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Can you create t-shirts using AI art that can 
earn up to 10 413 dollars per week well thanks to   Recent advancements and the AI art generating app 
mid-journey you can now generate stunning t-shirt   Designs that you can sell for a nice profit on 
websites like Etsy but the key is that you need   To know the easiest types of pictures to generate 
that you can then sell onto products like t-shirts   Which I'm going to show you in this video but 
quickly if you've never heard of Midjourney it's   The most popular AI art generating app currently 
it connects with another free app Discord you open   Up the mid Journey Discord server and then type in 
what you want [ __ ] to create and it'll make that   Image for you you can then take that image that 
it creates and then upload it to a print-on-demand   App like Printify to turn it into a product to 
sell such as t-shirts you can enlist them for sale   On websites in Etsy for a profit nice Midjourney 
as you're going to see is incredibly powerful   However it is admittedly better at creating some 
images than others so then with that in mind let's   Choose the easiest pictures to generate and sell 
okay so if we come to Etsy you'll see two types of   Image-based t-shirts for sale that are earning 
money here the first is complex pictures with   Painted backgrounds such as this very cool t-shirt 
themed around the Yellowstone National Park the   Etsy research at Alura estimates it's making 
over 54 000 South African dollars a month which   Is over 3 000 US Dollars now in theory we could 
ask my journey to paint us a detailed painting   Of say a national park and that'll actually do 
a surprisingly good job but only if you don't   Look at it too closely because if you do zoom in 
on it you'll quickly spot that it has a lot of   Weird glitches now of course if you're a graphic 
designer you could just edit them out in which   Case that's awesome and you can use Midjourney to 
quickly generate some very cool paintings to sell   But if you aren't a graphic designer that would 
be very hard so let's instead focus on making   Easy pictures that don't have complex backgrounds 
and these can sell really great when sold onto   Products take this t-shirt Alura estimates that 
it's making taking 400 pounds per month which   Is roughly 500 US Dollars it also estimates that 
this sweatshirt version of the t-shirt is making   Over 700 pounds per month which is roughly 900 
US Dollars and take this t-shirt that I recently   Showcased in a YouTube shorts video well it's 
estimated to be making nearly 1 900 per month and   Take this t-shirt here featuring cute simple line 
out pictures of flowers well it's estimated to be   Making over five thousand dollars per month and if 
you take a look at their top selling designs and   Their Etsy store you'll see that most of their 
pictures they use are simple line art pictures   Well combined Allura estimates that this store 
made forty four thousand six hundred and thirty   Dollars this past month which works out to be 
about 10 413 dollars per week which is pretty   Cool and by the way if you'd like to learn some 
of my tips for researching top selling print on   Demand products like t-shirts you should be 
sure to check out my free ebook which I'll   Have a link to and video description below but 
anyway back to the video so yes it's these types  

Of pictures that we're going to focus on selling 
simple pictures with no background so then let's   Open up my journey and turn our t-shirt ideas into 
t-shirt designs so yes start off by registering   For a Midjourney account if you don't have one and 
you'll also need to get a Discord account if you   Haven't got one already which is free then you 
just open up your Discord app and then click on   The mid Journey channel from here click the Show 
members list button and then right click on the   Mid Journey bot member and click message from here 
just message the bot slash imagine and then you'll   Be able to prompt my journey to make you an image 
about anything that you like within 60 seconds the   Bot will generate you an image but before you do 
that you might want to change some of my journey   Settings so that you can generate better images to 
sell onto products so to open up settings in the   Message bar type slash settings and click enter 
now the first setting is for picking which mode   Of mid Journey that you'd like to use I recommend 
using the latest most up-to-date version which is   I'll be filming this video is version 5. next 
you'll want to choose how high of a quality   Midjourney generates the image is for you the 
journey will spend longer designing the image   Which in my experience has much better results 
which actually saves you time from doing less   Imagery roles and so of course I strongly strongly 
recommend selecting the highest quality that you   Can and then next up you can choose how stylized 
you want your image to be now there is no right or   Wrong selection here the more stylized usually the 
more details you get take this prompt these were   My results for low style this was for medium style 
this was for high style and this was for very high   Style and take this prompt here these are my 
results below style this was for medium style   This was for high style and this was for very 
high style depending on what you're creating you   Might want more or less details so you can play 
around with it usually I find that high or very   High style works best when I'm creating images 
for t-shirt designs next you can choose whether   You want your images to be public or stealth 
which means that they're hidden from other users   Stealth is a Pro Plan only option but honestly 
it's not necessary there are so many pictures   Being generated in mid-journey each minute their 
chances are nobody will even notice yours and you   Can choose from fast mode or relax mode fast mode 
generates images quicker but you have to pay extra   For it so it's up to you want to save money select 
relax mode want to save time choose fast mode   Okay so now let's create a t-shirt design with 
Midjourney okay so the first thing you want to do   Is you want to take your T-shirt design idea and 
if it has multiple images in it you want to split   Them up into separate components for example if I 
had an idea to make a t-shirt like this I wouldn't   Try to generate all of these flowers as a single 
image instead I will be prompting my journey to   Create a single one of flower not only will this 
meaning that the flower picture will be in higher   Resolution for printing by having it be larger 
as it's taking up the whole canvas but it will   Also decrease the chances that Midjourney makes 
mistakes which it's more likely to do the more  

