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All right We are ready to go Cool cool so Today what we are going to be covering Is how we make over 200 000 per month With short form content And in fact last month we actually made I think it was around three hundred Thousand dollars uh total And so I'll just show you my stripe Account here this is just the last four Weeks on stripe so this doesn't include PayPal it's 217 Thousand dollars Which You might think that's crazy right and It is it is kind of crazy but it's not Uncommon if you follow what I'm going to Share with you because there's people Making millions and millions of dollars Right now with this system and this is Just the tip of the iceberg of what's Possible So This is the amount of leads we're Getting every day You can see 2659 New Leads on January 25th That means that 2659 people that want to Learn more about what we're offering What we're talking about They are people that are interested in Buying things from us okay and so the Way this system is going to work is

We're trying to generate leads that want To pay us money for the things that We're selling things that we're talking About right does that make sense to you So these are some of the payments from Some of the tools that we're affiliated With we have our own tools you know we Sell other people's tools we sell our Own products it doesn't matter what you Sell you can do whatever you want If you want to sell other people's Products great if you want to sell your Own products great if you want to sell a Service great it doesn't matter the System is going to work for pretty much Anything you sell okay So you can see look at this 2836 dollars Pending uh 2854 2813 about a month ago And so every single month this one tool This one affiliate product pays us out Now this isn't the only product right we Have multiple products look at this These are all people that have signed up For another product this is a proxy Product Meaning um people can buy proxies or Different things from this company and We get credited you can see these are All the commissions coming in and so What happens is these really start to Stack up if you have a few different Companies paying you you know every Single month

Pretty soon you're going to start making Thousands of dollars just by stacking Different products that you can sell Okay So this is somebody that just joined our Group which by the way if you're not in The group I would recommend you get in It's called make money online with short Form content you can look it up on Facebook it's a free to join group and David here he joined our program which Will be talking a little bit more about Later but he joined our program and Within just a couple weeks he got over a Thousand dollars in sales and about I Think he earned about 50 of that which Is 500 and over 725 New Leads with a Pretty copy and paste system pretty much Copy and paste okay So let me just ask you a question How excited would you be if you did a Couple things just copy and paste Ideally and you got 725 new leads and Over a thousand dollars in sales And I think a lot of people are going to Think well David must have done Something pretty Spectacular right and In essence he didn't do anything super Difficult He's followed our system a very simple System he started posting content and he Was able to generate these results very Very quickly okay

So the best part about this system is You can get started today You're going to see how you're going to See the easiest way to make your first Dollar online by the end of this And you don't have to learn anything Technical I'm going to show you some Copy and paste stuff to get set up with And obviously if you want to put more Time and more effort into it you can get More technical as you go but to or earn Your first dollar online or get a few Sales with the system it shouldn't be Incredibly difficult so if that's okay With you if you're ready and you're Excited just let me know just give me a Yes in the chat Give me a one or a yes and uh if you're Watching the replay obviously don't type Anything because there's nothing to type But If you're watching this live just give Me a yes let me know that you're excited That you're ready to rock and roll that You are interested in learning about This Cool lots of ones lots of yeses awesome Anton Raul Uma awesome cool Michael all right so let's rock and roll Now if you stay to the end I'm going to Give you uh my top list of products that Pay me every month as well So that's just a free bonus for being

Here All you have to do is just stay till the End I'm going to give you my list of my Favorite paying Affiliates okay All right So Before I start let me ask you something If I show you an easy way to earn money Online that makes sense to you with with This system with short form content and Automation would you be open to trying It out just give me a yes Give me a yes if you're you'd be open to Taking action because one of the biggest Problems with people's uh not earning Money online is that they're just not Willing to take action Cool lots of yeses awesome All right so today what we're going to Be covering is number one why short form Content really is the easiest way to get Way to get views right now Uh number two how to generate unlimited Leads with short form content and number Three how to automate thousands of Dollars in passive income with short Form content okay You got lots of notifications going on In the background here All right let's talk a little bit about Me because there's a lot of people who Are here have no idea who I am and I Just want to give you a quick background So you know who you're listening to

