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What's going on guys Chase Reiner here And today we are going to be talking About the quickest and easiest way to Start earning over a hundred to a Thousand dollars a day with chat GPT and AI now if you have no idea who I am and You're brand new here welcome on this Channel we talk about how to earn money In easy ways specifically using things Like AI or automation or robots or any Of that good stuff and lately we've been Talking a lot about chat GPT now if you I've never seen me before here's my Income I want to show you this to to Show you that it's possible I don't want To brag or anything I just want you to See that I am actually making money here You can see in the last few months in January actually I made 215 000 just as Just on stripe On PayPal it's even more it was around 300 000 total February 185 000 I took a Few months off and the last couple Months haven't been as much but I Generally genuine generally make around A hundred thousand dollars a month so That's that again not to brag just to Show you that it's possible we have Plenty of people that follow the systems That I talk about as well and they make Money too I will show you more about That in the next parts of these videos But before I do I want to mention that If you leave the word yes in the

Comments right now I know to make more Videos like this in the future and keep You updated with the different things That I've been finding so if you want More free training videos like this one Just reply with the word yes in the Comments right now and it also helps With the algorithm all right So the first thing I'm going to show you How to do is how to get access to Instant access to chat GPT without the Waitlist now the reason why you want to Generally pay for chat GPT access is Because chat gbt crashes all the time Because everybody's trying to use it for Free if you go over to this tool this is A tool that I've been building I Actually spent tens of thousands of Dollars to get chatgpt integrated into It and again this is completely optional You can go and sign up for chat GPT and Use it for free the cool thing about This tool is that It gives you access to a bunch of other Cool stuff as well but if you click on Chat here you can get instant access to It there's no wait list it we connect Directly into the API of the tools so You don't have to wait for access to the Tool Now again completely optional I'm not Here to sell you anything that you don't Need uh I'm going to show you how to do Pretty much everything for free today

And if you want to buy some things at The end to make it faster I will show You some options that you can use So first thing I want to explain to you Before we get into the method is that The riches are in the niches or niches Whatever you want to call it Now you've probably heard this before if You haven't basically The more you can figure out what's Trending and you can take a trend and You can turn that into Traffic and turn that traffic into money The more you can put time into focusing On the niche on the trend the easier it Is to build a system that's going to Generate you income I'll give you an example a couple years Ago back over here when I was making a Lot less money I was focused on a niche That didn't make that much money And it was very specific right so you Don't want to go too General where Nobody's really looking for it it's kind Of like it's been around for a while you Want to go usually for the things that Are trending so for example one of the Big things right now Is AI and chat GPT a few years ago or Even last year a big thing was Bitcoin And so generally if you can find things That are trending like this You can Capitalize on that Trend and so it's a

Lot easier to get views traffic and Sales and ultimately email opt-ins which We'll talk about in a second when you Are targeting something that is trending Now how do you find something that's Trending well you can go to somewhere Like Google Trends or you can go to Shine ranker shine ranker as a keyword Research tool it'll tell you how many People are searching for a certain topic But let's just type in chat GPT Hopefully it just gave me Arnold Schwarzenegger that's not what I wanted Okay chat GPT see if we can do this Without Auto completing here And it gave me Arnold Schwarzenegger Again let's do chat GPT like this Okay So you can see over the last day it's Pretty consistent but if we go by the Last 12 months Boom huge trend So you want to find things that are Trending like this going straight Through the roof it's a lot easier to Get traffic views and all the things You're going to need to make money when You're going after a trend now I'm not Saying that you should go for shiny Objects that's something that I want to Make clear It's important that you don't just go And jump from thing to thing

