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If you're afraid that once you start Making money online the money won't keep Coming this method pays you one hundred Thousand dollars every single month from Home and it's literally the fastest way To make money online right now from home So let me show you what I'm talking About here if we go to stripe and I Logged in there the past seven days we Can see seventy thousand dollars the Past four weeks is a hundred ninety four Thousand dollars in the past 12 months Is 1.13 million dollars right and you Can see here that it is going as Trending way up and it's gonna blow Through three million this year and it's Because of the method I'm going to show You that we figured out that is allowing Us to scale like this so not saying this To brag but I want you to understand What's possible you know in four weeks Here Almost two hundred thousand dollars and So of course you're not going to get to A hundred thousand dollars tomorrow and Of course it's going to take some work But this is the fastest and easiest way To make money because it's all about the Leverage so if we can leverage to get a Whole lot of money made with just a Little bit of effort because we use the Right leverage points that's where it Really comes to making more money online And to be able to work from home to make

A hundred thousand dollars right so if You would do me a favor though if you Want more ways to make money if you can Stop right now go to the comments and Leave me a yes that would be really Helpful because I'm running a lot of Tests and a lot of challenges different Ways to make money so if you would like To see more my ways to make money online That helps when you know we're on the Right track and that you like this kind Of content so If you'd leave me yes that's great now As far as actually doing this I do want To mention that there is a website here I'm going to talk about this it's um Chat or short formriches.com and this is Live classes right so when I mention Live classes I'm talking about short Formriches.com so we know so you know What I'm talking about so the first Thing we need to do is we need to go to Scary toolbots so I'm going to kind of Walk you through this so stick with me On the whole video because I'm going to Give you the whole method here and Actually show you but scarytoolbots.com Is the first part of it if we go here to Scarytoolbots.com we can enter an email Address down here and click grab now and Then we get a list what is this list It's a checklist of companies that are Going to pay us when we promote their Products and then someone buys the

Products so you may have heard it under Different terms but the concept here is The same if we go to each one of these Companies websites and we roll down to The bottom of the page and we can see Across here there are tons of different Companies there'll be an affiliate Program it'll say the word affiliate Right so if we go here for example to This tool which is a writing tool that Also integrates with chat GPT meaning They have an API that plugs into chat GPT and we roll down here to the bottom We can see that they have an affiliate Partner program where when someone signs Up you get 30 reoccurring commission so Let me show you When someone signs up for this you get 30 which is how we get to this fifty Seven hundred dollars of unpaid earnings Here if we look at the payouts we can See that there's two thousand three Thousand dollars about you know Sometimes four thousand for the past Over a year right so we roll all the way Back to 2021 and so this is a Reoccurring thing And that's one of the great things about This is that when you get into Reoccurring offers that's another Leverage point where you do the work now When you get paid next month and next Month and next month for every month That they're a customer so if they're a

Customer for five years you get paid Every single month for five years on That customer right so there's 445 Customers signed up here so we're Getting paid every single month on those Customers and so We need to pick an offer right when you Go pick an offer and you go down they Give you this link the link is a unique Link that's tracking and it's tracks to You so that when you go out there and Put that link out there quote unquote And I'll show you what out there is in Just a second when you put that link out On the internet and someone clicks on That link and they go there and they buy You get paid and in this case you get Paid 30 reoccurring commission right so What are we going to do well we can use Of course any of these tools on the Scary toolbots website but now we have To get someone to click on the link That's where short form content comes in And this is one of our leverage points Again so the reoccurring commission is a Leverage point and the short form Content is a leverage point so let me Show you what I'm talking about If we go to YouTube for example and this Is only one place I've just searched up Make money online right you could Obviously do this with anything so this One is an AI writing tool so you could You know put in the name like Jasper or