Right now this is where I grew up Um not I didn't grow up in a forest but I grew up next to this Forest I actually Lived in this mobile home the forest was Behind it And I spent a lot of my time in that Forest hanging out you know doing random Stuff Uh exploring I don't know I was an only Child so I didn't really have a whole Lot of people around me I didn't have Any friends my dad Wasn't really around when I was a kid I Grew up with a single mom in this mobile Home okay so Uh I don't come from a background where I had a whole lot of money or people Um around me that were you know super Killer examples of success Um in fact if you look at my uh Upbringing most people probably would Have never thought out I got I would get To where I am today okay and the reason I'm telling you this right now by the Way is because I'm like trying to make You or get you to feel bad for me or Anything I'm just showing you that Anybody can start out anywhere start Taking action and get some killer Results with what I'm about to share With you okay So what I was Um doing in that uh mobile home most of The time is just playing video games I

Was really checked out as a kid I played World of Warcraft how many people here Know what World of Warcraft is or have Played it before just give me a yes Probably uh some people right And so this game took a lot of my time I Kind of just spaced out on this game I I Again didn't have really any friends I Didn't have really any family so I just Kind of I checked out in the uh virtual World So Uh when I was about 15 uh my dad Actually died he uh I was actually 16 he He overdosed on heroin and um You know that was pretty low point for Me I was trying to go to school uh at That point I didn't like going to school I actually dropped out of high school And college But um while I was in high school you Know I couldn't focus I had to go end up Going to therapy I started getting Prescribed prescription medications Um And uh you know I I just kind of lost Lost it you know I was really a lost kid Um I wound up getting kicked out of my House when I was still a teenager uh Lived in a sober living home Um And uh while I was there you know some Of the people wound up some of the older Guys there wound up introducing me to

Harder drugs and I wound up on the Streets so Again I'm not saying this so that you'll Feel bad for me I want to show you how Where I come from you wouldn't think That I would I would be where I'm at Today because my track record back then Was not great Um I even wound up Um in juvenile hall on my 18th birthday For about a week Um And I had really nowhere to go so Anyways that's when I decided to turn it All around I was about 18 years old I Wound up getting a Getting a job at a cafe Um also worked at Starbucks I worked at Radio Shack I had a few different jobs I Was working at a time And I saved up some money I wound up Moving into this garage okay In the garage I started this YouTube Channel so this YouTube channel the one That um I'm actually doing this video on Right now Uh was Starting I started about seven years ago And you can see the garage door behind Me I had no money No friends nobody helped me I didn't Have um really any family besides my mom And I just kind of started to wing it

And eventually I started getting some Views started getting people inviting me To do conferences and speak and that Kind of stuff and Cool thing is uh now I have a family and Get to drive cool cars but again this Isn't about me I want you to know that It's possible it doesn't matter where You're at It doesn't matter if you know you're Older it doesn't matter if you're Younger doesn't matter if Um you know you don't have any money it Matters though that you take action and You start moving forward okay Because nobody's going to do this for You you have to do it for yourself all Right So that's a story And uh there's obviously a lot more that Went on but that's kind of the gist of It now you kind of know who I am and Hopefully if you're starting out and you Don't have any money and you've never Made money online before Um that might Help you relate a little bit to somebody Who's who kind of comes from the same Place okay So with that all being said are you Ready to dive into the system now that You know a little bit about who I am now You know a little bit about what we're Gonna be talking about are you ready to

Dive in and get the full step-by-step System to get started okay Just give me a yes in the chat if you're Ready to rock and roll And we will get started Yes yes yes or a one Right on all right lots of yes it's cool All right Let's talk about why short form content Is the easiest way to get views right Now So Uh first of all this is my email list And you can see back in about a year ago I wasn't getting many leads okay and This is actually when I had a lot of People subscribe to me on YouTube I had A lot of followers on Facebook like I Actually had a good amount of traffic Back then but I wasn't getting that many Leads look at this 27 around 20 to 30 New Leads a day And this was just a year ago And then I discovered the system about To share with you today with short form Content and look at what happened to my Leads I started getting thousands and Thousands of leads a day Because of the thing that I'm about to Share with you so it doesn't matter if You have a huge following or you don't There's plenty of people that have big Followings that don't know how to get Leads or make money

