How to Sell With Heart With Ryan Dowdy

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Hey everyone and welcome to another Episode of the make money your honey Podcast which is your spot to learn About sales  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing Systems mindset The four things that you need in order To make money your honey and this week's Episode I have a great treat for you Guys today we're going to be speaking to Ryan Dowdy of be in the room and Ryan And I together have a collective over 30 Years of experience in sales and we're Going to be answering a lot of the Questions that have been sliding into my DMs particularly about sales support Sales teams how to develop people the Bad advice on the Internet or Surrounding all of these things we're Going to be Um diving in and it's one of these Things about Divine timing because Ryan And I actually sat down a long time ago To record this podcast episode for you Guys y'all know I had to take a Hiatus And there was other stuff going on and I Went from hustling to building y'all Have heard all about that I'm not going To rehash it but it's interesting how Now seems to be like the right time to Publish this particular podcast episode For two reasons I've had an influx in my DMs asking these questions in the last Several weeks and it just so happens Ryan and I answered all these questions So I feel like if I had published this

Earlier it may have been too early it May not have been as valuable as it's Going to be now since this is on a lot Of people's minds according to my DMs The second reason is there's something Else that Ryan and I talk about on this Podcast episode which is pretty much Learning how to be self-sourced as a Female business owner and follow your Heart because there's a whole lot of Confusion and craziness going on out Here which is leading to a lot of Overwhelm which is causing a lot of Issues for women-owned businesses you're In businesses you don't want to be in You're listening to this person that Person 15 people then you're confused Because you don't want to you don't know What you want to do for yourself it's Like a whole hot ass mess out here and We we talk about this we talk about Learning how to become self-sourced so It's a very juicy interview grab tea Grab coffee and it's always this is Sponsored by persuade to profit which is Our 90-day sales training program and We've made updates to this program in 2022 based on all these questions that I Was getting about people wanting to Build real businesses something Sustainable something where they're not Working 24 7 and still having an impact And in order to do that you have to Create things that can be duplicated so

One of the things that we did in Updating persuade to profit in 2022 is We added in lessons and we restructured It in a way where everything that we're Teaching can be duplicated by a sales Team if you so choose to have one down The road so for example the five-step Sales process that we teach you can plug That five-step sales process into a CRM A client relationship manager you can Teach that five-step sales process to a Sales team we're going to help you with Your sales scripts that's something that You need once you are ready to hire Sales support and as Ryan and I talk About in this episode one of the things That's going on out here is that people Are jumping into sales support way way Too soon and then they don't have the Systems the structure the process the Scripts the training materials that the Business actually needs in order to be Able to properly train people to do Sales on their behalf so we've made some Adjustments to persuade to profit where We took that into account because we Want long-term sustainability I am as Tired about the on the internet As you are and as Ryan is and then also If you're liking these episodes I told You we're going really deep with our With our interviews if you're liking These episodes do us a favor leave us a Five star review on Apple podcast all

You got to do is as you're listening on Your phone Scroll down to the bottom hit those five Stars and leave us a review this helps Us get this in front of as many people As possible okay let's talk real quick About what Ryan and I talk about in this Episode I already mentioned a couple Things but there's a couple of other Things that we got into that was really Really interesting which is how to Follow your heart in business why you Need heart in order to be able to sell We talk about how this either or Thinking that the world functions with Black white right wrong either or put Everything in a box and in a bow just Doesn't work with being human we talk About how to overcome the fear of sales Whether it's you yourself or you're Developing somebody else we talk about Why it's okay to sell even when the World is insane because I mean when has The world not been insane let's be real And we also talk about and we had an Interesting conversation about hustle Culture neither of us believe in burning Ourselves out we do believe in following Your heart And uh we talk about this vilification Of hustle culture which is also not Healthy so like go taking hustle culture To an extreme is not healthy and totally Vilifying it and uh pushing back to the

Degree that some have done is also not Helpful because you need to put forth Effort in order to have a business and Things that are great They require more effort than what is Average and basic so we cover we we Covered a a wide range of topics but I Promise you all of you have been asking Me questions in my DMs about sales People and sales support we got you this Episode is for you and even if you're Not there I want you to pay attention so That you see into your future because This is what you should be trying I Don't want to say should be trying to Build follow your heart but I do feel Like women are not We're not we're not taught how to think With the brains and minds of people who Run real sustainable businesses and then We end up trapped I see a lot of that Going on out here so see this as peering Into your future one day I want sales Support one day on one team one day I Want sales to people sales people and if You listen to this and you take notes And you take it to heart believe me you Will avoid a lot of pain heartache lost Money all of the above down the road so Without further Ado let's get into it Hello everyone welcome to another Episode of the make money your honey Podcast I am here with a new sales Friend Ryan Dowdy thank you so much for

Being here Ryan Hi Amanda I'm excited to be here I'm Excited to be here too we met a few Months ago because I was doing my Outreach in the DMS and you and I were Just talking about how we're both fans Of that and I met you and I was like This woman sounds very familiar and it Turns out I had listened to your I think You had a podcast or something Previously and I listened to it you did The social selling stuff and I'm like I Know who Ryan is pleasure meeting you Ryan And now here we are so So for those who may not know who you Are who is Ryan how did she get here Yeah well thank you so much for that and Yes Outreach is is our friend right so My name is Ryan Dowdy I am the founder Of a community called be in the room Which is actually no longer in the sales Space which is kind of fun so I'll tell You the whole story so I started my Career in sales actually 15 years ago Gosh at this point I think it's 17 years Ago but I had a 15-year corporate career Before I became an entrepreneur and I Worked in sales right so I sold radio Advertising and went on to sell print And then went on to sell digital  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing so if you could Market on it I Have sold it I did that for 15 years Never intended to become an entrepreneur