Make money online with an AI writing Tool whatever right this is shorts here This is short form content you can also Think Tick Tock you can also think Facebook reels you can also think Instagram so any typically content that Is less than 60 seconds and generally Speaking it is in the vertical fact Probably always it's in the vertical Orientation like this so like a phone Right you're holding it up you can see The vertical orientation rather than Your standard widescreen orientation Like you see up here with Mr Beast right So you have short form content and short Form content is amazing because it Doesn't take very long right if we're Filming a 30 second video right that's You know by the time we've shooted and We edit it and we do everything it's a Matter of a few minutes right to do Everything to make a short form video Whereas if we're going to do a long Video that could take quite a long time So like if you're trying to do a video Like this one where you know you're Watching right now obviously it takes Longer you have to be more cohesive with Your thought pattern and really think Everything out whereas with a short form Video you know you can kind of get in And get out and you're doing like 30 Seconds right so it's just it's just Easier it's faster and it's simpler and

The very best part is massive amounts of People watch short form content they Swipe up on their phone so you can see Like this video has 1.3 million views 5.8 thousand use twenty thousand views So you can get a lot of views on a short Form video much faster like this one Right here 65 000 views a lot of views Really quick Which is amazing because what we're Going to do is we're going to get a Video and somewhere in the video we're Going to say go to this website right And so we make a video hey this is Really amazing AI writing tool called Jasper you should go check it out and You put a link you say you know you Register domain and you set it up to Forward and we talk about that in the Live classes what I'm talking about Again this is short form riches classes Right and so then it forwards to that Special link so you could have like the Amazing aiwritingtool.com right and it Forwards to this link that tracks to you So you get paid and you say the amazing AI writing tool in the video here let me Show you a video So here's a video this person and Obviously this isn't what I'm telling You to do but see how they say go to Etsy.com right here and I'm not telling You go to Etsy that's you know a Handmade thing and that's this whole

Other thing that's not what we're Talking about I'm giving you the example Of in the short form video you're going To say hey there's an amazing AI writing Tool it has an API that hooks into chat GPT and you can use the chat function so It allows you to use chat GPT even when Chat GPT is overloaded it'll also write Other things for your Facebook pages or Your websites or even write things for You if you want to send an email right And make it look professional right and Do all the work for you and so you can Say check it out and go to most Amazingaiwritingtool.com And then that would forward over to your Link right here someone will click it And they get paid so you can make an Actual short form video upload it get Thousands tens of thousands hundreds of Thousands or even millions of you issues Of people seeing and you have your Website in there and they click the link And they get paid now You could do that now I realized I just Told you to do that and I'm going to Tell you now not to do that but that was Kind of like method one so that is you Make the video and you go directly to The link now there's a better method That we can build on top of this and I Said it like this because again it's About leverage points so we had a Leverage Point here because we chose an

Offer where we can get a reoccurring Commission and then we had a leverage Point here because we now used Making a small amount of time on a video That will then run for months and years And generate traffic to our link now we Could go ahead and send them directly to The offer that we chose here just we Chose Jasper but a better way to do this And get another leverage point is to add Another step in the middle so rather Than getting the offer and sending using The short form content to send straight To the offer we're going to use the Short form content meaning the video so Rather than saying go to an amazing AI Tool and have them send straight to this Link here we're going to say go to an Amazingai tool.com and have it send to a CRM and then we're going to build a list Off of that so what's a CRM well you can Drop down in the comments if you don't Know we can explain it in detail but the Short version is that basically it just Collects a list of email addresses for You and then allows you to send them a Whole bunch of email And do this very next step which is Auto Sell to them now this will increase the Amount of money that you can make Without increasing the amount of work That you have to do that is a leverage Point increasing the amount of money you Make without increasing the work right

If you go to your job And you get paid 20 bucks an hour and You work 10 hours you get paid 200 bucks Not talking about I mean there's taxes And all that stuff of course but that's How it works right if you get paid 50 Bucks an hour and you work 10 hours you Make 500 bucks right so but when you're Done working those 10 hours that's how Much you get paid and the next week You're not going to get paid again on That so that is not a leverage point I Mean it kind of is and you can make some Money right you know fast that way Because you go and you work your job and If you want to work a job that's fine Like if you like what you've been Getting that's fine but if you want to Make a leverage point where you can do Some work once and work less and get Paid more and get paid continue to get Paid and have it be on autopilot that's What I'm talking about so before it was Like this we we said get the offer which We chose Jasper as an example so Jasper And then we had the link so when we made The short form video so we chose our Offer and then we have our short video Which points them to Jasper's link right And then someone clicks and they get Paid so let's actually just take this Make it not confusing there Now what we're going to do is we're Going to add another step in here called

