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You can earn two thousand dollars a day Even if you're a beginner using chat Gpt4 and this online beginner method if You look at our sales which is what I'm Talking about right now the past 30 days Is sixty three thousand dollars we can Roll out to the past 90 days and see More income and I can go all the way Back to 2022 and you know see a little Over half a million dollars but really If we just look at the past 30 days That's sufficient because I'm talking About how you can make two thousand Dollars a day and it doesn't take too Much math to understand that 63 000 There's 30 days in a month so if you Divide that by two that's just a little Over two thousand dollars a day right So now chat hbt4 has just come out like I literally got access to it today and I'm here to tell you it's quite Excellent and exponentially better than Chat gbt 3 or 3.5 so it just is a world Apart so this video is specifically Dedicated to chat gbt4 and how we can Use it there are a few things that we Have to do of course to work through This some steps but really the key Player here is this step right here so I Got to talk about these so it makes Sense as a process but we're going to Focus here and spend our time here so if You would leave me a yes that would be Super awesome because that can help me

On YouTube and help me to give you more Of the videos you want by judging how Many yeses there are in the comments So we do need to drive some traffic Because the the formula here is views Equal money right so we need to get some Views basically what we're going to do Is we're going to put up a video on the Platforms like Tick Tock and YouTube Etc Get some views and we're going to send Them to a CRM right and so how does this Work well we do need to get a video so You can go out there to tick tock in YouTube and there's lots of different Ways you can make a video in fact in This short form checklist which we're Going to talk about later on it's this Checklist right here there's several Different methods in here to utilize Making the actual video and that sort of Thing so you can choose a method by far The easiest way though is just to grab Something from the viral video Vault so Viral video Vault you can get it at this Website right here it is it has some Checklists and stuff but basically you Have download downloadable videos and New ones that come out each month so if We have a look at some of the Downloadable videos for example here the You can see that we have all these Different videos so we have unedited Videos there's also completed and edited Videos

Um you can do it either way I like the Unedited videos because you can Basically just pop them open and you can Add your own music you can add your own Uh stickers and Transitions and stuff Like that I'm not really going to show You how to do that in this video because We already do show how to do that in the Checklist right here the short form Checklist which again is just the the Whole complete thing and if I'm being Honest this is uh you know a 10 minute YouTube video so I can't show you Everything right to make two thousand Dollars I mean just showing you how to Use chat gpt4 efficiently would take More than 10 minutes let alone a process To get you to making sixty thousand Dollars a month right so and you don't Have to work go in that deep you can go In plus deep that's fine but um Basically let's have a look at this so If we get a video and we got get one From the viral video Vault so an Unedited video right and we're gonna Just pop it open and we're just gonna Throw it in an editor so like cap cut For example here I'll just open this up It is a free editor and we can just do Something like this I'll just open up a Project I already have so you can see What's going on let me bring it in here Where you can see it so it's pretty Basic we're just going to throw in some

Different things so we have our video yo And this is the video we get from the Viral video Vault would look like this We throw it in here and again there's Videos on how to do this already but uh You know we click a couple buttons and It makes the text for us so it makes This text on the screen for us and then We can do some filters and have it do This sort of you see how like the glow Action going on there so when we play it Right you see that sort of stuff we can Make effects we can make these Transitions like so where as it goes Um around so we go right here it like Swirls See the little swirl there so there's There's some stuff we can do this is all Really easy but basically we make it Ours and we literally like I already Made this video like you could literally Take this video this video is in the Viral video Vault so all you have to do Is add unedited form comes with just This bottom section so you can add in Your own things and make it unique Because you need to make it unique right When you upload a video if it is too Much similar to another video then the Platforms like where you're just Re-uploading the exact same video you Don't want to re-upload the exact same Video you want to change it a little bit So you want to throw in a couple effects

Throw in a couple stickers throw in you Know there's different stickers you can Throw in here and different effects that You can make happen in transitions so You can just swap a couple of them out And it's really like takes a few clicks In a few seconds and then it's basically Yours of course you want to add your Link to it as well so that you get the Leads so what am I talking about in the Actual leads you want to be able to send Them a lead is um somebody that's Interested to buy a product right and We're not going to sell our products so Let's talk about that for just a second I mean you can sell your products right So Um there's actually videos on this in The checklist of deciding what to sell Affiliate service your own products Other services Etc right so you can sell your own if You want to sell your own services like You want to be an SEO agency your video Creation or you want to write scripts or Whatever right you can do that you can Also uh sell your own products if you Have those or you can just be an Affiliate which just means you're Selling somebody else's product and they Do the Fulfillment the customer service And deal with the refunds and deal with All that jazz and all you have to do is Get them sales and they give you money