Just because it's trending you want to Incorporate it with your overall Strategy okay so my overall strategy is Not necessarily AI it's making money Okay and what I mean by that is that I Show people how to make money online And so if that's with chat GPT or some Other Trend it's easy for me to Pivot Because my overall strategy is something That's General That I can Encompass other more specific Things in too and I can incorporate I Can But do you see what I'm saying you want Something that you can use as a baseline Something that you can always remain Consistent with because you don't want To go from let's say being somebody that Talks about making money online to Somebody that goes and talks about how To lose weight and get a six-pack it Just it's too many things okay and so You want to choose something that you Can be General enough with but also that You can tap into niches with okay So let's talk about the importance of an Email list There's two ways to make money online In terms of the way you're sending Traffic okay so the way the method's Working the way the one I'm going to Show you is that you're taking content Around a trend like let's say chat gbt Or Ai and you're going to be talking

About let's say I don't know how to make Money with it right In that context you're going to be Sending traffic to either a a landing Page or B an email opt-in now what's the Difference and why does it matter so An email opt-in Is something that somebody can enter Their email in to learn more about Whatever you're offering okay so let's Say for example you want to go check out My Courses I have a course called You can go over to this website enter Your email Once you enter your email then you get Redirected to the sales page and then it Tells you why you should buy That's the first way the second way is Just sending people directly to a Landing page okay so what is what's the Difference between these two One The traffic you're sending to an email Opt-in all usually about 50 of it's Actually going to turn into an email 50 Of people who go to an email often are Actually going to enter their email and I know that because I have the data on The back end I could show you it but Just take my word for it A landing page you're going to get 100 Of the traffic hitting the landing page

Like for example the sales page now why Would you want only 50 of the traffic to Go to an email versus maybe 100 of the Traffic to go to a page The difference is a long-term versus a Short-term strategy okay So the long-term strategy of getting Email opt-ins is that you can pivot and What I mean by that is that let's say It's kind of what we were talking about Earlier let's say you don't want to talk About chat gbt anymore let's say you Want to talk about I don't know Bitcoin Or you want to talk about real estate or Whatever the next thing is right Having an email list allows you to send Traffic to new things it allows you to Retain your traffic and so if you want To sell things in the future it's easy Because you have emails you have people Entering their emails to learn more About your thing and so now you're Retaining your traffic But Option b which is a landing page you get More sales it's quicker money and so it Kind of depends on for you whether you Want a longer term strategy Or more sales faster If it was me and I was starting all over I would always go for building the email List it's one of the biggest mistakes I Made When I started I did not have an email

List and it really uh limited my growth Because it's a lot easier to grow like This With an email list than it is just Making money because money at a certain Point is not going to really make a Difference on whether or not you grow Unless you invested into something and At some point you're going to want to Invest your money into things that can Grow and things that you can automate And one of the best things for that is Building an email list okay So the choice is yours I use a tool Called convertkit Um you can use a tool called convertkit You use a tool called there's All these different tools and in fact if You want a full free list here's my Opt-in right here if you want a free List of tools that you can use and Promote go to enter Your email again the list is completely Free you can also join our free Facebook Group here on the little yellow bar okay So I do recommend you grab that if you Haven't already it's got a lot of good Stuff in here okay all of these are Tools too that you can sell like for Example shine ranker you can get the Affiliate program you can sell it we'll Talk more about that in a second All right so let's talk about consistent Action

Making consistent results now the reason Why I'm talking about these things first Is because most people they just want The strategy and they don't realize that It's not just the strategy it's also It's actually mainly you can become Accidentally successful If you do these first things And the reason why is because there's a Lot of people out there that do random Stuff That like it's not even really part of a Strategy but because they focus on these Things they focus on building an email List they focus on uh what I'm about to Tell you in a second they focus on these Different things because they focus on Them it's easier for them to make money In the long term because it doesn't Really matter what you necessarily talk About it doesn't really matter if you Create videos on you know you could make Videos on on ways to be motivated like The more important thing Is that you start consistently creating Content around the thing Or around anything that can start Building your list okay so let's talk About that so when I started out Remember I told you I was not in the Industry I'm in now I'm not I wasn't in Making money online I was in something Called SEO which is if you're probably Familiar with it if you're not it's