Until I woke up one day and was like This can't be all there is to life I Should do something else and I honestly At the time I made a thought it was just An industry change right because as a Salesperson I had a lot of control over My income a lot of control over my time But what I didn't have control over was Who I worked with and what I was selling Right right so that is what I learned About online entrepreneurship and the Ability to use a skill set that you have And turn it into a business because Again having sold  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing for years Being a business owner man like a brick And mortar or like store in a business You had to go to and So I learned that most female Entrepreneurs don't like to sell don't Want to sell and are terrified of sales And I'm like oh well yeah I could do That and I had been training sales reps For years in the corporate world that's What I did I when I finally retired I Led my own sale I say I retired from the Corporate world I finally LED my own Sales team and I had spent years on the Sales enablement side so I had built Training programs I built sales orgs That was kind of my jam so I was like Well this is perfect this is a huge Opportunity to serve women and so my my First brand was the uncensored sales Accelerator where we helped High

Achieving women leave their nine to five And build profitable businesses and Essentially what we did was we taught Sales but the one-on-one version of Sales go out meet people shake hands Build really right And I'm a huge fan of that I tell people All the time I'm like you need to have Multiple different  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing and sales Channels I was just telling you before We got started you know I've trained Team to go out and do the Outreach and All that kind of stuff now I'm gonna go Blow up the social media again just like I used to because because you have to Have all the different channels and I Think what's going on online is this Whole idea of just post stuff and people Are going to come to you and while that Is true you do want that happening of Course at the same time you need to Actually understand sales skills and Sales process and a lot of people are Not getting that no not even a little Bit well it's because they've been Promised that they can do it without it It's my belief yeah I know I've seen ads Where it's like close High ticket sales Without a sales call and I'm like um Um A whole lot to take sales calls More if you would take sales calls or I Was talking about this there's like two Really big potential deals that I have

On the table that never in a million Years would have come through a funnel It comes from one-on-one interaction Right absolutely well and I believe that The people who are selling You know how to win sales without sales Calls like they're selling to the Introvert they're selling to the Business owner that doesn't want to like Show me somebody who's actually running A high ticket coaching business not Selling that yeah right like find me a Health coach that that's working for Right like help me a life find me a life Coach not the coach who's selling that Thing I mean screw that just go look at Real bit like I Don't Want to Miss a Real businesses but I mean like Corporate businesses I tell our clients This all the time right where it's like I stopped paying attention to the online People and I started paying attention to People who run businesses that make 150 Million a year right and the ones who Make 150 million a year they've got the Inbound and they've got a floor of 100 People banging out calls every day yeah Absolutely period no I agree with you Wholeheartedly on all of that but what I Found was that was that that lie of like You can build a business without selling Anything was what was being sold so all These women were spinning their wheels And I know this is an audience that you

Serve and they're like I don't Understand why it's not working and I'm Like because your funnel doesn't work Because nobody sees your stuff because You're brand new to business and you Don't even know who you are or what you Want to do or what services you want to Offer or what Niche you want to serve so Why the hell is somebody like no right So that was business number one right Iteration number one it was amazing it Was fun we did a million dollars in Sales in two years it was really Incredible in all of that I was working With a business coach her business went From 2 million to 10 million overnight And she hired like I think six seven Eight sales people and she was like I Don't have time to train them Ryan can You come in and train them because that Was my corporate background so we built This curriculum we trained that sales Team and out of that my second business Was born which was social sellers Academy which is where we trained sales Teams for online entrepreneurs so the Podcast that you've listened to was was That show and ultimately the plan was Originally she was going to run her Business I was going to run mine we were Going to run social sellers Academy Together we learned very quickly that That's not actually how it works which We know and so I got you know basically

She came to me and she said somebody Needs to run this and I it was me I was The person who had that opportunity and So I made the choice to shut down my Brand And become the full-time CEO of social Sellers Academy in March 2021. why did I Say yes to that one impact right like For me my big picture Vision Amanda it's It's books it's stages it's Keynotes and If I'm encouraging people to quit their Jobs and become entrepreneurs I'm never Going to get a keynote speech at a you Know a sales conference for a Fortune 500 company right I probably would not Be welcome so for me I saw an Opportunity to make an impact that and I Love sales I think women make amazing Sales people and I thought if I just if I served sales people instead of just Entrepreneurs it would broaden my Audience right all of those things Happened it was amazing but then I went Through the issue of being in a total Values misalignment with my business Partner so it was one of those like I Gotta peek behind the curtain and I was Like if that is the cost I'm not willing To pay it this is not an option for me And so I went through what I lovingly Call my business divorce which has been A really fun adventure but when I went To my business partner and I told her Hey and I tried to keep it amicable it

