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What's up guys Ryan Borden here today I'm going to show you a method that you Can use chat GPT and earn over three Thousand dollars a day by using this AI Strategy and it's really just a Five-step process here That we're going to utilize before we Get into it I want to show you what's Possible so let me show you stripe and The past three months we've made over Three hundred thousand dollars if you Look at the past 12 months which Basically covers all of 2022 except for The first few days in January because We're already in January a little bit Here it is nearly a million dollars 951 Thousand dollars now there's also Another six hundred thousand dollars in PayPal and other so it's about 1.6 Million dollars in 2022 that we made and In 2023 you can see the trend here where We got things and we made some Adjustments and now it's going up as We're getting all the team organized and It's going to go over three million Dollars this year so this method really Isn't that complicated just takes a Little work but you can leverage AI to Help you with this so before I get too Far into this because obviously making Three thousand dollars a day isn't Something you're going to do tomorrow And it's also not something that I can Teach in and you know 10 minutes here on

YouTube we do have complete classes that Are live multiple times a week where we Break it down step by step And I'm in there teaching along with Other people and I'm going to show you All the methods that you can use to make Money utilizing AI I don't expect you Obviously to earn three thousand dollars Tomorrow but you can get started and we Have people in the classes that are Earning money within the first 24 hours Let me just show you here when we get Into this here in a minute I'll show you A sample of what that might look like Right so obviously it takes a little Time to build up to 3 300 a day but Really let's be honest if you made Thirty three hundred dollars the first Month and you're making zero right now That's huge and then you know as you Scale it to 3 300 a week and then 3 300 A day obviously that won't take a long Time but you know you've got that scale In there so If we want to start here before we go Deep here I'm running a lot of tests Right so we're running a lot of tests to Get to this obviously because it's a Process and a strategy and so we're Constantly running tests I have tests Running right now Chase has tests Running other people have tests running So if you want me to keep updating you If you would just put a yes down in the

Comments below that helps me because one We want to know that we're giving you The content that you like too it helps Us with YouTube so that we can help Reach more people and help more people Because there's tons of people in the Facebook group that are saying all the Success they're getting I love helping People and talking to them and I want to Help more people so if you drop a yes Right now and just pause the video take A second drop a yes in the comments then I will know that we are on track and We're getting you what you want and step One is just go to Because we need a checklist so if we go Here to scary toolbots and just enter an Email address It's just enter an Email address we're going to get this Checklist what is this checklist well This checklist is a list of tools that You can utilize to make money across the Bottom you can see they're divided up Into different categories there's tons Of stuff in here depending on what you Want to promote but let's take an Example here with Jasper we could also Take an example here with shine ranker And the list goes on down the list Because you can actually promote all of This and we'll talk about that in a Minute but if we wanted to take this we Need to get set up with them as an

Affiliate affiliate means that you Promote the product and they deliver the Product and you get paid a percentage But the beautiful thing is you can get Paid a percentage that reoccurs every Single month right so if we go to Jasper We can go to their website here and I'm Just going to roll down to the bottom Where it has the affiliate section Because most of these websites put their Affiliate stuff down at the bottom you Can grab the link And I'm going to go ahead and sign in Obviously you need to register first but Once you're registered I'm going to sign In And I don't know if you saw there before I signed in that um you get 30 Reoccurring for the lifetime of the Customer so somebody signs up you get 30 For now and the next five years if They're a customer for five years Actually it says it right here too so This is unpaid earnings right here if we Look at payouts we can see consistently About twenty eight hundred dollars Twenty seven hundred thirty eight Hundred you know it goes up and down Haven't even promoted this in a while Actually but these are payments that Come every single month and you can see Even goes into the next Pages Beyond 2021 so these are customers that have Been a customer and they're staying a

Customer Right so a we love reoccurring income Because it's passive so once you sign up You're just building so you start and You just build build build and then once You have this built out you just go back And you go back to the next tool server Article Forge and you go down the list Right across all these tools massive Amount of tools in here and as we find More tools we add them to the checklist Right so does that make sense right We're going to take an affiliate product And we are going to promote it and we're Going to get paid so that sounds simple And there's probably lots of people out There saying that sort of stuff but I'm Going to show you how to leverage AI With this and how to do this in a real Business way so it's actually consistent And how it actually works what we're Going to do is if we look at our Checklist here we have our scary we've got the list now we Need to talk about short form videos Right so what we're going to do is we're Going to take our affiliate link which We'll find here on the first page and we Want people to click on this link and Then when they sign up they get paid or Well you get paid rather they pay you Get paid the percentage right so but we Don't just can't how we're going to Promote this right you could throw this