Called search engine optimization Basically it's the art of ranking Websites on Google And when I started for about the first Four or five years I was only talking About SEO but I built a following Around it I built somewhat of a Following I think I had around Last year was like 50 000 subscribers or Something And what happened is I started building a list now it wasn't It wasn't a large list it wasn't a large Following I mean it it for for five Years of work I don't think it was um You might say it was but you know if you Spend every single day making content Videos like this You know for five years you would you Would probably expect to get around 50 000 subscribers I bet Um but anyways I wasn't doing Um Anything that unique I was just going And finding what was working people were Talking about let's say you know local SEO or they were talking about these Different tools like semrush like There's all these different things Around SEO and I would make videos on it And I would get people to follow me but I basically accidentally became Successful at it because just because

The amount of consistent action I was Willing to take I was willing to go and Do a video every single day didn't Matter how I felt didn't matter if I Knew what to say didn't matter and let Me tell you something by the way to this Day I still feel uncomfortable making Videos this video here It's not like something that just goes Up comes off the top of my head like I Have to actually think about it I have To I have to go and take a chance I mess Up I you know I say stuff that I like oh I wish I would have said something Different you know I watched the video Later oh that looks stupid There's so many times even looking at my Old videos I'm like oh my God those are So bad It doesn't matter what matters is you Start taking consistent action because 99 of people are not going to do that 99 Of people are not going to do anything They're going to look at it they're Going to go oh I wish I I at some point I'll do it and then they never do it Okay And so if you could just start doing Content Um or doing what I'm going to show you That you can do without having to do Content but if you can start doing 10 to 20 minute videos like this a day on a Subject like chat gbt or like AI or

Anything it literally could be anything And you start sending traffic to an Email list right You can start getting a ton of people a Ton of New Leads right because anybody Who enters enters their email Is a new lead for you okay So what I would do is if you want to Create consistent action by the way one Of the easiest ways to do this is make a List And so what I do every day I have it right next to me right here Is I rewrite the things that I want to Do so every day I have a piece of paper Right here And I write down the things that I want To do And guess what I haven't written it down Yet today because I wanted to make a Video first but Probably after this I'm going to turn The page new page I'm going to write down the same 10 Things I want to do and every day I'm Writing them down I need to do this I Need to do this every single day I need To do this and at a certain point guess What I'll be tired of seeing that thing On the list And I'll just do it And so my question for you is How long are you going to wait to make a List of priorities that you need to

Focus on because most people they know What they need to do but they won't Actually Spend enough time thinking about it to Do it they're going to go oh I need to Do that and then they never do it write It down write it down every day Write it down for a couple weeks I I can Pretty much guarantee you're gonna say I Need to do this I need to get this done I've been putting this on the list for Weeks I need to go do it okay there's Plenty of things that we need to do and There's also things that look Even in your personal life you probably Need to do I really want to go to fish Tank I don't know why I just want one And so what do I do put it on the list Fish tank I'll get to it later Week two fish tank all right it's been Two weeks I'm gonna get this fish tank So make a list it makes things a lot Easier all right so let's talk about the Actual step by step because remember I Don't want this to be all just you know Uh Theory I want to show you exactly how To do this so what you're going to do Is ideally you're going to join an Affiliate that talks about you know if You're gonna be talking about chat GPT If that's the niche you're going for Obviously in this video that's what I'm Recommending but you would go and find An affiliate for it now remember scary you'll get a list of all The different tools uh a lot of these Have chat gbt built in I would recommend Promoting shine ranker it's our tool if You go to the website and scroll to the Bottom there's a thing that says become An affiliate And you can actually promote this tool And then what you can do is once you're An affiliate you'll get a link the link Will look like this it'll say forward slash your name Right that's your that's your link now All you really have to do is show people How to use chat gbt to make money or how To use it to improve their lives right So let's say you wanted to show people How to use chatgpt To write social media posts right So you go hey guys Uh you know let's say your name is Joe Joe here I'm going to show you exactly How To write a social media post with shine Rinker so first you're just going to go To the the chat feature you're going to Type in write me 10 social media posts About making money And they're just going to show them Right now if you've never made a video Before Uh what I recommend is just practice There's a tool the one that I'm using Right now it's free it's called Go download it you click on the start Recording you don't even have to have Your face in it look most of my videos In the last year don't even have my face In them you don't have to have a green Screen you don't have to have a you know DSR camera you don't have to have any of It just get started with a screen like This Just show people look Bring open your notepad click on start Recording now you might be thinking look I I just can't do video I'm not willing To go and work on that I would much Rather just do something else well You can there's Alternatives right There's always Alternatives and part of One of the things I want to tell you as Well is that you part of becoming Successful is eliminating the barriers Or the excuses of why you can't do the Thing okay so there's always a way Around something and and The thing that I think people take for Granted is that We're very adaptable right like if you Put humans in an environment where they Have to adapt they will the problem is Most people aren't an environment where They have to adapt they get the choice And so What I'd recommend is figure out what Are you willing to do and what are you