Didn't endemically and my complete but That's fine and I said I this is not for Me like my heart is no longer here I've Done some soul searching I've done a lot Of work and I realized this is not my Heart she was like okay shut it down and I was like wait well like I was like That's not what I anticipate is Happening so I had to really decide like Oh my God what am I going to do with my Life and in that being the room was born Which is really a space for high Achieving women to come together and Have you know open and honest and real Vulnerable conversations about what goes On in the world of being a high achiever We work with both entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurs To come together and have tough Conversations so it's really amazing on The back end I still do a lot of sales Consulting I'm actually in the process Right now working with a client who We're building their entire sales Process for them so building a sales Training program for another client so I Still touch it day to day but it is not The forward-facement brand that you will Find on the internet but it is always a Part it's a part of my DNA Yeah I always say that you know you and I were just talking about how I'm moving More into like CEO role and I do have a Team so it's like playing CEO and sales

Manager at the same time I would love Your thoughts on this because I've heard Deferring opinions people always ask me Well how do you find the best sales People and I said be a good salesperson Amen Because if you can't sell your why Would anybody work their saltwater go Sell your yeah I will tell you when It comes to finding good sales people I Have had more experience or more success Taking inexperienced people and me too I'm building them up no I actually I Actually learned that in recruiting so I Was a recruiter at my last job and one Of the things we've recruited for was Sales like retail sales outside sales All that stuff unfortunately like I was Never really mentored in what was going On it was kind of like flying by the Seat of our pants type of situation so I Thought like I got like on the ground Training but didn't really understand What was going on and I was really young Too I was like in my early 20s but now I'm looking back because I made all Literally made all the mistakes that I Learned not to make when I was a Recruiter I made them I hired the more Experienced person I hired an agency That they were trained and had Experience I have had the best luck Taking someone who was already working For me who was totally green didn't even

Want to do it didn't even want to pick Up the phone wanted to cry almost quit And train the hell out of her and that's When I've actually gotten results wait I Mean even in my corporate career like I Was like I would prefer somebody who has You know the soft skills who likes People who is good at that piece and I Can teach you the mechanics of sales Right right so yeah we always said that Like anybody that came out of retail That came out of restaurants that came Out of customer service we're always the Best sales people they just needed to be Taught they just needed to be taught and I feel like I don't know I remember Hiring people who were more experienced And then the problem you run into is Like they want to do it their way and How they were taught and whatever it's Like no no this is my business we're Gonna do it my way because you are Representing me But I I've had that experience as well I Will say it does take more time and you Need to have patience but I've had that Experience as well where the best has Just been take someone who's green and Train them up and the thing is I totally Knew that from recruiting that's Literally what we did we would find Green people for all these Fortune 100 500 companies and they would train them Up but then you know when it got to

Running my own business I forgot all That so this is Funny you're not crazy What I've done this before four why and Then I've like hired all the wrong people but I've actually Literally done this before yeah and it's Interesting how I've had that experience As well Hiram green and train them up And just be patient it does you have to Be patient but it will yeah ultimately Cost You Less because yeah in the long Run right because to get the heavy Hitter to get the person I mean good Salespeople ain't cheap right nope so They're oftentimes not looking for jobs Right so and they're fickle yeah and They're fickle yeah so it costs you a Fortune so like and and the the stats Are that's really not that different From an onboarding perspective so I Would rather take somebody that I can Get at a little bit lower price point And train them up into a high performer Then have to outlay that cash and pray That that person again will follow my Process do the things I want to do and I Don't just have a revolving door of Sales people so yes I mean I guess you Pay in time instead of cash right yeah You pay in time instead of cash which Yeah I'm so glad you validated that for Me because sometimes I'm like am I doing The right thing I'm like of course

You're doing the right thing literally You've gotten the best results from this Particular Avenue it's just taking more Time yep that's all it is but yes this Is the right thing because now it's like Oh second third fourth fifth brains Right right and then they guess what Guess what then they learned it really Well and then they can train up the next One right that's the plan so thank you So yeah because I get asked that Question all the time because people are Like can't I just hire this out Because they don't want to do it and I'm Like you could but it's gonna bomb Unless you learn how to do it yourself Yeah I mean that and but that was really Why social sellers Academy was was Created right but what what we found I'll tell you what happened so it was Created because people were like I don't Want to train my sales team I don't know How to do this you train them for me and We said yes to that right we heard the Itch of the market we said yes but the Reason it really I think imploded Amanda Is because what we the parameters we Didn't set is like yeah like I can't I'm Not a magician Like if you don't have a system a Process if you don't have training in Place inside of your organization I can Only do so much exactly my my team and I We train every freaking day on sales and

Now we're doing sales and mindset Together we're doing like video training So both every single day we're hitting Those numbers we're like we're talking Numbers every day we're talking about Goals every day it's funny because I Never wanted to manage people but then Obviously as your business grows you Have to learn how to do it and now I've Learned to really like it because I've Seen how like it's really about Developing people for them to be the Best performers they can be totally That's really what it is and it's very Rewarding and it's very cool it also Requires a lot of patience but it's very Record boarding and very cool well I Always find it alarming that you know The the business coaches or the coaches Who are like I don't I don't want Employees I don't I don't want them like I do I want more Is like if you can't coach clients you Can coach your team like it's the same Damn thing Um I I have actually found it it's so Funny I feel like we had a very such a Similar experience to get here I was Surprised too when I left the corporate World I was like teams manage It like I don't want to do any of that Right and now I find so much enjoyment In creating employment like and creating A place where my people are well paid

