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You can earn twenty thousand dollars a Week by utilizing chat GPT even if You're a beginner with this new method That's what we're going to talk about in This particular video so let's jump in Here and have a look what am I talking About well I am talking about money Obviously but if we look at the past Four weeks here in this dashboard There's 82 000 so if we pop open a Calculator divide out 82 000 by four Weeks which is what we have here twenty Thousand dollars five hundred that's how I get to the twenty thousand dollars a Week number I just told you now Obviously you can do math that's not why You're here this is stripe which is if We roll back to like 12 months we can See it's like 1.195 million dollars Point being here this is our credit card Processor not saying this to brag Obviously you can do this too that's What I'm trying to tell you is it's Possible and if you don't want to make Up to twenty thousand dollars a week go Ahead and make five thousand dollars a Week make twenty thousand dollars a Month instead you can do whatever you Want obviously the more money you make The smarter you have have to work and The harder you have to work to a degree But we're going to focus on smarter not Harder so Was it this particular method I'm

Specifically talking about a few things One if we could stop for a second pause The video leave me a yes in the comments Down below that would be super helpful For me because it helps on YouTube and It helps me to judge if you actually Like this video because I've had some Videos lately that uh were super popular And had some that weren't as popular So Based on the yeses I can tailor the Trainings to what you want so that's Super helpful the second part is where We're going to spend most of the time Today here which is um chat gbt and Working smarter not harder right so step Two the automation system that uh that Is obviously smarter and harder but um Chat GPT is really important and I think That it is massively undervalued uh Smarter not harder is people get it and They're like yeah cool I want to work Smarter and harder of course but I don't Think that but if you look at most People's actions they don't act out that They don't act out smarter and harder They they believe it in their head but They don't I don't know if they don't Believe it in their heart or they just Don't act on it maybe it's because it Feels too easy so like with AI where It's at right now like if you watch Through 2023 it's going to be a massive shift And I think that sometimes people get

Stuck because they're like oh this is Too easy it's supposed to be harder this Isn't going to work well you know I Sympathize with you I understand that It's easier than it has ever been like It is so easy now that like If you roll back like a hundred years And you put in like one tenth of the Effort now you can get back 10 times the Result of what you could a hundred years Ago so it's just exponential So much easier but you know I think that If you are a person who can get past That and focus on what AI can give you And what chat GPT can give you and what Automation can give you that Um you really can just crush it and I Think this is going to be an important Year to crush it so let's jump into how To actually do that right now If I jump over to chat GPT and just go Straight to chat GPT I get this nice Red Box where Chad gbt is down Chad dpd goes Down because it's popular uh you know It's been out four months at this point Not even and it's super popular and you Know they get overloaded and that's fine This is direct access to chat gbt what a Lot of people don't know is chat gbt is Just running based on a GPT model right So gbt is kind of like the higher Structure so like if you want to think Of like the super high structure as gbt Like if I was this box and then chat gbt

Runs under it and it connects to it but We can connect directly to the GPT model And bypass that this interface that's Down and so if we go jump over to shine Ranker we actually have it built in so We can get Priority Access what do I Mean by Priority Access well if you go Here to chat of course there's tons of Other tools like the keyword research Tool which is super helpful for things That we're doing with YouTube and Tick Tock and all the rest and making money And there's other things in here too but Um and if you want to do SEO there's Tons of stuff like the auditor and you Know Keyword tracker and the rest so there's Kind of a lot of tools in here but with The chat function it actually connects To the gbt model same model that chat GPT directly connects to but we get Priority Access so we get to bypass any Kind of lines any kind of weighting it's Just like having a paid chat gbt account But it doesn't go down like chat GPT Does and so if we just refresh we'll see You know it's down the message goes away But the point is is like if we go over Here to this and say we can't even type In chat gbd so if I got on here and I Put how are you you know and just try to Click I get nothing it won't let me go It's just totally down over here would Be a stupid thing to ask Aya how it's

Doing but We can ask it anyways see what happens I've never done that I wonder what Happens so curious ah there's an Ali as A language model I don't have feelings And motions however I'm functioning and I'm ready to help you in any way Possible right so I guess that's a great There you know shine ranker Priority Access to the gbt model it works even When Chad gbt does not work in chat gbt Is down so we're gonna use this Obviously because it's better because it Works and so the first thing we need to Do is understand how we're going to make Money with this well we've got to Understand the concept here and it's Pretty straightforward this model is Pretty much views equals traffic equals Money so what does that mean well we Have to get some views which is eyeballs People right interested people and Ultimately we can look at the end we Want to make some money how we make Money how does a grocery store make Money how does Amazon make money how Does a magazine make money how does you Know Facebook make money how does Anything on the planet that makes money How does it make money well it's by Selling something if you go to the movie Theater they make money by selling you Movie tickets and they make money by Selling you popcorn right you know

