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What's up guys Ryan Borden here today I'm going to show you a hack actually That uses Bots to generate customers so You can earn thirteen thousand dollars a Month and this is a lightning fast Method and the best part is it doesn't Matter if you are totally already Rolling with business or if you're a Complete beginner this works so let me Show you something and I want to show You my PayPal account here and so let's Refresh this and we can see the Potential possibility because I did say That you could make thirteen thousand Dollars a month by doing this and so if We look at PayPal here this is one PayPal account of multiple I have plus I Have credit card processing accounts and I get checks but in this particular PayPal account four thousand dollars in The last seven days the last 30 days is Thirteen thousand one hundred sixty nine Dollars also if you like this video Please reply with a yes down in the Comments so that I know that this is What you like and so I can keep making More videos like this or if you have Questions drop those in the comments as Well before we get too far into this Though I do want to mention that I do Actually have an entire course with Chase Reiner here and that is at Fortunebots.com here if you go here you Can enter your email address because I

Don't have time to show you everything In this video because it does take a Little bit of work and a little bit of Time to do this it is lightning fast but It's not magic so let's have a look at This method what are we going to do well Number one we need to use some Bots to Generate some customers so what we're Going to do here is we're going to Assume that we're selling services and We're going to assume that we're selling Some sort of website Services which is Actually step number three but I'm going To jump ahead here and assume that we're Selling services and we're going to use Bots to generate customers for the Services and then I'm going to go over What how you can make it faster with the Lightning method so let's say I have This project running here And it is just asking people to if they Want to fix something on their website Here once it aborts I will show you I do I already have it set up just because Again I don't have you know three hours On this video and you wouldn't want to Watch that long of a video anyways to Show you everything and so if we go in Here to the message we can see it says Your website is a subject and the Message says I saw something on your Website that was broken I'm a leading Expert in it and I would like to Volunteer my time to fix it and would

That be okay with you call me or text me Now basically the premise here is I'm Just telling them that I can fix it There is a problem and I would like to Volunteer I'm not selling them nothing Nothing it's very easy and then I have That phone number in there and if we run This here and I'm going to run it I have Some contact forms already loaded in Here this mess bot is sending contact Forms messaging businesses through their Website contact form so if you go to a Business website and there's a contact Us button and this little form you fill Out that's what this Web Bot is doing But it's doing it at Mass scale so super High level and super fast I'm going to Start this and send the message this Assumes that you have contact forms Loaded in here and I will show you how To get the contact forms to load in as Step number two the lightning method to Speed things up because there's multiple Ways to make things go faster what's Doing now is this bot is just preparing And once It prepares it's going to start Sending we can see That it already has 46 000 sent here and So it's just done preparing and it's Going to start sending now and cranking Through everything we can see it Starting to change orange busy and What's going to happen is this number Here we already see it starting to go up

The scent number right here and this is Businesses that are being contacted and So Bots are generating the customers and We've asked them to text us or call us And what that looks like is this is just A Skype account we set up a number on it And then they can call us so give us a Missed call they can leave a voice Message or they can actually send us a Text message and so like this for Instance James from title time advisors Saw your email over the weekend looking To volunteer for what website right you Look and so you then say Hey you know I'm going to volunteer and fix some Stuff on your website you can run a Website audit we have a tool to do that It is actually at shineranker.com If you go to shine ranker you can just Sign up for a 10-day free trial and to Jump over to the website audit tool Right here Called shine audit and there's probably Already one loaded in here I can show You And there is this website's already Loaded in it does have 648 Pages takes a Minute so we'll use the one that's Already run rather than running it on The video You don't need to know what all this Means at the end of the day everybody Knows red and green there's some Problems with the website Google

Analytics the response page load time is Slow H1 title is missing and this Scrolls to the right and there's a ton Of stuff that you can see right if we go Down here there's all kinds of stuff So you can get on a call with this Person and say Hey listen What's your website and then punch their Website in right here and run an audit Then you can get on a call and basically Just ask them you know what's going on It we actually had a live class today in The fortune Bots classes and in the Class today we gave away a script that Is a sample script of exactly what to Say to book these calls with the people So when you get on Skype and you get a Lead from all these people show you Exactly what to say to get them onto a Call and when you get them on a call you Just ask them what they think is wrong With their website And we go the whole class today was About that so if you're not signed up Definitely sign up for the fortune Bots At fortunebots.com and get in the live Classes but once you have the lead and Once you have a call set up with them Then it's just a matter of getting the Sale and so you're going to sell them The services But I have said that there's a lightning Method and so here we are we have a bot That's running but we need the contact

Forms to load into it so that we can Contact the businesses even though the Bot's doing the work and it's contacted Hundreds of businesses while we've been Talking plus obviously you have to set Up the bot there is if we just look at a Sample project here there's quite a lot Of settings And You got to set all this stuff up Including like capture breaking and that Sort of stuff and then you need to set Up some sort of system to capture the Leads and deal with them and then Obviously you need to be able to sell Them the services so Some people get stuck here because the Setup is a decent amount or if they Don't know what the setup is they do if They get the setup right then they don't Know some of the steps along the way of What to do or they don't have the Contact forms to load in so we actually Created a Marketplace just for this Purpose And if I go here to Services I can see There's a silver gold platinum and then Some more stuff down here so let me Break this down for you this is a setup Packages in fact I actually do this we Actually had a ton of people sign up for The Platinum package this week in fact Right now if you sign up today at the Digital profits