They're well taken care of they're you Know we offer flexibility in schedule And those types of things and I do I Actually find an immense amount of Enjoyment and reward out of that right I Posted the other day at some point you Got to stop being the doer and start Being a developer amen amen so I'm glad You agree with me on that because man People want to fight me they're like I Just I just want to hire it out and I'm Like well you don't have a process you Don't know what you're doing and if you Can't sell your why would anybody Go sell it Right Bingo doesn't make any Sense right I mean it's just monkey see Monkey do I mean if they see you not Doing it they're going to question Whether or not they can make money right It is what it is all right cool all Right so you you dropped so many Freaking gems let me see where we're Going to start one of the things that Came up and I guess this is a theory That's been coming up not a theory but a Theme that has been coming up a lot for A lot of women that I speak to is the Whole thing about following your heart I'm in it now yeah right I was talking To a client one of our private clients Earlier today she's going through that Now kind of like really tapping into the Heart and being like what is the next Move what is the next step so I'll share

Mine right for me it's actually been Take a step back from doing doing the Sales right manage and train And go blow up on video that's where Your heart wants you to go so it's Interesting because I want to jump back In and do the sales and I literally have To like sit on my hands Yeah because I'm a control freak right And I have to sit on my hands right and Not get in the way and it's been it's Hard sometimes to follow your heart it's Like you know what you have to do but Your brain is trying to tell you to go Back Yeah even though you know that's not What you're supposed to do and it's Terrifying yeah so can you speak more to How we can better follow our hearts and The role that that plays in business Because I think I mean if you you got Heart you'll be a good salesperson so Amen you know I wish there was an easy Way to follow your heart because the Reason your brain is freaking out is Because your brain is freaking out when You try to do the things step away from The sales do the things because that Feels safe right our brain's job is to Keep us safe and to exert as little Energy and possible as doing so so if It's like Amanda this is safe go take The damn sales calls right so if you're Listening whatever it is that you're you

Like keep being pulled back to this Feels safe this feels safe even though It's a pain in the ass even though you Don't like doing even you know that the Next step in growth your brain's job Doesn't actually want you to grow so the First thing is understanding that so how Do we follow our heart it's really Taking time to listen to yourself so It's so funny you said this one of the Things we were on a so one of the things We do and be in the room are our hot Seats or like peer advisory sessions Where you know you get 20 minutes and You get to kind of talk to the whole Group about this is this challenge I'm Having and you get feedback from the Entire group right so which is really Cool and it's all sorts of different Challenges but one of the women this Morning was there were actually two Women and one was like well I should I Need to launch this High ticket coaching Program and I need to have an event Because I need to sell this program and My first question was need or want She's like well it just seems like the Logical step and that's what I'm seeing Everybody else do and I'm like pause Pause stop like stop the presses like I Don't if you no if you're doing it Because you need to because that's what Somebody else is doing because that's What I'm just going to follow that

Person's blueprint for Success even Though everything inside of you is Screaming I don't actually want to do That that feels like a giant pain in the Ass I don't even really want to teach That or coach on that or do that then The answer is no so for me it's finding Out where you use words like need and Should and have to right every time You're using those words to describe Whatever it is that you're doing Oftentimes you have to ask yourself like Well but why right why do you need to Launch a high ticket program why do you Why should you have an event right like Because you want to or because somebody Else said that she should so that's the First one and then the second woman Actually came on and talked about she Had been she wanted to consult And she came into a coaching program and They're like no no no you don't want to Do that just package it up put it in a Framework sell it as sell it as a course Right because that's what they'll be Able to do and what do you know she's Having the hardest time selling it Because she's not excited because she's Not excited because that's not what She's good at that's not what she is Pumped about so for me it's like if you Come in and you say I want to do this Thing and somebody says no no no do it This way like red flag red flag red flag

Yeah so it's so interesting you bring That up I had a final session with a Private client earlier today and that's Exactly what had happened to her where I Mean I won't go into details but Basically she had she she fell into that Right where she's like I was like Listening to my brain because I'd done All these other programs and they're Like it has to be in this way so when I Came to you like that's what I told you I wanted and that's what we did but now I realized I haven't been following my Heart and interestingly enough I had Noticed she'd been getting in her head a Lot right right so I've given her an Assignment and I'm like go have some fun Go buy a feather boa or a tiara Or like go hang out with your kids or Just go do something right but like step Away for like a hot minute and just go Have some fun and when she came back it Was like calm and then she knew what to Do but it's because she goes I had the Trauma right from the last experience Where I wanted to really do this thing Where I wanted to sell this thing and They're like no that'll never sell and I'm like girl people buy farts and jars Like right Right stay by farts and jars right they Buy rock purses that fit nothing for Eleven thousand dollars You can sell whatever you want to sell