Pretty straightforward so there's lots Of different ones if you go to this Website here we put together a whole Checklist of different companies like Tons of them that you can choose from And these are all ones that have Affiliate offers this is not an Exhaustive list but you know this is a Lot to get you started and you really Only need Um a handful of the like you need one to Get started but you can set up a system That sells all year long with only 24 of These and there's 100 it's on this list Of course there's hundreds of thousands If you just go to Google but basically All you're going to do is you're going To grab one you're going to roll down so Like it doesn't really matter which one You pick most of the time they have this Affiliate partner thing at the bottom or Affiliate program you click and you Apply to be a partner once you're a Partner they're going to give you a link Which looks like this it just looks like This all it is is a tracking link right So when someone clicks on this and they Sign up and they buy then you get paid So it tracks to you so nothing nothing Killer there nothing Earth shattering if You've watched any of the other videos On the channel you already know what That is email capture nothing Earth Shattering here in fact all it is is a

Squeeze page like this And this again isn't earth-shattering if You've watched any other videos on this Channel I mean I you know there's Different ones on this channel I've done Videos about it of course in the Checklist the short form checklist Um under the CRM setup the videos I'm Just building those will show you how Some of these are done I haven't Uploaded them yet but Um we'll show you how to do that so I'm Getting ready to upload those videos but That'll show you how to build the Landing pages and that sort of thing but The concept is really easy you've seen This before you've done this right You've gone someplace you enter your Email address right and then we actually Got to put an actual one it's not gonna Work Um once you enter the email address you Click a button right and then it takes You somewhere so it takes you somewhere Like this is offering them to buy Something and so you could do this and This could be your affiliate link and Then they can go here and buy and then You get paid but then the real value of Course you're going to make a couple of Bucks doing this right there's some People that'll buy straight away but the Real value is just that most people Don't buy straight away it takes them

More times for example If we pop over Google and just look at How many Impressions on average does it Take before someone buys we can see the Rule of seven so the rule of seven is Nothing new you can go find books on it On Amazon and the there's countless Pages here on the rule of seven but Basically what the rule of seven is it's A marketing Rule and it says that a Prospects needs to hear the advertiser's Message at least seven times before They're gonna take action and buy the Product or service it's a marketing Maximum develop Um in the 1930s right so this is nothing New and it holds true today in 2023 and It'll most likely hold true in 2093 as Well so a lot of this stuff just doesn't Go away there are there are maxims that Hold true today from the 1850s in Marketing because human beings haven't Changed like your brain works the same Way and the psychology works the same Way we're just not there's just not that You know you've heard the expression There's nothing new Under the Sun and Obviously like AI is new and chat gbt4 Came out today and all that sort of Stuff but that's new but like the way The human brain works and how the people Think in action just isn't new so at Least seven times so this is at least Seven times right

So nothing really killer here So if you make a video so like I showed You that video right The uh the video here we edited and we Put that up if someone watches it one Time and they happen to click the link In it and they happened to just go to And you put this link in here your Affiliate link and they went there maybe They'll buy maybe they won't but the Rule 7 says that it's probably seven Times on average before they buy so You're out now the chances of them Watching six more of your videos and Clicking on the link six more times Well that's a pretty low uh chance like It can happen right but it's just it's Not likely but what you can do to get Those other six Impressions is you know You get their email address like we saw And then that goes into the CRM and you Do like an email campaign now what's Cool about that is then you can start Sending them tons of emails so like the Delay here means just like how long Before the email is sent right so this Email is sent immediately and this one a Day later and day later but you can see There's nine emails here so initially And then you know all of these so that Means that we're actually going to send Them nine emails which will you know hit The rule of seven plus a couple more Days and in each one of these emails

