractive and I think that's probably okay yeah I was Gonna ask you like why do you think that Is I think you get more confident you Get more attractive you're better at Reading people And I think the values kind of change so Now I look more at character than like Type or stuff like that and I think I Think a man meets a woman who's Confident knows how to talk can hold a Conversation and has boundaries and and They're like smitten Yeah so they're like oh you're different The sales skills convert over because Really you learn to the number one key Thing I think that's also blocking women Is the fact that they don't have quality People to sell to because they just Don't know how to qualify people in Order or they're not qualifying at all Or they're not qualified at all yeah Yeah yeah Yeah yeah they're focused on getting the Person to the program sort of like with Women in dating who don't know how to Qualify people right they're focused on Getting people into the program but they Don't know how to get the quality person

Into their program right oh that's Actually a good way of putting it Because I'm like what I mean you do Become a better like picker you do Become a better qualifier you are more Attractive so I guess that's what it is But I was like wow my taste in dating Changed and the men changed and their Character changed and it was after I Really learned and mastered selling and I was like oh that's so interesting so Then when I was teaching my team I was Like listen And I was like I know you're scared to Do this right but let me tell you an Added benefit the men are gonna get Better Um what happened Yeah absolutely love it so tell us a Little bit about your program what's you Know you're the money to Honey Pinterest Who's a queen who also you're building An empire which is amazing so I love it Love it love it love your energy you're Just like absolutely amazing Um so tell us a little bit about your Program like how can women get a hold of You I know you're going to be in the Wealthy Femme sales Academy which we Have coming up soon but if women want to Reach out to you right away how do they Get a hold of you yeah so because this Is on Facebook the DMS are open yeah you Could also go to you could also go to

Persuade to to learn more About our 90-day sales training we've Had people take that everything like They've spent 25 000 on  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing Programs of course nobody taught them How to sell three days with us and They're closing sale after sale after Sale after sale we've had people go from Zero to closing a fourteen thousand Dollar sale in two weeks Wow wow and it's just you know really Knowing how to talk to people and Understanding the psychology of what's Going on and also and one day I'm gonna Have to do a training deeper on this I Just can't throw everything into Persuade to profit how to keep your ego Out of it hmm yeah yeah because that's What trips most people up Yes yes yes so you can reach out to you In your DMs and connect with you and I'm Really looking forward to having you in The wealthy Femme sales Academy once Again and we need to continue this Conversation we really do it's so much Fun It's right it's like energetic It's grounded and Changed his conversation and also Transmute this energy I'm sure you have Felt it like I've had to take breaks From social media because I'm like this Is too much of y'all arguing with each Other and even if it looks helpful it's

Not actually helpful because you can Feel that the person's actually pissed About something yeah yeah yeah you know So it's kind of like we need to Transmute this energy there's a lot of Basic bitchosity going on on the Internet and we're grown women so we Have to like transmute this Yeah yeah I'm I'm really wanting women To learn how to Have the kind of Superior and supreme Sales skill set That they don't get focused on basic Bitchness how do you pronounce that Basically Yeah they don't keep their minds focused On that because that's not going to feed You and pay your bills it's just not It's just also just not going to help You in life right so yeah I have a Friend oh I'll probably introduce you to Her too but I have a friend who built Deepak chopra's sales team and she's Working on this cool thing about how Selling is actually like a spiritual Practice because your ego will come up All day long and then you have to yeah Work through your stuff right in order To get really good at it Yeah yeah so yeah so we're gonna move Women through all of these different Strategies as well as different Integrations around how they're going to Move into the energetics around selling

As well I love energetic Stalin and Mastering that and embodying that it Really once you begin to master that you Really have the powerful magnetic force A magnetic feminine that begins to even Draw people to you in a very yeah way Yeah yeah more people want to help you So you don't have to lose many fingers Yeah yeah we want to really move women Through all the icky shadowy stuff that They're caught up in right the Resistances the stuckness the blocks Moving them from not even some of them Are so stuck they cannot even make 100K A year in their business I mean to not Be able to make 100K a year you're Really really stuck some things yes Something's wrong easy yeah it's so easy Right yeah just to just kind of get to The 100K now now women are in different Places in terms of where they're at so Yeah we want to move them in from for Example if they're six figures like how Do they get up to like you know 250 300K And so we really want to get women up to Like 50k months and 100K months and all That we really want to get women to have Just beautiful businesses where they are Able to receive what they really want to Receive in their lives and the results With their high paying clients and and Really connecting with the right types Of people right it's just a dream it Really is I'm experiencing that it's

Just really a dream I agree you know Ever since I stepped more into it right And you know this I took a whole year to Like rebuild my business right but now Is when we're starting to see the fruits Of the labor and it's like I don't know Like I did a podcast interview today and They're already like oh here are three Other people I need to introduce you to So like I don't even have to do anything Yes it just starts snowballing however Um this is the part a lot of women are Missing I've pitched a hundred podcasts In the past you know what I mean so then You meet the people and then it Snowballs so to your point about what Women are missing that's the part that's Missing yes it snowballs yes people help You but you have to be proactive first Yes yes yes yes yes love it so thank you So much dear it's been so lovely Chatting with you again I'm looking Forward to having you again right for This likewise I have to get you The problem absolutely We're gonna make that happen just DM me Hear me let's make it happen yeah I'm Excited about that too because you're so Much I know that we're going to bring Together right and help them in with and Get the results that they really want Their businesses and all that I have Just joy and just play have some Fun again crying out loud pardon my

French but can we have some fun again Yes yes yes yes yes so we want to bring That back as well right so women are Able to just just experience a business That really lights them up in a powerful Powerful so thank you once again some Money to honey check out your persuasion Persuade to profit persuade to Go in your DMs I would just go in Amanda's DM like don't wait just rush Right and go in your DMs yeah if you Come in the DMS I'll actually give away One of the free sales scripts so I got Two things right you just let me know Which one you all want in the DMS which One makes most sense for you because I Know Nicole has varying levels that Follow her so if you're like in the Beginning stages you can't get to that Hundred then I have a free sales script For you and that saves so much that Sales script has a 54 response rate If you're past that now we need to start So you're like in Huntress energy if After watching this you're like okay I'm Moving out of hunters and I have to Start you know instead of hustling I Need to start building then I have Another thing which is a whole guide on How I 3x my monthly organic inbound lead Flow with referral partners and it goes Through the entire step-by-step process And I created that and this is something

We could teach your audience because I Did 200 calls and it was shocking to me How people didn't know how to talk about Their businesses Wow yeah yeah yeah yeah So we're gonna leave the info as well Below this live so that I'll get you Your links don't you worry I got you So thanks again dear we're looking Forward to having you the welcome Femme Sales Academy and once again everyone You need to get on board with this Because sales is the name of the game in 2023 and always and always yes yes yes All right thanks again thanks everyone Thank you all right talk again real soon Bye everyone

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