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Hey everyone on today's video I'm going To show you how to create a free website In a matter of minutes just like this Using chat GPT the best part is I'm Going to show you how you can promote Products that can make you hundreds of Dollars every single day in affiliate Marketing sales and how you are going to Get a lot of views by driving free Traffic to your website I'm going to Show you a trick that is so simple that Is only going to take you a couple of Minutes and look at this you can get Thousands of free views and the best Part is these views are coming from T1 Countries which means that this traffic Is going to convert so if you want to Make money with chat GPT more Importantly get a free website out of This and promote affiliate marketing Products make sure you watch this entire Video because I'm going to show you Everything step by step let's get Straight into it so step one in this Strategy in order to create a free Website for yourself what you want to do Is come over to Google and type in Google sites and then scroll down and Click onto Google sites sign in once you Sign in this is absolutely free it's Going to bring you over to a page that Looks like this you probably won't have Any recent sites if you haven't created Any of these all the ones that I've

Created what you want to do from here is Click on to start a new site there are Different templates that you can use if You wanted to I'm going to show you some Of my websites and how I've done it this Is super simple guys and then you'll be Able to see how you can structure yours What you can do there if you want to use Your own creativity is quite simply Click on to just this blank page so I'm Going to show you how to do that so once You click onto this blank page it's Going to bring you over to a page that Looks something like this now from here What you want to do is you can see here You've got this a background image and You want to change this background image To whatever Niche you want to do this in I'm going to do this in a similar Niche To what I've done this in before which Is health and fitness and let's just Take let's just think about it wanted to Create a website on weight loss as an Example so you can come over here and Click onto change image so once you do That you can go to upload or select now If you've got an image that you want to Use of your own or you want to create One on canva you absolutely can or you Can quite simply select it's going to Allow you to use Google free images okay So just click on to select and then Scroll up to the top over here and you Can see that you just go to search so

Once you go to search just type in Something like keto as an example so Let's just say we wanted to do a website About keto we know that keto does Extremely well and there's a lot of Products you can also promote on this That can make you a lot of money so you Just type in keto and click on to search And you can be able to see all these are Different types of images that you can Potentially use so let's just use Something like this so you can click Onto that and just go to select and you Can see that this is going to create That background for you okay so from Here as you can see what we now need to Do is we need to add our own page title This is going to be the main title of Your website so this is where you really Want to tell people what this website is About if you want to Niche down a fair Bit you can do something that I did so If I come over to my website it's easy Weight loss tips and resources this is Purely on weight loss but let's say you Wanted to do something and you want to Niche down even more you just wanted to Make it specific about keto and I'll Show you don't worry how you're going to Get a lot of this traffic specifically For that now before I continue with this Video guys I just forgot to remind you That if you want to get my ultimate Affiliate marketing guide all you need

To do is go down the bottom and click Onto the first link in my description I'm going to send you this this is what I do to make anything from 100 to 500 Every single day with affiliate Marketing it's a little guide it's Absolutely free click onto the link in The description and grab it right now And do me a favor go down the bottom and Comment let me know what is your weekly Goal how much are you looking to make Every single week in 2023 so that I know The types of videos that I can make for You so just go down the bottom and Comment and make sure you smash this Like button in appreciation for this Video so like I said you can either do Something just on weight loss tips or You can look to Niche down even further Let's just Niche down even more so what That would look like is something like This so you can very easily type in Something like this how to lose weight Quickly with keto so quite simply you Want to highlight this you can click on To board as you can see it's going to Look like that then what you can do is You can click onto these three little Dots go to more and then click onto this Highlight color you can highlight this Yellow like this and then it's just Going to stand out a little bit more now What we need to do with these websites Is we need to start putting articles

Inside these because we're going to Drive a lot of traffic to these articles That are going to have affiliate links In there so if you take a look at my one Over here if we scroll down you can see I've got five tips for weight loss if we Scroll down if he does keto really help You lose weight fast and when I drive Traffic to these people will come over They'll click on to this and this will Drive them over to these different types Of Articles and these are the articles That I'm going to show you how to create With chat GPT so very simply when you're On your own page over here on the bottom Over on the right hand side sorry you're Going to see that you've got this text Box you've also got these content blocks Etc and you can choose exactly what you Want to use so what we're going to do is We're going to click onto this content Block so this is the first one that We're going to use we're going to click Onto that and as you can see it's going To create this block exactly like I've Got on my one over here now what we want To do is we want to create an image now We're going to create an article on keto So what you want to do again is click on This plus sign you can very easily Select an image okay so that's exactly What we're going to do and when you're On this page just go to Google images And then quite simply again just type in

