How To Make Money With ChatGPT and FREE Traffic (Full Step by Step Tutorial)

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So a lot of people recently have been Asking how to make money with chat GPT And as you can see the key to creating Wealth with chat GPT is understanding Its capabilities and how to leverage From it to make money and as you can see You can use chat GPT and make money in Various ways you can use it to help you Do content creation copywriting Affiliate marketing e-commerce stock Trading and there are so many more Possibilities and on this video I want To show you how you can combine a number Of these different strategies to make Money with chat GPT so all you need to Do is come over and get access to chat GPT if the waiting list is full what you Need to do is go over to unlock I'll have a link in my Description for you which is going to Allow you to get access to the chat GPT Software and what I'm going to do is Show you how to use chat GPT on this Video to start to make some serious Money online on top of that I'm going to Show you how to use another AI software Which is going to do 80 of this work for You chat GPT is going to do the rest and You can start to make money online using Chat GPT and Ai and as you can see People are making tens of thousands of Dollars every single month and in time You can see that they've started to make Some serious money utilizing these

Different types of strategies and on This video I'm going to walk you through This entire strategy step by step but on Top of that as you guys know my March Giveaway has ended so today somewhere in This video I'm going to be announcing The 10 winners that are going to get a Hundred dollars each so make sure that You look out for that we're going to be Doing that live on this video so all you Need to do is make sure that you've Liked that video once you do that make Sure you subscribe to the channel for Some more awesome videos that I've got Coming your way and let me know in the Comments do you want me to do another Give away for April go down the bottom And comment right now let's do another Giveaway and also if I get enough people Commenting I'll do another giveaway so Let's get straight into this video so The first thing that I want to show you With this strategy is how this works and What people are doing to generate this Income and then how you can incorporate Chat GPT and AI so that you can start Making money online and all this Incorporates using 100 free passive Traffic okay so if we come straight over To YouTube and we take a look at a Couple of channels I want to show you This one over here called top Tech now And the other Channel that I want to Show you is this one over here called

Techzone and what these channels are Doing is they're going and they're Reviewing different types of products From different types of various Platforms for example some of them are Doing it from Kickstarter a lot of them Are doing them from Amazon and both These channels are not showing their Faces and they're using images photos From different various sources which I'm Going to show you in a second and Basically they're absolutely crushing it With affiliate marketing sales and Through content creation which was the Two keys that I showed you at the start Of this video that will allow you and Help you that you can use chat GPT to Help you make money online so as you can See this channel top Tech now is getting Videos some of their videos are getting Millions of views with these different Types of products that they're reviewing Like this one over here it's got 1.5 Million views and it's five best Bluetooth speakers this was done in 2019 Then another video they did which was in Three years ago in 2020 top five best Bluetooth speakers 2020. when I scroll Down I can see that they've done other Ones and it appears that doing these Speakers seems to get this person a lot Of views and they would be making an Absolute killing when it comes to Promoting these different types of

Speakers and selling them so if we click Onto any one of these videos that they Have created the first thing that you're Going to see number one is that these Videos are monetized first thing that we Need to because this is really important Because I'm going to show you how to Create these videos and also what They're doing and how they got their Channels monetized then when we go over To their videos you can see that they're Not using any of their content they're Not showing their face throughout the Video and what I suggest that you do is A you can use your own voice B you can Pay somebody to do a voiceover for you On Fiverr or see you can use an AI Voiceover but you may struggle to get Your channel monetized if YouTube Doesn't like the AI voiceover that you Are using so if you can use your own Voice it's even better if you can pay Someone then that's great otherwise you Can still make money with affiliate Marketing you're not going to get your Channel taken down but you may not get Your channel monetized but you'll still Be making money with affiliate marketing Now when we scroll down and take a look At their description I mean take a look At how many links they have to different Types of speakers on Amazon and this is How they are monetizing this channel not To mention like I showed you with one of