And so They need a system like this So here's how the system works we're Getting views That we're turning into leads and we're Turning the leads into sales okay Now how does that work basically what We're doing is we're capitalizing on two Things Trends and short form content so One of the trends right now is AI And we're taking that Trend Ai and we're Turning it into a 15 second video So if you go on somewhere like Google Trends You'll be able to look up you know What's trending right now so like right Now ai look at this Not really trending not really trending Not really trending all of a sudden boom Huge Trend right and so right now ai is One of the best things you can create Content about because of the fact that It's trending Same thing with like crypto when it blew Up how many here remember when Bitcoin Everybody everywhere you went you know You went on Facebook you went on YouTube Everybody's talking about crypto It's not really like that as much Anymore now it's something else now it's Ai and there's going to be the next Thing too okay So here's a video that got posted three Days ago by somebody and there's 17 000

Views and it says AI is coming for White Collar jobs now ideally anybody who Creates content right now around AI with Short form content They're going to have a super high Likelihood of of getting views for that Content and no you don't have to have an Uh a bunch of followers you don't have To have an aged account uh we actually Have people I'm going to give you an Example of somebody in here in a second Who just started out just got started And started getting thousands and Thousands of views with a brand new Account and we're seeing this happen all The time Uh people going from no followers no Views posting a few short form videos And getting thousands and thousands of Views thousands and thousands of Followers okay So here's why it works so well Now when you're doing short form content You're not able to just post on let's Say tick tock or YouTube shorts or Instagram reels or Facebook reels you're Able to post on everything and so Instead of having you know one YouTube Video or one Instagram video or whatever You have the chance of creating one Piece of content that takes 15 seconds Right or maybe a minute to make That is going to likely get views on Four different platforms and so you get

Four times the chances of going viral or Getting traffic and Views than you would Just posting on whoops on one platform Okay so does that make sense to you what We're doing is we're taking content We're taking these 15 second 30 second Videos we're posting them on multiple Platforms the same video and we're Increasing our odds of getting traffic By 4X give me a yes or a one in the chat If that makes sense to you Now remember It's not about posting content on just One platform it's about being able to Post content everywhere Okay lots of yeses awesome cool cool All right now let me give you an example Of this so this is a video That we posted on our own YouTube Channel that got 8 000 views right on YouTube shorts Now that same video guess how many views It got on the on other platforms Just give me a number Another eight thousand another ten Thousand what do you think Check it out That same video got 770 000 views On Instagram reels and that's not even Including the other platforms that we're Posting on like Tick Tock and Facebook That kind of thing okay So

You could literally have one video only Get a few thousand views on YouTube but The same video can get hundreds of Thousands of views or even millions of Views on another platform Crazy right that's that's insane And so one video as we're showing here One video could end up being even if it Was a thousand views on each platform That's still four thousand views for one Piece of content And I'll show you another guy here look At this guy named David we talked about Him a little bit earlier he actually Took one of our videos Reposted it and got 158 000 views on That video Just by reposting it on on Facebook On Facebook reels So This is another person Sheila She actually just took action on this I Think it was a couple days ago she Watched what we've been talking about in Our Uh boot camp which will again we'll talk About later But she went and took action posted a Video and on Tick Tock within what Two days wound up getting 790 000 views On her video for a one minute video And she didn't have a huge following Before that's the crazy thing this is Somebody that took action and within one