Somebody's making money off the movie Tickets and somebody's making money off The popcorn obviously that's how the Movie Producers make money and the movie Stars make money is they ultimately sell The movies is what it what it's about And so when you go to the grocery and You buy the popcorn there they make Money so on and so forth so we have to Sell some stuff now we can sell our Products we can sell our services we can Sell other people's products and Services doesn't matter we're just Selling it and when sell you sell Somebody else's products and services That's called being an affiliate which We'll talk about how to get a list of Those people in a minute from the Checklist but basically we have to get Traffic to those offers right a grocery Store has to open the doors if no one Comes into the grocery stores and buys Anything and no one comes into the movie Theater to watch a movie and no one goes To buy whatever from Amazon then they Have no business they make no money so That's traffic and in the case of video Video is our Catalyst if you want to Call it that it's kind of like if you Have eyeballs in a newspaper then the There are readers and so our videos There are Watchers and people are Watching them if you don't have eyeballs On Facebook then Facebook can't sell ads

If like nobody went there starting today Then they would not be able to sell ads Because no one would be looking so we Need people to look at our videos and Then click a link in the videos or you Know type out a link in the description Etc right so something which turns them Into traffic which then they can buy Stuff and then that ultimately equals Money that sounds easy and it isn't a Complicated system at all but there are Some steps so how we can do this well I'm going to use utilize chat GPT as the Easy button to make this whole concept a Whole lot easier so we're several Minutes in thanks for sticking with me Now that we've talked about the concept Let's actually do it So if we go to tick tock and just search Like make money online you can search Anything literally you'll see videos Like this right you see lots of Different styles of videos one of the Styles of videos just like this so This Has 388 000 views literally if we watch This video and check it out And look we can see it is a six second Video and so it literally has a bunch of Text on the screen and then the person Just like I don't know what they're Doing cracking their head cracking their Knuckles and nodding their head right Whatever right so that's it so It's if we look at this and break this

Down we have three basic components Right so there's really only three Components in this video and they're Pretty straightforward the three Components are one there is some sort of Video some sort of motion video really Is just motion it could be still Pictures that you pan across or zoom in Or it could be like a person but it's Just a whole bunch of still shots put Together that make video right so then We actually have so we have like some Video motion right we have some text on The screen right that's a big part of Short form content is text on the screen You don't necessarily have this in Traditional TV or law form content Unless it is like subtitles which you Can turn on and off or closed captioning Kind of thing but in short forms very Common almost necessary to put text on The screen at some point so we have Video motion text on the screen and we Have sound in this case Um you're listening to me talk right now That's sound but in this case it's Literally just a song so we really only Have some sort of video motion some sort Of text and some sort of sound a song Right if we break this down and look at This how do we make a video that has These three components it's pretty easy We have sound or song right that's in Tech talk free like when you go in the

Tick tock app there's massive amounts of Music that are ready to go that you can Use and whatever same thing YouTube has A whole Creator's license a whole cat Library of sounds and songs that you can Use right so that part's easy just pick One okay the text part well what do you Say well that obviously is like the Message of the video so it's probably The most important thing right now Because this is just some person I have No idea who this is they have a hat on Backwards they have on a flannel shirt And some blue shirt under it and they're Showing their hands in their face right Um in fact we're staring up their nose If we want to be honest about it right So this is is not a whole lot of Anything and this could be a tree Blowing in the wind for the motion in The background rather than a person it Doesn't even have to be a person right But you could obviously put your face on Here or probably even use stock footage But you could record yourself or pay Someone to just record themselves Flexing their hands or nodding their Head or like literally doing anything Like stare at it and wave your finger or Nothing you know so I've seen this kind Of video with all kinds of stuff in the Background the background is not so much Important It just has to be there so really the

Background is basically of no added Value to this this is a person and so People are valuable but the added value Here to make this video like more Popular and to get the message across is Nothing to do with the background is the Sound important sounds and songs are Emotional but really it's just a sound Picked at random because that's it just Is right so pick a song so these two Basically don't matter is what I'm Trying to tell you text is what matters It's like 90 of the video at least of The message that you're trying to get Across and we want to use the text to Get someone to go to a link which Obviously makes them a viewer so there Are I guess that's not true they're Already viewing it when they go to the Link it makes them traffic and then they Can buy something and we can make money So how do we do that that's pretty Straightforward we're going to utilize Chat gbt so we can grab this script Right here so I've got the script here Realizing at age 34 you might want to Put your own Um age in there obviously you know if You're around 34 you could leave it like That if you're like 19 or 65 and you put Your face in there that's not going to Make sense if someone reads that so put An age that's kind of close to where You're at if you're putting your face on

