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In this video we're going to be talking About how to make over a hundred Thousand dollars per month with chat GPT I'm going to give you the fastest and Laziest way to make money online if You're just starting out and you're Brand new now we actually have a way to Access chat GPT because right now the Actual tool is waitlisted if you go and Try to sign up for it it'll say hey you Can't get in but if you use this tool Which you can go grab at that's just my link that I use to redirect to the actual link You can go and sign up I think it's like Somewhere around 50 or 100 bucks a month But you can get access to chat GPT if You don't want to wait for the wait list But here you can see this is basically Chat GPT they're just pulling an API From the actual tools so that you can Utilize it over here now what I'm going To be showing you is how to use this Tool in front of you that you're seeing To make a ton of money by automating What you do online now before I get Started I want to ask you a question If you're interested in videos and free Trainings like the one I'm sharing with You today on chat gbt and using AI to Earn money online while you sleep just Reply with the word yes in the comments Right now just pause the video go reply With the word yes it helps me out helps

Me know to make more videos like this For you And it helps the algorithm so take a Second and go reply with the word yes Right now in the comments All right so First step what we're going to do is We're going to head over to scary and this checklist here That I built for you it's a free Checklist you just go enter your email We'll give you access to not only this Tool that I just shared with you here But it's going to give you access to all The other tools that you can actually Get paid to promote so that's the first One right here the one we're talking About and you can also go and join the Free Facebook group I would encourage You to get in there we have a ton of People that are sharing what they're Doing to be successful with the methods That we're sharing in these videos so if You're not in that Facebook group yet Make sure you go join it is exploding in Popularity right now look we have 208 New people looking to join in so all you Have to do to get into that group is go To click on the link Here and you'll get in all right So how does this method work what are we Going to be doing So one of the easiest ways to make money Online right now with automation is to Use short form content if you look at my

Instagram if you look at my YouTube if You look at my Facebook all these Different places part of the reason why I'm getting so much traffic and so many People signing up for my emails and my Different tools that I'm getting paid to Promote is because of short form content Now let me just show you in the last What Month over 145 000 just in my stripe account and that's Just my stripe account alone if you look At my PayPal and some of my other Accounts you'll see that I am making Even more than that and that's not to Brag that's just to show you that it's Possible and we have other people in our Program which we have a paid program Called chat GPT riches I'll leave a link In the description of this video you can Also just go to and join in we have a Live boot camp I'll talk more about this Later But we have people that are using our Methods and they're earning a ton of Money you can go check the Facebook Group as well and verify that that's True But these methods work extremely well Because we're using one of the best Things that you can utilize right now Which is short form content now what is Short form content short form content is

Basically anything that's below one Minute in length that's video content so If I type in I don't know Jasper AI Which is the tool I was talking about Jasper is the tool that basically Integrates with chat GPT I use bot the reason why is I created A redirect link that goes to what my Affiliate link and so when people go and Try out chat GPT or whatever I'm talking About I get credited so you can do a similar Thing to what I'm doing here if I click On affiliate Partners log in You'll be able to see that I've made Four thousand six hundred and fifty Eight dollars in uh the last probably a Month if I look at payouts here I can Show you month over month look at 2 800 2800 2800 and imagine having multiple of These different tools and things that You talk about pay you out every single Month and so each one of the tools on The checklist that I showed you a second Ago Has an affiliate program has a partner Program so you can start promoting these Links I'm not sure why this is taking a Second to load but you can promote these Links and actually make money just by Talking about the tools but one of the Important things that you're going to Need in order to get paid and to start Promoting all these tools is first of

All you need traffic right so you need To be able to build traffic somehow and Reuse that we use short form content to Build our traffic and we use AI to build Our videos and I'll show you how to do That in a second but you also probably Need an opt-in uh or email list or some Sort of community that you can use to Monetize the different things that you Talk about okay So how do you do that step number one is You go find some videos that are Trending and that you think you can get Views on now if you want to talk about a Tool like Jasper or whatever you want to Talk about let's say chat GPT you can go To YouTube type in chat GPT go to Filters under four minutes and you can Start seeing the short form videos so Look at this chat gbt a hundred dollars Per day all right so what I could do is I can either go and grab a transcript of This video If you go on Google and type In you know YouTube transcript you can Paste these videos and it'll give you a Transcript or you can just go over to Your tool over here the one that we had Pulled up right here we could say write Me A tick tock video script or short form Video script same thing Tick Tock short Form whatever you want to call it About making money with chat GPT okay So we're going to press go and then chat

GPT will actually go and build us a Script now there's a couple ways we can Actually go and make this video We can either build it ourselves with uh A video editing app like cap cut I'm not Going to go too deep into that today but You can either build it ourselves or we Can automate the video and you can use Bots to do this now again I can't go Super deep into this because we talk About this in our classes and this would Be a very long video but there are Certain tools like this one called Descript or speechify and you can Actually clone your voice into these Apps it's incredible so We can sign into this tool and basically What it does is it gives you a Google Doc that you read off of and it will Clone your voice into a video and if you Don't believe me uh let me actually I Can show you an example here it's pretty Incredible let me I'd have to actually Pull up some messages here and I might Have to scroll back for a little while But Um we're actually building automated Channels right now with our Bots with Our voice so here's a video let me uh Let me pull this up one second Okay you ready let me turn on my audio Check this out So this is somebody that we paid well Actually that one's not automated this

