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What's going on guys Chase Reiner here And today we're going to be talking About a method that allows you to earn Money on Tick Tock without showing your Face now this system is really really Cool because if you want to make your Own videos you can if you want to show Your face if you want to talk on camera Great it works extraordinarily well but I'm going to also show you how to earn Money without doing any of that if you Don't want to because I know a big Objection that people have is well I'd Love to do video but I just don't want To have to show up on camera or say Anything okay and I totally get that Even me somebody who's been doing this Stuff for a long time now over six years I still feel uncomfortable doing it but I do it because it works and it works Really really well but there is a Loophole that I discovered and I want to Share that loophole with you today now If you want access to pretty much Everything that I've made over the last Few years I'll leave some links in the Description of this video I have a Landing page with a bunch of different Programs I've created I have software You can go check out the whole shebang In the links in the description but Let's get into the method and then I can Talk a little bit more about what I Would do down the line if you want to

Scale this system longer term okay so How does this work so step number one Basically what we're going to be doing Is we're going to be taking trending Content that we want to repurpose and We're going to be using an app to allow Us to create content basically on Autopilot and the cool part about this As well is that we can actually Outsource a lot of this if we don't want To do the work ourselves now by the way Before I get into this I want to mention That I'm live on Twitch right now this Is a recorded video I'm going to repost On YouTube but if you want to be a part Of the live streams make sure you head Over to forward slash Chase Reiner and give me a follow over there And you should get notified when I go Live okay all right so let's go into is Some content that we might want to Repurpose now here's the thing you can Repurpose whatever content you want if You want to repurpose my content great If you want to repurpose somebody else's Content great the thing is is that short Form content just works extremely Extremely well on pretty much any Platform so whether you're on YouTube Tick Tock Instagram reels Facebook reels It just works really really well and so If you can find some content that you Can get views you can take that content Re-purpose it republish it on all these

Different platforms and you can send People to an opt-in that you then go and Automate the follow-up for and sell Whatever product you feel like selling So let me give you an example I'll show You how I'm doing this myself and then I'll apply it to whatever you're going To be doing so here's an example of a Short form video I did uh yesterday 2.1 000 views and the cool thing about this Is this this short right here and a lot Of these other shorts here are shorts That I pretty much automated that means That I took a video that I already had Published a longer form video and I used A tool to basically turn this into a Short form video that I could go and Republish on other platforms or on YouTube shorts so if I click on this When I click on this you'll see there's Captions there's a link in a second Right there to my course and we got what was It one 2.1 000 views okay now you can Pretty much take any video and you can Streamline it with the process I'm about To share with you it's very very simple And actually it's a combination of two Of the previous videos I made recently This one here how I make a thousand Dollars per day with this automated Tick Tock system and this one over here how Uh I make 100 000 per month with my YouTube video automation strategy

They're kind of a two-in-one thing so I Start with YouTube and then I go over to Tick tock and so let's say we took one Of our older videos over here let me go To popular let's take any one of these Videos let's take maybe this one or Let's take this one okay so this video Is a video talking about Jasper right This is a tool that actually two tools Here Jasper and another tool that used To exist doesn't exist anymore but these Two tools have affiliate programs that Means you can make money when you send People to those tools and then they sign Up so I'll give you an example with Jasper if you haven't seen my videos Before and you don't know how affiliate Marketing Works basically a lot of these Tools that I talk about have something Here at the bottom called an affiliate Partner program so that means you can Apply to be a partner for free and if They accept you you will get a link That looks like this and whenever Somebody goes to this link you make Money so you can see I have 5513 unpaid Earnings and my payouts over the last Year have been around two to three Thousand dollars per month just talking About this one tool and I actually have A huge amount of tools that you can go And promote um this is a free list go to I'll leave a link in This in the description as well for this

