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Now I just want to share a result from One of my subscribers recently so you Can see what's possible and motivate you To follow what I share in this video it Says Garrett my sales have been Increasing I'm finally about to quit my Job and do this full time that's Absolutely incredible and it just keeps Me going sharing proven strategies and In this video I'm literally gonna share Exactly how you can create your own Totally free affiliate marketing website In just five minutes that you can use to Promote any product you want not only That but I'm gonna share with you Exactly how to create your first blog Post on this website using a free tool Which takes just 10 seconds to spit out Done for you content that you can copy And paste and use as your own and I'll Even teach you the best way to put your Affiliate link on this blog post so you Can start to get the most sales and then Towards the end of the video I'm even Gonna share two separate places you can Go to promote this website which again Is totally free and doesn't even require A following so if you're excited to Learn this be sure to smash the like Button right now to let me know and Without further Ado let's dive into the Very first step so the very first step Is we need to find a product to promote If you already have a product that

You're promoting you can use this method One place to go is digistore24 now once You're there all you have to do is Click Register now if you don't have an Account and then you just go through Select affiliate and create a username Password and go ahead and register for Free now once you're inside digistore24 You just want to click the tab under Marketplace and they have all these Different products you can choose to Promote like I said with this affiliate Marketing website we're going to create You can really do it in any Niche Animals and pets dance and music Whatever your passion is now I will say Digistore24 is not my favorite place to Find products to promote the payout is a Bit slow and you have to give away a Portion of the money to the creator of The product I'll include a link directly Below below to my number one affiliate System to promote to get instant 100 Commissions but for the sake of this Video we're going to use digistore24 and The fitness and health Niche so if I go There on digistore24 specifically we Want to sort results by sales rank this Is going to list the best selling Products at the very top of the page and You can see that the ultimate Keto Plan Is the best selling product currently And they will pay you around 25 For every referral that you get through

Your affiliate link now on digistore24 If you don't see your link you just want To click the blue button that's here and Then you'll be able to see your Affiliate link now I'm going to copy This and put it in a notepad file Because we're going to embed this on our Website that I'm going to share how to Create for free so you do want to save This and keep it handy now what we want To do is now that we have this good Converting product to promote we want to Use this little known place that we can Create a free website in a matter of Minutes so if you go to Google and you Type type in the word blogger you want To actually click this first link go to or if you have a Gmail Account and you're logged in you can Click right here and you can go to the Blogger app right here so once you click That what blogger is it's basically a Free site that allows you to create a Website with multiple different blog Posts so it's already created for you It's totally free and you can go ahead And create these different posts and I'm Going to share with you as you stick With me through this video how to Literally have blog posts created for You so you can start to get traffic to Your links and ultimately get money sent To your bank account so once you create A blogger account again it's totally

Free we want to then go over to new post And like I said blogger is your website Okay you can use blogger as your website And you can go ahead and put different Blog posts that will start ranking into Google so once someone goes to Google And they search something like keto tips You can start having your article Ranking here that will drive traffic to Your affiliate link so once we have this Blog post the first thing we want to do Is we want to write a title now what I Advise you to do if you want this all Created for you is you go back to Google And again you just type in a word that Has to do with the product so in this Example keto followed by tips now this Could also be dating tips make money Online tips anything like that and we Want to find just a simple article that Someone else has already created and I Can go ahead and open this one up right Here and it has seven tips to get into Ketosis now we want to copy this title And we want to go back to our post here And we want to paste that in but we Don't want to just use the exact title That's plagiarizing we want to make it Our own so for the sake of our article If you find an article that has let's Say seven tips or ten tips you can Literally just do five tips five tips to Get into ketosis now I can actually add A few words after to make a get a little

Bit more enticing more clickbaity so I Can say five tips to get into ketosis You must see these so again it's Building curiosity and then now we can Just go back to the article and we just Want to copy the first five tips because Our article we're going to do five tips So I can go ahead and copy all of this Okay just to the first five tips now Once we do that we want to copy this and We want to go back to our notepad file And if you have a notepad file on your Computer or your phone what happens is When you paste an article it removes the Photos and all of that okay so it just Gives us the text which is what we want We don't want to copy the photos or Anything so once it removes all the Photos the links we just want to go Ahead and copy down to this article okay So you can see five tips there you want To copy this now again we don't just Want to take that and then paste it into Our blog post here on Blogger because Again that's plagiarizing but one way You can actually make this your own is If you go to a free site called all the links in this video Are going to be down below in the Description what happens is if you paste In that article and I click basic spin What's going to happen is it will Literally start spitting this text so I Want to share with you an example so it

Says ketosis is a normal metabolic Process that provides several health Benefits ketosis is a typical metabolic Cycle that gives a few medical Advantages so notice how it's rewrote This article using different words that Still mean the same thing but it's our Own article so now we can literally just Either scroll down and copy or I can Just click here to copy the text and now I can go back to our article and I can Go ahead and paste in this right here so Now we're starting to have our own blog Posts on our own free affiliate Marketing website in literally just a Matter of minutes so now I can go Through here and anything that's like Not directly related I can erase okay so We just want to double check everything Now another thing you can do is kind of Format this so I can say you know the Following are seven powerful tips again In ketosis I can bold this and I can Actually if I want to make it Center so I can also bold this the five tips okay Remember we want to change this there Are five powerful tips because we edit It so I can just go here boom okay and I Can just go down and do you know Highlighting and Bolding the five tips I Would just go ahead and do all that Again make sure it's formatted you can Also copy like this and if you want to Change the font size okay so I can do