Absolutely and as long as you try to Sell something you don't believe in you Might make some money by just tripping And falling and stumbling and share like Written consistency but it'll never grow The way you want it to which is exactly What happened in my second business like We we killed it monetarily for like Three four five months and then as soon As my brain was like my heart caught up And was like stop nope nope nope nope Nope nope I mean just right up like you Would believe Amanda and I teach stands For a living yeah because wild in Alignment yeah Yeah no it's true and it's the same Thing with messaging if you're not Excited it's gonna it's not gonna land It's so funny you said that I literally Just wrote down I I like always I'm Constantly keeping I'm sure you probably Do this to thinking of content ideas Like there's Concepts oh yeah no I have A whole Trello board and I gotta like It's like on my iPad on my phone Everywhere I go with me I got my little Trello board it'll drive me nuts yeah no It's wild but what I literally just Wrote down like two days ago like are You creating content because it's what You want to say or what you think people Want to hear oh Because that's that's the difference to Me between head and heart right if I'm

Trying to craft something for you and Again this can be an offer this can be a Sales page this can be a social media Post this could be a YouTube video a Tick tock video real I don't care but if It's like okay what can I say to compel These people into action that's head Right if you're like I can't stop Talking about this thing because it's so Effing important that you get this And you're not thinking about oh my God I gotta package it just right that's Heart Hmm that's the difference and sometimes We have to put them together right I Don't think we can operate Yeah you definitely have to put them Together because one of my head versus Heart conversations right now is as I'm Stepping away from doing so much of the Sales and instead training and Developing and then working more on the Creative front end I love doing it all To be honest I just can't do it of Course all like it you just can't right So what was so interesting was I started As a blogger I had no idea what the hell I was doing Back in 2010 it was just a cathartic Experience I was like yeah I'm I'm just Gonna you know I gotta go learn about Money because I'm broke and I guess Other people gotta learn and this will Hold me accountable like that's as far

As my thought process who went back in 2010 so I was like pumping out content Content content having the time of my Life creating I mean I would do it in The mornings before work I would do it After work I would do it on weekends but I wasn't making any damn money because I Didn't understand you know systems and Structures and offers I didn't Understand the brain part of things so Now what's so interesting is I've really Spent the last three or four years Really in the brain part of things which Number one I always said I would be bad At we have to be careful about the Stories we tell ourselves amen right Because that kept me from it from a lot For a very long time but now that's it's Not over like I still gotta do it but I Gotta go back into the creativity and It's like because I haven't been Spending as much time there it's like it Died Yeah it's coming back now because I had To basically like wander around for six Weeks like walking around golf courses And going to restaurants and not working For it to come back so it's coming back Now but it's interesting because I'm Having that head versus heart thing Going on right now where it's like I Want to go do the thing the heart is Pulling me to and I have to remind Myself that this time I have the brain

Stuff to go along with it whereas I did Not before right so I'm not gonna die or Live under a bridge or any of those Things no we will not Right it's amazing but it's so Interesting how you you bring that up Because I think we're constantly going Through it and it's true you need both I Mean there was a time in my life where I'm business where I really needed to Learn the brain stuff sure absolutely One of our core values at being the room Is is both Anne because we live in a World of and or right we have been very Either oriented yeah so you believe Black why either or right wrong yeah we Very much thought about that and so yeah So for us it's both ants not you know Either or and because that's just who we Are as humans and this idea that yeah You can there's some people like it's Taking it in the sales lens right it's The sales lens of you know You can be a good salesperson but like Sales people are salesy and cut throat And greedy right like you can be a Kick-ass salesperson and really still Work in Integrity right like you can be An amazing salesperson and still really Care about your clients right like you Can make a ton of money and still You know feel the need to touch all of Your clients and work with them and have Good relationships like I think that

Those things exist and I think that's Why women hate sales so much right is Because somebody has told them it's one Or the other yeah so let's talk about That because this constantly comes up With clients team myself right like for Example I had someone ask me the other Day is it normal to feel this way after Meditation and I'm like meditation feels However the hell it just feels like that That day right it's like exercise like You know you could be doing yoga and You're like on point with your tree pose One day and then the next day you're Falling over it just is what it is There's no right or wrong amen right but You were conditioned in every area of Our life that it's a black and white Either or right or wrong it's one of the Reasons I had to stop being a financial Writer because I'm like well why can't I Have a retirement account and Louis Vuitton shoes I don't understand why I Can't do both And you can my friend I can yeah right Why can't I have a kick-ass real estate Portfolio and a Chanel bag I don't Understand why do I have to choose Between the two you do not ever you know Or this whole idea even of a work week Right where it's like oh this is where I Was myself up a little bit right Especially during the pandemic but it's Like oh you only work during this time

And then you don't work during this time But then like it's just creativity just Doesn't work that way like humans we Don't work this way right but we keep Trying to insist to put ourselves into Boxes and like it's either or but it's Not our nature no No my  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing manager was doing some Research and like the 40-hour work week Like the Monday Friday like eight five Nine five Work Week literally started Like Henry Ford created that like over a Hundred years ago But we still do it we have infinitely Different resources and technology and All sorts of we did not have a Hundred years ago But we still followed the exact same Work structure despite all of the other Tools and resources and efficiencies That we have now that we did not have 100 years ago like that's how effed up It all is yeah we had Joe Sanic on the Podcast uh based a new Friday and he Talked about all of that and all the Data and things like that so y'all Listening go go find that it was weird To listen to that one I've been digging Into that as a leader as a business Leader you have to think about like yeah We'll do it why you know why why do we Do the things that we do and again I Keep a traditional work schedule because I have small children and so I have to

