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So you can see right here in my email Inbox just a few days ago I was able to Generate a two thousand dollar Commission a 25 commission a two Thousand dollar commission and another 500 commission all in just one day Making the total over four thousand Dollars but it's not just me you can see Nate right here generated a two thousand Dollar Commission in just one day this Was 23 hours ago you can see right here Miles another two thousand dollar Commission generated while shopping at The mall and in this video I'm gonna Reveal an incredibly powerful five Minute free method for affiliate Marketing that will allow you to Generate two thousand dollars or more a Day even if you don't have a website a Following or any experience online I'm Literally gonna share every single step As far as the exact affiliate system Myself and newbies from around the world Have been using to generate these two Thousand dollar commissions like Clockwork then I'm I'm going to walk you Through a super simple free traffic Method you can use to get tons of Targeted clicks to your affiliate link So you can start making these daily Commissions passively for months to come So be sure you stay until the entire Video so if you're excited to learn this Be sure to like the video to let me know

Also comment let's go below to show Others you're serious about creating Income online and without further Ado Let's go ahead and dive in to the very First step so the very first step is we Need to actually set up this system so We can start earning these high ticket Commissions now there's going to be a Link directly below when you go to that Link you'll get taken to a page that Looks something like this it may be Slightly different but you want to click The button on the page you want to put Your best Gmail address in there and Then click continue and ultimately You're gonna get taken to a free webinar Now after you watch that free webinar You'll get taken to this back office Where you can go ahead and set up these Different in income streams now the very First income stream is where we can make These hundred percent instant paying two Thousand dollar commissions that I'm Promoting I'm using and other people are Using as well you can go ahead and Activate that income stream right there You put your affiliate ID in this box And click save now once you follow that Free training webinar you set up your System which takes just about five Minutes now what we want to do is we Want to get this affiliate link now as I've shared in a lot of my videos you Don't just want to send people directly

To a sales page you want to send someone To a capture page here so you can follow Up through emails now the cool thing About this system is this gives you the Capture page all the follow-up emails That go out for you so all you have to Do is get people to go to this link here And they will start to get followed up With when they put their email address In so once you set up your system again Just five ten minutes max you want to Save that affiliate link somewhere handy And now the free traffic method we're Going to be using is Pinterest now if You've tried Pinterest in the past or Not I want you to watch this video I'm Going to share an incredibly simple Mind-blowingly easy method you can use To start to get tons of clicks to your Affiliate link so the first step is to Create a business account on Pinterest It's free to do you can see I've created One here and just barely even focusing On Pinterest at all I'm still generating 2 000 monthly views that's 2 000 Potential people that will see my link In my bio they'll see my posts here and They will start to get led to that Affiliate system and decide to buy okay So again it's very easy I'm not gonna Bore you with how to create an account It's very simple but once you do you Want to actually focus on a few main Things okay number one is you want to

Put in your bio something very specific Now for the sake of this video I'm going To be teaching you how to make these two Thousand dollar commissions so this System right here is in the to make Money online home business Niche so That's the Pinterest type we're going to Be creating so you want to create Something that you can copy my exact bio Here okay I teach people how to make Money with affiliate marketing you can Write something like I teach people how To make high ticket commissions you just Want to give them a statement that is Going to be very benefit driven okay so What is the benefit you're giving people When they subscribe and follow your Pinterest profile okay now the reason we Want to create a business profile is It's going to give you data such as Analytics where you can see Trends you Can see different audience insights so You can scale up and find out what type Of posts are working the main thing too Is inside of your bio you want to put Your affiliate link now I highly Recommend you don't just put this long Link here because it's very unattractive It's very long what we can do is go over To a free site called tinyurl.com what You do is you go to that site you take Your affiliate link you paste it in There and then you hit make time URL and What that does is it shortens it okay so

Now it's a lot shorter it's more Attractive we can copy this and we can Go back to Pinterest and we can put that In right there so I'll just save this in The notepad here because I'm going to Use it for the method a little bit later But that's the setup okay very simple You can put a photo here you can just go To Google go to Google images okay you Can type in something like you know Lifestyle okay because when people want To make money online they want to have a Good lifestyle I can say lifestyle you Know Beach and then just see kind of a Good photo here I could take this photo And just make this my photo right there So once your Pinterest profile is set up Again it does not take a lot of time Just do the bare minimum okay to get Going once we do that we're going to Actually start posting pins on our Profile now before you freak out before You think you know Garrett I see these Videos here you have your face out there You're not gonna have to put your face Out there and in fact you're not even Gonna have to create your own videos so What you want to do is first off we want To go to Pinterest and we we want to Search right here now for this method And this method Works in any Niche but I'm going to be using it for this Affiliate program and this Niche which Is make money online what works great is

Luxury type videos okay because again When people want to make money online They want to actually have a luxury Lifestyle okay so we type luxury in we Go down here now what we're looking for Are specifically videos Okay so let's See this may be a video here okay so you Can see right here this is you know some Cars some fancy luxury cars and again The reason we're finding these luxury Videos is people that want to make money Online are typically wanting a luxury Lifestyle and we use videos like this to Get views we can leverage those views And get that to turn into clicks to our Affiliate link which will be money in Our pocket so once you find a good Luxury video on Pinterest all you have To do is go to the top link copy that And then go over to another free site Called X Trick.com okay all the links reference Are gonna be in the description down Below what this site does is it allows You to actually download videos that are On Pinterest so what you can do is just Paste in that video URL hit download and Then all it's going to do is allow you To download that video just like there Okay so when you paste that in it's Going to take you here and all you have To do is Click these three little dots And click download and that will Download to your device now very very