On social media and do other stuff like You know there's other people out there Saying to do that and that's fine by all Means share it on your social media but There's a better way and the better way Is to utilize short form content to Promote this for you so what does that Mean it means that you are going to Leverage The Power of YouTube and Tick Tock and that sort of stuff to bring in The views for you so if we search Jasper AI writing right I'm going to search This and then I'm going to filter it by Under four minutes here we can see some Videos that pop up that have that are About Jasper so Jasper writes blog posts And that sort of stuff and then we can Scroll across and see more right but we Can just start at the beginning here so Let's just pick a video so here's a Video it's got 900 views you know Obviously you can get thousands of views And that sort of stuff which is an Amazing thing about shorts because you Can get a lot of views in a short time Period because everybody wants to watch These videos and so YouTube will promote Them for you so you don't even have to Get the traffic you just have to make The video and they're going to do all The work to promote the video for you And basically what you do is if you go Into this video here we can look at it Here

And what happens is at some point here They're going to have a link in the Video and that could literally just be An actual link to your affiliate link Right and you probably want to set up a Redirect link where it's something fancy And nice like amazing And it redirects through your affiliate Link and we talk about how to do that in The classes so I'm not Going to go into that now you can grab The live classes and and join in the Next class but if we go to hear our Video we're going to play along a video Right and then we're going to have a Link someone's going to click the link And they're going to go to Jasper and Sign up and then we get paid but what Did we write the video about well this Is where a lot of people get hung up and It is okay how am I going to create a Video I don't know how to create a video What am I going to create the video About what do I say that sort of stuff So this is actually couldn't be easier As of November 30th of 2022 because we Can use chat gbt to create this for us And at least right now at the time of This video it's free so like it doesn't Cost anything and it's going to do the Work for you so you don't have to be an Expert and it doesn't take a bunch of Time it takes seconds which is just Absolutely insane we can literally go to

Chat GPT and do this so if we grab here And we grab the actual And we grab the transcript and I had to Pull it up in a different format here But anyways we grab here and it shows The transcript we're going to take this Transcript and which is this person Saying what needs to be said about the Video right to promote it now we're not Going to plagiarize them by all means We're going to actually go into chat GPT And let them rewrite the whole script For us but say the same thing but in our Own word so we can see here I've popped In and it's rewriting it and I'll pull It out here when it's done So here is the rear one on the left by Chat GPT and here is the original one we Can see with the spaces that I just Pulled from the YouTube transcript and We can see it says like agencies and Small business owners are going crazy About Jasper AI which will save you tons Of time and money by Outsourcing SEO Writer's block and this is small Business owners and agencies are raving About Jasper AR a tool that can save a Significant amount of time to tell them Time and money when it comes to Outsourcing tasks such as SEO writing Right we can see that the concept is the Same we're really saying the same thing We're just using different words that's In a non-plagiarism way that is totally

Unique so that when we do this it's Going to rank so we just used AI to take Someone else's script that they've Already come up with the ideas and the Words and to rewrite it into a totally Unique script that's plagiarism free and That we can use on our own video like we Didn't do any work like I just typed it In just did it okay I wanted to show you What's possible so we were looking at The fact that this was the script that We got this is the script that we and I've added some spacing in here but I Just hit enter a few times this is the Exact script that was one paragraph here But I want to be able to read it easier So I added the spaces this is the exact Script that chat GPT wrote based off of This script here so what did I do we Said we're going to turn this into a YouTube short video so I actually did it I paused the video and I made it I made The video with the exact script that we Have so what I'm going to do here now is I'm going to play this video for you That's 29 seconds and I'm going to leave The script up on the screen and you can See how easy it is to do and then I'm Going to talk about it and break it down All right so let's set this up Go in here and Get the video set up and then let's pull Up the script And keep it here next to it so we can

