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Unlocking eight thousand three hundred Dollars per day with the new method Using chat GPT and honestly this is just One of the easiest ways to make money Online right now and the most important Thing is we're going to put in minimal Effort that doesn't mean we're not going To work but what that does mean is that We're not going to work harder we're Going to work smarter in a way at a Level that's never been possible before So in order to get to 8 300 a day we Need to utilize a couple of different Things so let me show you what's Possible first of all and this is just Part of the income that we've made in The past four weeks so we can look at The past 12 months here and it is 1.12 1.12 million dollars and the past four Weeks is 233 thousand dollars and if you Take out the calculator and just divide That out by 28 days that's 8 300 which Is how we get to our 8 300 daily that We're doing right now So I'm not saying this to brag what I am Saying is this is what's possible also This is only two-thirds of the income One-third of the income is from PayPal As well so it's actually another hundred And fifteen thousand dollars on top of That in the past four weeks but I'm not Even gonna go there so this is more than Enough to try to handle and get to for Most people so let's have a look at this

The first thing we need to do before I Really get into this I want to mention If you would leave me a yes down in the Comments right now like if you stop and Leave me a yes so I know that this is The kind of content you want if this is Not the kind of video you want say no or Give me something else but basically I Look at the yeses and I can judge based Off the various videos what people want And what you want and I want to give you More free trainings of what you want Like this and more methods that you can Use to make money online utilizing Ai And other factors as well so I do want To mention a couple of things as we go Through this we're going to talk about The scary toolbox check list that is This it's a checklist you can get at and we're going to Talk about live classes the live classes Are short and that's how You can get into the live classes so Let's have a look at this the first Thing we need to do is what we just Actually said which is scary toolbox the Checklist we go here we enter an email Address now why are we doing this we're Trying to get a checklist checklist Gives us two things first of all it Gives us this big list of companies that Will pay us to promote their products so We promote the product someone buys Their product we get paid second reason

We want the checklist is it has this Yellow bar here which is a link to the Facebook group which has in excess of 50 000 people in it right now and there are Tons of people having success and They're willing to help out other people In fact they are so join the free Facebook group after you go to get the checklist get The yellow bar here and join the Facebook group Post that you're new or asked questions And people will help you out and just Get among like-minded people so as you Can see and start to think and start to Be around the people that are having Success because that is a huge part of It is having your group of people you're Around uh being around successful people Helps you to become successful because You begin to think like them and you Begin to be encouraged as you see their Success and you begin to see what's Actually possible so the first thing we Need to do off this list after we join The Facebook group is pick an offer to Promote so I'm just gonna grab like this One right here Jasper which I showed in Some other ones I've showed various ones In here I'm going to show this one if we Go to Jasper and we roll down to the Bottom there's an affiliate link program Down at the bottom most of these sites Have what like it'll say affiliate

Partner affiliate partner program Something is typically down at the Bottom we go there and then we can join Up and I've already gone ahead and Logged in here and they give you a link Like this which we will talk about later This is your link when some someone Clicks on it and they buy you get paid So you can see here this particular one Which we haven't even really promoted in A while is making two thousand nine Hundred dollars per you know of unpaid Earnings and then the payouts here you Can see are running two three thousand Dollars for the past well a long time Well over a year right and one of the Key things there of course is that it Has a reoccurring commission so they pay You every single month once a customer Signs up they become a customer as long As they're a customer you get paid for Them so if they're a customer for six Years you get paid every month for six Years Right so that's one of the great things That we're going to use to get to our 8 300 daily is by using recurring Commissions but that's really only just A small piece of it the first thing of Course we need to do here's the kind of The process as we go across here we're Going to get traffic and we're going to Send them to a landing page and we're Going to use that link that affiliate