CRM And have it point that so we get the Short video to point to a domain like I Said again we cover all this in the in The classes and once it points to that Domain it goes to the CRM and goes to a Landing page and that landing page Collects the email and then it's going To Auto sell them with the link but the Beautiful thing is it's a leverage point To continue to sell other products too So what does that mean well stick with Me I'm about to show you all this but just In quick review we are now going to use The short form video to go to the CRM so What is that it looks like this if you Go to Shortformriches.com and there is well Here actually we just had one right here If you go to scarytoolbots.com Right if you go to scarytoolboss.com you See how they have this email address Down here you can enter your email Address and then it takes you over and It gives you the checklist when you Build a landing page like that you make It so they enter their email address to Get the Jasper link right so you say hey there's An amazing thing for AI writing and Again it hooks into chat GPT so you can Use that when it's not busy and all this Stuff right you say all that in the

Video and then on the landing page you Say hey enter your email address to get Access to the amazing chat gbt API and All this stuff that you can use when It's not busy and Jasper lets you write Stuff Etc right they enter their email Address and then it goes into what's Called a sequence now it might be called Different things you know you might have Heard it as a campaign or a sequence or That sort of stuff but basically when They enter that email address like you Saw on that landing page automatically They immediately get an email right That email says hey thanks for entering Your email uh we appreciate it here Check out this tool and it gives them a Link what does the link go to it is your Jasper link or whatever offer you have Chosen of course and so then it waits a Specified amount of time here it's set Up to wait five hours and then wait Another five hours and then wait a day Right so it sends them another email Also just wanted to let you know that Jasper can do X and Y and Z right you Can get something and typically these Companies will give you swipe files Where you can go ahead and they'll give You like all the emails and what to say Right but you can of course make emails As well and so when it sends that five Hour email it gives them a link hey here Check it out again it's giving them the

Link to your affiliate offer right here And then five hours later oh also I want To let you know about it's so crazy Here's some people that have used it and What they've done and some examples and Again a link to your affiliate offer Right and so then it waits a day and it Sends them another email right so it's Continuing to delay and send them email After email after email after your email All they did once was they entered their Email address on a page like so that you Set up in the CRM and once that happens It's automatic now I call that a Leverage point because that Automatically sells them because we can See that our you know as time goes by so Many hours and so many days this is all Automatic and then it keeps going and Then you can have it set up so where Once you get done selling that product After so many days worth of emails you Go to the next product right so if we Want to grab the next product so we sold Them like say Jasper for example now We're going to come over here and sell Them shine rank right or whatever we can Just keep going and going and going and Like once you build that like it's just There so if they enter their email Address you can send them emails every Single day for an entire year and sell Them stuff automatically because the CRM Is just going to keep sending them

Emails as many as you set up and then When it's done with all of this stuff Again it can just jump right into the Next set of emails and start sending Them emails for that and start sending Them emails for the next thing and the Next thing and the next thing that is a Huge leverage point because like I said If you have a job and you get paid 25 Bucks an hour you work 10 hours you got Your 250 bucks and Away you go with the CRM if you work 10 hours and you get People you know you've made some short Form content pointed them to a landing Page in the CRM and then now the CRM is Grabbing their email address and sending Them emails every day all year long You've worked those 10 hours and you're Getting paid All year long for the efforts of those 10 hours that is a leverage point and That is a massive leverage point this is One of the keys In fact to being able to get to Something like a hundred thousand Dollars a month and if you don't want to Go all the way up to a hundred thousand Dollars a month you can stop at ten Thousand dollars a month or you can go To two hundred thousand dollars a month However the key here is you got to do All the leverage points and stack them On top of each other because if you just Skip the CRM and do this you're gonna