The other videos this person is making Anything up to six thousand dollars Every single month in YouTube ad revenue And I reckon they're making a little bit More because this only goes up to a four Dollar CPM being in the tech Niche that Could be closer to ten dollars and as You can see that means that this amount Would basically double or Times by 1.2 So that could be making any up to twelve Thousand dollars a month with this Channel because they are getting over 1.1 million views every single month so I wanted to show you this channel the Other thing as well that I want to show You is I'm going to show you how to get This vid IQ extension so you can see Exactly how you can replicate the tags That this channel is using so that you Can also push your content to a similar Audience it's the first Channel that I Want to show you the second Channel that I want to show you is this one over here Called Texan which is doing something Extremely similar very similar creating Videos on different types of gadgets They're also promoting it through Kickstarter you can sign up to Kickstarter as well and create these Videos for the purposes of this video We're going to be using Amazon and Another AI tool which is going to do Majority of the work for you now that AI Tool that I'm talking about is this one

Over here called in video dot IO this is An amazing platform that allows you to Create videos in minutes you can see That you can create published videos in Basically a day once you get really Comfortable within video you could be Putting out these videos you can do two To three videos in a single day as you Can see this is one of the fastest and Easiest ways to create professional Looking videos they've got a number of Different types of templates I've got Text-to-speech they've got as you can See here it says 5000 I believe this has Been increased to 6 000 professionally Created templates and I'm going to show You that in a second and as you scroll Down you can see that it will allow you To remove backgrounds with different Types of images they've got time saving AI tools all the features that you want To create a professional looking videos In video is the tool that you should Definitely be going with now when it Comes to their pricing I have an amazing Deal for you today not only does in Video have a special 50 offer but I'm Going to show you how you can get even More off this deal so you can literally Start getting into this and saving a Huge amount of money you can see here That if you click onto monthly if you go For the monthly package it's going to Cost you thirty dollars a month if you

End up going for the yearly package It'll cost you if we click onto this 15 A month if you go on the business plan On the unlimited plan it goes from sixty Dollars to thirty dollars so that's Already a huge saving but if you go on The yearly and you also enter in my code Smt25 and you click on to apply I'm Gonna have the link in the description Of this video you can see here that the Business plan goes to 11.30 and the Unlimited plan goes to 22.50 sense I Mean can you imagine having a Content Creation tool that can do all the work For you for this amount of money I mean He's absolutely unbeatable and like I Said that link is in my description when You scroll down what you can do what I Highly suggest is that you sign up Absolutely for free so you can play Around within video and get familiar With it so you understand how to use it You can see that you'll have access to 6 000 of these templates free video Sharing 40 minute video durations you've Got three million plus standard media Okay and automated text-to-speech you Can sign up for free play around with it Learn exactly what you need to do and How to create these videos once you get Comfortable creating these videos you're Going to need to sign up to either the Business plan or the unlimited plan so You can start downloading these videos

And uploading them on to YouTube and Getting these videos out there so that You can start making money online Utilizing this strategy and as you can See you're not gonna have any watermarks On these videos you've got up to 60 HD Video exports per month if you decide to Get are unlimited you've obviously got Unlimited you've got 10 istock media per Month with the unlimited you've got 120 And you've got 1 million plus premium Media as well from there it's also going To give you 20 removable backgrounds per Month and 40 on unlimited and you've got A seven day money back guarantee as well So again but like I said highly Recommend come over here sign up Absolutely for free and what this is Going to allow you is to learn how to Play around with this as you scroll down There's a lot of testimonials on here That you can take a look at and you can Also have a look at this as well and see What else they have they've got so much Either it's too much for me to list it Is absolutely amazing I use in video for A lot of my content creation and I Highly recommend that you do the same And I'm going to show you how to use it On this video so make sure you keep Watching because it's absolutely amazing And it's really simple to do and you can Review these amazing products using in Video and start to absolutely crush it

