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What's up guys Ryan Borden here and Today I'm going to show you how to earn A hundred thousand dollars a month with Chat GPT and it really is the easiest Way to make money online right now and So let me show you actually what is Possible if we look at stripe here and We'll look at the past four weeks 126 000 over a hundred thousand dollars plus We have PayPal not even counting here we Can go like more like the past three Months for example three hundred twenty Nine thousand dollars the past 12 months Last year and it's going to give us 957 Thousand dollars so a million dollars Almost in stripe in the past year and Then PayPal is another well over half a Million so we're approaching here to Getting a rolling two million dollars But right now it's about 1.6 1.7 Nonetheless obviously we can earn over a Hundred thousand in those numbers so I've got a lot of tests running right Now if you like this kind of content go Ahead and drop me a yes down in the Comment it helps of course with YouTube But it also helps us to understand that We're giving you what you want and then We're going to notify you as we do more Tests have a lot of tests running right Now and I want to keep you updated so Give me a yes down there if you would Please I appreciate it so also before I Get too far into this I do want to

Mention of course so this is a how to Make a hundred thousand dollars a month Like I said this isn't something that You're going to make a hundred thousand Dollars overnight right you're not going To make a hundred thousand dollars the First month you do have to build it it Is going to take some work and I can't Teach you how to make a hundred thousand Dollars a month in 10 minutes here on YouTube so if you want to sign up for The classes here we have live classes at you can enter your email Address and would break everything down For you in the live classes of how you Can actually earn the hundred thousand Dollars a month so let's jump in and Look at this what do we need to do well The first thing we need to do is we need To grab a checklist so where I'm going To get this checklist from is right here Scary you just go here it's Free enter your enter your email address And then we're going to see this Checklist here What is this checklist well it is a Checklist of places that you can earn Money from so these are tools or this is SEO tools there's courses there's online Side hustles there's writing the list Goes on right you can earn money from All of these because they have what's Called an affiliate program where they Deliver the product and you get a

Percentage of the sale when you refer Somebody so that is actually the easy Part signing up with these different Companies right The hard part or the challenging part Where most people fail is actually Getting people to sign up because you Obviously have to promote that that is Where chat GPT and steps two and three Here come in which I'm going to go over So stick with me here throughout the Video because there's a lot of great Stuff even at the end however the way That we do this is we're going to go to Say Jasper here at this one and we're Going to sign up for their affiliate Program now I already have signed up With them and I'm signed in here and we Can see on this account that there's Three thousand dollars of unpaid Earnings right now Now if we go to payouts we can see even More of course All the way back going back to I think This is uh yeah 2021 so you can see Basically when somebody signs up for Jasper here you get a 30 reoccurring Commission now that's great because if They sign up today and stay a customer For like six months or six years you get 30 every single month so these Reoccurring commissions from these Various places are how that you build it Because once you get a good amount of

People in here then of course you can go To the next tool and the next tool and The next tool and down the list and you Can make money from all of these and Then of course across all of these as Well and so on and so forth so basically We need to get set up so that we can get These payments every single month and You can see 2800 2800 down 2700 3800 so You know about two three thousand Dollars a month from this tool right now And we haven't even been promoting this Tool this is just stuff where people Have signed up quite some time ago and Are still around So if we look at this we have a Checklist we know where to go to get our Affiliate links and on most of these It's really easy if you just go to their Home page if you feel like if we click In here and we go to shine ranker for Example and we roll down on the home Page down at the bottom there will be a Become an affiliate so it varies but Usually there at the bottom of the page Just click on it and then you sign up And away you go right and so The way that we do this now is we with Step two we're going to leverage YouTube Shorts Now it doesn't have to be YouTube shorts It could be Tick Tock it could be Facebook reels right but the shorts Concept is where it matters so if we go

Ahead and go over here to YouTube for Example I'm gonna go to YouTube and We're talking about Jasper right so Let's just go ahead and go to YouTube And type Jasper in here and then I'm Going to filter them By the four minute and under marks of Hit filters under four minutes then we Can see the shorter ones here right so Actually I have another video where I Showed I'm not sure it came up here it Was just this video right here I took The transcript out of the video and in Fact the transcript for the video is Still right here this is the transcript Of this video so I literally got the Transcript you can click the the dots on A video and get a transcript right so if We go in here And just click the actual Right here show transcript now I have Everything that was said in that video Right so I got a Jasper transcript from A video then I took it to chat GPT which Is Step number three here And I don't want to get too far ahead But that we took it there and I had chat GPT rewrite it so I'll show you that in Just a second but it came out looking Like this right so this is the other Side so it's basically the same thing Agencies small business owners are going Crazy about this Jasper AI small Business owners and agencies are raving

