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I'm about to show you the easiest way That you can make money online with GPT And on over 187 over and over again Watch this step one you want to come Over to this is where You can actually create a free website This is one that I created that's on Weight loss and fitness one of the Topics is this kid I really hope you Lose weight now you want to come over to Chat GPT if you want to ask Chad GPT to Write your 400 word article on the Benefits of eating keto once chat GPT Gives you the answer you want to copy And then from there you want to paste it Inside your Google site now inside this Article you don't have a call to action To a product to do that you want to come Over to ClickBank find a relevant Product like this keto one that pays you 187 click on to promote and grab the Affiliate link this is where you want to Link that link so when people click onto One purchase you get paid now you want To come over to and search for Can you lose weight eating keto to get The answer simply go to chatgpt and ask It the same question and then copy the Answer now all you want to do is paste That chat jpt article inside the answer For that core question from there you Want to link the article from your Website inside here and people click Onto it it's going to take them over to

Your Google site now if you're thinking This looks too difficult don't worry all You need to do is comment yes right now And I'll go create a fully detailed Tutorial

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