So go down the bottom right now and sign Up absolutely for free using my code Smt25 from near what we need to do is we Need to sign up to Amazon Associates Because what we need to do is we need to Start promoting these products and also Getting an affiliate link so come over To Amazon Associates you can see here That's all you need to do number one is You need to sign up two you need to Recommend these different products and Three you can start earning and you can Earn up to ten percent with a lot of These different types of products and All you need to do is put them inside These videos people click onto them and Purchase them and a lot of these videos As you saw get millions of views you can Only imagine because this is targeted Traffic people are looking to find what Are the best for example speakers or Best wireless speakers they're Interested the link is there they're Purchasing it's simple it's getting Delivered to the house and a lot of People already have these Amazon Accounts so it's really easy for you to Convert this in to sales now when you Sign up to become an Amazon associate it May ask you for a website you can use Your social media ID as well it's Exactly what I did and that's how I was Able to sign up to Amazon so once you Sign up to Amazon what's going to happen

And you become an Amazon associate as You can see what I've done here is I've Just searched for wireless Bluetooth Speakers what's going to happen is You're going to have this Amazon site Striper case this is what you're going To get when you become an Amazon Affiliate so let's say you search for Wireless Bluetooth speakers you're going To find the speaker let's say we wanted To promote this speaker it's very simple All you need to do is come up to the top Where it says get link and then click Onto text once you click onto text this Is going to give you this link this is The link that these content creators are Putting in the description of their Videos and when people are going over There clicking onto it it's bringing Them over to this page once they're Purchasing this product you are making a Commission and with a lot of views you Can start to make some serious money Online so this is why you need to sign Up to Amazon from there what we need to Do is we need to get an account with Chat GPT so just go over to chatgpt and Sign up like I said if you you don't Have access to chat jbt or there's a Waitlist you can get access to the chat Jpt software go to unlock I'll Have a link in my description and sign Up to get access to the software if You're unable to get on or you're still

On the wait list once you have access to Chat GPT now what we want to do is get a Script from chatgpt which we are going To import to in video so we can get this Video created and that's exactly what I'm going to show you right now so if You're enjoying this video up until this Point make sure that you smash that like Button in appreciation guys and you're Subscribed to the channel and like I Said if you want me to do another Giveaway in April make sure you've left A comment down the bottom and saying Let's do another giveaway for April Because I'm going to be announcing the Winners shortly so from here what we Need to do is we need to go over to Chatgpt and we need to ask him something Like this top 5 best Bluetooth speakers Because we saw with these different Videos like this channel over here that These speakers were absolutely getting So many any reviews okay and we know That already there's an audience for This and there's people interested in This so we know that if this person can Get so many views even with a brand new Channel we may have a good chance of Getting a lot of these different types Of views and I'm going to show you how To optimize this as well so what you Want to do is come over to chat GPT and Just ask us something like this top 5 Best Bluetooth speakers what check GPT

Is going to do is it's going to give us Five different options one two three Four five then you can go through and Take a look at these and see whether or Not how good they are do a little bit of Research yourself but chat jbt is going To do a lot of the work for you from There what I did If you scroll down and take a look at This I wrote make me a YouTube script With the above speakers using bullet Points and be very specific with the Quality of the product and the benefits Okay so now what we're doing is we're Getting chat GPT to basically give us Everything we need so we don't need to Do much and as you scroll down you can See here that I've got the intro for my Video and then I've got these different Five Points okay and I've even got an Outro which is amazing that we can Customize and in this outro you can also Add once I'm going to show you how to do This but you can also add at the end of This video make sure you check out the Links in my description if you want to Purchase any of these amazing speakers Or if you want more info on any of these Amazing speakers this is going to Increase your click-through rate and how Much money you're going to make so what We want to do from here is now we want To get this script and we want to start Creating this video so what we want to

Do is we want to come over to Nvidia so Once you've signed up to in video There's a couple of ways that you can do This number one is you can go text the Video I've shown that many times on a Few of my other videos what I want to do With this particular video is I want to Show you how to go straight for the pro Video creation okay so I'm going to come Up to the top and we're going to click On this little plus okay and then from There you've got three options you can Create this in a landscape size format Which is exactly what we're going to do For this video you can do a square which You can put up on Instagram Etc if you Wanted to start creating mini shorts you Can absolutely do that by selecting Portrait what we're going to do is we're Going to select a landscape what this is Going to do now is it's going to allow Us to import our own videos and files Which I'm going to show you where you Can get or you can also use in videos Files as well and they've got some Amazing videos as well that we can use And also where you can potentially get Images and that's exactly what I did Over here when I created this very very Simple video this is the exact same Script okay and this is the first Pointer account I want to show you Exactly how you can do this and also Adding an automated voiceover so the