Make some money if you try to go and Post your link out there without doing Short form content so we got our Jasper Link you want to post it just on Facebook and whatever and even send them To the CRM you'll make a little bit of Money but it's when you get the right Things in the right order that it really Starts this is the recipe right if You're gonna bake a cake and you just Throw random ingredients in there I mean it might be edible but um you Know it's not going to be ideal as when You have the perfect cake that's amazing Right so I love to do stuff with a Leverage point where I do work now and I Get paid later and later and later and Later from the work I do today so that's What this is all about now You know I realize that A lot of people are skeptical or some People may not understand right so first Let me just say that we have live Classes at Short formriches.com there Also is a Facebook group which is free So if you go to scarytoolbots.com and You enter your email address then you Get the checklist but right here this in The yellow you can join the free Facebook group which you should Definitely do because you can go in There and then you can ask questions From people who are already successful And people who are already making money

There's over 50 000 people in the group Right now and it's growing every day So you can go into the group join and Ask questions from people who are Currently successful and they will help You out and if you want even more you Can go to the shortfarmriches.com and Get this free training that you see Right here plus get in the live classes And then we just cover everything so the Whole process right so you know the Redirect the short form content CRM the Landing pages the whole nine yards right And so if you're lost you know there is More help you can get it but definitely Start with the free Facebook group that You can get to from scarytoolbots.com Right here and then if you want to get The live classes I mean definitely get In because the price goes up right so Once the price goes up if you get the Same thing either way so if you pay less Now or you pay more later then you know I'm a fan of paying less now and getting The same thing So definitely do that but the most Important thing here as we look at the Last Point here is to understand and ask This question right so first of all I Realize that you've probably looked at Other options to make money online from Home right I'm sure you have number two You've probably found a lot of things That you're like hmm I don't think

That's going to work and you might be Right or you've found things that look Like a scam and you might be right and You found things that are just not going To work right so have you found anything That gives you a system that looks like A real business because that's what this Is this is what businesses use to make Money they generate leads to their offer But they send them to a CRM and then They sell to them all the time look in Your email box how many emails do you Get whether it's from you know your Internet service provider or it's from Another company that you signed up with Something that you're interested in and You just get these emails and they're Just you know constantly offering you a Deal offering you a deal trying to sell You something you know whether it's a Store or whether it's a company that You're interested in you know a pair of Shoes it doesn't matter they're sending You emails that's from the CRM that's All automatic that's not a person Sitting there like sending those emails Out one by one to you that is they load Them up in a CRM and they send them to Everybody on autopilot right So you can do the same thing that big Companies do you just have to get the Leverage points in the right order so I Have a question for you first of all Does this make sense I mean what doesn't

It make sense that big companies that Make tons of money have it figured out And you can just copy what works does That make sense does it make sense that You want to do the things that work and Not have to reinvent the wheel Right so I'm with you and so my question For you is what if it works Now it might sound crazy but inherently As human beings the first thing we say Is that's not going to work right you've Already said it in your video at some Point in this video in your head you've Said that's not going to work right What if it does work So if it does work think about that a Month from now what if you make a Thousand bucks and then three months From now what if you make three thousand Bucks and then for five months from now What if you make five six seven eight Thousand bucks and then nine months from Now what if you're making ten fifteen Thousand dollars a month and then a year From now what if you're making twenty Thirty thousand dollars a month right Because one year from now is coming And if you keep doing what you're doing Right now you're going to be in the same Spot one year from now but if you change And you start using leverage points to Really dial it in and leverage work so You have to do less work and you get Paid more

You know that could translate to a lot Of things for you so what would you do With another ten thousand dollars a Month or another three thousand dollars A month or another twenty thousand Dollars a month like stop and think for A second what would that look like How would that feel What would you do with the money So what if this actually works I think you owe it to yourself to find Out and at the very least go to Scarytoolbots.com and join the free Facebook group but honestly if you Really want to know go to Shortformriches.com join up and then I Will see you in the next live class and I will see you in the Facebook group and Until then Happy money making from home

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