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You think you can never make money Online but now you can actually make a Hundred thousand dollars per month with Chat GPT a legitimate easy way to make Money online with minimal effort does That mean money's going to grow on trees No it's not you do have to do some work But we're going to use chat GPT to make It easier than ever let me take just a Second and show you an example this is Stripe from the past four weeks which is Our credit card processor 174 thousand Dollars if we go back to the past three Months it's 409 in the past year is Over a million dollars and so not saying That to brag just saying that to show You what's possible and here's the cool Thing Here you can see it's going like this Because we had to put some stuff in Place and now it's trending upward and One of the reasons it's trending upward Is because we're tapping into a trend What's the trend the trend is a I now The most important thing that I'm going To tell you about this stick with me Here for a second because this is really The key to all of it it's really Point Number four but I'm going to give it to You up front and then we're going to get To it So before I do that though if you are Interested in tests like this because I Have a lot of tests running and I like

To do free trainings like this and so if You could drop me a yes down in the Comments I would really appreciate it Because then I would know that this is Actually what you want and that this is Really what you want to continue to see In these free trainings obviously it Helps me on YouTube as well and so if You do that right now I would appreciate It and then if you don't like this Content let me know down there too so I Can make something different give me an Idea of what you want to see so the First thing we need to do to earn a Hundred thousand dollars a month with Chat GPT which is a legit way to make Money online is to go to Scarytoolbots.com so let me pull this up Here and just show you what that is if We go to scarytoolbots.com we can enter An email address here and hit grab now And it's going to give us a list this is A checklist of companies that will pay You to promote their products now this Is important and if you're already lost The first thing I would recommend to do Is to go here and join our free Facebook Group because you can go in there and Interact with other people that can help You to get started so jump over to the Facebook group of course that link is in The description but the company list Here that's going to pay you to promote It is very broad there's all kinds of

Different things that we can go across Here Etc one of these for example is Jasper right here so we can actually go There it has a really easy domain name To get us there it is just bought Unlocker.com which is an API for chat GPT what does that even mean chat gbt You've probably heard about if you Haven't you can check it out it's all Over the internet right now YouTube Tick Tock Google the rest and chat GPT is an AI that you can talk to now the Challenge with chat gbt is it got to a Million users in the first five days and Their server servers are constantly Overloaded and you can't get in and use It and everybody wants to use it and They can't so if you go to Botunlocker.com we can actually get here Which is another version of chat GPT That utilizes we go here to chat through Jasper utilizes chat gbt with their API Now that gives us the chance to use chat GPT and get around the block of Everything else that's going on with Chai GPT being overloaded and so By doing that we can utilize the AI so What's the real deal here well I told You the real secret wasn't coming and it Is really Point number four here which Is the way that you're making money Right now the best way to do it isn't by Selling or isn't by using AI it's by Selling AI so what does that mean well

Here is the tool so here we are Bottomlocker.com which is Jasper And It lets you get around the blocks right Now a chat GPT where chat gbt is Overloaded so What about this well I can use this I Can write stuff I can generate things You know I can make all kinds of stuff And there is a lot of ways to use this To make money don't get me wrong I can Make landing pages with the content here I can make messages to send I can do all Kinds of things right but AI is explosive right now I mean Jasper Itself got an evaluation of 1.5 billion Dollars by raising 125 million dollars So what does that mean that means that The company is worth 1.5 billion dollars and what are they Doing they're using the chat GPT API what does that mean it means they're Not using it to make the money they're Selling it and so the real money that Big companies are making right now Billions of dollars is not by going on AI and using it it's by selling it so You can sell it too what you can Actually do here when we go to the Jasper tool here thebottle.com in our List as well as other AI Tools in here There's all kinds of AI different Tools In here we can go to their affiliate Program and sign up and you can get to

That just by going to the bottom of Their Pages that's down there says Affiliate program on most of the sites When you sign up you get in here Something like this and they'll even Give you a reoccurring payment on it so They give us a link here and ultimately We got to get people to go to that link And then sign up and then you get paid Now we don't even really promote this That much but already five thousand Dollars in this current round of unpaid Earnings and you look at the payouts It's been going on for a while two three Thousand dollars sometimes almost four Thousand dollars paid out Each time and without really promoting This the amazing thing is that it's Reoccurring so what does this really Mean if we just saw the numbers tick up Right there just as I just changed the Page which is amazing and We're making the money selling AI not by Using AI so obviously we use AI in the Process when we can because it makes Sense because obviously Utilizing AI does reduce the effort and It does make it easier than ever but We're not using AI for the sake of using AI we're using AI for the sake of Selling AI if that makes sense so you Use the tools to sell the tools and That's where the real money is that's How you get to numbers like this where