Details I ask it to create and so you can see 
here that it's finished making my pictures and   At this point you can ask yourself is this what 
I imagined and if it's not you can play around   With your prompts so for me when I was prompting 
my journey I had in my brain this idea that it   Would be creating watercolor flowers with green 
stems but that's not what the app created for   Me at all so I prompted Midjourney again but this 
time I modified the prompt to be more detailed and   By doing that I got exactly the type of picture 
that I had imagined so once you have achieved that   Click the reroll button this will get my journey 
to create another set of images using that same   Prompt just keep doing it as long as you had time 
for to get as many pictures to choose from and   Importantly unlike other AI art generators like 
Dalle, Midjourney is a small flat monthly fee that   Lets you generate unlimited images so there is no 
downside to making as many as you can to find the   Best ones possible and by the way if you'd like 
to learn about some of the advanced prompts that   I use you should be sure to check out my latest 
video that I added into my eCommerce course where   I show how to create print-on-demand stores that 
run passively on autopilot if you'd like to see   If my course is right for you I'll have a link to 
it in the video description first years back to   The video so I just keep generating images over 
and over again but don't worry I won't bore You   By making you watch me do that in real time but 
by doing that I did get a lot of great images to   Choose from and so I found the images that I liked 
best such as this one here so now I just had to   Save it so here's how to do that do you see how 
there are four Images one two three four Images   You just select the you button for whichever 
image you like the most and now Midjourney will   Generate an upscaled image of it for me and 
then I can open it in my internet browser and   Then download it onto my computer so then let's 
now fix up any image glitches so because we have   Been generating simple images you might not even 
have to do this however sometimes you'll have an   Image like this where if we zoom in you'll see it 
has a bit of a funky bit on it well what we can   Do is come to this free app Photopea and upload 
the photo into it this is a free web-based app   That is very similar to photoshop so if you have 
Photoshop you could choose to use it instead but   Either way what you do is you use the healing 
brush tool you can click on the spots that you   Want to fix and the tool will use AI technology to 
figure out what the pixel should be there instead   You can also click the Eraser tool and erase 
any parts of it that you don't want and so once   You have fixed up your picture we'll then remove 
the background around it and make it transparent   So currently I download this picture from 
Midjourney you can see that my flower has   This white background box around it if I upload 
this picture as is onto a T-shirt and printed   It that white background box would print onto it 
as well so instead I want it to print like this   With no background just a flower well luckily AI 
technology can help us with that too photo rooms   Free AI background remover is the best free 
app that I have tested for doing this so once  

You've done that we can then use AI technology 
again to upscale the image and make it bigger   So here's the thing when you're printing images 
onto products image resolution is crucial low   Resolution images look ugly and pixelated when 
printed but high resolution images look beautiful   Unfortunately though even though mid-journey 
now produces images that are a lot bigger than   They used to they're still pretty low res luckily 
though there are plenty of AI image upscalers this   Is the one that I personally use and it has a free 
plan with free monthly credits that you can use I   Just upload my picture and the AI technology 
within it increases the image quality using   Its smart technology and it makes the picture 
high res but you can use any AI upscaler that   You like gigapixel is probably the most popular 
AI upscaler right now so you might want to try   This instead but either way upscale your images 
and then we'll turn them into a t-shirt to sell   So I have a whole video dedicated to which print 
on Demand app you should pick for selling T-shirts   If you want to check that video out but basically 
for beginners I usually recommend printify   And their printing partner Monster Digital 
printfy's app has an amazing integration with   Etsy you just select the product that you want 
to customize such as a t-shirt you then upload   The picture that you want to print onto it so 
I uploaded my favorite flowers that Midjourney   Made for me and I moved them around the printing 
space getting them in the way that I wanted and   Now I had created a t-shirt that we could 
connect to Etsy and then list for sale for   A market price and then each time a customer 
buys say this t-shirt print device printing   Partner Monster Digital will print my design 
onto a t-shirt package it up and ship it out   For the customer all automatically while I get 
to keep the difference as profit yay so then did   My video inspire you if it did Please Subscribe 
and click that little notification Bell so you   Don't miss out on any of my uploads about earning 
money with online businesses hi Rivera everyone

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