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All right what's going on guys Chase Runner here and today I want to talk About a framework that I've been Building that has been working extremely Well for me in terms of making money Passively online now the reason I want To show you this is because ideally you Want to spend or I want to spend less Time getting more output and by output I Mean results in terms of views money Sales followers opt-ins emails and I Want to show you what I put my time into And some of the things that I've been Figuring out along the way so this is a Live stream by the way on Twitch if you Haven't joined the twitch live streams Yet if you want to get notified go to forward slash Chase Runner and You can be a part of the live streams Interact with me and twitch I think when You download the app should notify you Also one other thing I want to mention Is we have a Black Friday deal well Cyber Monday deal now uh where you can Get 30 off pretty much anything that I Own so my course is my software Everything that I've been building and You can get that in the link in the Description I will leave for you so uh Let's get into the main things I've been Finding and then I'll talk about some of The updates a lot of people have been Asking me about certain things like when Is our new software coming out uh when

Are we going to be updating the courses I'm just going to cover all the Questions that we've been getting and so If you want to see those I will leave Those answers at the end of this video Okay so let's talk about the main things I've been finding out and I will go from The most important things to the less Important things and I'll just do it in Sequential order okay so first thing That I want to talk about is that you Won't do anything if you don't feel it And so ideally the most important thing That you can do and this is something That I wish I would have done a long Time ago is just clear my brain from I Guess just not not thinking I wasn't Thinking well and the reason why I Wasn't thinking well is because I wasn't Optimizing myself and so before you go And try to do anything and this is my Opinion but before you go and try to Make more money or become more Successful in your business or like Anything that you want results with I Think the first thing you should do is Optimize yourself and then work on the Other other things outside of that Because it does not matter I made a Video about this yesterday it does not Matter if you make a bunch of money it Doesn't matter if you look good doesn't Matter if you drive a nice car doesn't Matter none of these things matter if

You don't feel good and you can't think And you're just depressed okay so I'm Telling you from experience like I've Spent tons of time earning money but Focusing on outside things trying to Focus on looking good and I was Miserable the entire time and I'm not Saying that's going to happen to you but I am saying from my own experience that If you don't focus on yourself first Everything else is gonna just not really Matter okay so if you're getting up in The morning and you can't think you know You're not feeling good you haven't been Sleeping you um don't have uh you know a Good diet your your full body fat like First thing I would do start focusing on That how would I focus on that what I Would do is I would figure out what Works for you and so what works for me Might not work for you but what I stick To is a certain type of diet you know I Stick to around 2 000 calories 2200 Calories now I'm up to 2400 calories a Day but I stick within certain macros uh You know I eat a certain amount of Protein certain amount of carbs certain Amount of fat and you might be thinking Well none of that stuff really matters Chase I just eat whatever I want to eat Cheeseburgers and I'm fat and I'm fine That's not my experience every time I'm More I have more weight on me the more Every time that I have more fat on me I

End up not doing as much not feeling as Good not thinking is clear and so I do Think it's very very important to figure That stuff out inside of the AI profits Course by the way I want to actually Show you this if you're inside of the Course already this is the course that I've been building for a lot last few Months I actually hired a nutritionist Slash coach to help me optimize myself So two months ago I got to the point Where I realized I'm like look I don't Feel good I need help and so I hired Somebody to hold me accountable somebody To teach me somebody to keep track of What I was doing and somebody to help Ultimately just uh do help me do the Things that I wasn't doing and a lot of That was just eating right or exercising And I think honestly I I don't even Think you really need to exercise I Think eating right I mean you should Exercise but I think the most important Thing is if if you're fat and you don't Feel good it's usually because you're Diet and so we're actually adding Something inside of the AI profits Course which again you can get for 30 Off right now if you go to the link in The description of this video but inside Here we're adding a new section called Optimize yourself and this guy Brent Forrester is an expert at this guys Shredded and he is going to help us not

Only get shredded but uh within the Course obviously you're gonna also get Get breaded that's my new theme I like To call it shredded and breaded so Becoming more healthy while also making More money okay so first thing I would Do before anything else you know it Doesn't matter what your mindset looks Like if you don't feel good you're not Going to be able to be successful to a Certain extent right so obviously you Can make a bunch of money still I did it I made a bunch of money while I was fat And lazy but it's not fun it's not fun To have a bunch of money and still feel Terrible okay so I would go check that Section out in the course and again if You're not in the course get it before the Deal ends all right so next thing Besides the health and the diet what I Would recommend is coming up with a Framework for the things that you do uh In in online so the activities that you Do online should be pretty Straightforward you can get away with Pretty much a similar outline to if you Were to go to the gym if you go to the Gym 45 minutes to an hour a day you can Get some massive results okay so it's Not that you need to change a bunch of Stuff same thing with your diet you can Get the same results eating what you eat You can eat pizza you can eat I don't

