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What's going on guys Chase Reiner here And today we're going to be talking About a system that earns anywhere Between 300 to 500 per day with PayPal And I'm going to show you an easy way to Get started if you're a beginner and I'm Also going to be showing you how to Invest some money and scale this system If you want to start making a lot more Now right now I'm personally earning Around three to four thousand dollars Per day with this system it's something That I've been doing for a long time now I didn't start this way in fact if you Look at my older videos if you're new Here and you've never seen my videos Before I started out in a garage you can See the garage door in the background I Wasn't making any money and now I'm able To make over a million dollars a year With the systems that I've been using And it took me a long time to figure This stuff out a lot of trial and error But I do know that personally for me These systems do work if I put the time Into the systems and there's plenty of People by the way inside of our program That are doing the same thing I'll Actually show you this is a program that I've been creating called AI profits Course at aiprofitscourse.com price is Actually going up tonight because I'm Adding a ton of new updates in the Program every single week

You can go check out the different Testimonials people using the systems And earning money with inside of the Program but right now we have about Twenty thousand dollars per month in Revenue that is being generated by the Different students in the program and The cool thing about the program is that I give you the products to sell I give You the content everything that you're Going to need to do in order to get Started with this system but don't worry If you've uh never made any money online Before and you don't have money to Invest in a program like this I'm still Going to be showing you how to get Started today without having to spend Any money and again if you have a few Bucks to put in I would recommend going Into the course again the price is going Up tonight so don't wait uh if you Haven't got in yet all right so Let's talk about how the system works so First thing we want to understand is Something called a redirect link so In our system what I recommend is using A few different tools that you want to Promote that you like so inside of this Checklist that I'm going to give you for Free right now at scarytoolbots.com Let me go over here show you this Checklist you just go to this website Address and I'll leave a link to it in The description of this video as well

But you enter your email And you get will get redirected to a Paid checklist it's completely optional The pay checklist is like 50 bucks and It just has like some videos showing you How to use these different tools and That kind of thing but you'll get this Sent to your email this is the free Checklist And inside here you're going to have a Few different tools that you can pick so I actually have a tool that I've been Building called shine rank or you can Promote this tool you can promote Jasper You can promote any one of these tools Now the reason why I recommend you do This Is because what you're going to do is You're going to be doing a certain type Of content that's trending really well Right now and I've been seeing tons of New people uh and people with audiences As well Implement these strategies and Get a crazy amount of emails affiliate Sales and just they're just making money With it in general so let me show you How it works basically what we're going To be doing is we're going to be Choosing a few of these tools and we're Going to be setting up Redirect links now what is a redirect Link a redirect link basically let me Draw this out and some of you probably Already know what this is but

It's called a 301 redirect and what We're going to be doing is we're going To be taking let's say I don't know Shinerinker.com And instead of promoting shinerinker.com We'd be promoting something like Shinetool.com now why would we do that Because we can buy a domain like this And we can redirect this domain to this Domain and the reason why we'd want to Do that is because we can redirect to an Affiliate link so I'll give you an Example I've made a ton of money Promoting this tool jasper.com which I Actually promote jasperbot.com and the Reason why is if I go to their affiliate Partners page which by the way every Single one of these sites on this list Or pretty much all of them if you scroll To the bottom you should be able to see Something called affiliate partners Foreign What you're going to do is you're going To apply to be a partner and it doesn't Cost any money to apply to be a partner You can just apply and some of them will Accept it some of them will accept you Some of them won't will log in And they're going to give us this link Right here now Watch What Happens Anytime I send this link to somebody Let's say I went on Facebook or I went On YouTube or whatever and I was like Hey check out this tool and I give them

This link this is going to track when They hit that link it's going to track In the dashboard and it's going to say Hey look you got 23 751 clicks because That's the one we just got okay Now anybody who signs up I get paid so Look at this every single month I make Around two thousand eight hundred two Thousand seven hundred three thousand Eight hundred okay so most of you Probably already know how this works how Affiliate marketing works but as you can See I make a good amount of money just Promoting this one tool but the cool Thing is we're not going to just be Promoting one tool we're going to be Promoting multiple tools and the reason Why Is because we can set up a strategy that Promotes four or five different products At the same time that we earn money with And here's how So what we're going to do is we're going To choose a few tools that we want to Set up redirect links for okay so let's Say we choose Jasper Let me just highlight this in green Let's say we choose Phantom Buster and If you've never seen these tools before Just look them up you know look up Phantom Buster on YouTube Copy Paste Phantom Buster watch a tutorial see how

It works I have a tutorial right here And so as you start to learn about these Tools you don't even have to sign into Them you can take videos of other People's videos and I'll show you what I Mean in a second but All you really need is the the redirect Links because what's going to happen is You're going to have some different Tools that you like promoting that you Like earning money with right And let's say you have one for shine Ranker you have one for Jasper you have One for Phantom Buster and I'll show you How to actually do this let's go over to Godaddy.com so I can show you how to get A redirect link So we'll go over here and by the way I Talk about Um all of this stuff inside of the AI Profits course so inside of the AI Profits course I give you you know what To sell I tell you how to join our group I tell you how to Um you know get set up with our products Because I have products that you can Sell I'll show you how to get set up With other people's products I show you how to set up your email Sequences how to set up your opt-ins I Show you how to set up your your videos Your contact forms if you want to do Bots and automation there's so much Stuff in here and it's all step by step