Work while they're at school it is Impossible to work with them in the House so like that's it for me but if I Didn't like I don't I don't know like I Would probably be way more likely to Work like 6 a.m to noon and be done Because that's when I'm best but I have I keep a schedule that works with my Kids but yeah I've been really Fascinated by that like for my employees But I have found it's also created Really cool relationships with my people Where I'm like yeah no you know take Take Friday afternoon off go do what you Have to do or yeah absolutely leave go Pick your kids up like giving them the Freedom to do those things and work Around their life instead of the other Way around has has paid paid back paid Me back tinsel like I've gotten a Tenfold Roi by like investing in my People in that way Yeah investing in people is a whole Other conversation for another time so We'll come back because that that is a Whole that's a whole thing because it Amazes me how business owners don't do It I've spent probably Oh my God probably six figures on Training for me and my team and events And I make sure they go with me yeah but But they don't do that business owners Don't do this they don't train teams They don't develop them they don't take

Them out to the events with them right And I'm like that makes zero sense But that's a conversation for another Time so women being afraid of sales Right Oh my God there's so many reasons I as a Former Financial writer think it's Because we have a very wonky Relationship with money amen that's Definitely a part of it I think it's Also we've had horrific sales Experiences because most companies out Here are not training their people as I Was just saying I think it's I think you Know what's also going on I think people Have forgotten how to talk to people Amen to that That's that's definitely a part of it Too right like I'm all about the online Business and funnels and automations and Systems but like you've still got to Know how to talk to other humans yeah And how to do that so what would be your Advice like every time I hear someone in The DMS or on social media I don't like Being pitched too I don't like to sell I Don't I'm like oh you're not making Money are you That's true nobody making any money is Bitching about any of those things on The internet right so my team had that Today because they were booking a call They're like oh my God you went right For a pitch I hate being pitched to and

I'm like oh she struggles with sales Yeah she's probably not making money Because people who are making money They're like yeah give me the Phone and I'm gonna go cold call or send Me all the pitches or like whatever like Regularly don't care It doesn't bother you no no at all You're like no money must circulate Let's keep it circulating but to your so What if somebody was like so terrified And I have my thoughts on this as well Okay but I would love to hear yours Because I had this with a team member But I would love to hear your thoughts Right if someone is so terrified of Sales right they're like I don't want to Do it I'm not gonna pick up the phone I'm not gonna send the DM I don't want To promote like it just makes me feel so Gross I'm so scared where would you have Them start in terms of overcoming that Because you can't be in Business Without Selling Yeah so the first place I start is is With the mindset piece right so the First thing that we always had all of Our clients do is really like get clear On the relationship with sales and why It is so negative right because most People all of that is coming from a Story right I mean so I always start With like in any training I've ever done It's like the definition of sales the

The webs the Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definition of sales is the exchange of a Product or service for money period so Anything else that you think or feel About sales is made up Amen right which is good news because That means if all it is is your thoughts We can change those right so the first Thing is really understanding where it Comes from so I always have people like Write the word sales on the top of a Piece of paper and just start brain Dumping what do you think of sleazy Slimy gross you salesman high pressure Telemarketers scams Wolf of Wall Street Boiler Room like right write it all down And then really start dissecting where Do these come from like so I did this Exercise once that's my clients which Was kind of fun and it came from like When I was a kid you know old enough That you know we still had you know Dialed phones with cords and people Would call your house during dinner Um you know you had to cold call from The Yellow Pages didn't you I always Tell people that I'm like y'all are Complaining about social media my mental Cold call from the Yellow Pages Like I got a Yellow Pages like go sell Something sister yes but no so it was People call it the military my dad would Be like those damn sales people like That is the story that I have about

Sales so the first thing is really Unraveling what your sales story is Because oftentimes it does come from a Bad experience being sold to in an Uncomfortable way all those different Things so so I start there like let's Unwind it let's actually see it for what It is is it true that every salesperson Is greedy no is it true that everybody Who is selling something is is a Criminal no is it true that every single Cold call is you know skin is a scam no Right so when we start thinking about What are all the thoughts that we have About sales and then really start Thinking through is this actually true We start to kind of myth bust it right So I start there with understanding Where is your relationship sales what's Going on and then we move into Amanda Thinking through okay what do we want to View sales as right so my favorites are Selling selling is serving and selling Is helping because the only way that you Can serve clients the only way that you Can help anybody is if they buy Something because you just don't have The bandwidth to work for free wouldn't It be amazing world if we did but we Don't and the only way and even if you Could give it a wall away for free People wouldn't do anything with it Right like those that pay pay attention Period and uh so even if you could give

It to them for free it still wouldn't be As valuable to them as if they paid you For it right so the first thing we do is Dissect it and then we need to replace It and then we need to realize like what Is sales truly and redefine that so for Me I think of sales as connection sales Is relationships like to me it's all About human to human connection Psychology right our basic human needs Or to feel seen heard and understood and If you can do those things and do them Well you will never have a problem Making money ever okay that's what I Keep trying to tell people so I did Something similar I had a team member I Mean everybody knows because we've said The story I'm like you're like a poster Child for our training right because What I said when I came into a team Meeting I said everybody starts selling Starting today It's basically how that went right Because eventually if your team ain't Growing your business why are they there They're just costing they're just Costing you money but a lot of business Owners don't think about that there's Also a lot of over hiring going on Different story or I heard of one of my Mentors the other day say they don't Promote people unless it doesn't matter What the position is they don't promote People unless those people know how to