It's a million dollars and we're getting Thousands of dollars unpaid earning in a Single month from selling the AI tool so How do we do that well we need to Utilize short form content because short Form content is what the algorithms love Right now it's what everybody's into It's what the algorithms love now you Can fight things if you want you can Fight the trends and go out there and Talk about whatever you want to do but It's kind of like a huge crowd of people That is walking from one destination to Another destination and they're going East and you're trying to go through That crowd and go west now you can go Through the crowd and go west and try to Get some of them to turn around and go With you but the crowd in general is Already going east so it's far easier to Come alongside the crowd going east and Say hey yeah East is the way to go here Do you want to buy some stuff for the Trip along the way to go east and like Yes we're going east we want to buy the Stuff you're with us away we go that is The trend right AI is the trend so we go With the trend we don't go against the Trend because yeah you can but like I'm Not doing it because it's the hard road With the least amount of money let's go With the trend and make the easy money With the minimal effort and make all of Our work count short form content is

That thing what is short form content Short form content is when you go to YouTube or Tick Tock or Facebook reels Or anything else and you find anything Like make money Online with AI And you filter it here under four Minutes These vertical videos this is a short Typically less than 60 seconds right so 45 000 views 159 000 views twenty five Thousand two hundred or Twenty Thousand 178 000 views and it just goes across Here everywhere you know the low side is Like 2.5 000 views and oftentimes these Are even new images or new videos rather So you can put something out and have it Go to a million views or more in a Matter of a day or a couple of three or Four days right so it can just blow up And that's what writing the trend is so When you create these videos what we're Going to do is we're going to put our Link in the video and All you have to do is go to an existing Video and watch it and you can get an Idea of how you can use your video so For example there's tons of ideas There's tons of ways to do this we could Take and we could do where Um amazing AI websites is the is the Focus right and you can say did you know About these three amazing AI websites And then you go ahead and put in your

Link so what you want to do is you want To put in a link that is a link that is Going to get their email address why do We want to do that well we want to do That because we want to build a list in What's called a CRM if you don't know CRM is drop in your comment I'll explain It but at the end of the day this is a Fairly short YouTube video right I can't go on forever I mean you don't Want to stay here for the next two hours And Um I'm gonna go get some food before two Hours from now so we're gonna make this A short video and then if you want more You can actually go to chatriches.com of Course the free Facebook group but Chatriches.com is where you can enter Your email address and actually get into Live classes where we teach you this Sort of stuff right and show you exactly What we're doing to make money online And the money I'm talking about is Exactly what we're doing to make this Kind of money and as it goes up by the End of 2023 this will be a three on the Front of this not a one could be more Than three actually at the rate that It's going so what do we do we build a List with a short form content and we Put a link to our CRM page what's what Is that that it's a landing page you've Probably heard that a squeeze page Things like that it looks like this I

Just showed you chatriches.com if you go Here and enter your email address when You do it you're going to get redirected To another free trade training right Here which you can get and then also More information down here but here's a Free training but now that you've Entered that email address now you have Their email address and now the CRM is Going to automatically send them an Email every single day and offer them to Buy the AI products so remember we had Said this link here it's going to send Them this link and it's going to be in An email and it's going to say hey day One did you know about this AI tool that Can utilize chat GPT and they can write Articles and then day two hey did you Know about this AI tool that can utilize Chat GPT and it can write landing pages And then day three hey did you know what This AI tool that can utilize chat GPT And it can write Facebook posts for you In day four did you know about this AI Tool that can utilize chat GPT and it Can write whatever for you right Whatever it is and so you just keep Sending them the link and the a the CRM System does that so that's this right Here and then you're pointing them to The offers and so you can send them the AI tools you send them um Jasper a whole Bunch of times and some of them Buy Jasper right and then you go ahead and