Marketplace.spp.io which I'll put down In the description if you sign up right Now the price is for all of this stuff Is going up because my calendar is Filling up so fast that eventually I'm Not gonna be able to even keep up with This I've already got 30 hours of work Right now which is fine but we hadn't Even opened this up to people and we Just actually sent out an email to over A hundred thousand people opening this Up and so tonight the price goes up on All of this so if you want to sign up Now go over here to the digital profits Marketplace link which I'll put in the Description again and sign up and buy These things before they go out if you Get the Platinum package I'm going to Set up everything for you and including The captions including the bot here I'm Going to help you get the CRM set up get The Projects actually running so they're Already ready to go with looking at Messaging and landing pages and that Sort of stuff also it comes with One-on-one coaching or you can just buy The one-on-one coaching right here I've Had a ton of calls in the past week and Everyone has said that they've joined Other programs and done other things but They've never been able to one access a Person to talk to when they had Questions and two that a lot of programs

They've done in the past which you may Have done as well didn't really show Them everything and Chase and I we just Show everything totally transparent just Like the the live class today we Actually gave you the script of exactly What to say and went over the whole Process of getting the customer in the First place I would encourage you to go Here and get either on a call or get the Setup packages that you want because all Of this goes up to night and it's going To be more expensive and that's if I Don't have to shut it down because if I Get too many sales then I'll just have To pause it for a while because I can Only do so much so I want to help you Out but if you don't jump in I might not Be able to and once we have our customer We can sell them services so if you want To do Services again we can use the Shine ranker to do the audit and tell Them what's wrong and fix something for Free right you can fix Google analytics You could fix an SSL if they didn't have It this one does you could fix an H1 and You don't even have to know what all This stuff is because if you go to Course list right here it's Chaserunner.com forward slash course List again I'll put the link in the Description then we can see that we can Actually get like a local SEO course and Everything so you can learn how to do it

You could also go to Fiverr if you don't Want to learn how to do it and you can Just punch in SEO services and then hire Someone on Fiverr to do it so you can Pay someone like 30 bucks or 50 bucks 45 To do the SEO and then you can charge The client like a thousand dollars and You can keep the difference and then you Can do that every month also you can use This to fix things so if you want to go In from the angle that they have uh slow Pages so you can just pop that into to Fiverr here and you can find someone That will optimize the website to load Faster for 10 bucks right so you could Totally not have to do anything you get Your customer you offer them something Free you pay the Fiverr person 10 bucks Then you go back to the the customer and Say Hey listen we fix your website for You it's now faster and what else do you Think was bad about your website have You noticed that you're not getting as Many leads because all business owners Want more leads and they're like yeah we What can we do about that and then you Can go work on SEO or fix other problems With their website Etc again you can Come back here to Fiverr and pay them to Do it or you can just grab a course from Chaseriner.com course list again links In the description and then you can get It done and if you charge them a Thousand dollars a month and let's pull

Out a calculator here if you charge them A thousand dollars a month even if you Go over here and you buy a course for 300 bucks or if you pay someone on Fiverr like let's say even a hundred Bucks a month so let's take away a Hundred bucks a month and now you're Left with 900 bucks profit if you so you Can see there's tons of leads through Here and that's all just in a few days Time period if you make 900 bucks if you Make 900 bucks and your times that times 14 That is twelve thousand six hundred Dollars basically thirteen thousand Dollars in profit which is what we're Talking about here and it's in Completely possible for example we have A Facebook group and in the Facebook Group which we can go to and see I Actually got on a call this week with Alan and we got his bot completely set Up and running so we got the Website contact bot here in the Background completely set up and running I did a coaching call with him and we Did it live on the call Yes the questions and we literally set It up and he ran it and he got a person That was interested that he then wound Up talking to and now he has a new Client that signed up with a monthly  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing contract now I know Alan I'm Not going to tell you how much he's

Charging but he's charging more than a Thousand bucks a month which is what I Was saying here so you can definitely Charge more than a thousand bucks a Month and he already has a client and That was after we just did a coaching Call for an hour and got everything Completely set up So if you want to get in on the live Classes I would say do that because you Can get started learning how to do all Of this yourself you know if you want to Do everything yourself do the live Classes if you want to do the lightning Method where we just set everything up For you so I'm going to set up the Bots That generate the customers and the Whole nine yards then jump over to the Marketplace Link in the description and Grab a setup package or coaching call That we can get done and if you get There and it's sold out I'm sorry we do Have a ton of people signing up for Stuff right now and I do have a limited Amount of time so go over there right Now and sign up before it's gone and Before the price goes up tonight at Midnight and everything is more Expensive and until then Happy money Making

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