Keto you can type in keto meals for Example hit enter and it's going to show You different images of different meals Click onto that okay and then just go to Insert and that's going to give us an Image now what we want to do is we want To title this image or this article as If somebody was coming over here to Learn something about keto now remember Our whole website is how to lose weight Quickly with keto so what you can do is Type in something like does keto really Help you lose weight fast because people Are interested in knowing that so these Are the types of questions that we're Going to find that people are looking For then what you want to do down the Bottom here is just tell them that they Should they can read this particular Article that's going to explain this Very question to them just like I have Over here you can see he says does keto Really help you lose weight fast here is An article that explains the benefits of Keto and how it can help you lose weight So this is exactly what you want to type In so I'm going to show you how to do This so if I just copy this just to save Us some time and paste this in here then At the end of it I'm just going to Remove this link that I currently have Here okay I'm going to type in Click here okay now this is where They're going to click and it's going to

Take them over to the article that we Are about to create so quite simply you Want to leave this like this now what we Need to do is we need to come up to the Top on this site and you can see here We've got pages okay so we want to click Onto pages and now what we want to do is We want to scroll down you've got this Plus sign down the bottom and you want To click onto this new page okay now What we need to do is we need to title This page and we're going to title this Page the exact same question that we Have over here so we're going to copy This then again we're going to click Onto this plus new page and this is what We are going to title it and we're going To click on to done now it's taken us Over to this page okay now this is the Page that people are going to see this Article on again it's automatically Pre-populated this for us which is Fantastic you can highlight this click On to bold come over here click onto These three little dots and we're going To make this yellow live background just So it stands out and Pops now what we Want to do is we want to click on to Insert okay and as you can see this is Where we are going to insert all our Information as a few options that we Have if we wanted to add an image first Like I did on mine over here if you Scroll down so let me just show you you

Can see that I've got an image you can Add an image if you wanted to or you can Go straight into this article it's Completely up to you so if you want to Go straight into the article what you Will do is you would click onto text box Okay so you can click onto this and as You can see we have a text box now what We want to do is we want to use chat GPT To create this article for us okay so Now what we want to do is come straight Over to chat GPT and this is what you Want to do you want to ask it to write Me a 400 word article on the benefits of 18 Keta and how it helps you lose weight Then what you want to do is just click Onto this little icon so you can start Writing and as you can see it's going to Write this awesome article for you which I've done to save us a little bit of Time so it's ridden all this so quite Simply you can come over here guys you Can copy all this so right Mouse click Copy then come straight back over to Your article and you want to paste this In there I'm just going to highlight This and just change the color to Black Okay so to do that just come over here Where it's got the gray and just click Onto black and as you can see there is Our article now what we can do is I Actually went over to chat GPT and I Asked it to write a little bit more okay If I scroll down you can see I wrote

What are some of the benefits you can Expect to fill when you start adding Keto give me 10 points okay so I just Wanted to make it a little bit longer And a little bit more detailed okay so Again you can just come over here you Can copy all this okay come straight Back over to your site and paste that in There and again if you need to just make Sure that you put this into black so That it's a lot more better visible so People can see a little bit better and You can add a title in here as well if You wanted to now what you want to do is You want to have a call to action you You want people to click onto that link To purchase a product now in order to do That what you need to do is you need to Come over to websites like clickbank.com To get an affiliate marketing product to Promote so quite simply sign up to ClickBank you can sign up to many Different types of sites if you're doing Health and you want more Health Products You can go over to a site called more Niche.com or digistore24 as well once You sign up for ClickBank and you come Over to their back office what you want To do is come over to their marketplace Now quite simply if we're looking for a Keto product you can come over to search And just type in keto as an example hit Enter and it's going to find different Products then what we want to do is

Quite simply under sort results by you Want to go for Gravity High we want to Find a product that's converting at the Moment so that we can also promote this Product we know that people are buying It's going to give us the best Opportunity to make our first affiliate Marketing sale so to quite simply scroll Down and take a look at all the Different products that you can promote One really good product guys is this one Over here called the custom keto diet Not only does it have a really good Gravity score that's the first thing That's really important the second one Is as you can see it's got a reoccurring Bill and what this means is that that People continue to use this product Continue to purchase this product on a Reoccurring basis so you make a sale Once you continue to make money month in Month out and the average conversion per Customer is 187.55 so when somebody signs up you can Expect on average that you're going to Make about 187 dollars per customer so What we want to do is we want to promote This product in order to promote this Product you want to click on to promote And then scroll down click on to create Hop link okay and this is the link that We are going to use to promote this Product click on to copy now that we Have this product we want to come over

