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This new secret method lets you earn a Hundred thousand dollars a month with Chat GPT and Tick Tock making it one of The easiest ways to earn money online Today my name is Ryan Borden let's jump Into this if we go over here and look at Stripe which is our credit card Processor we can see in the past four Weeks which is 28 days that we have Earned 170 170 000 dollars now I'm not Saying that to brag of course but what I Am saying is it's possible so there is Other income that we get through PayPal As well not even listed on here so it's Entirely possible for you to get to a Hundred thousand dollars per month so What am I talking about well there's a Couple of things at play here so get let Me give you a couple of the moving Pieces and then we can jump into this First of all if you would do me a favor And reply with the word yes down in the Comments right now that would help me on YouTube but it would also help me to Understand that this is the kind of Training that you want so that I can Give you more methods just like I'm Going to show you today so if you could Do that for me right now that'd be great The next thing we need to understand is There's two moving pieces that I'm going To be talking about today and one of Those is live classes which you can get At this website right here and the other

One is a checklist which you can get at This website right here So when we talk step number one here We're going to need a list of tools that Is the checklist I was just talking About you can go to this website right Here enter an email address and then Jump in here and we immediately see a Couple of things first of all we have a Giant list of companies that will pay You to promote their products the list Grows even farther as you go across the Bottom you get to see all these Different things right so there's Different categories now the other thing That we notice right away in the yellow Bar is that there is a free Facebook Group that you can join that has tens of Thousands of people who are currently Successful who are helping other people In the group and who are like-minded and Thinking in a way that is successful Because if you keep doing what you've Been doing you're going to keep getting What you've been getting so if you like What you've been getting that's just Fine if you don't like what you've been Getting or if you'd like to change some Of what you've been getting such as more Income then you need to change something And the first thing you need to do is go Here to the website on the checklist and Then join the free Facebook group so That you can begin to be around other

People who are successful and that line Of thinking will rub off plus you can Get help plus there is a lot of Resources in the Facebook group so now We need a company as we go across here We need a company to promote this one Here is a popular one I'm going to go With it if we roll down to the bottom we Can get to the affiliate program and Then we can go ahead and log in Once we log in we see stuff like this so We get an affiliate link which we're Going to use later it's one of the Moving pieces so stick with me here as We go through the video I'll explain how That connects because it's not how you Might think and then up here we have Some stats so we can see we have about Five thousand dollars of unpaid earnings We can look at our payouts and go back You know some time based on the previous Payouts and we also need to understand That this is a reoccurring thing for Example all these payouts we haven't Really even promoted this in a while Like a lot of months but it says 30 Reoccurring commission that is where We're making the money from because it Just keeps coming every month and so When you get someone to sign up you get Paid every single month so you do work Today you get paid next month and next Month and next month and next month and Next month and next year

Etc so that's a really great thing Obviously a reoccurring Commission Because it allows you to do work once And continue to get paid I like to do Work once and continue to get paid I'm Sure you like to do work once and Continue to get paid although if you're Working a regular job that's not how it Works when you do work once you get paid Once and then you move on and you do Some more work and you get paid some More so what I want for you is for you To be able to get to where you're Getting paid next month and next month And next month off of work that you do Today and this week so how do we do this Well we need a link Which is the one down here which we're Going to use later on in the process and We need to utilize this in a smart way But in order to get people to sign up Because when people sign up for that Link ultimately they go through a Process but when they get to the end of The process they get your link they sign Up you get paid that's this is the link Right here that I'm talking about when They sign up you get paid in fact if we Just pop it right now we can see it's a Page like so has a great sales message And extra offers and they can sign up With free 10 000 words and then they get Paid well I strike that they sign up and Then you get paid so that's what we need

But in order to get to start the process We have to get views right so views Equals ultimately leads which equals Sales so that's what happens when they Go to your link and buy and then you get Money so we need to get the view part of This down so we can turn them into a Lead so that then we can turn them into A sale so you get the money so we start With the views in order to do that we Need to react we don't need our you to Use our voice we don't need to say Anything we don't have to know what to Do we don't even have to spend any money For this we can literally just react to Videos so how does that work so we are Going to go over here to tick tock and I Went ahead and searched Jasper AI Because Jasper is the program we chose You can just pick videos that are Popular so here's one with 19 000 views 63 000 views 61 000 views you get the Point 941 000 views so you pick a Popular video and you react to it and Then in the video you're going to put a Link to your landing page which is going To be a redirect domain in fact we Actually just are talking about that Here in the live classes coming up in Next week how to do that with a in a Secure way so live classes again that I'm talking about is this right here if You go to this website you can get in The live classes and we break everything

Down for you So that you can succeed and the next Thing you need to understand is once we React to that and we put our link which Is our redirect link and we put that Again I don't have time to cover like How the redirect link works and how all This stuff and explain terminology so if There's some terms I say that you don't Understand drop those down in the Comments and I'm happy to explain them Also if you stick with me on this video You're going to learn the whole method But you're not going to get to a hundred Thousand dollars a month which is over a Million dollars a year by the way you're Not going to get there by watching this One 10 minute YouTube video and then you Know doing a little bit of work you're Gonna have to do a significant amount of Work to get to a hundred thousand Dollars a month and you're also going to Have to learn More than what's in this YouTube video Although this is a great foundation so Let's jump in here and keep going we Have our reaction video and we've posted It up to the places just like we teach In the live classes and Tick Tock and YouTube and the rest right and now we're Getting views on the video so what Happens when people view the video well We give them our redirect link which Might be something like this which is

