See What Happens When AI Writes Sales Scripts! (ChatGPT)

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Hey everyone we have a chat GPT video Today there's something a client told me About that I thought was pretty cool That I wanted to test and I'm going to Be doing it live with you on chat gbt on This video today now before I get into It if you are new here welcome hi Welcome to make money your honey what we Cover on this channel is Sales Systems Marketing and mindset which are the four Things that you need in order to make Money your honey and today we're going To be talking about if we can use chat GPT to come up with sales objection Scripts that you can use to train and Practice selling with so if that's Something that interests you make sure To subscribe hit the notification Bell Give it a like do all the things because We have a lot more AI marketing videos Coming out we have a bunch of stuff Coming out on notion too that you guys Have been asking me for I got you so Make sure to subscribe and then also we Actually have a free AI resource guide That we give away I've basically put Together a list of my favorite AI tools That I'm using for marketing and you'll Find all the video tutorials in this Free resource guide as well so you can Find it up here down here all the places Okay let's get into what we're doing Today so we have a client who sells a LinkedIn training program it's like a

High ticket LinkedIn training program She has a really cool system that she Teaches about how to find clients on LinkedIn and we met a couple weeks ago We're actually helping her with her Sales Systems is what we're helping her With but we were chatting and she had Mentioned to me she goes hey did you Know that you can use chat EBT to Basically bust out sales objection Scripts and I was like say what what do You mean what do you mean we could do That we could do that on chat GPT what Are you talking about I want to give it A shot so the idea and what we're going To be testing today is we're going to See if chat GPT if I prompted to give me A bunch of sales objections for selling A particular type of product or service I want to see what chat GPT comes up With and the reason for this is because I've I've been in sales for a long time 15 years in two different kinds of Businesses and in addition to that I've Been training people on how to do sales For years so I'm wondering if number one We can use this to optimize the process With our clients and number two if the Information is good and we can use it I Wonder if it can help us in terms of Making people less afraid of sales Because my experience from training People and also training team Particularly if people are more green

With sales normally they don't have the Data that they need in order to be able To know what objections are going to get Thrown at them and then they can't Practice handling the objection the only Way for them to be able to get that data Would be to actually go out into the Marketplace and get rejected a bunch of Times and some people that's where they Stop that's where they get very scared So I'm wondering if chat gbt gives us Great stuff that we can work with if we Can kind of help um Kind of reduce that fear because they'll Feel better prepared in the marketplace So let's test it out let's see what Happens all right guys so we are going To test out this thing that one of our Clients told me about and we're gonna See if chat GPT can help us create a Bunch of sales objection that you can Use to train sales teams or to role play With yourself so that chat GPT gets all The data for you and then you don't have To do things the hard way like I did 10 Years ago Before this existed okay so let's say Sales what are Possible sales objections To someone Buying I'm looking around hold on well we Mostly saw courses in training programs So let's say a training program

About linked In let's see what it comes up with Okay so it's typing I'm going to see if it'll give actual Scripts so so far we're getting a list Which is I mean it's good right but I Want to see if we can get actual scripts That people can role play with let's see How many is it going to come up with six We're on number six okay All right so so far we have cost yes That's true the cost of the training Program could be a significant barrier For some potential customers they may Feel that the cost is too high or they Can find similar free information online That is the sales objection we could Teach you how to deal with that and Persuade profit though because there There is a way of handling that one Let's see relevant some people may Question the relevance of the training Program especially if they already have Experience using LinkedIn why would they Be on a call with you then or feel that They already have a good understanding Of the platform They might tell you that on a sales call So I'll I'll take it okay time Commitment yep that's that's Val that's An objection people will give a learning Style they prefer to learn through Different methods such as hands-on Experience or in-person training they

May feel that an online training program Is not the best fit for their learning Style okay fair skepticism Fair Trustworthiness okay yes that would be An objection and compatibility some Individuals may not feel comfortable With the technology or format used by The training program okay so this is Actually a pretty good list the great Thing about sales objections is they're Kind of pretty standard across Industries but I want to see if chat GPT Can actually turn this into Dialogue let's see all right and then You can actually use it to role play Sales so let's see if it could do that So it's good in terms of the Understanding of what's going on and I Like how it goes a little bit deeper It's not just a list but I want to see If it could do actual scripts and Dialogue that you can use for your teams Okay let's go down here [Music] Um What would a cost objection To a LinkedIn sales training or not Sales training LinkedIn training Some like I'm interested in improving my LinkedIn Skills but I'm not sure if the cost of The training is worth it I've seen some Free resources online and I'm not sure If the additional oh that's actually

Pretty good all right chat GPT all right Now I see you okay can you explain what Makes your program worth the cost so That's actually really good for Questions one thing that I would say is They may not necessarily ask a question And there's ways of handling this but Whatever it's it's a it's a tiny little Detail it's it's not that important okay Okay so it can actually come up with Scripts let's see if we can I wonder What the trustworthiness one would be What would a trustworthiness Objection To a LinkedIn training Sound like I'm hesitant to invest because I'm not Familiar with the Reputation or track record I've had a Bad experience in the past with online Courses that were not effective okay yes This is a solid one okay and I don't Want to waste my time and money that's Something that won't deliver results yes Okay chat GPT all right now okay so this Is actually really great if you need Scripts to role play with your team or Scripts to role play with yourself you Can literally just do what I did just Now on chat GPT and you can get a lot of The information up front rather than Doing what I had to do Over 10 years which is like go out into The field and actually do it so the way

That we're going to be using this in our Training programs and persuade to profit Is probably going to be well this Particular client does actually sell a LinkedIn training so I have all her Sales objections to figure it out for Her already but we could probably use it For clients who perhaps are more scared Of sales and more scared of going out Into the marketplace to get this data And get this information well now we can Get a lot of the information up front so They can kind of calm their nerves a Little bit I definitely see some Applications for this Um you know if I'd had this around where I didn't have to for my sales team Because I'd been doing it for so long And already have the data but if Somebody's starting from zero in terms Of sales this is something that they Could definitely use to just kind of get A feel for objections and I like like I Said I like that it kind of went deeper Into the why of somebody might have this As an objection or the why of somebody Why somebody might feel this way because One of the things I've seen as a sales Trainer or as people who as a company That has sales training programs is Sometimes people don't understand the Deeper understanding of why people have Particular sales objections so I like That chat GPT did this and of course I

Love that they dialogued it because then You can just you know practice either The team or with each other or like my Team literally like role plays in the Shower I'm not kidding it's a thing There's a whole live stream about it you Can go watch it all right I like it I Like it a lot

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