Right is a link so if you go here there Is a link and so what you would be doing Is you'd be putting that tracking Link In here and that way they're going to See the message they may not even click On the link the first time or the first Few times but they're going to keep Getting these emails opening up reading Them like ah what is this and sometimes They're going to click the link and They're going to see it and they're Going to do it over and over again and So you're two three five seven eight Nine days into this and finally they're Like okay cool all right I've seen this Enough and part of it is trust so like The rule of seven has to do with trust So as they see things there's a Psychology thing when people see things Over and over and over over again they Just become familiar with it and they Begin to trust it so it could be the Most horrible thing in the world but it Becomes familiar right and so you trust Things that are familiar you just do you Trust them more than and and part of it Is just familiar so you know it so you Don't feel uncertain about it and Uncomfortable about it and when you know Things and you're more comfortable with It you're more likely to make a purchase For example if some brand new store pops Up and they're offering you know some Gourmet stuff some people want to check

It out and that's new but some people Are like I'm not sure about this Especially if it's something that's Really kind of edgy and it's new it's Some new nutritional supplement and it's Supposed to have all these great effects Some people are just gonna jump in and Grab it there are early adopters but if You look at an early adopter curve it Doesn't work like that And so I haven't even got to chat gbt Yet but this is kind of laying Groundwork but so if you look at a Typical adoption curve it's kind of a Bell-shaped pattern and so if we look at Some pictures you know you it's you'll See the stuff like this so the Innovators are the people who just jump On it like way super early and then There are the early adopters these are The people who are going to buy straight Away but by and large you have your Early majority and your late majority And the laggards so the early adopters They're gonna buy within the first Couple emails you send but the early Majority in the late majority are you Know obviously the Lion's Share of People and these are the people that Fall into the rule of seven where They're getting this is why you want to Have so many emails because you're Targeting this people and then of course There'll be the laggards which are going

To come way out here and you need you Know that's why you need to have more Than seven emails but you don't want to Go to yeah like personally I don't like By the time we're way out here like I'm Not going to make 137 emails trying to Get these three people down here I'm Gonna go to the next offer and get this Majority chunk and that's why this is Cool because you can like go down the List and then you can go down the list Here right so that's you know you just Move from one product to the next so That part's really cool but what about These emails so obviously you got to do A lot of emails and so this is one Really cool area especially the chat Gpd4 that came out that works like Totally awesome in my experience even Just using it today it's crazy like it's Literally crazy I was rewriting scripts And getting like exponentially better Results So Um here I'm clicking around too much Here so if we go here and we look at This right so we got to like write an Email and let's say that we have let's Say we're going to do 14 days worth Right because we want to hit obviously We're going to hit these people pretty Easy early majority late majority those Are in the rule of seven but you know We've gotta you know have this down

Curve so let's say we're let's just make It 10 nice round numbers we're gonna do 10 days for the emails if I do 10 days With the emails that means after 10 days I'm done selling that product and the Majority of people that have bought are Going to buy but if Bob comes along and Sally comes along today and opts in that I still want to have something to sell Them 10 days from now because I don't Want to quit selling them stuff right I Made whatever sales Bob Sally you know Jerome and Jameel and Sandra you know I Don't know who the people are right I'm Just making up names Um these people that whoever has bought Bought but then what well then you just Go back over here and you get another Product so and then you get another Product and you get another product and So on and so forth right so you if you Do three products a month right and then You run on a I'm just making some of This stuff up there's not right and Wrong answers to some of it right as far As the perfect timing on a loop right The rule of seven we know and there's a Bunch of other rules and information That we know but as far as um like how Often to resell them a product that Varies right so if we were to call it Coming back Um in three months and selling the same Product so you have you have three

Products for this month so like I can Take these three products and that Covers 30 days because each of them get 10 emails right so that's 30 days with The emails and then these three products For the next month and these three Products for the next month then I can Start back over here so I really only Need nine products to cover you know Nine products times ten emails is 90 Days 90 days is three months so I can Cover three months worth of products and In three months I can go back to product One again right and so the thing is is You you can do the research and test the Different ones and pay take the Affiliate offers but you want to pick Your highest converting ones I just looped him because sometimes People aren't ready and this month they Might not buy inside that 10 days but Three months from now they might be Ready to buy right and so that is what Matters is that you get on board with That so while I'm here I do want to Mention at this website of course this Is the free checklist I'm talking about The Facebook group is a really awesome Place to be a lot going on in there People posting constantly about their Successes but also like I see a lot of Questions and questions are really great Because then you can go in there and Answer them and I even take the