Simple once it's downloaded we want to Go back to Pinterest and we want to go Up here to create and we want to create A pen okay now what we want to do is we Want to click here and we want to upload That video that we just downloaded from Pinterest back onto Pinterest on our own Profile so let me do that right now okay So you can see I've uploaded that video Right there that looks really good again It's luxury so it's fitting the niche That we're in which is the make money Online Niche now for the title we don't Just want to put some random title we Want to think very strategically what Happens when people go to Pinterest is They go here and they start searching Okay so if I show you right here in Another tab what happens is people will Go here they'll search and they'll Search things like how to make money Online and they'll search this and what Happens is Pinterest will rank these Pins based on keywords okay so you can See how to make money online make easy Money online okay so these popular pins Are ranking and what we want to do is we Want to understand that and we want to Put a title that has a keyword so this Video will start ranking when people Search that in and we can start to get Passive free traffic for years to come Okay so we can type this in and you just Want to type in a few words like how to

Make money online something like that And we want to look at what keywords are Showing okay because Pinterest is going To actually list different keywords that Other people are searching so if we use These keywords we know they're popular So it says how to make money online how To make money in Nigeria how to make Money online for free we can also do you Know best online business so best online Business ideas best online business to Start okay so that's actually really Good best on my business to start I can Type that in best way to start an online Business so you can see you keep getting These keyword ideas but I'm going to Take that keyword here and I'm going to Make that my title okay best online Business to start now you can add a few More words we only have 71 more Characters I'm gonna add it just to make A little bit more clickbaity best online Business to start you won't believe how Easy it is so you can see right there And I can make this a little bit more Okay good like that so that's pretty Darn good now right here you can write a Little description about what this is About so you can say you know do you Want to live a luxury lifestyle be sure To watch this video and click the link To find out how how to live this way Okay so again whatever Niche you're in If you're in the you know health and

Fitness Niche you want to write a Description that relates to the video You're posting but also leads them to Want to click the link again if you're In the make money online Niche if you Click that first link and you want to Promote this exact system that I'm Promoting to make these two thousand Dollar commissions as you can see right Here then you can go ahead and just Swipe this exact you know bio that I'm Using right here this description that's Fine by me for tags you want to put some Tags in this will also help it rank Right here so we can type in you know Make money and you can see they're going To show you some relevant tags so I can Do finance and money I can do you know Business so you just want to put you Know two to three tags in there and then Where it says add a destination link we Want to open this up and we want to copy Our tiny URL our shortened link and we Want to put it in right there so now let Me break down again what we've done We've found a good video that already Existed again we did not create this Video we found it and you can actually See if you can see right there it says Tick Tock so the person that posted it On Pinterest actually found it on Tick Tock so we want to post that video we Want to put a title in that has to do With a keyword that people are actually

Searching we can add a few more words to Make it more attention grabbing put in a Good description with a call to action Okay telling them to click the link put Some tags in that are relevant and put That tiny URL and then what we want to Do is publish now I'm actually Publishing this on my profile because This method Works incredibly well now What I'm going to do as you keep Watching this video is I'm going to Share two more places you can find good Videos to actually post on your Pinterest to get even more traffic the Next place is YouTube so if you go to YouTube YouTube shorts are very very Popular you can see right here that if I Go to the tab under shorts they have all These different shorts okay that people Are posting and a lot of these are Getting thousands and thousands of views Okay so what we can do is we can go to YouTube and I can type in luxury hashtag Shorts because when you include the Hashtag shorts there's going to be a Good chance that they show shorts rather Than just long videos so as this loads We just want to look down here and we Want to find a good short so this one Right here could be perfect now what you Can do is you can right click and go Copy link address we're just copying the URL to that YouTube short we can go to Another free site called

Ytshorts.safetube dot me again all the Links are down below all you have to do Is the same process paste this in you Know click get video while it's loading We're going to download this YouTube Short okay so just click get link Download and once that's downloaded we Just repeat the same process we go to Pinterest create create pin upload that YouTube short and do the same process Now one more place you can find good Videos to post on Pinterest is Instagram So if I go to Instagram and I just go to This search bar here and I go ahead and Type in you know luxury I can usually Find you know big profiles that are Going to have videos that I can go ahead And use okay so you can see this one Right here is a video so I can go ahead And go up to the top copy the link to The this video then I go to another free Site igram dot IO each of these sites Are specific for that social media site So Instagram has an Instagram downloader Pinterest has a Pinterest downloader I Paste that in Click download and it's Going to download that video so it Generated all I do is I click download Here okay it's downloading to my Computer and again the same process I Would upload it here so those are three Powerful places you can go to find other People's videos you can upload them to Your profile here and what you want to

Do is be consistent okay so the more you Post the better if you can stick to Posting one video a day you're going to Be planting seeds you can see that I've Just posted these 374 views 300 views Now you don't need a ton of views okay Just you know 300 views that are very Targeted are gonna be great and you're Gonna send them to your link and again If you're using the link down below you Will get a capture page that will Automatically medically follow up with Your leads for up to 30 days with the Link to your affiliate Link in those Emails when someone sets up their system They decide to buy you can start to Generate these commissions just like me And just like all these people right Here okay it's absolutely incredible Aussie right here just people you know Jeffrey here two thousand dollar Commission go down below like the video If you got value that will tell me to Make more trainings just like this one Also be sure to subscribe to the Bell Icon and until next time my friend Thanks so much for watching and I will See you on my next video [Music] Thank you

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