How to Convert Leads Into Sales in Affiliate Marketing (Key SECRETS)

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In this video I'm going to share how to Convert your leads into sales with Affiliate marketing so you can start to Make daily commissions but before I dive In let's first roll the intro [Music] Hey Garrett Berry here welcome to the Video now before I dive in I'll share I Have a link below to a training sharing How I'm personally generating 70 plus Leads a day on autopilot just using Simple videos and you don't even have to Show your face so I remember back my First year in affiliate marketing you Know my first few months I was Struggling I didn't know anything of What I was doing but then I started Getting a little bit of momentum right I Started posting consistently I started Taking some action and I started getting Some people clicking my affiliate link But no one was buying right I was Getting leads but they weren't Converting and that's incredibly Frustrating because you know you're Going out there you're doing the work But you want money right you're not Doing this just to you know waste time You want money into your bank account And so when I was seeing that I was Looking at my affiliate dashboard and ClickBank or JB zoo and I was seeing a Big fat zero it was massively Frustrating but it wasn't until I locked

Arms with a couple mentors and I really Dived in that I learned what I'm going To share with you today that I started Having these consistent affiliate Commissions coming in like clockwork so The first thing I want to ask you is are You getting enough leads because you Have to actually generate enough leads In the first place for someone to buy Understand that affiliate marketing and Sales in general is a bit of a numbers Game so you want to get a lot of people Actually checking out your link now if You're just getting one or two people That's not enough right I mean it could Take at least Um you know 10 people for one person to Buy or even more you know that's a 10 Conversion rate which is pretty high Nowadays so you want to be generating a Lot of leads now the next thing and this Is crucial is are you sending people When you post an ad or you go out there And you promote are you sending people Directly to the affiliate link if so That's probably one of the biggest Reasons you're not converting leads into Sales understand this the fortune is in The follow-up okay most people will not Buy right away in fact statistically It's been shown in a lot of studies Online that most people need 7 to 12 Exposures 7 to 12 times that they see Something for them to decide to buy so

If you're just sending people right to Your affiliate link that's the reason Most people aren't buying it may be one Out of a hundred people that impulse buy Right that buy right away most people Are gonna need to be followed up with Think about yourself right when you go Out there online and you see an ad that You're interested in I mean are you Buying right away right maybe but often You're gonna have to research it Especially if it's a little bit higher Priced products so you want to instead Send people to a page called a capture Page or an opt-in page okay these words Mean the same thing basically what it is Is you're sending people to a page and You're capturing their contact Information it could be a name but Primarily an email address because what We're going to be able to do is set up Automatic follow-up emails that start Going out like a drip feed one day at a Time following up with that person and Once you set this up it runs in the Background right it runs on autopilot While you're out hanging out with your Family while you're sleeping even these Are still being followed up with your Leads and people will convert at a lot Higher rates okay so that's the first Thing you need to be following up the Next thing is what do you send in these Emails to start to convert your leads

Because you don't just want to be Sending random emails one thing is you Want to be sending proof of other people That have used the product you're Promoting and have started getting Results so it does not matter what You're promoting it does not matter what Niche let's say you're in the health and Fitness Niche you can actually include Testimonials you know it could be Screenshots someone on Facebook posting They lost weight with that product it Could be directly taken from the sales Page okay you go to the affiliate link You look at the sales page and you can Screenshot testimonials that are on There and you can put those in your Emails and what that's going to do is That's going to allow people to realize That that product you're promoting is Legitimate it's actually helping people And that will start to convert people Over time another thing you can do in Your emails is you can address people's Objections okay so you can actually Write in these different emails people's Objections you know how much does it Cost does this actually work okay that's Going to be with the testimonials things Like that right you can actually address People's objections and that's going to Be able to allow them to want to take Action and buy and one of the other Things you want to do is as you set up

These emails and I have different Tutorials on my channel very simple Stuff once you actually set it up what Will happen is typically your leads okay Some of them will respond to your emails So they may ask you a question hey you Know how does this work or if I buy you Know how much does it cost or things Like that you're going to start getting Some questions what you want to do is You want to answer their questions in a Nice and sincere way most people are not Converting leads with affiliate Marketing because they're trying to be You know under the radar they're trying To be hidden they're trying to not be a Real person people buy from people not Random companies not random you know People in the shadows right so you want To be real you want to be sincere you Want to actually show that hey you're a Real person I've made so many sales Converting my leads because I simply Would respond and say Hey you know I see Your question here's my answer and I've Had so many people say oh my gosh like You actually responded you're actually a Real person because most people online Are trying to hide so if you just answer People's questions and you show that hey Look I'm here to help you that will help You convert a lot more leads and one Last tip I want to share with you is Bonuses so one amazing way especially if

You're selling more High ticket products Products 250 500 or higher You want to offer bonuses so these can Be incentives such as training such as Templates resources you want to add that Into your emails and tell people that Hey when you buy this I'm actually going To give you these bonuses as well and That can actually really dramatically Increase your sales because you're Differentiating yourself from other Affiliates right the main thing that's Going to separate you from other people Promoting that product is your bonuses So you can create these bonuses it Doesn't have to be something dramatic But you can go ahead and start to give Those bonuses away to people when they Actually buy so you can tell people hey When you buy you're going to get these Bonuses just reply back to this email When you're in and I'll shoot you over The link right and then you can just put The bonuses on like a Google Document And the people can access that when they Decide to join and when they decide to Buy now one other thing with the bonuses That really works is scarcity okay Scarcity or urgency so you can can put a Time limit on the bonuses because if you Just say hey anytime you join me you're Getting these bonuses it can work but It's not as powerful as if you say hey For the next seven days when you join

You're going to get these bonuses and Now it forces people it puts pressure Because most people if they don't have Pressure think about yourself even you Know I know me if I don't have some Pressure to buy I'm gonna be like Procrastinating I'm going to be putting It off so when you actually make a Decision to implement this and when you Actually start using bonuses you use Urgency you use the proof all these Little psychological tactics and you Capture their email and follow up okay They're gonna dramatically increase how Many affiliate sales you start to Generate so I hope you enjoy learning be Sure to go to the link below get access To my training where I reveal how I'm Getting 70 plus leads a day watching This video you may be getting some leads But you may not be getting enough leads And you may be doing it in a way that's Not enjoyable right maybe messaging tons Of people or you know having tons of Conversations discover how to do this on Autopilot so you can build a business While living a life like the video if You got value and also subscribe to the Bell icon I'm going to be posting daily Videos on how to get leads traffic and Sales so you don't want to miss that out Thanks so much for watching my friend And I will see you on my next video [Music]

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