There I'm putting a tree on there you Know or some sort of motion or a dog Whatever I don't know right anything Really then it doesn't really matter so Much but uh don't care about building a Career climbing the corporate ladder all I want to do is make the most amount of Money working the least amount of hours Possible so I can focus on my family Live life how I want instead of working 40 plus years working for a boss who's Paying me what they think is fair now There's some typos in here just because I literally just typed this out because That was the quickest way to do this There are websites you can go out there And pull transcripts from and that sort Of stuff you can just Google for that But like the worst case is here it took Me just a minute to type it you could Also just voice dictate it right and let AI translate it into text for you but Chat GPT is going to correct spelling so It doesn't matter right so this is Pretty straightforward right I think This first of all this resonates with Like Everyone like 90 of everyone right Because you know people like I don't Know that there's anybody maybe maybe When you're first starting out or maybe If you're not thinking about it you Really like you really want to build a Career because you want to be a doctor

Or an attorney or whatever but like if You want to build in a career you're Probably going to college for that and You focus on that and you're most likely Not watching this video although maybe It could be Um unless you know you just decided that Isn't the thing but really I think Mo This is basically this person wants to Work smarter not harder so they can have More time to do what they want and the Money that they need to do it right That's like everyone on the planet I Think at least most people so I'm gonna Grab this script I'm gonna go over here To shine ranker priority chat GPD Priority Access here and I am going to Paste it in here and then just say Right so I was real specific I asked it To slightly rewrite the script and say Basically the same thing but be at least 10 different you can literally just say This say the same thing and you're going To get it Um if it changes too much of it and you Don't necessarily like how it comes out You can say be at least 10 different or 15 different or whatever I'm not sure What the number is there's probably a Number of different you could probably Google that but I doubt that the Platforms necessarily give a specific Thing and I don't think there's a right Answer I think the only right answer or

The wrongly wrong answer is whatever Doesn't work right so I've tried Different things I've tried five percent Different 15 different and most of the Time I don't put anything I just put This right so at 34 it dawned on me that I'm not interested in pursuing a career Or striving for Upward mobility in the Corporate world my ultimate goal is to Earn as much as possible money is Possible making while working minimal Hours that I can prioritize my family And enjoy life on my own terms no longer Do I want to spend over four decades Working for an employer who determines What they can set a reasonable Compensation right so there's a couple Things I don't like as much upward Mobility is probably a little bit heavy But I do like this better no longer do I Want to spend over four decades I think That to me sounds more powerful than 40 Years Um you know so it's the way you say Things we can also say okay great please Right and so I misspell stuff when I'm Typing fast and I just you know I used To really worry about spelling but we're Giving this to a computer who Understands what in the world you're Talking about so it's like do I want to Take the time to spell it right and save A few seconds or not because I'm going To get the exact same result so I just

Don't care smarter not harder right Smarter is speed and so what I've done Here is I asked it to give me the same Script but at grade level six or under And the reason why I asked for that is There's actually done studies they and By they I just mean corporations or uh Not corporations but institutions that Study stuff uh have done studies and Found that to reach the broadest Audience you want to reach grade level Six because a lot of people just don't Develop their vocab vocabulary Beyond Grade level six and so if we redo it When I turn 34 I realize that I don't Want to work really hard in a big Company and move up the ranks what I Really want to do is make lots of money While working less so my family comes First and I have can have fun too I Don't want to work for someone else who Decides how much money is fair for over 40 years right so you can you know make It your own or you can ask it for three Different versions if you don't like Some of the versions but the point is I Think you see the difference between Where we're at here and where we wound Up at And so that's super important because This really you you could actually redo People's videos who have gotten the same Concept you could literally just take Whatever they're writing you could

Literally type out what they write and You could say okay give me this exact Same script but at grade level six And not do anything else besides that And it'll wind up rewriting it into a Way that reaches more people plus you Have to understand that as you get into Um other languages things don't Necessarily translate the same so if I Say upward Mobility that might not Necessarily translate into someone if Someone's watching this and they speak French primarily and English is a second Language and I translate this into French because they might take this text And translate it into French right Then it's not going to mean the same Thing and you can also make videos for Those markets by telling uh Chad GB tier And here in shine maker to translate This into French all right and you can Make a bunch of videos you can make a Whole Channel like you could make the Same videos and make a whole channel for French and whole channel for Spanish and A whole channel for you know your Standard English and you can make a Whole channel for Mandarin and whatever It is that languages you want to Target So you can do that too which is a really Powerful thing however That aside the point here is that we can Reach the most people and the most People are going to understand this if I