Send them Surfer and some of them buy Surfer and then you come over here to Other tools and you send them link Whisperer and you send them X rumor and You send them one class you know you get The point right just go through the Whole list at scarytoolboss.com and send Them the list right you get all the Affiliate links and you start sending Them and once it's all set up in the CRM It's automatic like you're not doing it Every day the CRM is doing it every day So what does that look like well let me Show you A CRM looks like this for example here's A CRM and here is all the emails Automatically being sent every day so Each one's delayed by see that says Immediately here and then one day later And then one day later and then one day Later and that sort of stuff right it Keeps going and going and going and then At the end of this it can auto trigger Things and send them more emails or this Could be like 30 60 90 days long So and then when this is done it'll send Them into something else so what does That mean that means that every single Day you're automatically sending them an Email Because they saw they watched your short Form content And they're interested in AI in the First place so making money by is

Because of selling AI so they found Ai And they found the short form content Because they're interested in Ai and What you're promoting is the chat GPT Work around here that we got from Bottonlocker.com and we found it by Going to scary toolbots and so that's Kind of the process backwards and then Once it's done you just get a different Link from scarytoolbots.com and you go Through the process again and you make Another short form content video and Then you point them to the CRM page that Gathers it and sends them emails every Single day selling them that offer and Of course once you have their email Address then you can send them any offer That you want this is just how you Continue to build the front end of it by Filling up the email list because in Average you know an email is worth if You're sending them good content every Day and you're working the system and of Course there's a lot of components to Working the system again we cover that Sort of stuff in like in the chat riches At chatriches.com And in the live classes we show you Exactly what we're doing but There's a lot of components there but What you do is you work the system and You send them the emails and then they Buy and then you get paid and when you Get paid you get paid for a lot of these

Affiliates it's a reoccurring commission Every month So In a nutshell there's a little bit here Right I mean we need to be able to get Traffic to places with short form Content we need to get them to a CRM and We have to have them something to sell Which is what we get from Scarytoolbots.com right here and Once we have that then we can just just Keep sending to them over and over and Over again so each person that we get in There is worth about a dollar a month so If you get 10 000 people in there it's About ten thousand dollars a month if You get fifty thousand people to enter Their email address that's like fifty Thousand dollars a month now Can you get to fifty thousand dollars a Month or a hundred thousand dollars a Month tomorrow no can you get to it Within the next 30 days a hundred Thousand dollars a month probably not I Mean it's gonna take some time to build Up like you can look back here and see In stripe like it's you know back here Last this was February of 2022 was like Thirty four thousand dollars and then Sixty four thousand dollars and then Here we go and then here we go 138 000 And so it takes some time to build up to That so I don't want you to think that This is like the Easy Button where you

Push a button and then money you know You plant a seed and money's gonna grow On a tree in your backyard and you walk Out and pick it every day and then you Know go to the beach you can go work From the beach for sure and you can Definitely go to the beach but it's Going to take some work right so there's A lot of stuff here it does take some Work the key really to all of it though Is using chat GPT to make it easier than Ever to make money online because really I mean it is it's a revolutionary Platform that uses Ai and leverages all Of this so what does that mean to you it Means you can earn money with the most Minimal effort or the least minimal Effort I don't know how to say that the Minimal effort as possible how many jobs Have you had where you made a hundred Thousand dollars in a month How many jobs have you had where you Made fifty thousand dollars a month Now if you were to make that kind of Money what would you do with it What would you do right now like stop And think about it if you're making even Ten thousand dollars a month is a huge Impact for a lot of people so at ten Thousand dollars a month what would you Do with an extra ten thousand dollars a Month right now How would that look next month how about This summer how about this next coming

Winter you want to go on a winter Vacation what would it mean for your Family what will it mean for your kids Or your significant other or your Parents what would it mean for the Community if you could utilize some of That money to give to the community what Would you do with it So as you think about that I want you to Understand that for the first time it is Actually really possible Even if you've never made money online Before because that's what AI does and I Said that we want to use Ai and we're Going to make money by selling AI but That doesn't mean that we're not going To use AI in the process to make our Lives and our job easier so I mean how Easy is that how amazing is that take AI Use it to make your life easier and make Money by selling it too right so if you Want to get started what you would do is Go over to chatriches.com enter your Email address take the next free Training that we have there right now And then you can get in the paid classes If you want because the price is going Up soon if you don't want to get in the Paid classes you don't have the money Right now then either way go to Scarytoolbots.com And enter in your email address and then Join the free Facebook group here and I Will see you either in the Facebook

Group or in the live classes or both

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