Just bought this if you go to this link It actually goes and redirects to Jasper Right to the Jasper affiliate link Landing page right so What do I mean by that landing page now If I'm going to give them this in the Actual video then they view the video They punch in the website and they need To get to a landing page which is where They become a lead so what does that Look like if we go here to this platform Called system which is a CRM and again If you're not familiar with terminology Like CRM drop that in the comments and We can explain it however this hosts a Landing page for us what's a landing Page it looks like so someone comes over Here when they go to the website they See a title they see some information They see a picture and they get a chance To enter their email address so when They enter the email address and they Unleash boss mode now that kicks off a Process at that point they become a lead Once they enter their email address and That's what you want now when they enter Their email address the system here the CRM is going to then send them an email And the email looks something like so so We go in here and we got an email and it Has a link in it this link is of course The link if you remember from just a few Minutes ago where we got right here and

It gives them a chance to buy of course Click the link and buy and then you get Paid so once they become a lead this System the CRM starts sending emails out And when people click the link and buy That translates to sales so what we want To do is we want to optimize those Emails of course so chat GPT is amazing For this because we can go in here to Our emails and ask it to give us great Subjects lines so for example this is Not a great subject line what is a great Subject line well let's have a look So I'm just going to ask it for some High open subject lines because the way Email works is obviously they have to Open the email in order to click the Link and so the only job of the subject Line is to sell the open to convince Them to open the email and read the Email so if you have a terrible subject Line then they're not going to open the Email if they don't open the email They're not going to click the link if They don't click the link you don't get Paid so this is really easy to find a Great subject line because we get these Great words like revolutionize and these Buzzwords are really great and here's Say goodbye write faster so I love this One right here revolutionize you're Writing with AI power technology okay Super so they already saw a video about This they are already on point on

Subject they're obviously interested in That we are going to copy that title and I'm going to paste it in here and I am Going to save it so now as soon as Someone gets the email and they click on The subject like you know they double Click it whenever in or they click on it In Gmail or whatever and it opens up They can read the actual email and then They can purchase from you Do the link and then you get paid and so By utilizing this method you're going to Capture a whole lot of you're going to Take all your videos that you react to And you're going to get a lot of leads You're going to get a lot of emails and Then the system is actually going to Send them emails every single day all Year long now you can sell different Things obviously if we go back to our Checklist over here we have all these Things so once we sell them the first Thing then we're going to sell them the Next thing and the next thing the next And so on and so forth and then we're Going to go over here and over here and You're here you get the point right We're going to sell them everything so We're going to sell them 365 days a year We're going to be selling them something And every time someone clicks a link and Signs up and pays you get paid and then Of course as long as they stay a Customer on the reoccurring programs

Like Jasper and a lot of these have Reoccurring as long as they stay a Customer you continue to get paid which Is amazing right so that's how you can Leverage up so what I want you to think About is what if it works I mean I know you've probably tried Another method or you've at least looked At other methods to make money online Now the problem is you don't know if It's going to work maybe somebody else It didn't work for them some other Method that they tried maybe you don't Think that it's possible maybe you've Just never made money online before Right you haven't made your first dollar Online so you just haven't done it you Don't know how it's going to work right So think for a minute what if it did Work let's fast forward four weeks one Month from now and what if you had extra Money in your bank account what if we Fast forward six months from now and You're making an extra ten thousand Dollars a month What would you do with an extra ten Thousand dollars a month And then what happens if we fast forward Two years from now and you're making a Hundred thousand dollars a month which Is over a million dollars a year Or maybe you don't want to make that Much because like I said it's going to Take some serious work maybe you just

Want to get to an extra 10 20 000 a Month and you wanna just chill there so Like right now if you had an extra Twenty thousand dollars in your bank Account and then another twenty thousand Dollars coming next month what would you Do what would you buy where would you go So I want you to think what if it is Possible because it is possible like I Said and I again not bragging but we can See right here that just in the past Four weeks it's there and if we go the Past four months or past three months Sorry 486 000 if we roll back to the fat Past year It's 1.149 million dollars so it is Possible to do this it's not going to be Magic it's not going to happen overnight It's not going to be like you roll up And do five minutes worth of work and Then you retire that's not how it works You are going to have to learn some Stuff and you are gonna have to do some Stuff so again joining the free Facebook Group is the first thing you want to do And after you join the free Facebook Group then the next thing you need to do To accelerate it is go over here to this Website enter in your email address Click let's do this watch the next free Training that is right here and then Read through the page and look at all of This stuff and get into the live classes The live classes

Are every Tuesday and every Thursday in Fact we have one tomorrow so go today Join the live classes and then I will See you in the live classes tomorrow and Until then Happy money making

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