Make it grade level six or less right so We can just take something that works And just upgrade that and so now all I Have to do is like I said replicate a Video stick my face in it stick a dog or A tree or any kind of motion in it now I Have the text which is the 90 of Everything and then I can just pick a Sound I can upload this a Tick Tock YouTube Instagram Facebook Twitter Wherever I want wherever it makes sense And then of course at the end I'm going To put in here down at the bottom I'm Gonna put like to figure out you know to See what I figured out go to and then You put the link and then when they show Up on the link it's a landing page that Captures their email address Something like so where they can enter Their email address and put it into a CRM and then when it goes in the CRM the CRM is going to start sending it emails If you don't know what a CRM is drop That down in the comments we can explain That but the CRM is going to send them Emails every single day selling them Stuff what's it going to sell them if You go to this website right here you Can pick a product off the list and then It's going to give you an affiliate link So if you want to see that for example Right here If I go right here and just pick this Tool called Jasper and I roll down to

The bottom of the page as an affiliate Program I can apply for it then I can Log in When you log into any affiliate Dashboard you're going to get a link Down here and then when someone goes to That link and signs up you get paid and Then we get stats and we can see there's Like four thousand dollars of unpaid Earnings and two three thousand dollars A month for well over a year and so the Point here is that you just need this Link and then in the system in the CRM You're going to put this link in all the Emails and again you're going to use Shine ranker to write all the emails for You but once you make all of the emails And it sends it out every day people Click on the link and you get paid right So they click the link which is how we Get to our views so the video is the Views they click the link they become Traffic and they enter their email Address and then every day the system Sends them emails with the product and When they buy the product you get paid So pretty straightforward Obviously in order to get to twenty Thousand dollars a week or even five Thousand dollars a week if you want to Go twenty thousand dollars a month you Need to learn a few things this video Has been pretty long and you've stuck With me and so I appreciate that and I

Appreciate you but you're gonna have to Learn some more stuff and so we actually Have live classes over here at this URL Right here and if you go here you can Get the next free training as well and Learn some more stuff in fact if you go Back to past few videos on this channel There's been some really great stuff That have broken down so I'd encourage You to go watch the other videos on this Channel The past three specifically at least but Um once you do that go to this website Right here and this is the live classes So every Tuesday Thursday we're in there Live the replays are in there so you can Watch all of the replays as well and get Access to all of that but we're Basically going to break it down step by Step by step including how to set up the Automation system on the back in the CRM How to do the videos on the front end With other ways that you can make videos As well in addition to what I just Showed you and a ton of other things Right so Basically you have to learn a few things To do this so like this guy is saying That they don't want to work 40 hours a Week they want to work the minimum Amount of hours I'm for that too I also Want to work the minimum amount of hours And make the most amount of money so That I can spend time with my family and

Live the life I want to live like I said I think like everyone is pretty much There unless you have hundreds of Millions of dollars in money isn't an Issue and you're just worried about you Know living your life but you're not Likely to watch this video so for Everybody else I want to be there too The question is is how many hours do I Have to work well I actually work pretty Hard because I want to have total Flexibility and Financial Freedom And so that means something different to Everybody I have pretty big dreams and Goals Um maybe bigger than some people and Some people don't want to work as many Hours and they're content and that's Just fine right I still take time for my Family and I still take time to live the Life I want to live but um you know if I Have more money I can give it away and I Really actually like giving money away And helping people getting them food and All kinds of cool stuff that I work with The food pantry and everything else so What works for you is what works for you But you got to do something is my point You're gonna have to take some time to Learn some stuff because you got to Learn to work smarter not harder that Way you can work Less hours and spend Less time working for somebody else and You can get paid more right so that's

You know I showed you at the beginning Here the stripe account obviously this Doesn't even include PayPal there's a Lot of money to be had and if we roll Back and forth the past 12 months is Like 1.195 million dollars it's a lot of Money right Right but this year I want to take this To three million dollars and then you Know eventually 10 right so and we're Already well on track for 3 million that Shouldn't be an issue Um 5 million would be an aspirational Goal for this year and so whatever your Goals are it's possible that's all I'm Trying to show you is it's possible and You can definitely do it and in order to Get step three which is the full Blueprint you want to go over here to This website right here and this website Couldn't find it and get into the live Classes so that you can attend ask Questions watch the replays and learn The process step by step by step so that You can transition to the life you want To live making the money you want to Live working only the hours that you Want to work to do it and so jump over Here join the live classes and until Then Happy money making

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