And you can grab this list for free There is an upsell it's like a 50 Checklist that has some videos showing You how to use it it's completely Optional but you'll get a list like this To your email and in this list these are All different tools with affiliate Programs okay and so any one of these Tools you can start building content for With this automated strategy now Honestly the quickest way to make money In my opinion is to promote the products That I've already built for you because A lot of these tools you're going to Have to figure out how to promote them Whereas with the tools that I've built I Have a lot of this stuff set up I have The emails set up I have the landing Pages set up I have the opt-ins I have Everything that already works and so if You're not familiar with what I've been Building online I've basically been Building a system that's plug and play And so I take everything that I'm using Right I make around three to four Thousand dollars a day using the same Systems every single day that I'm Improving right I use a certain opt-in Meaning I send people to a certain Landing page I use certain follow-up Emails with testimonials and things that I already know work I use certain types Of content and so ideally you would get Into my program and you would grab All of the Plug and Play right and if You haven't seen this before let me just Show you really quick I have a full Template with a bunch of different Videos around five to six minutes each And in those videos I give you the exact Buttons I click on I show you everything Over the shoulder what I do sorry my Face is so bright right now I show you Everything that I do every single day Basically so so in here you know we have You know what you can start selling we Have the opt-in sequence how to get set Up with automated emails short form Content How I build those it's all over The shoulder step by step okay but let Me show you ideally what we're doing is We're trying to take people from a video A short form video some sort of content That we create and we want to bring them Into an opt-in like this so if you go to it's going to say Enter your email now when you enter your Email it puts you into an automation Sequence and so you don't really make a Lot of money on the front end and and I Think that's what a lot of people don't Realize about making money online is the Easiest way to make money online Take somebody who watches one of your Videos to a landing page where they Enter their email and when they enter Their email you're going to follow up

With them automatically with Testimonials and case studies and Everything that's going to show them why They should buy the product or the thing That they opted in for but if you're not Sending traffic to things from your Videos like you're not getting people to Enter their email to opt in most the Traffic that's going to visit your Content is just not gonna it's not gonna Ever buy anything you're never gonna Sell anything and that's why people with Millions of views don't make that much Money because they don't understand this System and so it's very simple though Because getting views right now with Short form content is probably one of The easiest things you can do and Getting emails is probably one of the Easiest things you can do if you get Views so let me show you so let's say we Took this video here I can copy this Video copy the video URL I can go to YouTube mp4 downloader Go like this convert to an mp4 and when You're in the AI profits course by the Way again at I I let You take any of my content anything you Know my my emails my YouTube videos Anything and you can completely Repurpose it and use it for selling Whatever Um products we offer right and we have a Ton of different offers and again if you

Haven't seen them I'll leave a link in The description you can see all the Different things that you're actually Able to sell but let's go into here so We got the video right the video is down At the bottom left you can't see it Because my face is in the way it's right There but what we can do is we can go Over to Adobe Premiere and what Adobe Premiere will let us do is it will give Us an auto edited video it means that It'll jump cut the entire video now I'm Not going to actually show you this Because I've already made a video on it If you want to check it out go to one of My recent videos that says make hundred Thousand dollars per month my YouTube Automation strategy in there I show you How to auto edit the video we're going To skip that though because I again I've Already made a video on on that but it's Not necessary you don't have to Auto Edit the video the reason why the auto Editing is nice is because it takes out The silences in the video and so the Video looks better and when you bring it Over to tick tock after when you bring It into short form content it's already Jump cut but you can also if you want to Just manually jump cut the video you can Do that as well but here's the cool Thing so once you have the video edited And again that's up to you you're going To bring the video over to a tool called

Cap cut and what cap cut is going to do Is it's going to let me go to start Creating here is it's going to let you Use some cool features to basically Automatically edit the video into a tick Tock okay so all I have to do is go to The video here I'm going to click on Modify I'm going to change this to 60 frames Per second because you know it's Smoother we're going to change the Resolution to customize and we're going To flip these numbers so from 1920 to 1080 we're going to do 1080 10 19 20. Now this is The Tick Tock uh Dimensions Right so when I drag this video in here All I have to do is just bring this up Like that I just drag the sides and now I can take any part of the video that is Around 15 seconds to a minute and I can Clip it so if I just clip this here you Can do a control B if you're on Windows Can man B if you're on Mac but I can Take that part of the middle part of the Video here and and take whatever the Thing is that I said right go to text Watch how fast this is auto captions Create and now we're going to Automatically caption the video now the Last part of this is all we have to do Is send people to our opt-in And again this is really cool because You never have to go on camera but you Can still promote your opt-in so watch

This so it says this YouTube this YouTube is oh YouTube is super against AI right so maybe I'll just say YouTube We can change that there we can change The color I usually just do like yellow Or something right we can also add music If we want to go to audio we can have Music we won't do that right now but Watch this if I go like this and then Look sometimes it'll be a little bit Long the text so you can just make it a Little bit shorter like that and then That's it now you have the video and and All you have to do is just add your Opt-in and so what I recommend you do is Get your own opt-in link I show you how To do this inside the AI profits course But it's pretty simple what you're going To do is you're going to get something Called a redirect link right and the Redirect link is going to be whatever Points to your opt-in which is basically The same opt-in that I'm using so if You're going to promote let's say shine Ranker my Pro my software if you're Going to be promoting AI profit scores if you're going to be Promoting my local SEO course if you're Going to be promoting my my templates I Have templates that I sell all you have To do is get a redirect link and then You're going to say okay let's say the Redirect link is bestai now In the video you got so now you got a

