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What's going on guys Chase Reiner here And today we're going to be talking About the fastest way to make over a Million dollars with AI that I know of And I'm going to give you a step-by-step System that allows you to earn money While you sleep now this is something That I've been personally doing for the Last year and I want to show you Everything that I did to earn an insane Amount of money in fact I made 1.6 Million dollars this year alone now if You're interested in this type of Content and you want to learn how to Make money with AI you want to know Exactly what I'm doing And you want to see all of the tests That I'm running please take a second And reply with the word yes in the Comments So all you have to do is just go to the Comments right now and reply with the Word yes and I will make sure to update You with the future Test that I'm running So look at this in the last 12 months 918 000 on my stripe account and if you look At my PayPal account I earned around Seven hundred thousand dollars as well Now this isn't to brag this isn't to say That I'm awesome this isn't to try to Prove anything to you I just want you to Know that it's possible if somebody like

Me who started out in a garage making Zero dollars you can look at my older Videos and prove that that's true you Can actually go to my YouTube channel Scroll through my older videos and You'll see I had a garage door in the Background that I was trying to hide With a tapestry so people couldn't tell That I was poor and broke because I Didn't want people to judge me for it But if you look at my older videos you Will see that I was completely broke now If somebody like me Who can start in a garage like this can Do this I know you can as well look at This look at this garage door in the Background you see this thing Look at that before this garage I'll Just let you know I was actually Homeless I was living on the streets I Didn't graduate high school I didn't Graduate college Uh I didn't have anybody help me I had To figure this stuff all out on my own And that's why I want to give back I Want you to not have to go through the Same struggles I went through and so What I'm going to do is I'm going to Show you exactly what I did to start Automating my income and now I'm on Track to do over three million dollars This year we're in 2023 and so I want You to crush this year with me I want You to be a part of the one of the

Biggest Trends on the internet right now Which is earning money with artificial Intelligence so again if that sounds Good to you you're excited you're ready To rock and roll please reply with the Word yes In the comments So let's talk about what we need to do To get started so first thing you want To do and ideally this method's going to Work no matter how you Front load the process and what I mean By this is it doesn't matter where you Get traffic It doesn't matter if you're getting Traffic with Bots it doesn't matter if You're getting traffic with tick tocks It doesn't matter if you're getting Traffic with ads you can get traffic With whatever you want as long as you Can get traffic you can automate all of Your sales on the back end okay And again if you're if you're not Familiar with what I'm talking about Just stick around I'll explain Everything step by step so step number One is we need traffic if people don't See our offer if they can't see what We're selling we can't sell it right It's like uh if you were to try to sell Coffee in the middle of uh an abandoned Town if nobody shows up how are you Supposed to sell the coffee okay so Whatever we want to sell we have to make

Sure people can see it and so how do we Get people to see it well we get traffic Now one of the easiest ways to get Traffic in my opinion right now is short Form content it's extremely easy to get People to watch a 10 to 15 second video Whether you're on Tick Tock whether You're on YouTube shorts whether you're On Instagram reels it just seems that Shorts are or or short form content is The best way to go in or in terms of Getting views and traffic okay but again It doesn't have to be one way or the Other if you if you know of a secret way To get traffic that works better for you Go ahead and do it I am going to show You how to use Bots to automate all of This but Just know that this is probably one of The best places you can start especially If you don't have any money because I Know some people will say well Chase how Do I get started for free I don't have Any money well you don't have to get Started with money you can start by just Doing Simple Tick Tock simple YouTube Shorts simple Instagram reels And you can make money for free without Spending any money to get started but Obviously if you have some money then You can automate at a higher level you Can start hiring people to help you you Can use Bots to help you there's all These things that you can do you can use

Ads and I'll show you how that works in A second okay So we're going to specifically talk About short form content to get started With this video just because again it's The easiest way to get started for free But if you want to learn more ways to do This one of the things I would recommend Is you check out our full bootcamp we Have a live boot camp I'll talk more About this in a second but this live Bootcamp actually takes you through step By step everything you need to do in Order to do what I do so these are live Behind the scenes Zoom calls where I basically hold your hand and me and Some other coaches hold your hand and Walk you through everything you need to Do in order to make money online with AI And with automation everything we're Doing so go check it out again I'll talk More about this at the end okay So one of the best things I would Recommend to get started with is to talk About ai ai is just a huge Trend right Now anything that's trending is Something that you ideally want to Capitalize on while it's trending and so The way Tick Tock works and the way a Lot of these uh short form platforms Work behind this sorry I'm bringing up Tick Tock over here is they Basically everybody who creates