Questions and then make videos about Them to put in the checklist so we can Just go in here and add another one and Uh so on and so forth and answer the Questions so feel free to jump over to The Facebook group and join so you can Get at this website get the checklist And join the Facebook group From there All right I could go on uh about Psychology and these rules and how to do This for the next hour but I don't want To drag this out and you probably don't Want to sit here for an hour so come Back tomorrow and watch tomorrow's video And I have some more information and Then of course you can just jump over to The full checklist and get all the Videos and that sort of thing and these Are all shorter than this video actually So they're bite-sized chunks you can Execute on Anyways if we jump over here and have a Look at our emails we need to write a Lot of emails because if I'm writing 90 Days with emails that's 90 emails and an Email does matter if you make a terrible Email with a terrible subject first of All the subject matter so if the Subject's awful no one's going to open It if they don't open it you're done no One can click the link no one can buy From you so you gotta have a great Subject that in that works with

Psychology because if you start looking At stuff like this like if you were Familiar with the adoption curve and You're familiar with the rule of seven And you're familiar with psychology and Why people buy and how people buy and Sales copy and the different strategies Like problem agitate solve and all these Other things right and so if you're Familiar with all of that stuff then you Got it and you can go ahead and write it But there are different things like Problem agitate solve and benefit Benefit benefit system and the before And after bridge and so on and so forth Right for different uh Strategies and so if you don't know all These things then You can't optimize your emails right Because that's part of the sales Strategy but the chat gbt can like I'm Telling you can and plus then you have To write the good email that gets them To click because if your email is Terrible then they're not going to click And again they can't buy unless they Click so that's the thing so how do you Do this we can go over to chat GPT And when we go there so Um as of today as I'm sure it'll be Available free for everyone if you have A paid chat gbt Plus Membership I think It's like 20 bucks a month I don't know I pay for it because it's totally

Amazing and worth it those are the People that got first access to chat Gpt4 and then I'm sure it'll roll into Free here soon but you know if you're Going to run the business 20 bucks a Month I think is you know exponentially Worth the investment because you could Easily spend Ten thousand dollars a month Uh paying copywriters to write this Stuff and do the things that you can do With Chad gbt for 20 bucks so Um or you can use the free one so the Default is like 3.5 the Legacy 3.5 and You can see like the scores out here to The left right down here right but if You look at Chad gbd4 it has a higher Score it's slower but it has a higher Reasoning and concise than the score and So if we click on this and I get to chat Gpt4 immediately I can see that one I Have a cap of 100 messages every four Hours which is a lot that doesn't mean 100 words it means me back and forth Which at gbt 100 messages And so I gave it some stuff I asked it To write about an AI writing tool just Because uh Jasper AI is a great Affiliate program when I say great it Has a high conversion it has reoccurring Revenue and all that sort of stuff in Fact we can look at Ours for example right here we can see We haven't even promoted in a while but

There's like 3 500 unpaid earnings and Two three thousand dollars every month Right so um it's just it's a good Program because it has like 30 and People uh love it and it actually has if You're selling it it has a um their chat Feature has chat GPT built in I think It's It's their version of it uses the gpt3 Model I don't know if they're gonna make It work for gbt4 I'm sure they will Because gpd4 will be available for them Too anyways I digress so if we go to Chat gbt and I gave it some stuff and I Gave it some some uh Parameters and that sort of stuff and Asked it for 10 emails and as we noted Before on the gpt4 model it is slower It's better it's more concise it's more Effective and it Literally the copy is better like I took Some scale sales scripts that I had that Were good sales scripts and I was like Just rewrite this and make it better and It did it was more engaging it was Stronger emotion and it helped people to Like when I read it it made me feel like Buying more like it was my own products And it made me feel like buying them Um and so that's really cool so I'm Gonna go ahead and pause the video for Just a second while this writes out Because it is taking just a minute but Like you know if you were doing

Something obviously you just go do Something else but really like I like I can't think this clearly and type this Quickly right because writing good stuff Takes a minute so anyways I'll be right Back All right so I paused it for a minute It's still it's still writing down here At the bottom but we can start looking At them so um first of all it labels Them which is really cool and if it Doesn't you can ask them to but ask it To uh and then it gives you a subject Which is great so it uses a lot of great Words like Unleash Your creativity and The future of writing that sort of stuff Hey there have you ever felt stuck Staring at a blank space this Revolutionary transform great words Right so these are really great words This is the Curiosity standpoint and Then it of course gives you a place for The link so where it says this discover And right here this is the link that It's giving you so this is where you Would throw in your you know your uh Sorry your affiliate link right here Pretty cool uh Happy writing your Friends at Jasper obviously you just put Your own name here or whatever right Then we have a problem agitate solve Method which is um where you you know Present a problem you make it a whole Lot worse and then you present a