Not willing to do and then figure out What are you willing to change in order To do the things that you're not willing To do and so for example you might say Well I'll never do video because I have To use Um I have to show my face Okay well then just do a screen Recording well I'll never talk because I Don't want to share my voice okay we'll Hire somebody else to do it like there's Always a way around it right And so most of the time the reason why People don't find the way around it is Because they fail once at it or they go I can't do it and then they give up and So most of the things that you want to Do I guarantee you there's somebody just Like you that figured out a way around It And They became successful so how do you do That so one of the ways that you can do This is there's a website that I've Built for you it's called viral And what this website is if you go to it Let's go over to it it's access to all My content if you want to go and re Repurpose my content so if you look at Um one of the graphs that I've not Graphs but diagrams or paintings Whatever

That I built this is generally the Outline that you want in order to make Money with something like you know chat Gbt or any sort of AI tool you want About a 20 minute video per day like the One that I'm making right now and you Actually don't get that many sales or Views on the 20 minute video this is More for sales I use this content right Here to help sell my products Where you make the money actually or Where you get all the traffic is with Short form content and so what you do is You take these longer videos like the One you're watching right now and you Turn it into shorter videos like Tick Tock videos because here's the thing one Of the easiest ways to get views right Now is to get it 55 or 60 second clip And and post it on Facebook reels Instagram reels Tick Tock like you can post them Everywhere YouTube shorts and so one of The things you can do is you can go to This website IP quarantine I don't know what that is And this website or this sales page I Think it's about 28 or 29 bucks a month It gives you access to all my content That you can use to repurpose so if you Don't feel like making the 20 minute Videos you just go get access to this Yeah it's 29 bucks a month And you can use my videos you can use

This video the one that I'm making right Now and you can use it to repurpose into Short form content and you can actually Promote any of the products that I talk About So let me show you how that works so What you would do is you would take Let's say this video or my last video Let's say this video right here So the last video I made you would copy The video URL you would download it you Can use YouTube mp4 downloader And you would Take the download and plug it into Something like cap cut cap cut will Actually help you turn these videos into Shorts and then you can put your links To any of my products so like if I talk About shine ranker and you have an Affiliate for shine ranker you can clip The portion of shinraker where I say hey Look this is a great tool and then you Can put your link to it and and post That content on places like Tick Tock Okay now If you don't want to do that you can Obviously make your own content like Look I'm just giving you options I'm Trying to make it easier for you Remember how I said earlier there's a Free way to do this where you're Spending your time or there's a paid way To do this where you're spending your Money either way you have to spend

