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Hi everyone welcome to my tutorial on How to make a powerful YouTube video Using chat GPT by using this method you Can easily earn fifteen thousand dollars A month by Google ads and affiliate Marketing first let’s start by Explaining what is chat GPT chat GPT is Often used to power chat Bots that can Converse with users in a natural and Human-like way you can ask the chat bot Questions make small talk or even have a Full-fledged conversation with it so First of all you have to sign up and Chat GPT link is description Bellow Click on the sign up button to complete The process you should now have a chat GPT account and be able to log in and Start creating videos so first let me Show you some YouTube videos you can see That I have searched for guided Meditation here and some videos are in Front of you people watch meditation Videos every morning to stay healthy and You can see here the money monthly Search results of these keywords Millions of people are constantly Looking for these keywords so making Video for these keywords you can earn Millions of dollars through Google ads And affiliate marketing by making such Videos so let’s see how to make fifteen Thousand dollars a month using chat GPD First you have to go on YouTube again And search for guided meditation many

Keywords can now be found below so I Copied this one now go to the chat GPD And paste the video keyword here now Type here just like this write a YouTube Script about guided meditation for Manifestation on your keyboard press the Enter key as soon as you enter chat GPT Will start writing the script for you And in a few seconds your entire script Will be ready if you want to write a Longer script just type rightmore here And chatgpt will start writing the Script again for you so in this way you Can easily write script on any topic Through at GPD now you have your video Script now you have to convert the Script into voiceover so we use Murphy I In each of our videos because it is one Of the best and most powerful AI text to Speech software especially for YouTube Videos you can use this to generate a Voice for any type of video Somer FEI is Best for guided meditation videos let’s Know why so I have given the link of Mer Fai in the description go and sign up There after signing up go to Murph Studio then click on create new project Here enter project title select audio And blank and click on create projects Now you have to paste your script here Just copy your script and paste it just Like this After adding script you have to change Voice from here for meditation video you

Have to use clary’s voice it is Specially made for meditation only let’s Play it and listen Imagine waking up to the golden rays of Sunshine seeping so you can hear its Voice is very realistic so to use it Select the voice and from here to comply Voice to entire project now change the Voice style from here to install Conversational to luxury and set the Pitch to minus 10 percent and at the Same time reduce the speed to minus 20 Percent after that click the three dots And then select apply settings to Project now pitch and speed have been Applied to the entire project so now you Have to add a pause of 0.5 seconds after Each sentence just like this now right Playing The Voice Welcome to our guided Meditation for manifestation Before we begin it’s important to find a Comfortable place to sit or lie down so You must have heard the voice how Awesome and realistic voiceover we have Created in only a few minutes now we Need to add a meditation background to Make the voice even more relaxing so to Add background music click on the Timeline here click on the plus icon Again so now here you have two options You can use free background music from Here and you can also drag and drop your Own background music so I have already Added a background music I will select

It and add it to my timeline Okay now Click on this icon increase volume of VoiceOver and decrease the volume of Background music and set auto ducking to Medium and now play the voiceover Welcome to our guided meditation for Manifestation Before we begin it’s important to find a Comfortable place to sit or lie down own And to allow yourself to relax and let Go of any distractions or stress take a Few deep breaths in through the nose and Out through the mouth Feel your body begin to relax And you it’s perfect now our voice over Is ready export the voice now just like This your voice over will be exported in Seconds so guys now your work is ninety Percent done now we have to convert this Voice over into video so I use flex clip Because it is an easy to use software so I will give its Link in the description Go to flex clip and sign up then click On start from scratch select the edit Mode and ratio and click on get start Now go to the video tab search Meditation video here and you will find Thousands of stock free video clips here You can use any video clip add it to the Timeline by clicking on the plus icon And also upload the voiceover as well Welcome to our guided meditation for Manifestation Before we begin it’s important to find a

Comfortable place to sit or lie down And to allow yourself to relax and let Go now if you want to make the video Clip longer then you just copy paste the Video in this way so guys your video is Ready now you have to Simply export the Video just like this and now your video Is ready to upload on YouTube if you Want to earn more money from YouTube Then don’t skip the video now you have To go to digistore24 and by signing up Find the meditation product from here Start promoting the product through your YouTube video and add the affiliate link Of the product to your video’s Description and in this way you can earn A huge Commission of up to 60 percent so Guys this was it in today’s video I hope You liked the video if yes then Subscribe our YouTube channel and also Like the video thank you

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