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All right so the truth is you don’t need An excuse to get started earning money Online I want to share with you a system That allows you to earn money at any age And I want to give you something that Really does work that makes me a ton of Money and I’m going to be honest with You though it does take some consistent Action you can’t just make money out of Nowhere you have to put in the work now I know a lot of people say on my videos Chase why don’t you actually show how Much money you make look at this eighty Thousand dollars month to date that’s This month year to date 748 000 on a Stripe 2022 533 000 last I don’t know 90 days 185 000 on a PayPal now every time I share Something like this with you it’s not Because I want to brag it’s because I Want to show you that it’s possible Because there’s a lot of people that Don’t believe that it is and I’m telling You I don’t come from a place where I I Had a ton of money I had a ton of Opportunity I dropped out of high school I dropped out of college and I had no Idea what I was doing I actually got Fired from the jobs that I was working Now if you look at my older videos on YouTube You’ll see back when I first Started I was starting with a garage Door behind me and that’s because I did Everything myself nobody gave me money

Nobody helped me you know learn this Stuff besides like the research that I Did I actually had a few mentors but In reality a lot of the stuff that I had To do I had to figure out myself and it All started uh with just the idea that I Wanted to make money online I wanted to Be successful and so I want to show you What really works I want to show you the Things that most people probably won’t Tell you And the reason why most people probably Won’t tell you is because it doesn’t get As many views you’re not going to see a YouTube video with a ton of views where People are going to say hey this is Probably going to be really difficult Um but here’s the thing anything that is Difficult usually has a higher payout Because more people or less people Have been able to figure out how to do That thing the reason why you’re able to Earn money in the first place is because You’re providing something that other People usually don’t know how to provide So with all that aside before we get Started I do want to mention that I have A full step-by-step program I also have A video on how I got started with all of This um I give you my full story my full Background if you want to know more About you know what I do and uh who I am I’m actually adding

New videos to this program every single Day I just added a bunch of new videos If you’re already in the program go Check them out I’ll also leave a link in The description of this video So What is the first thing that you want to Do First thing you want to do is what I Said at the beginning of this video you Want to realize that you don’t need an Excuse to do something I don’t you don’t Need to watch this video and hear from Me Um telling you that you need to do Something you can do something at any Time it all starts with you and so when I started I didn’t have anybody say hey Chase you should start earning money Online I I told myself that I wanted to Start doing that and so nobody’s going To Do what you do for you nobody’s going to Take the risk for you Um I can’t take the risk for you you Know your family can’t take the risk for You you have to get started on your own And it’s with anything right if you Wanted to start uh becoming more fit if You wanted to Um become an actor anything you’re gonna Have to move forward and take a risk and That’s going to be a decision that You’re going to have to make on your own

I can help guide you in that direction And other people can help guide you in That direction but ideally it’s going to Come down to you the other thing you Want to realize is that there’s no hack Or Secret I think a lot of people are looking for Some sort of hack that allows them to Just press a button earn money and Really the secret is going and doing Something and so ideally you want to be The type of person that does something And then learns from the things that They’re doing you don’t want to be the Type of person that I see so often that Basically just sits there and goes oh I’m gonna watch a video or I’m going to Read a book and I’m going to wait for an Opportunity to come the opportunities Come as you start to do things now I’m Not saying you shouldn’t learn and I’m Not saying that you shouldn’t Um uh let me give you an example so I’ve Been getting really into working out Lately and so I love to watch videos I Love to consume content and understand More about how to do things but what I’m Saying is that if you can’t pair the Thing that you’re learning about with The action that you’re taking then it’s Completely pointless and so if you’re The type of person that starts watching All these videos or starts learning all These things but then you never actually

Put in the work then you’re not going to Get the results from that work okay it’s Basically like drinking protein shakes Without uh weight lifting you want to Weight lift and then drink the protein Shakes but it all starts with coming up With a routine that you stick to and we Talk about this a lot in the program as Well but ideally you want to have a very Consistent schedule and routine that you Do every single day no matter what Um so for me I have a routine that I do Every day I do a YouTube video like this I’ll do some tick tocks I’ll go to the Gym and I’m set a minimum right so like I make sure that if I’m gonna do Something I’m going to do at least what I can do right and so I might not be Able to do a crazy video with a bunch of Editing and whatever I mean I could but For me it’s not sustainable because it’s Not something I want to do all the time And so sustainability is the next thing You want sustainable results and so you Need to take sustainable action what Does that mean If I’m going to want to make a certain Amount of money let’s say I want to make 10 grand a month Then I need to sustainably maintain some Sort of action that’s going to lead to That result but if I’m not on a Sustainable journey to towards that Thing then I’m probably not going to get

The result an example of this is if I Was working out every day for like three Hours a day and I just hated it right Some people are able to do that some People like working out three hours a Day and that’s sustainable for them for Me it’s probably not sustainable or Let’s say I wanted to eat um only 1500 Calories a day because I want to lose Weight That’s probably not sustainable for me What ends up happening usually is you Stop or you become destructive right Because let’s say I’m not eating enough Calories and oh I’m really hungry I’m Gonna go out and I’m gonna go binge on Food or let’s say I’m you know working Out a bunch and you know I just give up Right I’m just gonna just binge on the Couch and just eat you know food and do Nothing so you want to have a way to Maintain what you’re doing without it Being Um You know a big deal and the other thing That I put on here is that you know You’re in a competition with yourself You’re not in competition with anybody Else so if you go and see that somebody Else is doing a ton more right you look And say oh well Chase is making you know 100 000 a month or whatever I’m making And you go well I want to do that okay But you’re not in a competition with me