Day Saw massive results same thing with David This guy got 700 new leads and over a Thousand dollars in sales Just by reposting a video that he Already knew worked now I'm not saying That this is what you're supposed to go Out and do I'm going to show you what You're supposed to do but how crazy is That how crazy would it be to you just Let me know give me a yes if you went Out and posted one 15 second video or a One minute video and got over A hundred thousand views and hundreds if Not thousands of leads Wanting to learn more about whatever You're selling Is that not crazy yes okay lots of yes It's awesome So You're literally just one 15 second Video away from hitting it big on the Internet there's plenty of people on the Internet right now on Tick Tock YouTube People that are becoming overnight Success Sensations getting thousands Hundreds of thousands millions of views And people wanting to buy from them just By posting these 15 second videos So can you see how short form content is One of the easiest ways to generate Views right now opposed to any other way I mean I don't know of an easier way

Right now I don't know any other place where you Can take 15 seconds create a video and Get hundreds of thousands of views on Multiple platforms Just give me a yes if you can see how Easy it is to get views right now with This type of content Lots of yes is awesome Michael Anton Regular racer awesome okay cool All right step number two we're going to Talk about how to generate unlimited Leads with short form content because It's one thing to get views but it's Another thing to turn those views into Leads what's the point in getting views You can't take views to the bank right How are you supposed to make money off Of views Tick Tock doesn't pay you that Much for the views I think for a million Or two million views on tick tock You get paid like a couple bucks in ads You don't make any money off that okay So Here's how it works step number one is You're going to get a domain to send Your viewers to from your videos So here's an example of a website you Could buy on GoDaddy for 150 000 Obviously you're not going to do that But if I go to GoDaddy and I type in Best I can either buy this For 150 000 or I could just go buy or dot TV or whatever Other you know top level domain I want To buy for about 20 bucks seven bucks Whatever it is okay Now once you have a domain You're going to create an email opt-in That your viewers have to enter their Email address into So how does that work so you can use a Tool like this one convertkit or there's so many different Email email CRM tools but you can use a Tool to create an opt-in right so if you Buy in your videos you Can send people to go get a checklist of The top websites the best websites right Just go to and then They have to enter their email to learn More about That list to go grab the list right Now what you do is you add your domain In your videos so look at this in one of Our Tick Tock videos or short form Videos you can see we say go to this Website right and so What happens is you're just going to Repeat this over and over and your leads Are going to just keep filling up so Look at this this is how many views We've sent with short form content to These lists so look at this 97 000 visitors to that opt-in 45 000 leads 45 000 leads now let me ask you a

Question do you think that if you had 45 000 leads around people who are Interested in websites that earn money Or tools that earn money do you think You could probably sell a few things if You had 45 000 leads just give me a yes Because it should be pretty apparent by Now to see that if you can get a couple Videos to take off and in those videos You send those people to an opt-in to Enter their email Then what you can do is you can sell Whatever you want to those leads right So let me just recap here really quick What you're doing is you're getting a Domain You're creating an email opt-in for People to enter their email to learn More about Whatever the thing is that you're Talking about in your videos And then in your videos you're just Sending them to that thing so for Example I could create a video and say Hey here's the top five websites The first website is the list that gives You all of the websites that you need to Have in order to earn money online with They enter their email they get the list And we get the lead See what I'm saying it's a numbers game Two 100 Robin and you can see look we Have a 46 conversion rate that means Pretty much 50 of the people who hit

This page and to their email So all I have to do is drive traffic to That thing I have to create some short form content Drive traffic and then I get the lead Okay so this is somebody who's using uh Brett Forster he's using this method Look at this he wrote I slept in this uh Sunday morning woke up to 412 Commissions today this result was Completely due to chases over the Shoulder video training So we have people that are basically Just following this system right they're Getting the leads they're sending the Leads emails talking about whatever the Thing is they're selling and then They're earning a commission they're Earning money okay So can you see how easy it is to Generate New Leads with this short form Method If if you can get some videos that get Thousands of views and you drive and you Tell people to go to a link where they Can enter their email to learn more can You see how that's super easy to Generate leads with Just give me a yes if you think it's Easy Because ideally anybody can get started With this right if you can get a video To get a hundred thousand views or a Thousand views or anything all you have