About Jasper right we're saying the same Thing but we're doing it in a Non-plagiarizing way so I don't have to Think about what to say I don't have to Think about the idea I don't have to Think about anything I am taking someone Else's ideas feeding it to AI which is Chat GPT letting chat GPT analyze the Idea and rework the idea and give us a New unique idea but basically say the Same concept so that it still makes Perfect sense So before I show you that part of it let Me just show you what it actually looks Like in practice here so when we go in a Video for example in a short that's Going to run and at some point here They're going to have a link now we need To put in a redirect link and again I Do Cover how to do the redirect links as Well as like so there might be some Steps here you're lost on Um because again I can't teach it you Know a hundred thousand dollar a month Concept in 10 minutes so I kind of have to go fast Here but um in the fortune Bots classes They're live and so we break it down and You can literally just get in there and Ask questions and Everything's there and available to you As well as even the replays of classes That you may have missed So that's why I'm going a little fast

Here anyways basically what happens at Some point there's going to be a link And I'll actually show you this in just A minute so we grab the transcript There'll be a link in here and instead Of putting their Link in there we'll put Our Link in there what link am I talking About I'm talking about the affiliate Link so when we signed up for our Affiliate down here we have a affiliate Link and we need to put this link we Need to get people to go to this link Because when they go to this link and They sign up we get paid right that's How all affiliate programs work they're Going to give you a link and you're Going to sign up and then get paid or When somebody signs up using your link You get paid So we want to put the link in the video Right so in the other video I did I Actually use chat GPT so let me pull That up And this is chat GPT you go ahead and Just plug in the existing script and you Just ask it to rewrite it so I just took The script that I had pasted it in here Said hey can you rewrite this script You know blah blah blah blah and then Away it went and started doing its thing Right so it takes just a second and A way it's writing it right so here we Go now I took it and I added a little Bit of extra formatting here obviously

Some spaces but it's the same exact Words So moving to this so we can see what's Going on here we rewrite the whole Script of chat GPT and I actually made An entire video which I showed I took And I literally just made the video you Can go back on the same channel and Watch the video that I'm talking about And in that video I made this video And so when I was recording the last 10 Minute YouTube video I paused it in the Middle and recorded this YouTube short So I could show you what's happening and I literally take the script that chat GPT has and I literally just basically Am reading it you know I memorize it two Or three times and I say it pause the Camera and then memorize this section Two or three times and say it and I even Did it in such a way like you can go Back and watch the last video so that Anybody can do it I put on cheap clothes I messed up my hair put on a seven Dollar hat seven dollar shirt I used a Phone that's four years old so like this Works for anybody so I made it easy and Simple with not having to wear expensive Clothes and not having to use a brand New phone or have the latest tech or Anything right or even have to worry About if you have done your hair put on A hat or if you're a lady just comb your Hair it'll have more volume anyways so

You can actually do this obviously as You take away all of the stressors that You have to worry about further in Addition to the fact that chat GPT has Written the entire or script for us it's Going to do even more so if I go here Into the video And we jump in where we are actually Editing the video itself we need to put In a title right and then we need to put In a description chat GPT can write your Video description and your title so if We want to go back to the original video Which is here and we grab their title And we say Jasper best ad writing Copywriting tool right whatever it says If I then go to chatgpt and say based on This title Give me a new title and a description For a YouTube video Right and then it's going to say here You go here's a new title how Jasper can Help you write better copy and it's Spitting out the description and so you Just grab the title and the description And stick it right in here so here's Your title here's your description so Literally AI has taken and they wrote The entire script for you so you didn't Have to think about what to say or the Subject matter you just all you Literally did was you went and you found Your Affiliate link right so shine ranker I

Think we were doing Jasper right here so We grabbed Jasper we go to YouTube and We search for Something about Jasper we grabbed their Title we grabbed their description Everything they've said pop it into chat GPT let chat gbt rewrite the entire Thing and now we have a whole new script To record our video and then we don't Even have to write the title a Description it can write that too so the AI is like taking care of all the idea Creation and the rewording and Everything oh you literally have to do Is do the actual steps and then upload The video right and in this video here If we get to the end of it Here at the end we can see I stuck a Link and this is my redirect link again classes we cover that How to do it but if we go There We can see it takes us to Jasper except If someone signs up with this link then We get paid right so that's how we get Through this and how we use YouTube Shorts here or Tick Tock or Facebook Reels we go ahead and let chat GPT Rewrite and create all the content for Us we just record and say whatever chat Gbg says and we put in our link that Gets us back to the site from our Checklist and that's how we make money So that's kind of reviewing those in

