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I use chat GPT to build an online image Converter tools website Check out this website It offers five different image converter Tools If you want to make money then Just get Google AdSense approval and Place some ads When someone visits our site we can make Money by displaying Google ads Let’s build this online to a website If you ask Chad GPT to write code for The image converter website it will Create something stupid or it won’t work So we have to follow divide and conquer Strategies Break down our app into small parts and Then use chat GPT to generate code for Each part Then combine all code and our app will Be ready Step 1 create basic routes Default route that returns index.html File other routes like jpg to PNG PNG to Jpg web to PNG BMP to PNG and PNG to PDF All these routes will return relevant HTML templates Copy this go to chat GPT and paste it Now chat GPT is creating routes for our Server Copy this code Paste it inside the file step 2. Now we have to create six HTML files one File for each root make sure to name the

Files same as mentioned in Roots Step 3. Code for index.html file create divv Element with list of five links in it Now chat GPT is generating HTML code for Our home page Copy this code Paste it inside the index.html file Let’s start our server this is our home Page We will add Styles later Now we need to create code for all these HTML files Code for jpg to png.html file display Input form and submit button on click Check if the image is selected it’s a JPG format in less than five megabytes If true send a post request to our Server else display relevant errors copy This Paste it chat GPT is generating HTML and JavaScript code according to our prompt Copy this code Paste it inside jpg to png.html Now for the rest of the HTML files do The same Just change image format in the prompt And generate code for all files Our static HTML files are ready Let’s restart the server refresh this Page now we are getting this input field And submit button in all pages Step 4. client side is done now we have To work on server side code

We need to create all these routes for Our server For flask Server create root with post Method take image from parameter convert It to PNG format make a response object With image as attachment and return it Copy this code Go to chatgpt and paste it now chat GPT Is generating code to convert jpg into PNG Copy this Paste it inside the file don’t Forget to install these dependencies Our jpg to PNG converter is ready Do the same process for the rest of the Routes This is the prompt for PNG to jpg Converter Paste it here And this is the code for the PNG to jpg Root Copy this Paste it here This is the prompt for web to PNG Converter Paste it here And this is the code for the web to PNG Root copy this Paste it here this is the prompt for BMP To PNG converter Paste it here And this is the code for the BMP to PNG Root Copy this

Paste it here This is the prompt for PNG to PDF Converter Paste it here and this is the code for The PNG to PDF root Copy this Paste it here Our server side code for the image Converter is ready it’s almost 100 lines Long Let’s start the server Refresh this page Let’s try web to PNG converter Click here and select any web image Click on convert to PNG button and it Says the image is converted successfully And also our image is downloaded Let’s try jpg to PNG converter Select JPG file and click convert to PNG Button it’s converted successfully Let’s try a PNG to jpg converter Let’s try PNG to PDF converter Select PNG image and click convert to PDF button it’s converted successfully This is the PDF file Step 5 let’s add some CSS to make it Look better Just ask chatgpt to write some CSS code Paste all CSS code into style tag Let’s restart the server refresh the Page And this is how it looks well I don’t Like it So I will write some CSS code myself

Finally our website is ready I have added a navigation bar footer and CSS styles For each page I also wrote some texts Explaining how to use this tool click Here and select any jpg image I added JavaScript code to show a preview of the Image Use chat GPT for generating that code Click on the convert button and the Image will be converted Now we can deploy this app to the cloud I will use Python anywhere Sign up and go to the dashboard Click on the web app new web app Flask Select the python version Click next Go to files Open flask app file Copy our python code Paste it here and saved it Now create a new folder for HTML Templates Upload all six HTML files Upload fabic and image Click on the web reload this app Open our website our web app is deployed Successfully and it’s live you can visit This website to see if it’s real Let’s try PNG to PDF converter Select any PNG image and click on Convert to PDF button and the image is Successfully converted this is the

Converted PDF file our online tool Website is working and live now we can Make money with Google AdSense Just get the AdSense approval and then Every time someone visits our site we Will make money by displaying Google ads Check out this website link is in the Description I will add more Functionalities later You can buy a top level domain to get AdSense approval if you want to make Money online then this is the best way Build a tool website and make money by Displaying Google ads Thank you for watching and see you in The next video

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