Short form video with the link right Here and watch this check it out boom Bestai that's in there and You can start getting opt-ins right now You might be thinking well how do I get A redirect click it's really simple you Can go to something like GoDaddy you can Go to something like namecheap whatever You want and just get a simple link Again I show you how to do this inside Of the program but you're going to Redirect them to some sort of opt-in That you're going to build like this and When somebody enters their email it's Going to go to your affiliate link to Whatever you're selling right so let's Say you were doing this for Jasper what You could do is you could make a opt-in Like bestai it takes into a to An opt-in link first like enter your Email to get the best AI tool and then It redirects them to your affiliate link And the cool thing is now you're Building your email list now you're Building your short form content right You're able to take short form content And you're able to Promote something with it without Actually having to show your face if you Don't feel like it and you're able to Start getting affiliate sales from People entering their email opting in And then getting put into some sort of Follow-up sequence and if you haven't

Seen what my follow-up sequences look Like they're pretty cool so what I do is I take people like right here let me Show you I take people these 240 new People that just subscribe today to my Email list I take them into this visual Automation here and I sell them whatever The thing is they opted in for so if They checked out shine ranker which is My tool it'll start selling them on the Annual pass on shine ranker and again Inside of the AI profits course what I Do is I give you all of these emails to Sell shine ranker if you want to sell The software or if they enter the AI Profits course opt-in to check out you Know more information about the AI Profits course well guess what same sort Of thing and what's even cooler is you Can make it where if they buy one thing It pulls them out of the AI profits and Then sells them the next thing right so A lot of my income on the back end is Automated and and that's one of the Other big secrets to making money online If you want to make a ton of money you Really want to figure out how to Automate your sales system on the back End because anybody can do a short form Video and get a few emails but the Question is can you take people from an Email opt-in meaning they entered their Email to get more information about your Products and can you get them to buy

Something by warming them up with a Seven day email sequence so day one You're basically saying hey here's who I Am day two here's somebody who's Successful with the product that you Opted into or that you wanted to learn More information about here's day three Somebody else that's successful and so As you go through these sequences or as The people who entered their email goes Go through these sequences they start to Want to buy more and more every day and As they start buying what happens is you Start bringing them into new email Sequences and you could ideally have one Person and who who entered their email Go and buy seven things over the next Year just by automating your follow-up And so it's very very important to put Low effort into the front end of what You're doing right so if you want to get A ton of views on somewhere like YouTube Tick Tock Instagram Facebook anywhere You want to figure out a way to automate The content that you're creating and so One of the easiest ways to automate your Content right now is to either do it Yourself do a long form type video and Break it down into short form tick tocks With the tools that I share with you on This channel or just copy what somebody Else is doing obviously you want to have Permission from that person but you know If you copy what I'm doing right take

The videos I've already built like Thousands of videos on my YouTube Channel take any one of those videos Break down the content clip it out with The method method that I just showed you And then use that as a way to promote Your opt-in and get affiliate sales Because I'm already building this stuff All the time for you and so like I'll Show you proof right now and the reason Why I always show you proof is because I Know there's new people that watch these Videos they've never seen the money that I've earned but like these systems work Extraordinarily well and I wouldn't be Saying hey promote these systems if they Didn't work I would be saying hey Promote something else but I spend so Much time building out all of these Different funnels all these different Automations all these different Um ways to automate what you do so that It'll become easier for you so you don't Have to do all the manual things but Like check this out just in the last let Me show you actually the affiliate Partners here because who cares about me Let's show you what other people are Making just in the last let's do three Months People in our program look at this made Thrive cart can be a little wonky Sometimes let's see if we can Do last three months maybe look at this

31 000 commissions earned that means That sixty thousand dollars worth of Products have been sold in the last Three months by different people in the Program and here's the thing if you Don't want to sell our products don't Sell our products sell your own products Sell whatever you want but I can show You just from the people in the program We have a lot of people in here that are Crushing it they're making money and They're doing it with the automation Systems that I share with you in these Videos so do what you want it's your Choice at the end of the day but again If you want to check it out get in the price is Going to be going up in the near future So make sure you don't wait but that's It for today thanks for stopping by We'll see you guys the next one till Then Happy money making see you guys bye

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