See There's a couple of spots I paraphrase And you're obviously welcome to do that But here we go small business owners and Agencies are raving about Jasper a tool That can save significant amounts of Time and money when it comes to Outsourcing tasks such as SEO writing Content creation technical writing and Even more with just a single click Jasper can generate high quality written Work with the help of artificial Intelligence and if you're interested in Trying it out for yourself Jasper even Offers a free trial for a full review And demo go to to see the Software in action and join the growing Number of satisfied users today small Business all right so Let's look at this we literally had chat Gbt write the script based off of Somebody else's video and I literally Just created it and all I did was you Can see there was jump cut so I Literally took one section at a time and I would say this a couple of times until I was good and then I would do the video On that part of it like oh Jasper A tool such as SEO see the jump cut And I realized there as it was going it Probably echoed because I was playing That on computer speakers and no longer Playing it directly in there but the Point being is

You saw the jump Cuts Like I would just Do this record and then this was and Then I would pause it say this two or Three times and then play it and say it Right and I of course there's a little Gap in there and I edited those out I Show you how to do that in the uh classes but at the end Of the day Um each section was like this was a Section this was a section I just Obviously you can memorize a little a Little couple of lines like this and Then just say which is what I did and Then I changed it to ecj bot rather than because easyjbot watch is my Domain name here that is right we click it it Redirects and it's our Jasper affiliate Link just like we saw here so the the Affiliate link that we see here it Redirects to that and again in classes I cover that but It makes it easy right because someone's Going in here and they're reading easy Jbot and then if you saw in the video I Also have it so right here you can see That I put the banner cross where I just Like again I show you how to do this Super easy free software and we show you How to do it in classes But Um there it is and that's the affiliate Link so you you literally are just

Letting chat gbtv write the script for You AI rewrites the script and then you Just record the short video the short Form video And again we're reviewing here and so Going backwards and we got the the links That we're going to put in here from Scary toolbox checklist so we've got a Scary toolbox checklist get the links Then we make a video or we go get a Script from an existing video have ai Rewrite that script and then we just Record it now a lot of people are like Well I don't know what you know okay so I just made it easy because a lot of People say well I don't know what to say I just gave you what to say AI literally Wrote the script and I just read it and Made a video so what from there right People are like well I you know if my Hair or I don't know what to wear I did This on purpose this is a seven dollar T-shirt from Walmart this is a seven Dollar hat I messed up my hair you can See my hair sticking out I messed up my Hair and then put a hat on so if your Hair is a mess if you need to throw on a Seven dollar hat or a seven dollar shirt It's fine don't worry about it I did you Know if you're a lady The secret of the models they don't wash Their hair two or three days before They're getting the pictures taken or Doing anything because you have more

Volume in your hair so comb your hair For two minutes and prep and you're done It doesn't take special clothes or Special knowledge or special anything we Literally let AI write the script for us And I just would say the thing two or Three times and then say it in the video And then hit pause and then say my next Line two or three times so I got it and Then say it in the video the kid's Literally that easy it's almost copy Paste video creation I mean I can't I Can't make it any easier to make money Right so now that we have that the Biggest thing that we want to do of Course if we just send them straight to Our affiliate link right when they go Here if we just open up a page and take Them here Right Then they can sign up but then Jasper Gets that email and away we go what we Really want to do is level it up now and Capture those emails so we can email to Them ourselves over and over and over Again so this would be like if we go to right this is the Classes you can go here enter your email Address and get the classes but this is A landing page What happens is when someone goes here And enters the email address and now we Have the email address so you would Build a landing page like this for

Jasper right you can throw your short Form video on it as well as just link to It from you know you you're linking to It from the video itself so you put your Link to it here again this is all Covered in fortunebots classes but then You're capturing the email well then What happens then it goes into a Sequence that looks something like this Again teaching this in the classes But what happens is when you have this Starter thing this is what happens when They enter their email and then it dumps This in and automation is sending them An email so send them an email Immediately then a day later then a day Later then a day later and we just keep Going and going and going and then when This is done it dumps them over into Another thing we even have a setup we'll We'll do this for you and we'll close Them if you want to sell our products so That we'll do all the closing and you Still get paid and we do all the work But the thing here is that you want to Capture the email on the landing page And then you can sell them Jasper so we Go back to our this is our scary toolbox Checklist we can sell in Jasper then we Got some Surfer then we can get some Article Forge because we're just sending Them emails and we can even build it out Where it's all automatic and then when

