How to Use Email Marketing for Affiliate Marketing (KEY Secrets)

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In this video I'm going to share how to Use email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing for affiliate Marketing so you can start to automate The follow-up process converting way More of your prospects into sales so you Can make way more money with your Business now I've personally built Thousands of email addresses on Different email lists over the years I've been doing email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing for over Five years now and I'm going to share With you in this video tools that you Need to actually start using email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing I'm going to share with you Some psychology on how to properly Follow up with your leads and then I'm Going to share with you how to implement All of it by the end of the video so you Can go out there and get access to email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing for your own business but Before I do that let's go ahead and roll The intro So I remember when I first got started With affiliate marketing I was going out There I was sharing my link on different Social media sites and I was getting Some people clicking my link but I Wasn't making any sales and I was Confused I'm like okay like I don't get It you know the sales page that I'm Promoting looks very good I'm doing all This effort I don't I don't understand Why some people are making a lot of Money and I'm not making any money at

All and then I started doing more Research watching different YouTube Videos and I discovered that you have to Follow up with people it's been stated That's it it takes on average 7 to 12 Exposures seven to twelve times for Someone to see an offer for them to Actually buy so if you don't follow up With people you're not going to really Be able to make sales so I started Researching and you know some people Were doing this manually they're like You know writing people's name and uh Their email down and they're manually Following up and I don't know about you But I want passive income right I want Money coming into my bank account while I'm out at the beach or hanging out with Family I don't want to be manually Working if I don't have to and so Finally I discovered something called Email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing where you can actually Collect people's email addresses and Then follow up with them on autopilot so You can convert these people into sales And that's what the Breakthrough came That's what happened and then I started To discover these things that I'm going To share with you right now so the first Thing to do email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing we need some Tools okay so the very first tool is you Need something like click funnels Okay Now click funnels is one business one Company that provides this service this

Is a funnel Builder service this is a Funnel Builder platform so what this Does is we actually can use this to Build something like this now this right Here is what's called an opt-in page or A capture page okay both of these words Are used interchangeably And this is what we want to send people To you don't want to send people Directly to your affiliate link you want To send people to this type of page now You can see it has a headline here And it has a button and when they click This button it asks the prospect to put Their name and email in and what happens Is when they actually click this button It will save their email address and Their name you don't have to put their Name this box you can just put the email But if you put the name you can actually Personalize the emails and have their Name in there so it says hey John hey Tom hey Mary and it looks more personal So that's the first toll okay is we need A funnel Builder software the next tool Is we need an email autoresponder Service so what this service does and This is get response this is the one That I use there's a lot of them out There what this does is this actually Connects to your funnel and this will Allow you to collect your email Addresses from your prospects and this Allows you to pre-write

Emails that start going out to your Leads so if I log into my get response Account this is one list okay I have Multiple lists you can see right here Okay there's a lot of different lists Every list that you create can have a Different follow-up sequence so you can See these emails okay if I zoom in a Little bit You can see these emails start going out One day at a time so Day Zero is Instantly so when someone goes to this Page here they put their name and email In and they click this button what Happens is it redirects them to now the Affiliate sales page okay but what it Also does is it automatically will send Out day Zero okay day Zero is instant When they put their email in this thing And it says congrats okay so you can Actually see it This is an example of an email okay so This is the subject line congrats access Your cheat sheet here hey there I Noticed you just requested access you Know blah blah blah and then it has the Link okay now it has the link to the Affiliate link or whatever you want to Promote you can put your Facebook fan Page you know whatever you want to put In there but that's what happens okay so If I go back You can see that I actually have Pre-written okay multiple emails now you

Can write as many as you want right you Can actually you know you create Infinite emails that start going out to Your leads right I recommend you do at Least seven emails because that will hit The seven to twelve exposures that Someone needs to see those emails before Someone buys so do at least seven Ideally you know seven to fourteen when You're just getting started and you can Start to follow up with your leads on Autopilot so you can see right here you Know I have day zero day one day two day Three typically one a day you know I Have it for at least nine days in this List and then I wait a day and then I You know do this and then what you can Do is after they go through this Follow-up sequence Which most of these emails are just Sending people to the affiliate link you Can actually add them to what's called a Broadcast list a broadcast list is a List where you can actually send a live Email you can send an email that day and It goes out to everyone but going back To the follow-up sequence what happens Is you want to be sending a couple key Things in these emails okay one Is you want to be sending proof you want To be sending testimonials proof actual Results that yourself or customers of That product have gotten because this Allows people to see what's called