Something that's similar to a trend Is going to get views as long as As long as they do something that the Algorithm likes around that Trend okay That's the best way I can say it And so If we type in something like AI or make Money with AI You're going to see so many people that That are talking about this stuff and That are getting an insane amount of Views look at this 84 000 views 250 000 Views 143 000 views 29 000 views okay So AI is really trending because it's uh On the top of everybody's Minds right Now it's something that people are Realizing they can utilize now to earn Money AI is going to basically replace Everybody's job in the future and so we Want to capitalize on this trend now While we can rather than wait for Everybody to take opportunity of it Before us and for it to not work as well So look at this how to make money using AI this is a tick tock video this guy Made it's a 59 second video He's going to be talking about you know Here you can use chat.openai whatever And all you have to do is replicate this Video okay you can Make the video yourself or you can Outsource it there's always going to be People that you can pay to Outsource Things to so if you don't want to do it

And you have some money right then one One of the things I'd recommend is just Give it to somebody else how do you do That well You can go to somewhere like Fiverr or Upwork and you can hire you can type in Tick Tock video creation Like this And we're actually creating a tick tock Done for you Service as well inside of Our boot camp and again I'll talk about That in a second but if you don't want To do it you want our team to do it we Have we're we're building a solution for That as well But look at this I will create Tick Tock Ads I'll do blah blah blah promo video So you can hire somebody to do these Videos for you but either way what You're going to be doing is you're just Going to be posting some of these videos That are already trending around AI now They're probably not going to get a ton Of views when you first start however After a few videos It doesn't take a lot of videos to start Getting views I've seen videos within The first couple videos on an account Get thousands of views in fact we've Been doing testing with some of our own Accounts and this is just on YouTube Shorts alone let me show you on YouTube Shorts We have this account 95

Subscribers Check this out some of these videos 1.3 000 views 3.5 000 use 1 000 views one this was the First video two thousand views 700 views And so you don't have to have a ton of Views in order to start making money With these with this short form in fact If you post one video on Tick Tock and Then you repurpose it post it on shorts And then you post on Instagram and then You post it wherever else ideally you'll Probably get about a thousand views even With your first video and what we're Going to be doing is we're going to be Taking that traffic and driving it to a Place where we're going to basically Automate uh closing people on the thing That we're going to be selling Now you might be thinking well Chase how Do I do all the follow-up how do I do All the automation how do I make sure This whole process is automated well Step one you figure out whether you want To do it yourself for free or you want To pay somebody else to do it okay so I I have been paying other people to grow My accounts because I don't want to have To do it myself so I'm getting views uh Automated And I'm not doing any of the work okay Next what we're going to do is we're Going to be grabbing a list of tools That we can get paid to promote so if we

Go to Enter our email this will give us a free List this is a list that I've created For you it's also got our Facebook group It's got The Bootcamp in here it's got Everything you need 24 7 support again It's a free checklist And in here are all these different Tools that you can get paid to promote Now if we go to let's say I don't know AI tools or SEO tools let's see Here we go writing image and video tools Look at all of these are different AI Tools that you can get paid to promote They have affiliate programs so if we Scroll to the bottom Click on affiliate Partners log in Go like this Oh Gotta make sure I have the right login Here And for the sake of the tutorial I might Skip this part because I don't know if I Remember my login But here we go five thousand seven Hundred dollars in unpaid earnings just Talking about this tool And they give me an affiliate link okay So what I'm going to do though is I'm Going to promote this link but I'm going To first promote an opt-in okay so how Does that work so let's say we do a Video about the top AI tools and this is One of them right uh Jasper well what we

Can do is we can tell people hey if you Want to go check out Jasper right we're Saying this in the video if you want to Check out Jasper all you have to do is Go to let's say bestai right Now when somebody goes there we're going To have them enter their email first Right because we don't want to send them Directly to our link we want to send Them to our opt-in what's an opt-in an Opt-in is basically like what I just Showed you you can see They enter their email or you enter your Email to be able to get my list of tools And now I have an email opt-in now check This out just Today alone 10 it's 10 30 a.m right now I have 600 new email opt-ins that's a Ton that's 600 new people that wanted to Learn more about whatever I'm selling Now I can actually put those people into An automation right so there's all these Different automations I have running Where if somebody signs up to learn more About something I sell them for example On my shine ranker tool if they want to Sign up and learn more about shine Ranker which is an SEO tool I've built When they sign up they get put into an Automated email sequence right now if They buy shine ranker it pulls them out Of this sequence and puts them in Another and what you can do is you can Start loading up tons of different