Know muffins you can eat whatever you Want but you just have to change your Approach a little bit okay and so same Thing with your online activities if you Want to make some money uh with let's Say I don't know Tick Tock or YouTube or Any of these things you just want to Slightly change your approach you want a Framework that makes it easy part of the Reason why my diet has been going so Well is because I have a framework that Makes it easy part of the reason why I Work out consistently is because I have A framework that makes it easy part of The reason why I make money online is Because I have a framework that makes it Easy and so we want to build a framework For you and that's why again the title Of this video is your life needs a Framework and so does mine everybody's Life needs a framework okay so how do we Have a framework for something like Tick Tock one of the things I've been Experimenting with is just responding to People who ask questions and welcome Everybody in the live chat by the way uh Let me just address everybody in here Really quick we got Rodney we only have Seven people on here but I appreciate You for being here we have uh Rodney Saying I feel amazing but I'm trying to Get to the bag nutrition is so important Low quality food will Cloud the mine Looking forward to Brent's section

Rodney what's up what's going on Jake What's going on and by the way again you Can have low quality food you just can't Have a lot of it right so like you can Still eat Twinkies you just can't eat a Hundred Twinkies right so anyways The framework for tick tock that I found That has made it so I'm not getting Banned at least because again you don't Have to have a lot of views I made a Tick tock about this the other day you Don't have to have a lot of views in Order to get a ton of traction in fact I Know people that are getting little to No views whatsoever but they're making a Lot of money I also know the opposite I Know people that are getting tons of Views and they're making wait did I just Say they were making no money I know People that are getting no views that Are making a lot of money and I also Know a lot of people or I know that There's a ton of people online that are Getting a lot of views and they're not Making any money and the reason why is Because you don't have to have a ton of Use to make a ton of money what you want To have Is a framework that you can bring people From a video into an email and then into A sale okay and so even if you're Getting look look at this new account That I've been building this new account 200 views 700 views 200 views 200 views

200 views 800 views 500 views right That's not that much but I'm telling you Even with this little amount of views You can still get a ton of traction and I found a way to make this easy to do But it's not just views by the way on Tick Tock if you repurpose this content Which you which is what you should be Doing ultimately you'll get views on Places like YouTube as well uh Facebook Reels like these shorts like even if you Get a couple interviews per platform You're still looking at probably Thousands of views when you're literally Starting out so 3000 views two thousand Views and uh this wouldn't be uncommon With a new account too but the point I'm Trying to make here is what I've been Doing is I've been taking questions that People have uh let's say you know Somebody asks me somebody asked me in an Email this morning they said Chase how Do your courses work uh you know do you Add updates to those courses that come With the initial payment right so if Somebody pays 300 bucks or 500 bucks or Whatever it is for one of my courses do They get all the future updates and so Instead of me making a you know email Back to them or creating an email and Writing back to them I just made a tick Tock and I said hey this is how I make Money I I keep increasing the value of My courses I add more to them and as I

Do that I increase the price and the Reason why that works so well for me is Because as I increase the price the People in the course see that the course Is becoming more valuable so they Associate my products with things that Become more valuable over time but the People who haven't bought it gives them A reason because I'm adding more stuff Into it to buy the course for more money And so you can do this if you even if You don't have an audience right you can Go to a different uh person's Tick Tock Or YouTube or whoever you want and you Can say uh you can you can basically Respond to the comments with your own Videos so like let's say I went over to I don't know uh Neil Patel I don't know If he has shorts yet let's go see and I Went and found his comments let's see Here uh let's see if he has one with More comments so if somebody has a Question and you want a similar audience To Neil you could start responding with Your own tick tocks now you don't have To directly respond to that person's Comment uh you can just make content Addressing a question that somebody Might have okay but the point I'm trying To make here is that if you can start Finding a way to build content Consistently okay the hardest part about Building content is not building content The hardest part about building content