Over the shoulder but again I want to Show you a snapshot of the program with This video so you can kind of see how it Works So what we're going to do is we're going To go into domains and we want a domain Name search Okay so let's say one of the Domains we want to promote is shine Ranker well instead of promoting shine Ranker we could say best SEO tool or Best website tool .com Okay let's see if that's available Okay best website tool.net is available So let's say we want that or let's say We want this one this one's pretty cheap Only one cent Go add that Click on continue so once we buy that It's going to go in our dashboard now I Don't care if you use GoDaddy I don't Care if you use siteground I don't care If you use whatever you know namecheap Use whatever you want the point is is You know you might want to spend a few Bucks investing in some domains now Here's the thing if you don't have any Money to buy domains use like bitly Redirect links it's going to be a little Bit harder I think to use the strategy If you are going to be using bitly links And I'll show you why in a second but There is a workaround Um with this it just doesn't work as

Well as it could but let me just show You how to set these up so once you have These bought once you bought a couple of Them you're going to go to your Dashboard Products And you're going to set up a redirect Link And you're going to basically redirect Your affiliate link so let's say you Have this affiliate link here in Jasper Okay copy that link Go to our products Go to our domains and let's say yes so Right here jasperbot.com I can click on DNS And that stands for domain name service This is basically what we're going to Use to point our domain we bought to The Domain That has our affiliate link And All we're going to be doing Is we're going to be putting our Affiliate Link in the redirect so it Says here's forwarding right it says Forwarding right here add forwarding or Edit here We're going to put our affiliate link There it is Click on Save 301 so that's just going To redirect so anybody who goes to Jasperbot.com now They're going to get taken to our

Affiliate link now why is this cool why Is this important Because there is a certain type of Content on the internet right now that's Working extremely well and what that is Is it's these lists of websites Or lists of anything tools websites side Hustles whatever you want to call it Um pretty much here let me take a drink Really quick Pretty much anything that helps people Make money or do things online is going To Trend within some sort of short form Content so Inside of my YouTube shorts here you can See here's a list of websites that make Money 7.3 000 views how did I not know About these websites 9 000 views top Websites and you might be thinking well Chase you have an established account I Can't do this with a brand new account And the truth is I've been experimenting With brand new accounts And yes you can uh you can post videos To accounts that have like no followers No content and you can still Show you this Get views this one got 500 views this Got one got 1.6 000 views and there's People right now like this guy Austin Armstrong social T Pro who's been using This strategy he started out with like No subscribers two months ago and now He's at seven almost

Did that say 700 000 over there no 426 000 subscribers okay and he's just using This strategy top five websites top five Websites now what you do in here though And this is where they're messing up Is instead of saying the actual websites You say the redirect link so let's say You were making a video on I don't know The top five websites online or top five Websites to make money with whatever you Want okay so what you're gonna do Whoops what you're gonna do trying to go Back over to my other video so you can See them You're gonna say okay these are the top Websites right Number one let's say you say it's Shinerinker.com well if you wanted to Point your affiliate link you'd say Number one is Best SEO tool.com or whatever your Redirect link is and so what happens is When people watch this video they're Going to go to that website but they're Going to type in your redirect link and Then every time they sign up for that Tool you make money you get credited and That is a huge huge thing that you can Start doing very quickly without having Any experience let me show you somebody Else That's using the strategy uh that there The problem is though all these people I'm telling you about none of them are

Actually doing this they're not using Affiliate redirects they're just using The actual names of the websites and They're not capturing their traffic or Getting any affiliate sales from it and So it's a huge missed opportunity for Them but I'm going to show you another Um Person Show you right here one second sorry It's on my other screen So this is another Guy and he's not even using uh he's not Even using his voice he's just using Text-to-speech which you can do on The Tick Tock app so look at this he's got 54 000 subscribers he just started his Account like I'm pretty sure not too Long ago let's see about Oh it says October 11th but I know he Didn't start posting shorts until Probably a few months ago Um because shorts weren't even a thing Until recently but he's basically doing The same strategy that I'm sharing with You here but look in his videos he's Basically he's not talking he's just Looking at the camera doing a hand Movement whatever and all of this is Text to speech Now imagine if all of these people were Doing redirect links Not only would they Make money doing you know making money With they Not only would they make money

Doing affiliate selling other people's Stuff but they would also make money by Building out their list because one of The things that you can do in these Videos is promote your opt-ins so what I've been doing in my videos Is every single video I promote one of My opt-ins as well inside the list so Let's say the first website is shinraker Second website is Jasper or Jasperbot.com whatever the redirect is Another website would be scary toolbots The my list of tools so that way I start Capturing people's emails now I'm Getting like 600 emails a day and as you Start to build your email list you Should be able to make one to two Dollars per email because you can start Setting up automated sequences Which is again something that we talk About in the course now again this just Really scratches the surface of the Strategy there's all kinds of things That you can do right now Um to avoid certain things like getting Banned Um you know I found a way to finally go On Tick Tock without getting banned uh Because I there's all these things that You have to be aware of when you're Doing videos on these different Platforms Um and so right now I've just been Running all these tests but short form

Content is absolutely insane there's People with brand new accounts it it's Basically like SEO was when you're Trying to rank on Google how it was like Seven years ago when I first started It was way easier and so right now Because nobody really understands Tick Tock nobody really understands short Form content There's so much opportunity because People aren't doing it because they Don't understand it and so that's why I'm saying if you can get started on This if you can jump into this jump into Aiprofitscores.com you're going to start Getting so much traction so quickly if You follow these strategies and you stay Consistent with them because I'm seeing All these other people randomly pop out Of nowhere and start getting like more Traction that I could ever believe with What we're talking about here So if that makes sense to you let me Know Um That's pretty much it though that's a Strategy again if you want to jump into The full program before the price goes Up it is going up tonight and so if You're seeing this later the price has Already gone up but uh either way as I Add more stuff into the program the Price keeps going up and so even if you Get it when the price is higher still a

Good deal because you're going to get All the updates so that's it for today Thanks for stopping by we'll see in the Next one till then Happy money making Happy living we'll see you guys bye

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