Link that is this link right here So that people can click on that and Then we can get paid when they buy so The first thing we need to do after that Is find a video that is working and Replicate that so what does that mean Well we can go to tick tock we can go to YouTube we can go wherever and we can Find videos on whatever we're promoting So this happens to be Jasper so I'm just Going to go to tick tock And I just searched for Jasper AI now What's important to know is you don't Have to use tick tock you can use YouTube you can use Instagram reels you Can use Facebook reels you can post your Video on all of them but we can get our Source from anywhere we want so Tick Tock is great so we can see what's What's trending Um again it's just kind of like a random You can roll the dice and pick a Platform and then search it it doesn't Really matter as long as you find a Video that's working so like this video Has 3.1 million views and this one has Three thousand three thousand is okay And that's nice but if we have a video That has three million views obviously That's going to be a better Option to try to replicate because we Know that video worked so we may or may Not get 3.1 million views maybe we'll Get more but you find a video like this

And you've replicated so we'd watch this Video and then just make another video Just like it and in the video we're Going to put a link So we'll say Hey you know Jasper's you Know whatever the video says and at some Point we say you can check it out by Going to right which is A domain that you register And then you redirect to your landing Page now if that doesn't make sense Don't worry about it you can go to and join the live Classes and we're going to cover how to Register the domain how to redirect it And how to set up the landing pages and Everything but I'm going to show you Some of that right now of course this is Only a you know a 10 15 minute YouTube Video I can't teach you how to make Eight thousand three hundred dollars a Day because seriously that's over a Million dollars a year In you know 15 minutes I just can't do It it's going to take some work you got To learn some stuff you got to do some Things I mean does that make sense right Like like how many jobs how many jobs Have you had think about how many jobs You've had where you go on training you Know you get a new job and they train You how to do something the training Alone takes more than 15 minutes usually

For a whole job you know one task might Be 15 minutes but you know and then how Many of those jobs have made eighty Three hundred dollars a day How many of those jobs have made 8 300 a Month you know maybe some of them But if you're making even 8 300 a month You're doing more than 15 minutes of Learning to get started so you've got to Do some learning which is where the Short live classes comes In and the Facebook group as well So Next after we get our video and we Replicate it and we stick in our link we Want to go and point that link at a Landing page well what is a landing page Well it looks just like this to be Honest it's a place where they can go And punch in the email address and click A button and then they get something So in the case of the scary toolbox we Entered our email address and we got a Checklist of tools as well as a link to The Facebook group in the And I guess really I should talk about The landing page so let's talk about That if we go over here and then we have Our video we replicated it we put a link In there if we go to our landing page System And this is uh just we teach This in the live classes at short but basically I'm just

Going to go ahead and create a new Landing page so let's just put this in Here like this And I've gone ahead and called it Jasper And created it here and so now we Actually have to build the landing page So I'm just actually going to start with A blank landing page and go in here and We're going to use chat GPT to give us The components some of the components That we need at least the most important Ones with the landing page so here we Can go ahead into the editor and in Order to build the landing page we need To have a couple of things one we need To have a title so some sort of Information what is this about so when Someone gets here they know and the Second thing we need is a way for them To enter their email address so if we Were going to get the title which is the Most important thing because it Literally is eighty percent of people Will read the title and so that's the Most important thing so we're going to Go ahead and go here to Which is Jasper So Um we go here to and go To chat this is chat gbt via the API What does that mean so you can go Directly to chat GPT but it's often Overloaded and of course it's in free Version right now it'll be paid at some

Point but um it's often just overloaded You can't get there and you can't do Anything so the way that we found to Work around is if you go to and that's just the link That gets us here and go here to chat Then this tool has a free trial and it Does cost a few bucks a month but it Hooks into the API of chat GPT and it Allows us to use chat GPT without having To worry about being blocked all the Time and not being able to use it and so Basically it's a workaround to get us to Chat GPT via and so we Go here and we can enter in that we want To have some titles so let me do that And so I've said to give me three titles That and the point is to get them to Enter the email address and so here we Have three titles we can write like a Pro or we can unlock the power of AI Writing with jazz for or we can automate Your writing process with Jasper right So I like buzzwords so buzzwords because It's not that I like buzzwords buzzwords Work if you look at sales copy or read The news buzzwords work like unlock or Automate those are great buzzwords so I'm just going to go with the top one Here unlock the power of AI right so Let's go here and I've gone ahead and Just stuck it in here so next we need of Course a email component And I just kind of stuck those in as