To our article on this website and what We want to do is we want to create a Call to action you can put this call to Action throughout this article a few Times and don't worry keep watching guys Because I'm going to show you how you're Going to get free traffic to this you Won't believe how simple it is plus We're going to be using chat GPT so if You're still at this point let me know By Smashing that like button in Appreciation and go down the bottom and Comment let me know that you got to this Point we're getting to the good bit of How you're going to get this free Traffic so make sure you keep watching So what you want to do is you want to Tab down and this is where you want to Add a call to action now you can look Something like this so all I've done is Typed in click here to get your very own Custom keto diet and start eating Healthy today you can also type in yeah Start losing weight today Etc then what You want is you want to highlight this Once you highlight it you want to come Up to the top you've got this little Insert link chain over here you want to Click onto that and this is where you Want to paste that link and you want to Click on to apply so quite simply click On to apply there and that's you can see It's gone on to this so now you can Highlight this again you click onto

Board click on italic just make it look Make it pop a little bit more then what You want to do is you want to copy this Okay so just copy that then what we can Do is we can also insert this one more Time over here and if you want you can Also add it to the bottom as well so you Can add it in a few more times okay so That people click onto it now if you Wanted to keep adding to this article You can just keep asking chat GPT to Give you even more information on keto Ketosis whatever you want chadjupite Will give you all the information and All you need to do is add it but I think This looks really cool does keto really Help you lose weight we've got all the Information here the other thing that You can do if you wanted to is you could Add in a title as well I'll show you What mine looks like in a second if we Come over to my website over here and we Take a look at mine I've got here are The benefits of eating keto and how it Helps you lose weight I've got that Title in there so you can add that and Also before I added those 10 points I Put here are some of the benefits you Can expect to fill when you start eating Your keto diet okay so you can put in a Few titles so if I was to copy the first One I'll just show you exactly how you Can do that so if I copy this and we Come over to mine so I don't have to

Type it up again okay if we paste this In there all you would need to do when You type it up is highlight it okay then Come over here to heading and you can See you've got heading you've got title Etc and all you need to do is Click onto Bold okay you can never make it italic If you wanted to it's completely up to You you can also highlight it and you Can even put it in the center just so it Looks a little bit more professional a Little bit better so there you go very Very simple title that you can add in so Once you have this amazing article set Out on your website what you now need to Do is you want to come over to where You've got pages so once you click onto Pages what you want to do is you want to Click onto these three little dots okay And what you want to do is you want to Scroll down and click on to hide from Navigation okay and the reason for that Is I'm just going to come over and click On to this it's going to remove it from The top because what you want when we go To our home page over here you want to Scroll down you want to highlight this Click here okay once you do that you Want to click onto this link chain again And this is automatically going to give You the option of that page that you Just created you don't need to highlight Anything or do anything you just want to Click onto this and then click on to

Apply and now you can highlight this and You can make this bald and italic again Just to make it stand out so now what People are going to see when they're on The front page of your website is They're going to see how to lose weight Quickly with keto then they're going to See this does keto really help you lose Weight fast here is an article that Explains benefits of Keto and how it can Help you lose weight click here when They click here it's going to take them Straight over to this article when they Scroll down and click onto this it's Going to take them straight over to that Product which as you can see is this ClickBank link when you click onto that Now that's just giving me the option of Redirect when people click onto it on a Website it's not going to do that it's Going to bring them straight over to This page when they purchase this you Are going to get paid so very very Simple how how this works so now what we Need to do now that we've created this There's a few things that you can do you Can go out and you can put in two or Three more products it's entirely up to You but now what we need to do is we Need to drive traffic to this site now If I come up to the top and I click on To publish you're going to see it's Going to ask me to create my own URL or My own website name but it's going to

Start with Httpsside style google.com Okay View and This is where you're going to add your Web address if I start typing you're Going to see it's ad it's going to add That to the end so what you can do is You can type in something like so what I've just typed in is keto weight loss Tips and luckily this is actually Available if it's not you're going to See it's going to tell you that the Website is not available and you need to Search for something else now really Important down here is do not tick this Because if you tick this this is going To request public search engines to not Display your site but you do want them To display it because when you type up These articles you still do stand a Chance for it to be showing one on Google and potentially rank as well if You do your SEO really well but I'm Going to show you how to get traffic Without having to worry about that Anyway so leave that as is now all you Need to do is click on to publish this Website is now published and if you copy This link okay you're going to see this Is the link if we copy this link this is The link that we're going to use to Drive traffic if we come over to a blank Page over here and we click onto this You can see that this is what our Website looks like now it's only got the