To do is just have people go to the link That you're talking about enter their Email and now you're generating leads Cool Lots of yes it's awesome Right on right on Okay Let's talk about how to automate Thousands of dollars of passive income With short form content so this is Really the icing on the cake this is how We pull everything together here okay Because if you can do the first two then You can do this last one but you need to Do the first two to be able to do this Last one so the first one is creating Content short form 15 second videos Second one is driving traffic to the Thing that you're talking about so People can enter their email and then This is the third one this is how you Automate your money okay So these are some sales coming in Yesterday oh uh two days ago today's Saturday so two days ago you can see we Got a 300 payment or 297 297 297 297. This is for a software product that we Sell I actually own a software company too With uh we have you know over a thousand Customers paying us reoccurring for this Tool Um and so again you can you can sell Whatever you want

But ideally what you can do is you can Either decide to sell your own products Or you can just become an affiliate now If you're starting out I recommend Selling other people's products because Then you don't have to worry about the Fulfillment right So for example this is our software Company this is the same company that Got all these payments right here what You can do is you can click on become an Affiliate but this is the case for any Tool it doesn't matter if you know it's This tool doesn't matter if it's another Tool You can do this with pretty much any Company almost every company or at least Online software has some sort of Affiliate program okay and affiliate Programs basically all you have to do is Drive traffic to that to the affiliate Link and then you get paid when people Sign up So this is what it kind of looks like When you sign up to be an affiliate they Give you a link right here you just copy It and then you're going to start adding It to your emails that you're going to Be sending out to the leads that you're Getting So this is a website it's called Jasper You can go um grab a free trial to it at Bot that's just my Affiliate link this is an example of

What we're actually doing with this System but what you can do is you can Access chat GPT through this app because Some sometimes you can't access chatgpt Because they have a wait list so it's Easier just to pay for access to it I Don't know the full amount on this tool And again this is completely optional But what you can do is you can click on The little button here and you can say Write me an email about why somebody Should sign up for a tool that I'm an Affiliate of And then this tool write out an email And say okay well here's the thing dear Name I'm sure you're always looking for Ways to make your life easier and save Time I want to let you know about a tool I recently found out about right and Then you put your affiliate Link in the Email okay so this is the email this is Where you're going to add your affiliate Link And all you're really doing is you're Turning your clicks Into Cash okay so Look at this these are all emails that I've sent this is how many clicks I get On the links in the emails 579 929 750 1400 And so what you're doing remember is You're taking the leads that you're Getting Because remember we're getting leads From our videos and then we're sending

Them emails about whatever product we're Offering any sort of affiliate it Doesn't matter okay And look at this so this is um The Jasper affiliate program that's the tool I was just showing you So far I've gotten 32 000 clicks to the Tool and they're paying me out every Single month around you know three Thousand dollars a month so this is my Unpaid earnings and so the more clicks You get the more money you can make Right So all you really have to do is create a Video bring people into an opt-in where They can learn more and then you're just Going to monetize by sending traffic to A link to whatever you're selling Now what you can also do is you can Start automating this right so you can Create automated sequences where you're Load up You know your first tool that you're Selling you have a seven day email Sequence then you can load up the next Tool that you're selling you can have Another seven day email sequence And you can keep loading up these Automations that you can have Money coming in just by driving traffic To your opt-in and then automating your Follow-up does that make sense to you Now imagine having several tools that Paid you out every month like this

That's passive income okay and so that's Why we at our company we sell a ton of Different things we sell other people's Products we sell our own products we Sell courses we sell all kinds of things And we have reoccurring passive income Coming in because all we're doing is Driving traffic getting the leads and Then selling them with these automated Sequences Does that make sense to you So can you see how easy it is to Automate traffic and revenue revenue With this system Can you see how you can literally take 15 second videos and turn them into Cash Just by getting leads that you then use To send traffic to your offers with Should make a lot of sense right Because I know a lot of people have been Confused about this and they go well I Don't know how this system works it's Really simple Very very simple okay cool lots of yeses Awesome All right so let me ask you a question Do you think this is something you could Get started with today especially if I Gave you a full step-by-step system on It Do you think you could take action on This start posting some videos Start generating some leads Start sending traffic