Templates right now so we have a form Component obviously it's huge we would Adjust that but this is where they're Going to enter their email address and Then they're going to click here and of Course we will change the text Um and they're going to click here and Then what's going to happen is we Capture their email address why is that Important the most important thing is Utilizing chat GPD so we're going to use AI to leverage to work smarter not Harder so we create the high converting Titles To the landing page and then we're going To capture that email address once we Capture the email address on the landing Page then we get to sell them the stuff So let's review we are using chat gbt to Create the titles and components that Are the highest converting components For our landing page and the purpose of The landing page is to capture the email Address when you're capturing the email Address from traffic that got to us by The video that we replicated and Ultimately we're going to be promoting The offer that we chose from And we're going to use that affiliate Link so what happens now is after I have My landing page here and I save the Changes and get back out of here And let me fix that

And then we go into our campaigns and Here is the campaign obviously we just Built this on this video so I don't have All the campaigns built out for uh that One we're just working on but here's a Sample one And what happens is when someone enters Their email address it starts sending Them emails so immediately five hours Later five hours later a day later there And there's different formulas you can Use here but all this is automatic and So it starts sending them emails and What it does in every single email is it Gives them this link where they can buy Your product and so you're sending them Emails every single day and so this is The real leverage point that a lot of People Miss they miss the landing page And utilizing a CRM if you don't don't Know what a CRM is drop a comment in the Comment drop a comment in the comment Section below and we can explain what a CRM is But the CRM is what builds the landing Pages and sends the emails and so by Sending them an email every single day You can send them an email for like two Weeks as most people buy on average After seven times of course some people Buy the first time some people buy after 14 times that's true you get a seven Time average but after they buy then you Can send them the next thing so we're

Going to send them we're going to get Their email once make one video and of Course you want to make more than one Video because you want to continue to Scale this but you start with one video And you get their email address and you Keep selling them the thing you keep Offering them the deal once they buy or After a set period of time like two Weeks you move to the next item so now We're offering them Surfer then we're Going to go over here and offer them Shine ranker and you get to point we go Down the list and we just keep offering Them everything we just sell to these People all year long like literally Every single day 365 days a year That is the key of how you get to 8 300 A day you don't get there by you know Dancing on Tick Tock I mean I'm not Saying that a few people didn't have Success by dancing on Tick Tock but That's not what we're after here we're After making an actual video that we're Just replicating getting them to a Landing page that chat GPT helps us to Create And then sending them emails to make the Sale and then we just rinse and repeat So we make more videos Get them to the landing pages get more Email addresses and send them the deal So if I get a thousand email addresses And I'm making X dollars then if I

Double that by making more videos and Getting 2 000 email addresses then I'm Making twice as much dollars that's as Simple as it is so you go from two Thousand to four thousand to ten Thousand to a hundred thousand email Addresses that you're sending emails to Every day and that is how you scale up To making eighty three hundred dollars a Day right so it takes some time you're Gonna have to put in some work it's Going to take some effort obviously you Can't get to 8 300 literally tomorrow so Does this make sense Is this something that you want to do I Mean If you like what you're doing right now That's fine but if you'd like to make More money then you're gonna have to do Something different so how do you start With this well the first thing you do is Go to join the Facebook group that is key number one And get among people ask questions and Start reading the success stories and See what other people are saying that Works and then number two go to and enter your email Address and join the live classes and Once you're at and You you're in here you can go down here And join the live classes and it is a Paid class the price is going to go up So I would get in now and there's

Another free training here as well That you can get at Short former so get into live classes And then I will see you in the next Class which is tomorrow actually and Until then Happy money making

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