Is having ideas for the content okay and If you can find a way to consistently Come up with new ideas Um it makes building content a lot Easier because you're just streamlined You just know what you have to do every Day and ideally that's what you want Anything you want to be successful at You need to have a way to automatically Know what you're supposed to do and so For me right now it's just answering Questions and that that's going to Probably get me a good amount of views Just doing that now I might find a Different way in the future I might find That in the future I could do any Something else right maybe something Else works but your Frameworks can Change over time the point though is That you want to have Frameworks that You can optimize over time so Tick Tock For me you know I just respond to Questions I make tick tocks like that Okay YouTubes are Recaps what's a recap So basically I take the live streams That I'm doing like this is a live Stream right now again if you haven't Followed me yet on Twitch go follow me So you can join the live stream so it's forward slash Chase Runner but I take the live streams and I use Something like an auto editing tool if You didn't check out my recent video Showing you how I automate my edits this

Video uh make a hundred thousand dollars Per month with my YouTube video Automation I show you a tool that I use That basically automatically edits by uh My lives like this one and then I can Use that to re-upload to YouTube and Guess what I get a bunch of views from It these are all live streams that I did That automatically got edited afterwards And then the lives pretty simple I just Click the live button so I use this tool Right here OBS and I you see this little Button up here on the left see above me I just click Start streaming start Recording and I edit it afterwards okay So it's pretty simple all I have to do Do a couple responses on Tick Tock do a YouTube Auto edited video recap of a Live stream click the live button once a Day and guess what I have a ton of Content and I'm getting a ton of views From that and then from that point all I'm doing is selling so I'm selling my Courses I'm selling my software I'm I Have automated emails set up I have all The things that I need on the back end But again life is about getting results In life is about streamlining what You're doing it's not even necessarily Automating you still want to be a part Of what you do if you fully automate Yourself you're not gonna have fun and That was kind of my issue is that I got So good at automating my income that I

Automated too much to the point where I Didn't have anything else to do and I Got bored and so ideally you want to Streamline what you enjoy I streamlined My diet now I streamline my workouts I Streamline my work and you can always Streamline more you can figure out ways To do more within the Streamline that's The whole point of streamlining you want To be able to have bigger output for Less work that's what we're talking About today we're talking about building A framework so you have more output for Uh doing you know easier things over Time things over time the things that You do should get easier not harder if You go to the gym and you start pushing A bunch of weight ideally it should get Easier over time not harder right and it Definitely shouldn't be the same you Shouldn't be stagnant and so how do you Make things easier over time you build Frameworks but again the reason why I'm Able to figure this stuff out I'm Telling you it's not because I'm super Smart it's because I've spent a lot of Time doing it and I also now feel a lot More clear because I optimize myself I've been optimizing myself and so if we Were to look at like a pyramid and we Were to see you know the top of the Pyramid it would be optimize your health Optimize your routine spend time Focus Focusing on doing consistent action over

And over and over and over time keep Fine tuning what you're doing okay and Most importantly stay authentic to Yourself uh I I think that there's so Many ways that you can be successful That it doesn't really matter whether or Not somebody like you're not in a race With anybody else right and so just Because somebody else is successful Doesn't mean that you have to be like Them you can use what they're doing as Let me give you an example here so I Look at certain people like let's say Neil Patel you know he's making probably Like 15 million dollars a year uh and That was like a couple years ago that's What I heard and so I could say well you Know Neil Patel's making all this money So I want to be like him now I don't Know if I necessarily want to be like Neil Patel I'd like to be more like Chase but I would like to figure out What he's doing that works for him so I Can use that within my Frameworks within My Streamlight so if I see that Neil Patel is doing a certain type of content Like let's say his tick tocks or him Responding to people then I could say Okay well maybe I should try that maybe I should try repurposing that into my Own framework but here's the thing if That framework doesn't correlate with Who I am like let's say he's doing stuff That I just don't want to do that I

Don't enjoy or like it's not fun well Guess what there's plenty of other Frameworks there's so many other ways to Do things you don't have to follow Everything somebody else's everything Somebody else does just because they're Getting a result that you want there's So many different ways to get the same Result like for example you could get Fit by doing a ton of different things Right you don't have to show up to the Gym necessarily you could work out at a Park you don't have to eat a certain Diet necessarily you could eat you know Any diet as long as you're staying Within certain things that are going to Work for you but it is also about Optimizing right you want to figure out How can you or at least I want to figure Out how I can optimize my Frameworks More and more and and I want to keep Thinking about how I can do more output For Less work okay and so it's not about Completely removing yourself but it's Also not about killing yourself trying To do so much that you're that you're Not able to do the things that are Important okay and so this is what you Know working smart versus working hard Is is how do I do the most important Things for me that I need to be doing That are going to get give me the goals That I'm looking to have or achieve now That's pretty much what I wanted to talk

