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Lately you may have seen the insane hype Around an online chat bot called chat GPT maybe you've seen some videos of People typing in different prompts in This technology and in seconds the bot Spits out an answer in the form of Written text the potential for this Technology is really endless and can be Applied to hundreds of things but in This video what I'm going to be doing is Showing you how to leverage this free Bot to make money online what I'm gonna Do is first off share with you how to Sign up for a free account to access the Chat GPT technology then I'm going to Share with you three completely Different ways you can use it to help You promote products online as an Affiliate so you can start to make Referrals and money as easy and fast as Possible so if you're excited to learn This be sure to smash the like button Right now to let me know and also Subscribe for my latest affiliate Marketing training now before I share With you exactly how to create a free Account and start using chat gbt the First step is to find a good high Converting product to promote so we can Start to use this to make money now one Place you can go is now It's actually not my favorite place the Payouts can be a bit slow if you want to Discover my number one affiliate program

To get paid instant close to 100 Commissions up to two thousand dollars Click the first link below and check That free video out but the first thing We want to do after we get a good Product to promote is we want to go to Google and you can simply type in chat GPT and go ahead and search that now the Link you're looking for is You want to open up that link right There now it should take you to a page That looks something like this and you Can click try chat GPT which you can go Ahead and create a free account now once You log in you're gonna get taken to This page here now you can see right Here at the bottom of this blinking Cursor this is where we can literally Type in whatever prompt we want now it Gives you some examples you know got any Creative ideas for a 10 year old's Birthday explain Quantum Computing in Simple terms so you can really use this For whatever you want but the first Thing I'm going to share with you is if You go over to a site called Now maybe you know about this site what It is it's a question and answer site Where you can basically either ask Questions yourself or you can answer Questions so what we would do is we Would think first off about what Niche The product we're promoting is in so Let's say you found a product and it's

In the health and fitness Niche what you Want to do is type in on quora health And fitness okay and you just want to Type that in and you want to search that And what we want to do on the left side Is filter by questions because this is Going to share with us all these Different questions now what you want to Do is you just want to find any one of These questions okay so what are the Best health and fitness tips I can open Up that question and if I've created an Account with quora which is totally free To do I can click here to answer and I Can go ahead and write an answer now Again this is is where chat GPT is going To come in rather than spending your Time and effort you know writing these Answers on quora I can literally just Copy this question here go to chatgpt Type this in and just hit this search Thing right there and literally in a Matter of seconds it is going to write An answer okay a very good answer when It comes to that question okay so I came Back after literally about 20 seconds And you can see that it wrote nine Different tips eat a healthy balanced Diet choose a variety of fruits Vegetables whole grains limit your Intake of sugary drinks so these are Incredible tip okay and you can see I Hope these tips are helpful they even Added an outro to the answer so

Literally all I have to do is copy this Here go to quora and literally just Paste that in okay so that is our answer Now how do we make money from this well What we want to do is ultimately link Them to our affiliate product that we're Promoting so I can hit enter a few times Now you can't just put in your affiliate Links so let's pretend that this is my Affiliate link that I'm promoting you Know you could have gone to ClickBank Got an affiliate link I share a lot of Tutorials on my channel how to get your Affiliate link or again if you promote My number one affiliate program at the Link below you don't just want to put it In there because quora will typically Block your post because it looks like Spam what we can do is we can say click Here to discover my number one way to Lose weight and get fit or discover my Number one way to make money online or Trade Forex okay whatever Niche we're in And then all you have to do is go to Google type in Blogger and then just go To is a free Blog creation website rather you can go Here I can create an account for free Hit new posts and then what we can do With this post is I can actually put my Affiliate link there okay so I went Ahead and created the new post for the Title I can say best way to lose weight And then I just say go here for the

Details okay and then we would basically Put our affiliate link on the Blogger Page then all we would have to do is Click publish and then just go ahead and Go to view and then copy the link at the Top so we're just basically putting our Affiliate link on Blogger because Typically blogger blogs are accepted by Quora so this is just a very quick Workaround and then we just go back to Quora highlight this okay you can go There this little paper clip icon and Then paste the URL there add so now it's Hyperlinked and then we just hit post And there's the answer you can see the Answer we click there it goes to here And then they would go to our affiliate Link okay so what I would personally do Is I would just go through and I would Answer as many questions as possible Just take the question paste it in here You can just go all the way through Getting answers for these questions over And over again now the second way you Can actually start to use GPT to make Money is just straight from your Facebook profile so if you have some Friends or family on your profile and You want to start making money what you Can do is you can literally just go here And I can think about what type of Niche I'm I'm in okay so let's say you're in The health and fitness Niche and what we Can do is go back to chat GPT and it's