Sell yeah Because they're like why would I promote You and then you don't know how to grow My business I mean I think that makes all this sense In the world Yeah I'm like duh but we don't think About these things I didn't end up in a Lot of trouble so anyway walking to a Team meeting I'm like everybody starts Selling starting like today and we're Starting your training and I had one Team member who like cried right like Almost quit but she's not a quitter She's not a little and she says Right and I know she's not a little right so I knew I could push her Right and I I took the time to really Train her and now she closes sales for Thousands of dollars now she's like give Me the phone like let's go let's dial For dollars like who do I need to reach Out to what are we doing you know she Trains clients all that kind of stuff But less than a year ago she wanted to Cry and almost quit when I said we got Everybody needs to start selling and it Was in the same place it's like well What are all these ideas and stories you Have about sales and what are all these Ideas and stories you have about money And what are all these ideas and stories You have about yourself in relation to Money right

And once we started going through that And we started unraveling things then it Was like oh and then it was like okay Now here's what sales actually is right And then she's like wow it's totally not Anything like I thought it was I'm like Yeah because sales done well it's Nothing like anybody thinks it is right Absolutely yeah so I agree and with our Clients it's the same right it's like Okay well what's going on in your head Right what what what is happening in Your two ears right or in between your Two ears where you're like selling is Bad right I mean I remember when 2020 Happened the The Panini the pandemic and People were like stop selling it's so Horrible to sell and I'm like oh so you Want the economy to like tank even more Than it's tanking I see okay And it's like no like this is not how This works because they see selling as Like a horrific thing they're these Horrible things going on in the world so You can't make money like what does me Selling coaching Services have to do With a war in Europe nothing I was gonna Say because it happened again too with The whole Russia Ukraine thing everyone Was like you're so insensitive just stop Like I'm like What I have family members in Cuba who Have to wait 12 hours to go get food I'm Not gonna stop selling

Nice like you know what I mean it's just It is what it is and I you know what I Think a part of it is and maybe this is Possibly a western thing maybe more American saying it's immigrant family Kind of thing man Americans have had it Easy Right and that's why they complain No Right Because I'm like yo my family comes from A country where like you cannot start a Business if I don't learn how to make Money on the internet that shit's on me Right right because I have access to Everything I need access to like right Here right and even like yes there's There's conversations about equity and All those things which are very real Very real right and there's systemic Issues that are also very real right but In Cuba you can't do so So sometimes people come from other Countries and they're like why are Americans Complaining because y'all have it easy Like we don't have these level of Resources in other countries so I think Maybe there's a little bit of mentality Thing there too where it's like My family didn't go through everything They went through for me me to be here Like not selling It's so interesting so I have a podcast

Episode with a client of mine a woman Who is a member of bee in the room and She similar thing she was like her she's Caucasian but her husband is a mixed Race and so her babies are mixed and She's like like whatever His family fought through for us to be Here like the things that they did the Sacrifices they made for me to be like I'm just gonna play small feels pretty Selfish you know it is selfish It is selfish and I try to Explain that to people so I like yeah Sometimes I think it's a cultural thing That that plays a role because it's like I will outwork you And it's not gonna be hard Because you're busy complaining and Doing hashtag activism And the thing that hustle culture is bad So there's that um I don't believe in The whole burning yourself out I agree Yeah but I do think you need to put Forth effort But that's what I think I think people Have vilified hustle culture to the Point where it's like well I should only Be able to work five hours a day and I Should be able to make a million dollars Doing that in the first 90 days right Like that's where I think it is and yes Of course we are not I'm not promoting Burnout I'm not promoting not taking Care of yourself but yeah if you look up

Again if you look at the basic Definition of hustle it's to move Quickly right like that's literally it And yeah sometimes when you're building A bit all the time when you're building A business you gotta move quickly if you Would like to move to get things done You got to move so how do we start Getting out of the either or mentality [Music] I think the answer to the question is to First be aware that that is the Mentality right they always say the First step is awareness right for any Spiritual journey you're going to go on Anything like that you have to be aware That that is what you're doing Right so and like my my mentor had me go Back to the basic basic basic stuff as Like when you get out of bed in the Morning like what is in your head right Is it I have to get up I have to do this I have to have to yeah like listen to The words that you use when you talk to Yourself and she made me go like really Stupid like really far like simple Things like I need to go take a shower And she's like no you don't you choose To go take a shower right like so just Thinking through those words that you Use and the number of times we need I Have to I should I need to and really Thinking through that so I say it's it's Starting there with the awareness of why

Do I do this thing why am I in this Situation because unless you even know That there's another option so that's it Start questioning everything it's super Uncomfortable Then I'll change your life I'm a Virgo Moon I'm really good at Questioning everything I will question My own feelings and categorize them into Pros and cons lists That's a no for me people laugh at it I'm like nope I will categorize my Feelings because I'm a Virgo Moon I will Organize my feelings All right to all the people about be in The room yes So be in the room we see it as a Movement of women of action who rebel Against the status quo and build a life Of success on their own terms so it is a Membership organization very Specifically we're finding a man and We're serving that mid-level manager Leader thought leader Community leader Business leader very very well so we're Not built for brand newbies we Definitely have resources for the Executive and you know seven figure plus Earner but we're finding that our Community is really kind of that middle The other it's the other middle of the World who are looking for resources Community Connection all around Leadership and like I say we say