About now let me talk about some of the Questions people have been having so as Far as the stuff I've been working on Right because what I just showed you is The things that I am working on like Publicly right these are the things that I'm doing in front of you things that You can see the things behind the scenes You know I have a huge team well not Huge I mean huge for me right I don't I Don't usually have a lot of employees And lately I've had I think we have like Around 14 or something but behind the Scenes we have a couple things going Right so we have two softwares we have Shine ranker shine ranker is the tool That I initially started building about A year ago and this tool basically helps You automate Um your website rankings on Google helps You fix problems helps you find keywords And we have about let me actually show You we now have about 1200 paying users 230 on the free trial uh it is 10 a.m And we had about 188 people log in today So that's pretty cool and so shinemaker I'm right now I have a team of Developers that are focusing on rebuild Building the basically the the interface The user interface of the app so it's Going to look way better this has been a Really long process building building Software is not for people that want Immediate results and it's been one of

The hardest well not hardest but one of The one of the things that has really Made me realize that like I have to be Patient and so Um ideally this should be done in the Next couple months Um we we wound up bringing in a brand New team we brought in a project manager We brought in a couple new developers And we're basically rebuilding Everything from the ground up and we're Making it more scalable we're making it So we can develop multiple apps besides Just shine ranker and so we're looking At you know the next 30 to 60 days we've Already been working a lot on it and on Top of that we're building another app Called Contact bot we have about 5 000 People wait listed for this app to use It initially when I first hired a Programmer I paid them six thousand Dollars to build this app for me and it Was supposed to be done in under a month And it was it was done but it wasn't Good it it did things it sent messages But it wasn't very scalable it didn't it Didn't do what we would want it to do at Scale and and what I mean by that is it Didn't send like millions of messages it Sent like hundreds of messages or Thousands of messages and so again we Realized we needed to do this do this Correctly and so we're now looking at Again around 30 to 60 days and the

Reason why these things are probably in Tandem is because both of these apps What we're going to be doing for one app Is going to be very similar to what We're going to be doing for the other App and so this is what my team tells me I have been holding off on getting People specific deadlines because again I'm waiting just like you are I have Been spending I think I've already spent Around close to thirty thousand dollars On this rebuild on rebuilding both the Apps um I'm probably looking at anywhere Between 60 to 100 000 to do the full Rebuild and that's just the start I've Already invested hundreds hundreds of Thousands of dollars but I did want to Update you on this because I know a lot Of people are asking me about it in the Live chat we also have a question so I Don't lose track of the live chat uh Rodney wants to know if you had a Full-time job would you prioritize short Form content or going live on a daily Basis I would do both and so ideally you Should be able like I said it in the Beginning of this you should be able to Get pretty good results without having To spend more than an hour a day and so Just like working out right I don't Spend I don't spend that much time Working and even if I were to start all Over I would probably spend an hour a Day doing something like a live stream

Like this growing a live stream audience I would repurpose the content do some Sort of Auto edits on YouTube I would Probably do one or two tick tocks a day Doing some sort of response type content And then I would also probably actually Walk into businesses and offer to Volunteer my time and start trying to Get clients so I could sell services so I do a combination of building an online Following at the same time I would be Trying to probably get a few clients Just to be able to leave my job and so That's what I would do Ronnie also says I really admire how you've structured Your business this starting out did you Code your own Solutions like JavaScript So I've always worked with content Management systems that do that for you I didn't have apps I just built like Websites and so I didn't really have to Have any sort of coding experience Um so yeah I don't think that you should Have to and if you do ever have to have That you know you can always hire people You can Outsource um but I would work With websites that are on content Management systems that you can learn Pretty easily like WordPress Squarespace Anything like that okay now as far as Any other questions I don't know if There's many others those are like the Main ones is the apps Um as far as anything else goes I think

That's the main stuff I'm still building The course like I said we have a new Section coming for optimizing your Health we have the uh the trainer and The nutritionist helping us we also are Supposed to be having a doctor the Doctor got sick he's supposed to be Teaching some courses uh in there I Don't know what happened to him I'm Hoping that he'll still make the content He said that he would but we're waiting On him Um as far as the live streams and Everything else I mean I would like to Do longer live streams I'd like to do More uh this live stream that I'm doing Right now is uh you know pretty short We're at 28 minutes I don't really have Much else to say if you guys have Anything that you'd like to see more of From me let me know Um I'd like to definitely output more I'd like to do more Um but I also think it's going to come Down to what you guys want Um one thing I was thinking is maybe Creating a web building like a website Building series or the or maybe like a Series of what I would do if I were to Start all over maybe maybe maybe making That a playlist Um but it might be a short one today I Think it's going to be thanks for Stopping by we'll see in the next one

Until we do happy money making happy Living see you guys

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