One is okay so basically the start of The video says here's three Three more life-changing websites right Now the first part of the video isn't Automated and the reason why is because We're experimenting with using fully Automated videos versus not fully Automated but Uh you can put your face at the Beginning and have the rest of the video Automated or you can just automate the Whole one but let me show you how this Works so let's press play three more Life-changing websites that you should Save for later allows you to Create so that first part was an actual Person that's uh Michael he has actually Millions of followers on Tick Tock he Actually showed us how to do this but These next Parts this is not him talking This is an AI topic so let me press play Single page websites for free making it A cost effective option for those Without a website helps You determine if you're so it sounds Just like him but if you if you pay Close attention you'll you'll notice That it's not actually his voice it's Just a it's an AI actually cloning his Voice desired username is and so you can Actually do this you can combine chat GPT and this other tool dscript and Again this is what we talk about in our Classes if you want to join I really

Would recommend go over to and join in because we Have live classes where we show you how To do this But you can take Uh chat GPT and descript and you can Build you could take all this text and Build it into an automated video like This where they think it's your voice or Whoever's voice that you want to clone And you could build videos you don't Even have to be in the video but again There's different ways to do this you Can automate by hiring somebody else to Do it and give them a script that chat GPT wrote you can use Bots to just do The whole thing you can do it yourself There's so many different ways but the Use cases for this tool are absolutely Insane and that's what we're spending All of our time testing right now and Trying to figure out what is the best Way to scale AI what's the best way to Scale these tools And so again if you want us to update You with more tests like this again Leave a yes in the comments if you Haven't already go say yes and we know To keep giving you more content like This but here's the idea what we're Doing is we're building a list right so When people go and watch one of our Videos whether it's automated or manual Or whatever we do so I do videos pretty

Much every day short form videos like This one let me show you I just did this One today Fastest and laziest way to make money Online essentially saying the same thing We're talking about in this video except A little bit less Long right because It's only 60 Seconds But what I do is I just talk about you Know how to make money with AI now when People go to learn more about this thing That I'm talking about like what I'm Telling you here you know if they want To go and watch and learn how to do this Or they want to join our full boot camp They can enter in their email to go find Out more information or if they want to Check out my free checklist the one I Showed you earlier this the scary Toolbox checklist They can enter their email and so you Can set up these email opt-ins where if They want to learn more about anything That you're doing they enter their email And then as you start to get an audience As you start to bring people in as you Start to build attention and a community To what you're doing look at this 2199 New Leads just today imagine if you Were getting 2 000 New Leads a day and And imagine if you were automating most Of it with with what we're talking about You would be making a ton of money this Is thousands of new people that are

Going to be interested in buying Different products from you whether it's This tool or this tool or this tool or Whatever you're talking about or you can Start building your own products or you Can start selling services the Possibilities are endless but if you Want to get started It's not going to happen overnight right A lot of people think well you know I'm Just going to start making money Overnight no you're going to start and Hopefully you're going to make your First couple bucks with the system if You make a couple bucks then you're Going to invest it back into the system Right you can get started without any AI You don't have to use AI to start if you Can't afford these tools just go make a Video just go replicate somebody else's Video you could take my videos I tell People all the time in my courses just Replicate what I'm doing take my scripts And redo the videos that I'm doing we Have people That are literally just editing our Videos and there's this one guy let me Show you his name is David Wilkinson This Guy's in our group he made like What six sales on a mult on what four or Five hundred dollar product Just by taking the videos that I do and Then editing them and speeding them up Look at this this is my video he

Reposted on his Facebook 1.1 000 Comments 1.1 000 shares but this is his Link this is his email list he's getting Hundreds of people opting in for his Email so he can go and sell whatever he Wants after look look at this other one 570 comments 277 shares and so you don't Have to necessarily be original that's The whole point of short form content Most of what people are doing is they're Just copying the trend they're just Copying what's working and so you start Making some money as you start to make Some money then you reinvest back into The different things you want like tools Or you know joining our our live Programs whatever you want but you don't Have to pay any money to get started Um the the only thing that you might Want to consider is how fast you want to Scale the system right people always ask Me well Chase do I have to buy into the Stuff that you sell no the the stuff That I sell is really just to help you Accelerate what you're doing but if You're not really doing anything yet the First step is just taking action look at This guy in our group right now he just Posted 23 hours ago Tobias just got my First customer 45 bucks okay I know That's not a lot of money 45 dollars but Guess what if you're just starting out And you got your first sale it's a great Start and taking action is incredible

Look how many people saw this 52 Comments 4.5 000 people saw this post and so Literally just by getting started just By taking action joining the group Saying hey guys I'm I'm here I'm I'm Ready to get started I'm ready to rock And roll that's what we want to see we Want to reward action takers and we even Give away money in our group to people That are taking action and leading as an Example So if you want to join our community if You want to join our group again that's Free if you want to join our classes and You want to get involved go to and you can Um join us on our calls on our live Calls but it's up to you either way I'm Here to help and I appreciate you for Being here I hope you got some value From this video again if you did let me Know and we'll see in the next one until We do happy money making see you guys Bye

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