Yes awesome And let me ask you another question if I Gave you the full step by step system Because obviously this is just an Overview would you try it out Yes yes How much does it cost to get an Affiliate link for me I'll answer all The questions at the end don't worry And are you okay with me showing you Some of the paid solutions that I've Created for this because ideally again I Can't just show you everything overnight You know this is something that takes a Little while to get started with you're Not going to just immediately start Making thousands of dollars a month Right You need to get set up with some systems That I've created okay Don't try I just do it okay All right so these are the new classes That we're doing they're called short For it's called short form riches And we basically have live classes that We do on Zoom this is Sheila that's this Is the person who took one of our live Classes and she started taking action And started seeing some results pretty Quickly Uh after taking action we showed you the 700 000 views she got on her video And so what she did is she signed up for Our boot camp so we have an eight-week

Boot camp and basically inside of the Boot camp what you get is you get to Join us live on zoom and you get to Watch what we're doing over the shoulder You get to see the buttons we're Clicking on you get to see everything That's working for us And ideally what you do is once you get In you join and grab the full class Sheet okay so the class sheet here This was our previous boot camp this was Um covering more around Um contact form automation which we're Not going to talk about in this one but This was the previous boot camp and Basically this is what it looks like you Get a spreadsheet with all of the Replays in here so you can watch the Replays And you get also the schedule So here's the schedule you get to click On the zoom calls you get to join And ask questions and interact And inside of the classes You get to participate and ask questions You get to join the Facebook group I'll Talk a little bit more about this in a Second but ideally if you want to enroll You would go to Now you might already be on the landing Page if you're watching the replay of This Sorry jumping around here But um look at this L got in he says

Today is a great day I just received my First commission now I can't help but Believe this And he got 564 dollars in commissions Just replicating our strategy and so Basically what L and Sheila and a lot of Our students are doing is they're going Into our live classes They're either joining live and watching And interacting live or they're watching The replays and they're just following Our full step-by-step system now like I Said I can't show you all of this on This presentation it would take me a Very long time Each boot camp is eight weeks it's over 16 live classes with replays and so in There we show you every single thing you Need in order to get started and get set Up So we give you all the replays we tell You what tools you need to use if you Need to use tools that's optional I'll Talk about that in a second But if you really want to join a group Environment and learn what we're doing And see in depth everything we're doing You need to get in here because inside Of this boot camp we show you our exact System what we're using to scale to Millions and millions of dollars per Year and what our students are doing to Become successful as well So

The thing about this though is that Short if you're watching This right now The price goes up about every week and The reason why is we're usually adding More and more things inside of the Program we're either doing bonus classes Or adding you know extra training or We're doing a bunch of stuff to increase The value of these classes so if you Want to get in you need to get in before The price goes up So short if you're Already on the page go grab it if you're Not on the page Go grab it go to and Go enroll before the price goes up So this is the Facebook group this is Another person we have so many people I Mean if you go on the on if you go on Our Facebook group or you go on the Landing page right now you'll see tons And tons of people that are talking About how The system's working for them okay so Mike says been going at this for about Two weeks and these 10 hour days are Really paying off So I'm going to answer some questions Here because I know a lot of people have Questions about you know how does this Work how do I get started Um and if you made it till the end Remember how I said that I'm going to

Give you a list of my top paying Affiliates if you go over to You can go grab my list of all of my Favorite top paying affiliate programs That I use Um but let's cover the Q a and feel free If you're on this live to ask questions As well Um so the first question is do I need to Pay anything extra to get started so This system is meant to Uh to earn your first dollar without Having to pay anything besides just Getting into the boot camp right so once You get in the boot camp What we recommend is just start posting Content right now another question People ask is do I have to show my face No you don't have to show your face you Don't even have to necessarily do it Yourself you can hire other people we we Show you different ways to do this right Uh bexer says is it legal using other People's videos So you can do something called stitching So what Sheila did what we showed Earlier was what Sheila did That got her like the over 700 000 views With a brand new account Is she just reacted to somebody else's Video and so there's so many ways around This and again that's what we show Inside of the boot camp we show you

