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Imagine yourself earning twenty thousand Dollars a month utilizing chat gbt and AI even if you consider yourself to be Lazy this is the best way to make money Online right now without having to do The heavy lifting because AI is going to Do that for us my name is Ryan Borden Let's jump in and take a look Can you actually earn twenty thousand Dollars a month with chat GPT in AI well Let me show you here is our stripe Account this is the past four weeks Sixty four thousand dollars if we roll To the past three months we can see 457 Thousand dollars in the past 12 months Is I don't know one point one point two One six I don't even know how to say That million dollars 1.2 million dollars Right but if we look at the past four Weeks this is a month 28 days Technically sixty four thousand dollars I said you could earn twenty thousand Dollars that is less than one-third of What we are currently earning and this Doesn't include PayPal I'm not saying This to brag this isn't bragging at all I want you to understand that it is Actually possible it's not magic it's Not going to happen tomorrow you're not Going to push a button and retire on the Beach you got to learn some stuff and do Some stuff but you can definitely earn Twenty thousand dollars a month are you Committed to success the question of the

Day is very important because if you're Not committed then you might as well not Even start so if you're committed drop Me a yes down in the comments right now That you're showing me and yourself that You're willing to do what it takes to Actually earn money online so that I can Show you methods like this that help you Earn money so drop me a yes down in the Comments right now just pause the video Show that you're committed and let's Jump into this so how do you actually Make twenty thousand dollars a month Well here's the strategy I'm gonna show It to you it's pretty basic the strategy Is you got to get some views on a video This is going to be a short form video Like YouTube Tick Tock that sort of Thing then we're gonna get some traffic Because we're going to put a link in the Video Once people click on the link We're they're going to be taken to a Place where we can capture their email Address which is called a squeeze page Or a landing page then we're going to Utilize the CRM if you don't know what That is drop a link or drop a message in The comments I'll explain it but the CRM Is going to send them emails every Single day with the products that you Have that you're offering and if you Don't have products that's okay you can Just go to this website here and get the List of companies that will pay you to

Promote their products with this free Checklist lastly the emails are going to Give them a link that they're going to Click on and buy they buy you get paid So how do you get buyers in the first Place obviously you got to sell some Stuff to make some money online how do You get buyers to do that well you're Going to take a video so you can take I Did Jasper it's an affiliate program and You can grab a video that's working grab The transcript from that video you're Just going to grab the transcript from The actual video we're not going to Steal their work we're not going to Plagiarize we're going to pop that Transcript into chat GPT and ask it to Rewrite it chat GPT will go to work and Give us a whole new script because the Script and what to say is the hardest Part being creative so once we have our Chat gbt script we can literally just Read it off line by line replicate the Video post it up and at the end of it Put a link and now we are getting views And traffic to to our offers so how do You actually get the traffic from your Videos that you're making to your Landing page because we want to capture Their email of course so we can send Them emails with the CRM automation System if you're not very familiar with What a CRM is just ask that in the Comments and I'm happy to help but we

Need a redirect link that we put in the Video that redirects them to the landing Page and so of course we're going to Have to register a link Google domains As the place to do that you can use Other places but Google's the best Because they give you an SSL certificate Otherwise you need to use cloudflare Which is complicated when you register a Google domain you're going to roll here To forward your domain to another Website you're going to put in the URL Of the landing page and then you're Going to click on the advanced options Here and go down and make sure you turn SSL on and click forward and then people That click the link in your video will Now land where you want them to land on Your CRM but what about the landing page And how does that make money in the First place well remember we're of Course making short form videos to get Them to click a link in the video for Redirect and we want them to land on a Landing page like so and the reason for That is so we can capture their email Address because the email address is Super important because now we can Market to them every day instead of just The one time what happens when they Enter their email address the system the CRM if you're not sure what a CRM is Drop that down in the comments and I'll Be happy to explain it but a CRM is

Going to send them emails like this Based off of a delay just like so so day One day two day three Every single day all year long what is It going to do it's going to send them a Link to click on the link when they sign Up for that product that's in that email That day you get paid okay so but why Are we using a CRM to make money in the First place well because when they click The link in the video that you make you Can have them click a link and go Straight to your product your affiliate Products whatever services but if they Buy that's great but most people don't Buy until at least seven times that's The rule of seven you can look it up on The internet on Google And it basically just says that Prospects need to hear an advertiser's Message at least seven times before they Take action and buy the service or the Product What that means is if they click the Link in your video and they don't buy You're out of luck because only a few Percentage of people will you want to Capture their emails so that every Single day you can send them emails all Year long and that's the way that you Can Market them seven times in 14 times Etc so that enables you to make more Money So we need to send emails to make money

We agree on that because that's the way That we make the most money because when Someone watches the video clicks the Link we're going to send them an email Every single day to make all the money But I get this question all the time Like who's going to write all these Emails I don't know how to write all This content well it's actually pretty Easy you're going to get a ton of emails Written that are going to get sent out Every day but where do you get them well AI of course chat gbt is going to fly Through writing out all of these emails Complete with subject lines and the Emails and all you have to do then is Copy the emails insert your link right Here where it says click here to you Know find out more about the product you Insert your link you copy you paste them Into the CRM insert your link someone Clicks on the link you get paid so we Know that the way to make money is to Make videos get people to click the Links grab the email address and use the CRM to send them emails however what we Don't know is what if you don't have Products or services so I get this all The time too I don't have my own Products and services that's fine you Don't have to you can go here to this Website and get this free checklist of Tools that will pay you to promote their Products when you click on each tool and

You go down to the bottom of the tool There's going to be an affiliate program Just like this down at the bottom you Click on it you'd apply to be a partner Once you're approved you log in you get Stats but you also get this link right Here that's the link that you're going To put in the emails in the CRM that Someone can click on because when they Click on it and they go here and they Sign up and convert to a paid customer You get paid so how do you actually get To 20 000 a month though because that's Kind of significant income I mean it's Not like we're talking like this is a Hundred and fifty dollar a week side Hustle 20 000 a month that's beyond Full-time income for a lot of jobs I Mean that's two hundred and forty Thousand dollars a year so rinsing and Repeating the basic methods is how You're going to get it plus reoccurring Commissions so what does that mean just Right quick one this is the list of Tools of course that will pay you to Promote their products once you're Selling one and set it all up in the Automation CRM then you're going to sell Each one of them so part of it is rinse And repeat and duplication by selling Additional products and letting the CRM Sell those all year long and driving Traffic with your short form videos the Other side of that is that there's

Reoccurring commissions on some products And that's how we get into payouts that Come every single month two three Thousand dollars here and when you start Stacking things up that's how you can Get to in four weeks time sixty thousand Dollars and so on and so forth so you Wanna earn at least twenty thousand Dollars a month on how do you do it you Can see here sixty four thousand dollars Of course the way that you do it is of Course get the list of tools that will Pay you to promote their products at This website here but then you're gonna Go to the yellow bar here and join the Free Facebook group very important Because you can ask questions and get Among other like-minded people but the Ultimate way to do it is get the full System just by going to this website Right here and you can jump into the Live classes that are twice a week and I Will see you in the next live class and Until then Happy earning

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