Going to depend on what products you're Promoting but let's say your product You're promoting teaches people how to Lose seven pounds in 10 days for example And let's say the product has a free Video on the sales page so I can write Something like this write a Facebook Post that will pique people's interest About a free video teaching people how To lose seven pounds in 10 days make the Post end with a call to action for People to comment below the post for the Link to the video and then all I have to Do is hit there and literally in a Matter of seconds it starts typing so After a few seconds you can see it right Here hey friends I wanted to let you all Know about a free video I just watched That taught me how to lose seven pounds In just 10 days I was skeptical at first But the techniques and strategies shared In the video really worked for me if You're looking to kick start your weight Loss journey and drop a few pounds Quickly you won't want to miss this Comment below if you're interested and I'll send you the link to the video Trust me me he won't be disappointed so Notice it has the call to action right There just like we said it includes the Seven pounds in 10 days the free video Okay so I mean this is incredible and Again it's literally just in a matter of Seconds so I can copy this go to my

Facebook profile go to create a post and Literally just write this okay and if I Want to format it a little bit I can go Ahead and do this and I can literally Just hit post and when people start to Comment on this post all you would do is Just reply to the comment so let me see If I can find an example okay so I found An example uh not too long ago I made a Post on my Facebook profile with a call To action for someone to comment and you Can see I had 29 comments 2K 2K and then All you want to do once people comment Is you literally just open up their Profile you message them and you say hey I saw you requested information on this Free video go to this link to check it Out and then you would just send them Your affiliate link very powerful and Then if you want to do this post again Let's say you wait a few days you can Just go back here and I can literally Just regenerate response wants and it Will rewrite it in a different way so You can see right here it literally just Rewrote this in a different way and you Can go ahead and use this again you Could also post this in a Facebook group That has to do with the niche such as Losing weight and people can comment There as well now the last powerful Strategy that I want to share with you In this specific video is you can get This to write blog posts so let's say

You found a product on ClickBank and Let's say the product again was in the Weight loss Niche and sticking with the Theme through this video let's say it Taught people how to lose seven pounds In 10 days what I could do is I could Literally just go here and say write a Product review of a weight loss product That helps people lose seven pounds in 10 days make the review positive and end It with a call to action to purchase Through the link okay just like that and We hit enter and it literally will start Writing an article that you can use if You have a Blog if you have your own Website you can go ahead and paste that On there so you can see right here I Recently tried out the weight loss Product that claims to help you lose Seven pounds of 10 days have the sale is Really impressed with the results Etc now you could even say you know Write a review write a product review on And then write in the specific name of The product if you want this article to Use the keywords to try to help rank This article in the search engine now Again you could just take this article And if you have a Blog so for example This is an example of my blog you could Literally just paste this article in Here and you just have the different Points right there and then at the Bottom would just have your link right

There which would go to your affiliate Offer I just want to share with you one More bonus method so as you can see on My YouTube channel I get quite a few Views on these videos now if you want to Start using videos and start making Product commissions with YouTube for Example we can literally just go right Back to Chachi BT and then type in Something like this write a YouTube Script on a video teaching people five Ways to lose weight include an intro and Outro in our video script and I just Click here and it will start to Literally write a video script that you Can say when you go to record your video So for example Welcome to our video on Five ways to lose weight losing weight Can be difficult and overwhelming tasks But it doesn't have to be in this video We'll be sharing with you five simple And effective ways to shed those extra Pounds and get on track first and Foremost etc Etc etc it gives you the five tips in Your video doing number tips if you want To write a YouTube script is very good You can do you know write three tips you Could do five anything from free three To about seven tips per video is very Good and then it even has the outro Remember losing weight is not about Quick pads and diets Etc and you can Literally just record a video saying

This and then at the end give a call to Action to to go underneath the video and Click your affiliate link now we are Still in the very beginning of this Powerful bot technology chat gbt is just Getting better and better if you have Any more ideas on how to make money with Affiliate marketing and chat GPT be sure To comment below in the comment section I'm sure my audience would love reading That and you'd be helping our incredible Community like this video if you got Value and you want me to make more Videos on how to use this powerful Technology I'll be sure to create more Videos in the future on leveraging this To make money with affiliate marketing Now as I said before be sure to click The first link below to see a free video Revealing how to easily set up my number One affiliate system to promote with the Method shared in this video to get paid Instant 100 commissions also click the Subscribe button with the Bell icon so You don't miss out on my latest money Making methods and last if you want to Discover an another incredibly easy Method to make commissions online be Sure to click the video that will show On the screen in just a second to Discover that one also thanks for Watching and I'll see you on the next Video [Music]

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