Solution so first of all you present the Problem here and then you know some more Pain and then you know a solution and Then of course down here is the spot for A link then we have uh the third email Which is urgency urgency is always good You know basically telling people to Hurry up because it's the fear of Missing out the fomo which I'm sure You've probably heard of again a place For a link here's a before after Bridge Using neuro-linguistic programming uh Which is you know a psychology about Studying languages and how they affect People's buying super powerful stuff and So here we you know we have the before And after picture and then the bridge And basically just says you know you can Picture yourself struggling with the Right words that's right now and now the Solution imagined effortlessly creating Engaging content and then here's the Bridge to get them from one point of Where they are now to where they want to Go and um anyways I don't want to go Into NLP and all this Jazz but we can Keep going right here's a testimonial Email here is a you know a problem Agitate solve email and so there is a Character limit on chat gbt right so I Ran out it only was able to get six Emails and so now I would just say okay Great give me Thanks give me emails seven through ten

So now I can just go on and keep writing But you have to actually talk to it Because it does have a character element Um I think it used to be like 4096 Characters but it doesn't matter right Because so okay so that like how much Effort did it take me to type this right There nothing then a lot less effort Than like doing it myself If you want to write all the emails Yourself I mean you can knock yourself Out but I'm just not doing it so and I Suggest you don't do it because if I'm Being frank unless you know all this Stuff and are very good at sales copy And understanding the you know the Methodologies like problem I just say Solve and understanding neuro linguistic Neuro linguistic programming and the Adoption curve and even the rule of Seven if you know all this stuff like Great do it but you're probably not Watching this video if you know all this Stuff Um because you're probably busy doing it Because that's a super high level skill And so I still do write my own stuff Sometimes but I often have like I every Time now have Chad GP check it even just For like punctuation and stuff because We're all human and listen sometimes you Have a bad day and this is just killer Anyways so you can write amazing emails Here and you can plug them all in and

This is the hardest part right I mean Making the video like you don't have to Make it because you can just go to the Viral video Vault I don't even know Which link it is here um viral video Vault and jump in here and just get the Video they're all literally just setting Right there and you can just download Them and there's more that come in all The time and then Um you can just download the video so I Make the videos for you chase makes the Videos other people makes the videos for You right you can go make your own by All means and in the checklist we show You like a ton of different ways to Actually make the video so there's tons Of stuff YouTube Facebook Instagram and There's more coming right it's going to Go all the way down here like this of Options you don't have to do everything It's just because different people like Different things Right so we actually had live classes And so we were in a live class today and You know had different people saying oh We want to do this and other people like No I like to do this style that's fine And then other people like nah I just Don't want to do any of the videos like Just just give me the video so it's cool Just go to viral video Vault and you can Get all videos and just download them And then once you have the videos and

You downloaded the email captures easy Because that's just literally like Building a web page basically where you Know just looks like well we saw the the One before where it had like the you put Your email address in and you go right The hard part is the actual selling And the sending of the emails is Automatic with uh the CRM is going to Send them all but the hard part is like Selling them all but Chad gbt just does That you know it's so amazing and it's Just getting better because this version Is supposed to be able to Um do even more things so It's just like Super Beta at the moment Or whatever I don't know what they're Calling it anyways so that is chat gbt4 And the kind of setup if you want to get Started as we get onto this long video Thanks for sticking with me of course This website right here there's three Really Um this website right here gets you the Checklist of the companies that you will Pay you to promote their stuff and get You the link for the Facebook group so That's at this website then at the viral Video Vault website is where you can Download all of the videos and that sort Of stuff that you can repost But Ultimately the master checklist is here At this website right here and you can Jump over there and there's even another

Free training on here this page but um Grab that checklist that is this Checklist and it is growing every single Day I'm adding new stuff in here and Answering questions and building out Content and giving you new methods that We discover along the way and so that's The master checklist to grab that and Then just get started making money and The thing is just start and so Jump over there to this place right here To the URL grab the short form checklist And happy money making

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