Social proof social proof is a proven Psychological principle where when Someone sees other people getting Results or other people doing something Over and over they're way more likely to Want to do it too so we're using this Principle and in those emails we're Sending you know photos of testimonials Of other people we're sending results if You've used the product you can send Your own results and what this does is This allows people to realize hey this Is actually real because most people are Skeptical online I mean think about Yourself you know chances are you're a Little bit skeptical when you see Something online you're like Is that Real or you know is it just fake is it Photoshop so if you share real Testimonials of people they're going to Be able to realize that this product is Legitimate another thing you can share In these emails that I highly recommend Is overcoming objections so most people Are going to have objections to buying Whatever product you're promoting when It comes to affiliate marketing they may Think oh it's too expensive or they may Think you know how do I know this really Works or You know what happens after I join or Buy you know what what's the process so You can take commonly asked questions or Objections that people may have and you

Can actually go ahead and answer these Inside of these emails like I actually On day six of this one I say answering Your frequently asked questions and I Actually put in one email okay I was Promoting click funnels You know this software because I Recommend it so I was you know promoting It and I say you know frequently ask Questions answering these frequently Asked questions and inside of this email I actually answer all these questions Because I know people that haven't Bought yet typically have questions in Their mind you know like do I have to Pay for updates and I say no you know Are your funnels secure yes how long If you cancel will you lose data you Know so all these frequently asked Questions I just answered in one email So people can actually have their Questions answered so they're more Likely to buy because again the main Reason if someone goes to your opt-in Page they put their email in if they Haven't bought yet it's typically a Couple things either one they haven't Seen it enough times that's a seven to Twelve exposures two they don't believe It's real or it will work for them That's sharing proof of other people and Then they may have some questions and Objections and that's answering their Questions and objections that's why you

Can do a frequently Asked question email Or in each of the emails you can cover a Different question but these are key Strategies you can use when it comes to Email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing and then like I said Once you actually have someone finish That follow-up sequence now you can have Them get added to something called a Broadcast list and again this is just a List of everyone on your email Autoresponder service that you can send One email out I typically do this when I Have a new YouTube video or I've made to New posts on Facebook I will actually Send an email out to everyone at one Time and I'll say hey I just posted this YouTube video you should check it out And then I have the link inside of the Email and then I'm getting all these People that I've collected emails from I'm getting them to see the email that Live YouTube video that day okay so it's Not pre uh preset right it's not already In there it's they're going to see it Live they're gonna see when it's there So again broadcast emails are great when It's live Follow-up emails are great when you want To actually sell a product specifically And it's Evergreen it does not matter When you're actually following up so I Hope this helped you now this is just Scratching the surface you know Obviously you can go a lot deeper you

Can get into segmenting your email list Which is like sending emails to certain Types of people if they take certain Actions you can create workflows which Is if someone clicks an email that it Will send them this message and if they Don't click it's going to send this Other message that's getting way more Technical but this is the basic Structure you need a funnel funnel Service okay you need an email Autoresponder service and that's Basically it bare minimum to start doing Email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">marketing now obviously if you're Not getting a lot of leads doing email  Learn How To Start Your Side Hustle The Same Way I Started Mine In Just 90 Minutes">Marketing is still not going to work for You you need to get consistent email Addresses consistent people going to Your funnel if you want to discover Exactly how I'm getting 70 plus leads a Day on total autopilot be sure to click The first link below I have a training Where I reveal my secret strategy to Generate leads on autopilot it works for Any business any Niche and you can go Ahead and do that and start to create Results and send those leads to your Capture page so you can start to follow Up with those automated messages and Create tons of sales with your affiliate Business so if you like the video be Sure to like this video subscribe to the Bell icon because I'm going to do a lot More videos just like this and until

Next time thanks for watching and I will See you on my next video Thank you

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