Leadership business thought Community Leaders are all welcome in our community Entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are Welcome in our community and we're Really about collaboration and idea Sharing so we host weekly events all Different formats that are again all led By our leadership or by our membership So we have an online platform where we Stay in touch between our events we Create a directory for all of our Members so it's a really traditional Membership organization in that way but Where we feel we differ is we're not Banded by income level job title we Don't track we don't track you know Leads past or referrals passed it really Is a connection-based community we say We want people to come with their with Their hearts open not their hands open And that that's really important to us And we're just now building our very First Advisory Board where we're going To start bringing in some high-level Heavy hitter leaders to to host some Events for us and be available for some Panel discussions and stuff to really Increase the the education level of the Community Very cool and where can people learn More about it be in the is the Best place you can also follow me on Social media it's Ryan Dowdy official on Instagram and Tick Tock and it's just

Ryan with twins Dowdy on Facebook or LinkedIn Do it if you're more in that mid-level Stage that sounds awesome for people who Are just kind of learning not I don't Want to say learning but like you you've Learned you've read the books you've Started applying but you're not quite a Master at it yet People that are like okay I've I've Learned all the things I've taken the Courses I have the certifications I have The degrees I don't need to keep Investing and learning I just need to be Supported by community so yes okay That's major that's major yeah so it's Like okay it's not another thirty Thousand dollar coaching program it's Not another fifty thousand dollar Mastermind it's not another Certification degree whatever it's I Just really need to be surrounded with Like-minded people to bounce ideas off Of to learn from to connect with so We're from people who get it you yeah Yeah and people who get it and like I Think I heard I wasn't you who I don't Know if it was you but I heard somebody Say like somebody needs to be able to Walk into a room and be like yeah so I Have like this six-figure tax bill That's really stressing me the hell out Like was that you yeah yeah Like who like you have like who has

These level of problems that I'm having Right now and where are they you know so That's brilliant that's genius yeah so It's creating that space where you can Say okay I have this team member who's Driving me effing crazy or you can say I Wrote a tax check for more than I made In 2018 and both of those things will be Supported and celebrated Oh I love that because you know I've Been I think I've been in events where Like women in particular is it for women Only or is it for everybody we very Specifically Right I think that's so needed because You know I've been in events that where Those things are okay to talk about Those things but they're not many if I'm Being honest and on top of that one of The things the women would say was like This is the first time I didn't feel Like I had to play small to make other People feel comfortable boom and it Kills me because we want equality so Badly and we want to break the wage Gap And we want to raise strong women and we Want to more seats at the table but then We buy it in tongues because well what Are people gonna think What are they gonna think am I gonna Offend somebody right and usually the First people to get offended are other Women but I think that's a good place to Stop it

Literally totally we'll have to do a Part two to talk about those things not Today Um I'm just gonna say I've never been Called too much by a man only by other Women Period and period Point Blank The men love it it's the women who Criticize it's so funny because I just Wrote down something that said I Interviewed one of the women who's Speaking at our event we're hosting an Event in Kansas City in September called The Ultimate Upgrade and one of my Speakers is a wealth advisor and a Certified financial planner and what she Actually said was I wrote it down I've Never heard a man say I'm really bad at Money or I'm not good with my finances Never in life have I ever heard that and My best some of my best mentors have Been men yeah and that's why I would Observe them and I'm like this is back When I was a financial writer and I Would observe and I'm like the way that You all relate to money is like totally Different than what us women have going On in our heads and I would just start Emulating the men and I'm like well if They okay I remember being in this Conversation one time and then up guys I Promise we'll end it here but you have To hear this right I remember being in

This conversation one time I was at a Conference this was back when I was a Financial writer there was a big Conference I used to go to every year And we were I think we were in Dallas And we were at the bar it was the first Night the hotel bar my accountant was Sitting on one side and then a colleague Of mine was sitting with him that Colleague ended up selling his website For multiple seven figures by the way A couple of years later And then on the other side right I had Two women right so and I knew I knew Everybody right and I'm just like kind Of sitting here and observing and I Remember the woman being like very like Oh well you know I'm really trying to Get into editing again and but I'm like Pitching these things and I feel so Weird about pitching and she's going on And on and on and on and on about all of This and my accountant and the other guy Are like what's the problem you're just Telling someone how you're going to Solve their problem and get paid for it Like why why is this so complicated it's Like they were speaking two different Languages right and I was just sitting Back serving and I went holy we Live in two different worlds as it Pertains to money Yep Yeah and then that moment I'm like I'm

Just gonna do what the guys do and when I started doing what the guys did Without sacrificing my femininity that's A whole other thing right I start well a Miracles happened I Started making more money who would have Thought like Right oh so good so true so so good all Right thank you so so much for being Here we're definitely gonna have to have You back for a part too I feel like we Could go on and on and on and on Awesome well thank you for the Opportunity All right thank you so much and until Next time everybody cheers to making Money your honey

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