First thing that you need to do is Actually the first thing we want to do Is you can see here you've got this logo Section now you can import your own very Simple logo which is going to stay Throughout the video which means that no One else can rip off your video or take Your video for now I'm just going to Remove this and now what we want to do Is we want to come over here on the left Hand side and as you can see you've got Videos images Etc and what we want to do Is we want to type in wireless speakers And once you type in wireless speakers You just want to hit enter then you can Come over to video for example make sure You've got wireless speakers on there And then what this is going to do is It's going to give you all these Different videos which is going to show You these different types of videos and You're going to see that you're going to Have the wireless speaker in the Background what we're basically doing is We're looking to use something for our Intro you can see with this particular Video over here you can see that it had This wireless speaker in there so what We can do is we can type in something Like wireless speaker or Wireless Bluetooth speaker as an example or Wireless Bluetooth speakers and now what We can do is I can use this exact same Video so what we're going to do is we're

Going to hit this plus okay and then We're just going to click on to add now This is added this video as our first Video now all we need to do is we need To come over to chat GPT very simple and What we're going to do is we're going to Copy this intro so I'm going to grab This we're going to copy that we're Going to come straight over to in video Sorry this one over here and what we're Going to do is you can see here that You've got this voiceover okay so we're Going to click onto voiceover and now You've got a few options for voiceover Like I said you can either go pay Someone on Fiverr to create these Voiceovers you're going to see that These videos aren't too long and it's Not going to cost you too much ideally Guys grab a little microphone use your Mobile phone and record your voice on Your phone and then upload it over to in Video okay this is going to give you the Best opportunity to get your Channel Monetized with YouTube okay if you use The the automated text-to-speech you can Still make money with affiliate Marketing you can still upload these Videos onto YouTube but for whatever Reason YouTube doesn't like it or Doesn't want that automated text to Voice or doesn't like the quality of it You stand a good you know a chance that Your channel might not get monetized and

If you want to earn ad Revenue as well Which you saw you can make a lot of Money with ad Revenue then start to get Comfortable using your own voice that's My personal advice for you but it's Completely up to you how you want to Start this you can completely test it Like this see how you go once you start Making sales and then you feel that you Know you want to progress with your Voice and you absolutely can the Purposes of this video I'm going to show You how to use nvidia's text to speech You can also import your own you can pay Someone to do and also upload that as Well or you can quite simply record your Voice using a microphone and directly Onto Nvidia as well so if you select Automated text-to-speech and so what you Want to do is you want to paste that First section here now as you can see I've only copied the first paragraph up Until the First full stop okay so when You come over to chat GPT you can see That this sentence is quite long so what I've done is just copied that first Section account we're going to add all This in there but we want to break it up We don't want to make it too long okay So when you come back over to Nvidia now What you want to do is you can see You've got a few options for The Voice Server you can scroll down and you can Click onto this little play button to

Play now I know that Matthew Probably Sounds a little bit better than most of These ones so I can click onto Matthew And I'm going to click on to generate Voiceover now once I click on to Generate voice server that's it's about Six seconds I can play this and so you Can see here it is what your solves hey Everyone if you're looking for Affordable and Powerful Bluetooth Speaker then you've come to the right Place Okay so we've got that now what We're going to do is we're going to Click on to add now that's been added in Here okay so what we now want to do is We want to move this and we want to stop This here now what we want to do is we Want to grab the second one so you just Come down here grab this and we can stop That there where it's got 2023 so I'm Going to copy this come straight back Over to in video okay and now what we're Going to do is we're going to add the Second one so just go automated text to Speech and then quite simply just paste That in there generate voiceover And then what we're going to do is we're Going to add this the reason why I've Split this up is sometimes when the Sentence is too long it can sound a Little bit rushed now when we play this When it's in between this the right Place In this video you can hear that there