Sequences and this is really the secret To making money is that you automate Everything as soon as you get people to Get into an opt-in like an email you can Automate Months or even years of sales With these automated sequences but all You have to do is just get people into The opt-in now if I've lost you so far Uh trust me it's not as hard as it Sounds really all we're doing again is We're getting traffic we're sending that Traffic from let's say a tick tock video Into an email opt-in and then we're Following up with emails that's it and So a lot of these programs like even This one Jasper they have something Called uh asset and then email swipe Files And they'll just give you the emails Right they'll say hey here's all the Emails you should send these are the Ones that have been proven to sell for Us and here's what you should send now I Have my own automated email swipe files As well uh when you sign up for the Fortune Bots bootcamp or my AI profits Program either one You will get access to those swipe files So you can go and promote this type of Stuff I have you know a ton of different Emails that you can send with Testimonials everything that helps you Close all these um

Email opt-ins that you're getting or These people that are opting in with Their email on autopilot now look at This just people in the program Alone Look at how much money they've earned a Hundred and seventeen thousand dollars That means they made because a lot of This Is 50 over 200 and 120 000. Actually sorry 240 probably yeah Probably around two hundred and well 35 000 in sales with what we're talking About automation driving traffic look at All the different things they're selling And so a lot of these people are in our Programs they're taking the classes They're going and getting the traffic They're loading the opt-ins they're Using our automation The Proven Step-by-step automation I have already Built all this stuff out for you so you Don't actually have to go and do it now Here's the secret sauce though you can Actually run Bots if you want to blow up Your account so one of the things we're Actually testing is doing Tick Tock Videos and then we're using our Bots With which if you've watched any of our Previous videos We're using Bots and AI to basically Send traffic to these videos to warm the Accounts the accounts up at an Accelerated rate now I'll just give you An example of what this looks like on One of our previous videos so I

Basically got partnered with a guy his Name's Ryan Borden Super cool guy uh really really smart And he figured out how to basically send Millions of these messages every single Week To website owners and what he's doing Here is he's just sending contact form Messages through a website's contact Form and you can actually alert them About different Uh Videos that you're creating and Obviously you can use this for anything It doesn't have to be around videos you Could you know just send them directly To an opt-in if you wanted to we Actually have people on our Facebook Group let me show you this really quick If you're not in the Facebook group Again this is another free resource I Try to give you as many free resources Like as I can but we have another guy in Here his name's Matt who just started Doing this And he's already at over last time I Checked he's at 200 new email opt-ins Just from these automations look at this 205 new subscribers and that was in the First 24 hours So Chad said has anyone felt like giving up On building an online income I know I Have many times I've continued to listen

To chase talk about what we need uh what How we need to follow his lead and focus On making a recipe that chase has Already created and optimized for us the Recipe Chase is referring to is Currently generating over 1 million a Year so I've been trying to follow the AI profits course step by step so Everything in here you can look at all These different testimonials we have so Many people in this group that are going And joining the classes And let me actually show you this really Quickly go to go enter In your email you can scroll and see all The testimonials or you can go inside The Facebook group as well The classes we're doing uh have already Started but we have replays you can Watch the replays you can see all the Stuff we've already done you can get Started uh started with the automations In fact in the next couple days on Tuesday we're gonna have another class And I'm going to be showing you Everything you need to do in order to Get set up with this affiliate uh Environment where you can start Automating your back end and you can Start sending out messages and Start selling any products you want and I'm telling you you could literally sell Anything you wanted if you followed this System it doesn't matter if you're

Selling services it doesn't matter if You're selling courses it doesn't matter And that's why it's always funny people Always ask me to go chase you know how Much money do you make from selling Courses how much money do you make from Selling tools how much I've made money Selling everything okay I make a ton of Money doing affiliate I make a ton of Money selling courses I make a ton of Money with my shine ranker tool shine Ranker has over let's see I'll just show You this right here because I like to be As transparent as possible This is my back end for shine Rinker oh Not sure why there isn't dead data here Uh maybe Griffon is API got disconnected But we have over it's around 1300 paying Uh members for shinemaker let me Actually here I can go into my uh Subscriptions and again the reason why I Show you this stuff isn't to brag it's Because I really like to show you That that I actually make money let me Go over To thrive cart here All time look at this yearly Revenue 695 000 3622 subscriptions a lot of these are Shine ranker okay so it doesn't matter What you sell Um it just matters that you understand This process and you and you understand That you you can literally automate the

Entire process if you just put in the Right Stuff you know you can choose if you Want to automate the traffic if you want To optimate automate the opt-ins the uh The back end or you can do some of it Manually I kind of do both I do a little Bit of manual and I do a little bit of Automation but It's because I like to test I like to See what works and again if you want to Know what works reply with yes in the Comments if you like this type of stuff I will make sure I update you but that's Pretty much it again get into the Fortunebots boot camp if you haven't Already you're going to be missing a Massive massive opportunity if you're Not in this boot camp uh we're gonna Keep rolling forward there's tons of People that are already successful go Check out the testimonials go join the Facebook group go ask questions if You're not sure about what's going on And that's it we'll see in the next one Till we do happy money making see you Guys bye

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