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Making 125 000 per month with chat GPT Even if you don't think it can work and You're brand new to this in fact it's Honestly so easy that it feels illegal Because we're taught that work has to be So hard and you do have to work hard but This takes it to such an easy lazy level That and it's so fast that it almost Feels illegal so my name is Ryan Gordon And in this video we're going to talk About how you can make 125 000 with chat GPT in the fastest way possible and you Can make it online from anywhere right So before we get started something that Would help me to know that we're on the Right track that I'm making the right Videos because I run tons of tests and I Need to know what direction to go with The tests and to see what is the best Option if you could drop a yes down in The comments for me I would really Appreciate it just right now if you'll Stop put a yes in the comments so that I Know that yes this is the right kind of Test yes this is the right kind of video It obviously helps with YouTube and it Helps me to know that we're on the right Track so I can give you more of what you Want So is where we want to Go to get started with this so chat GPT Obviously is an amazing tool that is AI That we can use to help us be creative When we're having a struggling day right

Or just in general it doesn't matter and So bot unlocker actually gets us there Because chat gbt is overloaded right now A lot of people know that if you go to we wind up right here And this is where we're at here which is Jasperbot and if we go in here under the Chat it connects the API to Jasper so There's a free trial of this and then It's cost whatever dollars a few dollars A month whatever it is right because Chat GPT is just unavailable for a lot Of people right now it's just stuck they Can't get in because it's overloaded Right so this lets us get to chat GPT Without having to worry about that and It's never overloaded so we can get Right in with the chat and so what are We going to do well what we're going to Do is we're going to make short form Content now short form content means I Think Tick Tock YouTube shorts think Facebook reels those vertical videos That you see with the phone not the Widescreen videos but a vertical one Typically 30 seconds but under a minute Right so could be seven seconds could be 50 seconds but under a minute those are Very popular people watch them a lot and You can generate a lot of leads and Hence a lot of money with the system I'm Going to show you today by utilizing Short form content so stick with me here Because there is a few steps even though

This does feel so easy that it feels Illegal you do have to do some work and It's not just push a button and money Shows up in your bank account kind of Thing it's just what we're going to do Is takes a massive amount of work to Generate a large amount of money and it Compresses it down well we don't have to Do a lot of that work Right so what we're going to do is we're Going to use chat GPT and we're going to Go to and we're going To get a list right so if we go to and enter in our email Address we need something a method to Get paid these companies will pay us to Promote their products through an Affiliate setup so for example if we go Across here there's lots of different Ones here's one called Jasper and this Is actually the same tool That gets us here where we can use the Chat GPT so you can tell other people About it and when someone goes here and They sign up you actually get paid in Fact let me show you This is the on the back End here we've logged in and there's Four thousand nine hundred dollars of Unpaid earnings you can see payouts have Been going on for a while here when we Click on payouts and it's taking a Second to load and the reason that it's

Been going on for a while Is that it is a subscription so Um I'll show you that in just a second But you can see over a year ago it runs Two three thousand dollars a month and We haven't promoted this in a long time In fact we were promoting it before it Even hooked into chat GPT and so if we Look here we see that you get a 30 Reoccurring commission which is crazy Because if someone comes over here and Signs up to use the chat GPT API set up Through the chat means it means they get To use chat GPT here but they're paying A few bucks a month to Jasper to do it When you get someone to come over here And sign up with your link like this you Get paid and you get paid 30 of whatever They pay every single month Which is just crazy that you can get it So five years from now if they're still Using chat GPT through this then you Still getting paid which is what we want To do obviously because it does take Some effort to get to 125 000 a month And you have to build it up and Reoccurring subscriptions obviously is a Key to that and so basically what we Want to do is we want to find some Videos that we want to create so if I go Over to YouTube for example and find a Video of whatever right so here's a Video that I actually just did but if I Want to go here and just search for

Making Make money online right And then I'm going to filter it because We're looking for short form so I'm Going to filter it here by under four Minutes And that's going to come up with all These videos like this so I can grab one Of these videos for example and I can Grab the transcript from it now what Does this mean are we going to steal Their work no are we going to cheat no What we're going to do is we're going to Use their ideas to make a video Now if you directly copy what they're Doing in their ideas and what they say Obviously you can't do that And we don't want to just totally Have ai create the whole thing for us But there's just days sometimes where Everything flows and then there's days For me sometimes where I struggle where You know I'm just a little tired or my Creativeness just isn't there as much And so I need a way to be creative and Still come through on those days because I still need to do my thing and I still Need to make these short form videos and Just like I said I made this one here Which I'll show you in a second but you Need to be able to do it even in those Days and and maybe you're not super Creative on the whole and that's fine What we're going to do here is use AI to

Give us an idea So what I did was I pulled up the video Here and off to the side I just went and Clicked here and got my transcript this Is my transcript this is the words that This video is saying so what I'm going To do here is I'm going to go back to Bot unlocker and I'm going to punch in And just say give me a couple of video Ideas based on this video script Please include Sample scripts right so this is really Easy and then I'm going to paste in the One that I just had I'm gonna hit go So what we're doing is here we're asking For ideas we're not asking them to Rewrite the script we're not asking them To go crazy what we're doing is we're Saying based on this script give us some Creative process help us out here give Us an idea and I think that using AI Like this to get a creative idea is Really super helpful because then then It just like starts your creative Process and it jump starts everything And then you're like oh yeah now I know What I can do right so here's an idea Make money on autopilot with a Smartphone or earn money with the Smartphone app right and here's how you Do it whatever and then here's a sample Script so we don't want to copy this Word for word because obviously we need To put in our link anyways so we're