We're done with all of this we can keep Going and go and sell them GSA web Contact Bob Phantom bus or ninja Bots And convertkit and the list goes on we Can sell them all of this and build this Up over time so that our affiliate Payments start to look like this where They come back and it's each month You're just building building because People subscribe and you keep getting Paid every month and that's how we get To 3 300 daily because we just stack it One step at a time just like going up a Flight of stairs right so then it's a Matter of rinsing repeat which I just Basically covered but you just go back To your scary toolbox checklist once We're done with Jasper and then just go Down through all of them and then when You're done with all of those go down You know go to the next list in the next List and by that point we'll have added More right but if you could get through All of these you you you're probably Going to have so much money and stuff Going on that you're like it's not going To be an issue you're not going to run Out of things to sell right it's just Not a main issue so that is the simple Five-step process that gets you from Zero to thirty three hundred dollars a Day so are you going to make thirty Three hundred dollars a day the first Day no you're gonna have to build it so

Here is a Jasper account for example That has had its first sale that I have Set up and it has had a payout of forty One dollars and the total it has you Know as we can see here it has one Customer right and so forty one dollars Here that got paid and it's just in fact That just happened so the point here is Like within 24 hours you might be making Forty one dollars or twenty dollars or Something like that or maybe eighty Dollars but then you just keep stacking It up and you keep doing the thing right Here which is rinse and repeat and Another thing I didn't tell you on this Video I actually used a phone that is a Samsung S10 plus which was made in 2019 So the phone is four years old so if You're alive and if you have a cell Phone you can do this and that's Basically most of the planet or at least The majority have cell phones right so This is definitely something you can do And the last thing I do want to talk About is what is the biggest enemies of Success what's going to stop you what is Going to make you fail and not be able To do this and the three biggest enemies Of success are that you're in your Comfort zone so 80 of the population Literally finds reasons not to change Even if they want to change they believe They should change even if they say you Know what I know AI is coming to take my

Job and I really do want to make 3 300 a Day they'll find a reason not to an Excuse basically a reason something Right so you have to get out of your Comfort zone this is going to take some Work and it's going to take some effort You're going to have to go to the classes and sign up There is a Marketplace in the back where You can let us do a bunch of the work For you and AI is obviously going to Help and do work but it's going to take Some work right then the second thing That the biggest enemy of success is Learned helplessness so people think That they can't do it because of the Economy or the world or their job or Because of stuff that happened in their Childhood they have learned to be Helpless and I haven't encountered this In my life when working with people they Learned to just be helpless they learned To believe that that's the truth when in Reality is just not the truth and so the Last reason that people fail in general Is because it's they try to take the Path of least resistance now this one's A tricky one with AI because nothing Worthwhile can really be achieved easily It's going to take a long period of hard Work and it's going to take probably a Few failures along the way that is where The classes come in because we're here With you the community is here with you

We're live you can ask questions and We'll answer them and you need almost a Support group sometimes to achieve Significant success and it's going to Take some work now there's never been a Better time because as we can see with AI literally created our video script For us and there's more AI coming I Didn't show all the AI options there are And we're going to use Bots and AI in The course to help in fact one of the Bots in the course does I figured it out It can do 38 weeks of work that I need To do in less than 24 hours and I don't Even have to do the work in the 24 hours So those are 38 weeks that I don't have To manually work but it does take some Work to set things up and it is going to Be hard work to some degree because I've Gotta actually set this up and build it We saw the CRM and stuff right but You're not going to make I mean 3 300 a Day that's about a hundred thousand Dollars a month which is over a million Dollars a year to put that in Perspective if you can't make a million Dollars a year without doing something So that last where you're trying to Totally shortcut everything you're not Going to show up tomorrow and make a Million dollars I'm not going to lie to You but a year from now is coming so 2024 2025 they're coming and if you Don't change now

Then you'll be in the same spot you are Now so what are you going to do to Change right now in 2023 so that you can Make your life better and overcome the Enemies of success and the way to start Is go to enter your Email address click let's do this get in The live classes and I will see you in The next live class and until then Happy Money making

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