Was a longer pause okay so it sounds Just it sounds a little bit better Sounds a little bit more natural so Again all you need to do is move this Over to there now what we want to do Again is just come straight back over to Chat jpt and we're going to grab the Third Paragraph there copy that come straight Over to in video Voiceover automated text-to-speech paste That in there okay guys then it's very Very simple okay and just generate that Then what we're going to do is we're Going to make sure that this scene Matches that okay so click on to add Move this to there okay now if you need To extend this you can so that it Matches up so now when you play this You're going to have this entire section And now what we want to do is we want to Add some text overlay okay so quite Simply you want to move this back over To the front Okay and then what you want To do is you want to come over here and You want to go to text now what we want To do is we want to choose one of these Texts and we're going to put some text Overlay on the top of this so just go to Quite simply you've got this one over Here it says you are amazing you can Scroll down and you can see all these Different fonts that you can use and you Can play around with this to see which

One suits your video best Okay so let's Just click onto this once I click onto This it's just going to add that to There guys now quite simply if I move This over you're going to be able to see That we're going to move this all the Way to the front now you can stretch This out okay so we're going to stretch This out make it look like this then What you want to do is you can click Onto spacing or aligning and we can put This in the center again what we want to Do for this is we want to go over to Chat GPT again and quite simply we want To line up what he's saying with this Wording okay so come straight back over To Nvidia just like I have done over Here as you can see it's going to change Scenes okay as the person speaks so what We want to do is come straight over to Here we want to click onto this once you Double click onto this it's going to Give you the option to paste that in There command V okay and as you can see It's done there so what you want is you Want to stretch this out Okay and once you stretch this out you Can also minimize this So drop this down okay just so it's not Too big okay and then as you can see It's going to look like that so what you Want to do from here is you've got these Different animations that you can use You've also got text effects so if you

Click onto this you're going to see it's Going to allow you to have like that Background you can lower that opacity There okay and the other thing that you Can do as well is you can do this text Blending so if you click onto this you Can see you can multiply and do all this Sort of stuff it's completely up to you What you want to do guys but as you can See it's starting to look really really Good and it's exactly what I've done With my video over here now you can play Around with the size and whatnot so you Can see how simple that is to do so I Wanted to show you exactly how you will Do that so now I want to save you a Little bit of time I'm not going to show You how to do the second and third Because you know exactly how to do the First one now what you want to do is you Want to move over and you want to start Adding these images so the first image That I've got over here as you can see For the first product which when you Come over to chat gpts this one over Here JBL Flip 5 what you want to do is You can potentially use some of the Images that Nvidia has so if we come Over to Nvidia you can see if we come Back over to images and you go back and You type in wireless Bluetooth speakers You're going to find different types of Speakers and sometimes you're going to Be able to actually find the exact same

Speakers like for example this one over Here appears to be the exact same Speaker so you can hit plus okay you can Drop this down Okay so let's just drop This to Here and Now what you can do When you move this over one thing that You want to do is you can see here that You can go to fit type okay and you can Crop this to scene so what you want is You want to extend this okay and then Drop that to there and then what you can Do is you can move that out like that Okay so you can use something like this That's the first option that you have The second option that you have as well Is you can quite simply come over to Amazon and once you're on Amazon users You can search for that exact same Product okay so if we come back over to Here and we go to JBL five okay flip 5 Copy this come over to Amazon let's copy That in there hit enter What's going to happen is if you scroll Down you're going to find this exact Product you can click onto it and once You click onto it you can see that it's Going to start giving you a range of Different types of images okay so quite Simply you can start to use these Different types of images and all you Need to do is to false click onto this Image and then click onto that quite Simply all I need to do is Right Mouse Click go to copy image or save image as