Something there's a price for everything Okay So choose what you want to do Now The theory here again and this is just The tip of the iceberg is that those who Repurpose the most usually win and so The way the what what this means is that If you can take a 20 minute video like The one I'm doing right here right I'm Spending what total of it's actually a Little over 20 minutes now but I'm Spending Under an hour a day doing these videos I can take this one video under an hour A day of work and I can turn it into Multiple short form videos that bring me In traffic views and sales and email Opt-ins I can also turn this into a blog Post I can turn this into a podcast I Can turn this into emails I can turn it into social media posts I Can repurpose this content like crazy And so if you can even spend An hour a day doing this type of stuff You will be able to get so much traction It's actually insane or You can do just this part and you can Still get a ton of traction you don't Necessarily have to do the long form now You can actually automate the short form Even more too what we're actually doing And this is what I recommend if you have Some money is head over to somewhere

Like Go to the Freelancers Click on or type in something like Tick Tock shorts what you would do once you Join the viral video vault is you would Take a video like the um the video I Showed you a second ago the YouTube the YouTube Video I made this one over Here you'd copy the URL and you would You would tell people Hey look for five Bucks I need you to edit me a short form Video okay go buy this in front of you Just so you can see And we buy these all the time we have Like Tons of different people on Fiverr Making us these short form videos that We can repost and these videos get Thousands and thousands of views And we have people By the way I'm not sure why that didn't Just go through but we have people In our classes Um that are literally taking our content And they're getting hundreds of Thousands of views and and thousands of Dollars in sales With this strategy just posting these 50 Second videos So One of the other things that you can do And I kind of talked about this earlier Is that you can actually just go and

Figure out what you want to rank for so Most people don't realize that these Different search engines whether it's Facebook YouTube Instagram they all have A search bar which means there's search Engines it means people are searching For things on them and if you go to Something like shine ranker and you type In uh you know make money online with AI Or just make money online you're going To see all the different things people Are searching for and you can start Creating content Whether it's your short form content or Long-form content or whatever you want To do and you can start ranking on these Different platforms for these different Keywords and so what I recommend is find A bunch of keywords that you like right If we click on the check markup here Update selected difficulty this is going To give us a list of all of the easiest Keywords and highlight them in green That we can Target and and this is using Google so this is like this the the most Uh the highest search platform or the Platform with the most searches out of Any other platform so we just kind of Use this as the Baseline but what you Can do is just go and find keywords that You like add them to your dashboard and Then start creating videos around those Different topics And see how many people are searching

For them how difficult they are you get The point and by the way if you want to Check out the full we have a full Um annual pass it's like 300 bucks or 400 bucks a year Um so you pay once per year and you get Unlimited access to shine ranker it's a Pretty good deal if you want to go check It out it's forward Slash shine All right last thing I want to say is You want to really start before you're Confident none of this is ever going to Feel completely certain like I'm telling You every single day I have to force Myself to do things that I want to do This video Um I didn't want to do it I mean like It's not that I don't want to I want to Do the video I want to I want to do Something I want to accomplish something But I feel uncertain I always feel Uncertain about what I'm doing you never Feel 100 certain even if you've done it Over and over you're always going to be Able to improve so focus on just doing Something start practicing if you can't Do a 10 minute video do a one minute Video you can't do a one minute video do A 10 second video you can't do any Videos go and repurpose some of the Content like I showed you And most importantly I would recommend Joining our classes if you go to you can go join live Calls where we actually walk I I walk You through me and my team walk you Through everything you need to do how to Set up your email list how to set up Your landing pages how to set up your Videos how to do your editing how to Hire people their live calls that you Can watch and join and interact and ask Questions we even have a live chat as Well on Facebook where you can go and Interact you can ask me questions you Can ask the group questions you can Interact on the live chat but what I'd Recommend is get in the price goes up Like every single week Because we're adding more and more stuff In here so don't wait for the price to Go up go to and join Um I think you're going to really like It there's a lot of people that have Been successful with it already and uh That's it we'll see in the next one Thanks for being here until then Happy Money making see you guys bye

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