One page we can obviously add to that Then you can click here it's going to Take us straight over to the article and As you can see it looks absolutely Amazing now what we need to do is we Need to drive traffic and one of the Best places to drive traffic is to use Platforms like quora.com and I'm going To show you exactly why in a second Because Cora gets a lot of free traffic As you can see hundreds of millions of People go on quora every single month And like I showed you at the start of This video a lot of this traffic is T1 Traffic so when you're on quora what you Want to do the first thing is you want To come over here and you want to type In things like can you lose weight Eating keto or how to lose weight with Ketosis and everything to do with keto Is keto good for you is keto bad for you Everything that you can you want to come Over and you want to start answering These different types of questions so The first one that I found over here is Is ketogenic diet good for weight loss This ties in directly with what we are Looking to do so we want to answer this Question okay say in order to answer This question you want to copy this Exact same question you want to come Over to chatgpt and as you can see I've Got is ketogenic diet good for weight Loss right a 200 word answer on the

Benefits as you can see this is exactly What I've asked chat GPT to do so you Want to come over you want to highlight This okay you want to copy this now what You want to do is you want to come over To Cora as you can see this is the Question and you want to click on to Answer so once you click on to enter This you can see here that I've typed This up already copied and pasted this In here and it says is ketogenic diet Good for weight loss I've pasted that Answer from chat GPT now what we want to Do is we want to have a call to action On quora that's going to take these People over to your website so you're Not promoting an affiliate link you're Just promoting a website and that Website has affiliate links on it so Quora is not going to ban you for Putting up these really good answers you Don't have an affiliate link it's a link To Google sites quora does allow you to Link back to good information and Website so what you want to do is come Over here and add a call to action and It needs to look something like this Alright so all I've typed in is if you Want more detailed information on how to Lose weight quickly using keto read this Article now so quite simply guys you Want to highlight this you want to Scroll down you want to click onto this Big a little a what this is going to do

Is it's going to allow you to bring up This little link chain you want to click Onto that and this is where you want to Paste that link to your Google site Website that you just created and then Click on to add once you click on to add You can see that that's been highlighted Now you can click onto board you can Underline that as well sorry put on Italics already underlined and this is What this is going to look like you can Again copy this so we can copy this you Can scroll down in and add it one more Time down the bottom again if you want Chat GPT to give you more information on This answer just ask it to give you even More so you can see here that when I Copied and pasted that it came up like This showing you what this website looks Like this is what happens if you copy And paste what you've already got in Here if you don't want it to look like This and all you need to do is retype This in and re-link it it's completely Up to you you may want to leave this one That looks like this and then this one Over here that looks a little little bit Different as well so people can see what This looks like once you've done this What you want to do is quite simply Click on to post once you click on to Post what this is going to do now as you Can see it's going to answer this Question and this is what this looks

Like as you can see this is now answered People can come over here and they can Read this if they click onto this link Guys it's going to take them straight Over to this website you can see there's Still no affiliate links then they're Going to come over if they're interested They're going to read this once they Read this and they scroll down and they Click onto these different types of Products you stand a very good chance to Make money online with affiliate Marketing all that's left for you to do Now is to come back over to your website Guys and continue to add even more of These different types of Articles it's Really simple like you saw it's only Going to take you a matter of minutes to Go out and find these different types of Products that you can promote like I Said if you want to Niche down even more You absolutely can or you can just do Something like I do with weight loss and I promote a range of different types of Weight loss products and you can even go Over to Google sites and create even More sites and do things on affiliate Marketing make money online whatever you Want and go and answer these different Types of questions on core it's really Really simple to do now like I said guys At the start of this video if you want To know other ways that you can make Money with affiliate marketing go down

The bottom click onto that link in my Description and grab this ultimate Affiliate marketing guide I'll send it To you via email you can go through it This is how I make money with affiliate Marketing now if you guys want to know Another way that I make money online all You need to do is Click onto this video Over here it's another brilliant way That you can make money using chat GPT Highly recommend that you watch it I'll See you on that video until next time You guys take care of yourselves and Goodbye

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