Okay and then I can potentially save This image as jbl3 on my downloads so Just JBL for example three because I've Got a couple of other images and then Just click on to save and as you can see That has now been saved onto my computer What this allows us to do now is if we Come straight back over to in video and We want to add that image instead of This image or we want this to be our Next image okay which I'll show you Exactly how that works all we need to do Is go to uploads okay grab this drag and Drop what's going to happen is that this File as you can see has now been Downloaded onto Nvidia so quite simply I Just grab that drag and then drop it Over here and what's what you need to do Is obviously move over and then we just Need to expand this image as well okay So you can extend it like this or the Other thing that you can do if it's Going to start you know moving and Making it bigger all you need to do is Go to fit type go to stretch to screen Grab that and then just stretch it out Like that so that it fits the entire Scene like that okay so from here what We need to do is we need to come over to Chat GPT so quite simply come over to Where you've got this script and now What you'd be doing is you'd be adding These three points so you'd copy this Come straight back over to in video okay

Go over to voiceover automated text to Speech okay and then all we need to do Is paste this in there okay and then Click on to generate this Bring this over to here because these Are the points for this particular Speaker okay then just click on to add And now this is going to add that now What we have is we have two scenes and Now as you can see we need a third so as We play this this speaker is one of the Best on the market delivering powerful Sound and deep bass the flip 5 is also Waterproof making it perfect for outdoor Use in pool parties so what we can do is We can let now go over for example to Google if we don't find an image that we Like or that doesn't match all you need To do is quite simply come over to Google type in JB or flip 5 waterproof And find an image like this that is Going to fit that scene right Mouse Click and save this and then all you Need to do is upload it the exact same Way and then all you need to do is come Straight back over to your upload media Click onto this wherever you've Downloaded that image as you can see I've downloaded over here I'm going to Open this okay and what I'm going to do Is I'm going to stretch this out to here Okay maybe a little bit more now what I'm going to do is I'm going to put my Cursor here like this and then I'm going

To click onto this plus it's going to Add it there and as you can see I'm Going to drop that in there and just Move this back and that aligns there now When you play this The flip 5 is also waterproof and then All you'd need to do is obviously Stretch these out guys And drop this to here okay and you can See now that this video is starting to Resemble exactly what we have on chat GPT now I'm just showing you bits and Pieces of how to do this but like I said Sign up absolutely for free the link is In my description use code smt25 to get 25 off for Life once you start uploading These videos onto YouTube so it doesn't Cost you a lot of money and as you can See this is exactly what I've done over Here so I'm going to play this very very Quickly it's only a 20 seconds so you Can see what this video is going to look Like when you go to upload this onto YouTube so let me just put this volume Up for you let me play this for you so You can see exactly what this is going To look and sound like Hey everyone if you're looking for a Portable and Powerful Bluetooth speaker Then you've come to the right place in This video we're going to take a look at The top five best Bluetooth speakers of 2023 we'll be discussing their quality Benefits and features so you can make an

Informed decision on which one to Purchase let's get started JBL flip 5. this speaker is one of the Best on the market delivering powerful So as you can see don't want to get too Long with this but as you can see the Video is starting to look great it's Getting you the information that people Want and the AI has done everything for Us now what we need to do is we need to Export this video so quite simply what You do is you'd come up to the top you Can see you've got this export option You can go with a 1080p option or 720p Option it's entirely up to you once you Sign up with a 1080p you can see that This is for the best video quality so What I'm going to do is we're going to Export this video once you hit export This video is now going to download onto My computer and this is where now we Need to start uploading these videos on To YouTube exactly like this channel is Doing over here as you can see as you Scroll down what they're doing from There is they're starting to add these Different types of affiliate links but More importantly what you need to start Learning how to do is how you're going To optimize these different types of Videos well the first thing that you Want to do is you want to make sure that The keywords that you are searching for So what people will be searching for on