Going to create a redirect link and We're going to send them to our CRM Right which is I'm kind of skipping Ahead down here to the last step and it Looks like I actually have my numbers Off here Um Got too many of the same number so Anyways I skipped to step five to the CRM but basically what we're going to do Is obviously we have to somehow at the End of the day we need to get them Somewhere so we're going to include our Links in there and what does that really Look like well let's review that just so I can make sure that we're on the same Page What's going to ultimately happen is We're going to send them to some sort of Landing page what is a landing page in Fact we can look here at Which is our live classes that we have Where we teach you how to do stuff like This to show you what we're doing and Why would you want to know because for Example here the past four weeks we've Done 167 thousand dollars if we look at The past 12 months 1.08 million dollars So a little over a million dollars and It's it's on its trajectory up this will Cross 3 million this year and I'm not Saying this to brag I'm saying this to Show you what's possible we already saw You can make thousands of dollars a

Month just promoting this and we haven't Even promoted for a while if you Actively promote this you could make More than this And if we go here we can see that There's just a lot of money to be made Even in the past seven days has been 37 000 right so this is you know well over The 125 000 that I was telling you to Start and so if we look at it again we Got to get them into a landing page so You have a landing page like this like Chat riches for example you can go here To and you should sign up For the live classes and when you do That it's gonna you're gonna input your Email address and then we'll send you a Few links to different information about The classes and that you know helps you To understand what the classes are and See that other people are getting Success in the classes because they are And everything else in fact you can even Go to the Facebook group so when you go To our checklist here we go to our Checklist of right up Here at the top is join our free Facebook group so if you join here the Free Facebook group you can see how Everyone else is getting success So ultimately we want someone to go to The landing page like and Then we want them to Be sent the offer so if you're promoting

Bot you know Jasper that sort of stuff You can send them the offer through the CRM it's going to do that on autopilot And as far as How we're going to get them to that Landing page in the first place that's Where we get our video ideas so this is The creating the video I'm about to Cover this part of it I haven't yet but We just got our idea from chat GPT for The possible video scripts and the Products we're promoting in those video Scripts is the Checklist and we got the idea in the First place by going to And plugging in a sample video script From someone else So that's kind of like the review so What does this actually look like well If I take this sample video script that We have we can take it and then we have To figure out a way to put our Link in Here right so here's a video that I did Just Um this past yesterday actually and let Me just play it for you here these two Websites feel illegal to know number one gives you a list of Companies that will pay you to promote Their products number two teaches you in a private Class how to make money utilizing chat GPT and AI right and we can see the Whole thing's 20 seconds and what I've

Done here is I went and got an idea for My hook which is Um my title and so here in the thing we See the hook and then I got my audio Which is I created my script and I you Know just use the microphone just like I'm doing right now to record my audio I Didn't use this exact script but you can Use it as a sample check change it Around and make it your own and then Which obviously this already is unique Because we're just using it for an idea And then we took and we recorded Recorded the video which is where I just Showed and I showed in the video And then what I did was it's pointing Them to the landing page obviously I Mentioned chat riches so they can go Here they entered in their email address Like so and then they get to a page Where they can then again watch a video Which is in this case another free Training so you can go to Enter your email address and get this Free training here as well And now they can actually go down here And they can buy right so that's the Idea if we get them to a page and There's obviously a lot of information Here it's very long but at the end of The day they can go down to the bottom And buy right and so that's the point And if they don't buy today it's okay

Because you have their email address now So now you can send them an email Tomorrow and give them another reason to Go over here and buy whatever it is You're promoting so if you're promoting Jasper with this link then you know you Give them an email again and then you Give them an email again the next day And you give them an email again the Next day until they buy and then you can Offer them something else so that's how You can utilize short form content chat GPT to help build things and it's Possible because Even people who are brand new can do This like if you've never used chat gbt You've never done any of this you can Literally do this now I know that there Is a fair amount of steps here and it's Not magic you do you've got to do some Work right so you need to go to and Get into the live classes now the live Classes are paid classes but the price Is going up really soon and if you're Gonna get in then Now's the Time to get In right I mean stop for a second and Think about this we said that we can Make 125 000 a month how would that feel Like what would you do with 125 000 a Month like if you had to get out a piece Of paper right now and write it down and Then you had to go on the internet and Figure out how to buy it whatever you're

Gonna buy a house or a car or whatever You have to start shopping for houses You have to start shopping for cars You'd have to start shopping for you Know whatever it is if you want a Lamborghini or if you are just Interested in buying you know an SUV it Doesn't really matter right or if you Want to just go out and buy a lake house Or if you want to do you know or other Things right it doesn't matter right you Want to take a hot air balloon ride I Don't know everybody has different Things and that's fine that's great what Would you do with 125 000 a month right Now So if you want to get started and you're Not going to make 125 000 tomorrow like You're just not it's going to take some Work go to get in the Live classes and work through a process That you can use to that will show you And you can work through things and Start applying different techniques to Make money right so if you want to do That go to enter your Email address and then check out this Free training And you can also definitely either way Go and join the free Facebook group and If you join the live classes at chat Riches then I will see you in the next Live class which is coming up very soon And if you're going to do that I would

Recommend you do it now like right now Because the price is going up really Soon and you don't want to miss out on Because if you're going to get in and Make the money anyways you might as well Pay less money right does that make Sense I want to pay less money because You're getting the same stuff either way So I want to pay less money so I would Go to chat riches now and sign up and Then I will see you in the next live Class and I will see you in the free Facebook group and until then Happy Money making

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