Exactly all the different ways that you Can scale this whether you want to do it Yourself whether you want somebody else To do it whether you want to repurpose Content whether you want to do your own Content there's so many different ways To do it okay and like I said that's why I can't show you everything in one Single presentation that's why we have a Full eight week boot camp okay The next question is are you going to Give me everything I need to get started With this system step by step and the Answer is yes so what you're going to do Is you're going to get started you're Going to start following along with the Training and you're going to follow the Step-by-step system that you need to get Started Making money okay so we're just going to Be showing you what works for our Company our company's earning Hundreds of thousands of dollars a month With this system and so if you want to Follow along with what we're doing if You want our framework if you want to Just basically copy and paste what we're Doing You can do that And you're going to have what you need To get started to be able to do that Do I need to join any other courses to Do this no so we have other courses that We've done in the past

Uh you know a lot of people ask you know Do I need to join your previous classes No uh this is kind of a slower Pace Course so we cover everything step by Step over eight weeks and six between 16 Different classes And so if you want to join the other Courses and accelerate what you're Learning you can do that we have a lot Of good stuff in our previous courses But you don't need those other courses To get started you can join this you can Follow along you can start taking action And you can start to see some serious Results pretty quickly with it Do I how To join live we have the classes live to Live Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 A.M Pacific but a lot of people watch the Replays and we're seeing people who have Success that just watched the replays Um you can participate if you want live Or not it doesn't matter you're still Going to get the same amount of value Okay Do I need to pay for tools to do this no You don't you can pay for tools if you Want there's certain things that you can Pay for but most of the tools that you Can get started with either have free Trials or uh you know free subscriptions To start and Again completely optional you don't Really have to spend any money to get

Started you could ideally get started Just by posting short form content and Driving traffic and some of the email Tools we use I think give you like your First few hundred leads for free anyways How fast will I earn money That really depends so it depends on What kind of action you take how fast You take action you know nothing's Guaranteed right Um but again you could be a few 15 Second videos away from making a ton of Money online How fast you're going to earn it it's There's no right answer for this Can I sell whatever products I want yes You don't have to sell anything that you Don't want to sell and so ideally what You're doing is you're generating leads And then you're selling whatever you Want to sell to those leads as long as It's relevant to what they opted in for Okay How do I enroll to the course so let me Show you so if you go over to you might already be On the landing page I'll actually go There with you You're going to enter your email And then what you're going to do is You're going to scroll down and you're Going to click on sign up Now again the price goes up every single Week or every like five days or so so

What I'd recommend is get in now you can Go see all the other people that have Taken our past classes and get have Gotten success but go sign up now before The price goes up Because what's the point in paying more For something you could have gotten for Less okay So go scroll down go get in And I think you're really gonna like Joining either the live classes or Watching the replays and participating In our group okay Another question is will you give me the Pro products to sell yes if you want to Sell our products you can we have email Swipe files we have automations already Built up you can just plug and play our System if you want You don't have to sell like I said Anything you don't want to sell or and If you want to just sell products that We sell go ahead we make a ton of money Selling our own products right So That's pretty much it Uh I hope you learned something and Again whether you buy or not I think That just getting started is going to Seriously improve your chances of being Successful Um I think that this is one of the Biggest opportunities on the internet Right now and I think that if you get in

And you join our classes I think you're Going to really really enjoy them And you're going to be able to Participate in a group environment with A ton of other people that are taking Action as well and so one of the best Things you could do is go now or if you're on the Page scroll down get in While the price is still lower because Again if you're watching this in the Future the price is going to go up even More And get in and join us and either watch The replays or join us live or both up To you but That's it I hope you got some value And What's the initial cost at this time So the initial cost of the course you Can go and or the boot camp you can go And scroll down to the bottom of the Page and see You can see what the price is But uh that's it

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