YouTube you have inside your title so For example like this person has top Five he's got best Bluetooth speakers 2019 what you'd be doing right now is You'd put top five top six top four Whatever and then you'd go best Bluetooth speakers 2023 that's the first thing you want to Take a look at what your competition is Doing and how which one of their videos Are getting a lot of views that's the First thing the second thing that you Want to do is you want to make sure that You get this extension called vid IQ all You need to do as you can see I'll have A link in my description for everything For you guys but if you come over to Vidiq you can sign up and get this Extension okay and what this extension Is going to do is it's going to show you The tags That these channels are using When they're uploading these videos what These tags do is they tell YouTube where To push these different types of videos Okay so really important that you come Over here and you get this extension so You can take a look at these tags you Can copy these tags and upload them when You're uploading your video so just copy And paste the exact same tags so that The people so that YouTube knows exactly Where you want to push your content so Really important to do that the second Thing that you want to do as you can see

Is you want to start creating these Different types of thumbnails again guys You can do this absolutely for free a Lot of the thumbnails that I've created My my videos I just use straight from Canva the great thing about canvas all You need to do is come over here and Type in YouTube thumbnails And they have a ton of free templates That you can use as you can see all These templates a lot of these templates Are free the ones that have this little Pro sign are paid but you can absolutely Get a lot of these for free and all you Need to do is customize these different Types of templates and then just start Uploading exactly like these channels Are doing you can create amazing looking Thumbnails and I'll have a link for that For you as well so you can use obviously All these resources to start absolutely Crushing but the key to this is is the Video creation and making sure that you Learn how to use in video as well so Like I said that link to my description Guys is down the bottom if you want to Get this amazing offer with Nvidia all You need to do when you come up to the Top is make sure that you're using my Code Smt25 and that you're getting yourself Familiar with this software because this Is going to be the key to you making This money now if you guys are looking

To learn how to create these different Types of videos how to grow a channel And how to do all that it can take a Little bit of time if you want my help All you need to do guys in the Description of this video is Click onto Income come over here and Watch this video this is going to teach You exactly how I make money with YouTube and how I can help you do the Exact same whether you want to show your Face whether you don't want to show your Face whether you want to create a review Videos whether you want to create Different types of style of videos very Very simple all you need to do is come Over here and click onto this video Watch this video and I'll show you Exactly how you can do that on top of That will also give you support ongoing Coaching and mentoring which no one else Offers to make sure that you are Successful on YouTube guys so like I Said all the resources all the links are In the description of this video but Make sure that you watch this video so You can find out exactly how I can help You now the moment everybody has been Waiting for my March giveaway winners if You have entered a fantastic plastic if You haven't all you need to do is go Down the bottom right now and comment And let me know do you want me to do Another giveaway for April so you can

Enter all you need to do is comment Right now let's do another giveaway for April so what we're going to do now guys Is we're going to do this live 100 you Can see here one thousand dollar Giveaway 10 winners for March what we're Going to do is we're going to click over Here where it says Needs winners let's Click on to this now what I'm going to Be doing is I'll be emailing all the Winners So that obviously you get an Email but if you see this you don't need To email me I will email you I will get In touch with you and I will let you Know that you are a winner all you're Going to need to do once you receive my Email is let me know exactly what your PayPal email address is so that I can Send you the hundred dollars now as you Can see we're gonna go 10 winners we're Going to go with emails that are Verified you need to verify your email Guys otherwise I get too many spammers That are creating hundreds of different Types of emails to obviously cheat the System so I'm only using 100 verified Email addresses to win so let's go to Choose these winners now and good luck To every everyone and congratulations to The winners so as we can see this is now Choosing the 10 winners and what I'm Going to do is I'm going to scroll down And show this on screen so you guys can See exactly who the winners are and we

Can see here that these are the 10 Winners so if you can see your name here Guys congratulations you are the one of The 10 lucky winners so if you want to Be in the next giveaway film and have Another giveaway guys make sure you Subscribe to the channel make sure that You like this video and go down the Bottom and comment let me know do you Want me to do another giveaway for April And if you're a lucky winner look out For my email don't forget like I said All the links and the resources of this Video make sure you sign up to Everything so that you can start to hit The ground running and absolutely Crushing it in 2023 but don't go Anywhere guys I've got another amazing Video that's also going to help you make Some serious money online if you haven't Seen this video yet highly recommend That you click onto this video right now I'll see you on that video until next Time you guys take care of yourselves And goodbye

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