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Hi everyone welcome to this week's live Stream I am the sales Queen I've got my Headdress for you my name is Amanda Bay I'm one of the top female sales trainers Online I teach all things sales sales Process so sales skills Sales Systems And uh it is my passion and my honor to Really teach women these communication Skills so that they can have more Sustainable businesses so they can Actually make some money so they can Communicate exactly what it is they need To hear from people and in this video We're going to be talking specifically About prospecting I get asked about this All the time Amanda how do you get in Front of the right people uh what what Do I send to them you know like how do I Know it's the right person so that's a Big portion of what we're going to be Discussing today I'm going to bring up My handy dandy slide for you so you can Follow along if you haven't seen this Already so we're talking about phase one Of our sales flywheel if you caught one Of the other live streams then you know I teach a five-step process and their Skills and you step through that process And the skill today is prospecting Prospecting means how do I go out into The marketplace and find potential Buyers now who exactly needs prospecting Well in reality every business needs Prospecting I know online we don't

Really talk about it that much because The ideas you just post on social media And people come to you but many of you Have already noticed it doesn't quite Work that way so prospecting is about How do I create a targeted list of People that I want to work with people That I want to reach out to people who Could be my ideal clients and start Making myself known and moving them Through a sales process so there's Multiple different ways of doing this I'm going to share a few right now so Thing number one is you want to make a List of the kinds of people that would Make really great clients for you so for Example with us it's coaches it's Consultants it's service providers who Need to know how to sell right so I Would be able to make that list They need to be making a certain amount Of money in order to be able to work With us a lot of people like to you know Not talk about the money part but people I mean you you can't be selling to broke People and expect to make money right so There needs to be some sort of financial Qualification as well and then you can Use these really great tools online like LinkedIn has a great tool called sales Navigator you could literally find Anybody that you need through their Search filter system so for example Let's say you wanted to find financial

Planners who uh have been in the Industry for the last five years Um and they are in such and such City And you can find that on LinkedIn it'll Generate a massive list of leads for you And you can start making connections LinkedIn is really great for the Filtering uh Facebook right Facebook There isn't really a lot of filtering on Facebook so that that can be problematic But you can find groups full of people Who could be potential clients for you And Prospect Um other things that you can do I mean I Will literally send out friend requests Every day to people that I either want To do business with partner with people I want to be my client people I can Serve people who would gain value from My content my team and I are putting Ourselves out there every single day in Fact my Facebook is probably mostly Potential clients or JV Partners at this Point everybody in my personal life has My number they can just call me but my Facebook is being used for business So that would be an example of process Prospecting on Instagram you can use Hashtags what kind of hashtags does your Potential Market using that would be a Great way of finding them you can also Just create a dream list right so I I'm Not I don't necessarily do this for Sales but I have done this for JV

Partners and podcasts which is just a Different kind of sale really at the end Of the day because everything is sales So I wanted a specific type of referral Partner and I made a list of dream Referral partners and I'm starting to Work through that list and make myself Known and let them know I exist and Here's what my company can do for your Clients and here's what we can do for You I also have a list of dream podcasts That I want to be on and there's Qualifications for this too by the way Right the dream podcast I want to be on Have a certain listenership per episode I'm not trying to get on anybody's Podcast I'm trying to get on specific Podcasts that are going to help me move My company goals forward so that's Prospecting in a nutshell the internet Makes it easier than ever to do Prospecting now you might be wondering Well Amanda what exactly do I send these People well I got you you can grab it From our sales script Vault they're only 27 and it it's 25 plus different types Of sales scripts you can use in Different situations including that First initial message and Outreach it's Included in the vault so you can grab it The QR code is there I'll also have it Uh in the description for you so you can Grab it but you know we already solved That problem for you just grab the

Template and then you can plug and play Just customize it for yourself but you Know we did the heavy lifting for you Already and here are some great client Results and examples we have Elisa who Went from literally hating sales hating Sales to closing twenty thousand dollar Contracts Jessica also didn't really Like sales she started closing people Immediately after a sales training with Me and actually enjoyed it and was Having a great time we have Sylvia who Closed 13 new clients in four weeks it Was amazing we also have Adina four Thousand dollars in just two weeks and Adina is actually now in negotiations With school districts in the State of Florida to get her offers into the School system so the sales skills you Graduate over time you know we have a Brandy six sales in two days we have People like uh Alex who had 12 new sign Ups for classes you know we have people Like Charlisa who made twenty five Thousand dollars with just seven hours Worth of work Rolanda fourteen thousand Dollars in two weeks Tamar was closing Sales within three days after working With us the same sales groups that I Taught these ladies I already put Together into a vault for you and you Can just grab them for 27 so again the QR code is there I'll also have it in The description if you have any further

Questions about prospecting just leave Them in the comments I'll make sure to Answer them for you and stay tuned for The next live stream where we're going To be going into phase two which is About qualifying

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