Reverse now of course you obviously want To capture the email lead and you can Market to them over and over again Meaning If I send this straight to Jasper they Sign up with Jasper if we get paid That's great but then that's it I can Capture that lead now it's called a lead I can capture that person's email Address and I can send them offers for All kinds of things so that way once They buy Jasper I can continue and go Back and I can send them shine ranker And Cora and semrush and screaming frog And web 2 ranker and the list goes on Right I can send them all of it and then They can sign up for all of it and I can Make money on all of it so that's how we Build up obviously it takes a little bit Of building to get to a hundred thousand Dollars a month because we need to build Up that income flow from zero because You got to start a zero and build it up Right and if I just constantly am trying To find new people and get them straight To the affiliate offer you can do it but It's going to take forever so the Shortcut and the fast way to do that is To utilize the email system that Automatically sends them emails and Sells them each product in succession And sends them emails over and over Again until they buy right So that looks like this this is an email

Sequence something happens they go to The landing page so someone goes here They sign up for classes Or they enter the email address and then We capture the email address and it Automatically jumps over to here and Starts sending them emails so this would Be the starting point so they enter the Landing page and it sends them an email Then it sends them another email a day Later another email another email we Keep going one each day and so each one Of these emails is selling them Something and then when it gets down Here it goes into another sequence it's All automatic again we cover that in the Fortune Bots classes like how to do this But It's sending them an email and it's Offering them a deal right to buy Something hey Jasper AI is amazing Hey Shine ranker is amazing hey whatever Right and then of course there is Content that you can usually get from Jasper in these different places so There's usually a section where you can Go like the assets section for example And that will give you What's called a swipe file the swipe File is pre-done emails that they have Tested and it works so they do all the Work figure out what email is to say and Then here is email swipe file so there's Different different swipes depending on

What you're doing but here's an email Swipe file for example And they're going to give you the emails And everything is done right so you can Just go get the assets from everybody on Your list you get all the swipe files And Away you go So once we have plugged them in and Captured the email then it's just a Matter of rinsing and repeating because Then we just go back to the checklist Get our product go back and build Another video or grab the transcript of An existing video about that product let Chat GPT and AI rewrite the transcript For us into something else like this Then we just do a quick video on it and Because they've done all the work you Don't have to think it's just doing it And if you watch the other video where I Actually recorded it you can see how Easy it actually is and then we're going To grab the email and then we're going To continue to email them over and over And over again automatically every day Until they buy and then again we just Rinse and repeat and go to the next step So what's going to get in your way well Obviously the enemy of success is what's Going to get in your way Right because if we're gonna go over Here and we're going to be realistic Right if you're at zero and you want to Get to 957 thousand dollars on stripe

And then PayPal's another six hundred Thousand if you want to get to a hundred Thousand dollars a month right where we Are actually bringing in a hundred Thousand dollars a month that doesn't Happen overnight you do have to do some Work does this make sense I mean how Many things have you done you showed up And basically did nothing and you were Just handed a hundred thousand dollars Every month right if you find a way tell Me and we can incorporate it into the Strategy but it just doesn't exist which Is why the answer is you've never done It so and I've never done it either Because the simple truth is that nothing Worthwhile can be achieved easily it's Going to take a period of hard work so You are going to have to join the Classes at you are going To have to do the live classes you're Going to have to set some stuff up Follow the method there are also Bots And AI in the fortune Bots classes that We're going to teach you about and That's going to help right because you Can leverage Ai and Bots to help Expedite the process and do a bunch of Work for you but you are still going to Have to do some work to get to a hundred Thousand dollars a month I mean it just Doesn't happen overnight and you're just Gonna have to do a little bit of work Right but that's okay because in the

Classes we have an entire Community Where you can ask questions you can ask Questions on the Facebook page there's a Facebook page that tons of people join And post every day and you can get Support and of course breaking it down But I was talking about the enemy here So what is the enemy to your success Well the enemy of your success is your Comfort zone so 80 of people or more Literally find reasons not to do it I Literally just told you a method by Which you can make a hundred thousand Dollars a month it's going to take some Work I told you how to get started the Way you get started is go to classes enter your email Address and you can get started I showed You all of the steps the question is are You going to do it or are you going to Do the same thing you've done before and Take no action now maybe you're a person Who typically does take action but most People don't they don't want to leave Their comfort zone because this is new You got to learn something you gotta do Something but the truth is you're just Not gonna get to making a hundred Thousand dollars a month by doing the Same thing you've been doing because if You keep doing what you've been doing You're gonna keep getting what you've Been getting And if you don't want to keep getting

What you've been getting then you've got To take action so what action to take You start by going to Enter your email address click let's do This get into live classes and then I Will see you in the next live class and Until then Happy money making

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