It took me seven years to get to where I Am of doing the same thing pretty much Every day day in and day out and I Guarantee you there’s things that you Have that I don’t have because of the Actions that you’ve taken and so if you Want good things you want to take good Actions if you want bad things then you Take bad actions and I’ve gotten both Right I used to drink all the time And guess what I got the consequences of That and so It’s about putting time into things that You want things that you want to grow Maybe you want to be more fit maybe you Want to be a guitar player maybe you Want to be somebody that makes a bunch Of money take consistent action follow What people do that you want to be like Not what they say if you see what I do Every day every single day I’m doing a YouTube video every single day I’m doing A tick tock video every single day I’m Sending out emails are you doing those Things do you want to have similar Results to what I have and I’m not Saying you shouldn’t um Uh you shouldn’t follow people right it Is important to figure out what works For other people right but don’t compare Yourself if you see that I’m making all This money look at that as a a good sign Right like you might not like me but you Can see that what I’m doing is working

And so Maybe you can adjust it in a different Way as well maybe you follow the outline But you do it in your own way but follow What people do not what they say another Thing that’s important is to set Benchmarks and make micro adjustments Slow changes create massive results so If I want to make more money or I want To get more views on YouTube or I want Anything I need to take what works from My Benchmark from my Baseline and I need To improve that over time because again I’m in a competition with myself so for You you might be making let’s say one Video a week okay how do we improve that Make two videos a week your Baseline is Different than mine I’m making one video Or usually a day If you’re thinking well I need to be Doing that to get on Chase’s level uh Well then maybe if that’s if that’s Where you want to go Then start slowly improving go okay well I’m gonna go do two videos a week now I’m gonna do three and this is with Anything Um recently I got this Fitbit And uh it tracks your sleep and I’ve Been seeing like certain bedtimes work The best for me like 10 o’clock to Around seven or eight A.M You know that time frame usually is when I sleep the best and so for me I’m going

To keep trying to improve that okay well Let me make sure I have a schedule make Sure that I’m in bed at that time make Sure that Um you know I’m not like distracted by Things at that time and so I’m going to Slowly start to figure out what works And it really just comes down to test Because again what works for me might Not work for you my sustainability might Work differently for your sustainability And It all comes down to staying true to Yourself as well so what you really want To focus on is doing things that you Believe in Without Having any interest in doing things You’re not going to enjoy you’re not Going to stay doing it long enough Because you don’t enjoy it and so for me I I’ve been known to just push through Things just because I want the result Unfortunately the result usually becomes Unbalanced because the thing that I’m Focused on doing is Um really the thing that I’m supposed to Find enjoyment in right Money is always going to be the result Of value and value is always going to be The result of something that you’re Doing or passion or or whatever you Enjoy But

You’re not going to have a sustainable Outcome if you’re constantly doing Things that again you’re not enjoying or Not sustainable and so you want to take Chances on the things that you believe In and usually those are the things that Are the hardest things to do for me I Always want to talk about I don’t know Becoming a better person optimizing Yourself uh Getting to the next level and a lot of That has nothing to do with making money It has to do with just being a better Version of yourself but for me I also Get awkward talking about that stuff Because I would rather do something That’s easy talk about something that’s Arbitrary say hey all you have to do is Push a button and you make money and it Works right I’m not saying it doesn’t Work but sometimes just because Something works doesn’t mean that you’re Supposed to be doing it And I think what happens is a lot of People get caught up in the fact that They’re making money or they’re doing Something that works but they’re not Enjoying Doing it and so they’re living their Lives just for the sake of oh well it Does something Um and so I would really question if I Were you Um or at least this is something I had

To question all the time is am I Actually interested in doing this am I Actually interested in Um The long-term part of what I’m doing Because there’s always going to be money There’s always going to be opportunity There’s always going to be Um a way to become successful at what You do you can be successful at anything But If you’re in a position where you have Some time some money and you want to Invest it in something that you like Choose something that you actually like Not just because it makes money Um again because money is always going To be there And the last thing I’ll say is just opt You do want to optimize yourself or at Least I want to optimize myself and just Like how you would optimize your income Or optimize anything you do it comes Down to Um spending more time figuring out what Works for you and Uh Just becoming more of you every day and I think that’s really the most important Thing for me is that I just want to keep Moving forward I want to keep becoming Better I want to keep moving in the Right direction And

Um Again nobody else is going to do that For me right so I have to do it myself So anyways that’s it for today uh if you Got some value from that let me know and I’ll hopefully see you in the program if You’re not in the program yet go to Um we got a lot of really cool stuff in Here let me actually show you really Quickly what’s in here if you’re not in Already and if you are in make sure you Check out the new videos Um basically in the course we go over How to um set up your system how to Start earning your first dollar how to Figure out what you want to sell I even Give you products to sell I show you the Stuff that I invest in I show you how to How I automate everything I show you how To optimize yourself I show you how to Build your opt-in how to build your Short form content these are all Um Unlisted videos that you can watch that Basically just show you step by step What you got to do to get started so Again the price is Going up soon so don’t wait and I’ll see You very soon till then Happy money Making happy living see you guys bye

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