Medium right it's going to make that Bigger and that's basically it so far Okay you don't have to go overboard you Know again we just want a very simple Article now the next thing I highly Recommend you do is you go over to a Free website called and you Want to type in a few words that have to Do with the product so I could do Something like weight loss now what this Site does is this gives you free to use Copyright free photos that we can go Ahead and download and put into our blog Article so I can choose any one of these That is related to keto and the product So you know weight loss I can also do You know weight scale so I can see if They have like like this photo right Here could be really good and I can just Click free download and it automatically Downloads to my computer and I can go Back here and let's say you know every Few points I can put in a photo so for Number two I can go ahead and hit enter I can go right there and I can actually Go ahead and add an image and I can go Ahead and select the image and upload it Okay like that I can go ahead and select It and then hit select and you can see That we have this image here so now We're starting to make this look really Good again you don't need long to take On this okay you just go through now the Last main important thing on this

Article is at the very bottom we want to Give a call to action and we want to Link people to our affiliate link this Is how we're going to start to get sales Okay so now you can say I hope you Enjoyed these keto tips or these make Money online tips these dating tips for My number one way to master the keto Diet fast click here now so this is the Call to action you can even bold this And you can make this you know bigger or I can go here and make this large to Make it stand out and then I can just go Click here now okay I can highlight this I can go here and then I just want to Actually click this little paper clip go Back to our notepad file okay I can Erase this and then I can just copy our Affiliate link right there paste it in And hit apply okay so now it's a Clickable link and I just have to click Publish and I want to share with you What our finished blog looks like so you Can just click this little eyeball to View it okay and you can see five tips To getting ketosis we have our blog Article and then our photo and you can Add more photos if you want and then at The very bottom it says I hope you Enjoyed these keto tips for my number One way to master keto diet fast click Here now that link is going to lead them To our affiliate link which in our case Looks something like this eventually a

Buy button will appear and when people Buy through that button we will get Credit for the sale and we will start to Have money deposited to our bank account Now if I go back here again we want to View the article I want to go to the Very top and copy the link directly to This article and then I can go ahead and Now paste it in this notepad and we're Going to use this article and now what I Want to do is share with you two Separate methods that are free you can Use to promote this article which will Ultimately lead people to our affiliate Link so the first place is if you go to okay and all you have to do Is go to the search bar on Facebook and Type in a few words that have to do with The niche your product is in such as Health and fitness in our example and Then what you want to do is you want to Click the groups Tab and we want to find Some large groups okay groups with a lot Of members this one at 29 000 members But also active groups so you can see Right here this has four posts a month That's not very active this one right Here 19 000 members in health and Fitness and 10 posts a day so if I open Up this you can realize that you know This group is very active and it's all Filled with members that are interested In health and fitness so these people Could definitely be interested in an

Article that has to do with keto and Ultimately the product we're promoting So now inside of this group what you Want to do is you want to make a simple Post now I already created a little Template down here if I just copy this Essentially what we're doing is we're Making a post and you can make this Bigger so if I highlight this I can go To headline two or one and it says I Found a very good article recently Sharing some really good info when it Comes to the keto diet if anyone wants To link just comment yes and I'd be Happy to share now I can even add an Emoji with a down point so if I go here I can go ahead and select this one and Then I would post this and what's going To happen is people that are interested In keto interested in losing weight are Going to see this and because it looks Like we're giving value people are going To comment and once people comment you Just have to literally go to the people That are commenting message them just Right there message and then send them The link to our article right there and Again that will get people to go to our Article and then ultimately click our Affiliate link and decide to buy the Last free place you can go to promote This that I'll share in this video is Quora quora is a question and answer Website I have other videos that share

More in depth you can find on my YouTube Channel but essentially what you want to Do is you just want to search again Something like keto okay something very Related to our product and our article And then we want to filter by questions And what this does is this lists Questions that people have asked that Have these words I can choose any one of These for example this one what are the Benefits of a keto diet and then all you Want to do is Click answer and you can Just write a little answer about you Know tips you could even go back to your Blog and just literally copy the first Couple paragraphs go back to quora paste That in and then you can say for the Full in-depth article click here and Then I can highlight there go there go To little paper clip and then we just Want to take the link to our article and Then I can go ahead and put it there and Hit add and now that's a clickable link And then we can just post this okay so You can see my answer to their question They're going to read over this answer For the full in-depth article they're Going to click here they're going to Read over our very valuable article They're going to click there to find out More information and they're going to Decide to buy now as I said before be Sure to click the first link below to See a free video revealing how to easily

Set up my number one affiliate system to Promote with the method shared in this Video to get paid instant 100 Commissions also click the Subscribe Button with the Bell icon so you don't Miss out on my latest money making Methods and last if you want to discover Another incredibly easy method to make Commissions online be sure to click the Video that will show on the screen in Just a second to discover that one also Thanks for watching and I'll see you on The next video [Music] Thank you

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