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Shine rankers sucks I know we're going To talk about that today and how we're Gonna fix it over the last year I have Been trying to develop a tool that has Been extremely complicated and also Extremely expensive and by expensive I Mean it has cost me more than a hundred Thousand dollars and it cost me tens of Thousands of dollars per month in Development now why am I telling you This because I want to be transparent I Tell people all the time look the tool Could be much better and that's what I'm Working on accomplishing but here's the Problem we have been working with a ton Of different developers that have been Trying to help not only develop shine Ranker but the new tool that we're Supposed to be coming out with very soon Called Contact bot now you might be Wondering why is it taking so long to Develop new features inside of shine Ranker and inside of the contact bot Tool well over the last year I have been Working with different developers that Do different things and some of the Developers are very good at one thing While others aren't and to be honest With you Ed has been extremely hard for Me to understand how to hire people that Do what they say they're going to be Doing now while shine ranker is a cool Tool and it does do cool things it could Be much better and today what I want to

Do is I want to go over what I think we Could improve in the tool and I will be Personally hand delivering this video to Our developers so that they can fix the Problems now you might be wondering why Would you the person who owns shine Ranker with thousands of users who are Paying you to use the tool talk about How bad the tool is and the answer is That I believe in telling people my Honest opinion I don't believe in hiding Anything and so for me I think that the Tool could be improved and so why not Just tell everybody I would rather show You how I'm going to make a plan to make This tool or whatever I'm building great So you can see that over time what I say Is true rather than just just try to Make a bunch of money and not tell the Truth all right so let's get into the Tool if you haven't checked it out go Over to and follow along With me so here we are at the shine Ranker homepage I will say I'm not a Huge fan of how this looks but I am glad That I made this video explaining how The tool works and what you're going to Get when you sign up for a 10-day free Trial let's click on the 10-day free Trial button I'm not really sure why we have Mountains in the background but I think That this does the job it's supposed to Be doing once we grab an account we are

Taken to the main projects dashboard of Shine ranker overall again the design Is Not Great the coloring is a little Bright on the red I'm not sure what's Happening with why everything can't be Lined up correctly I also don't really Like the fact that we just have only Projects without any sort of metrics it Would be nice to be able to pull keyword Metrics or historical metrics something Like what semrush or hrefs does on a Historical type dashboard I think a big Selling point about these other tools is Being able to see something that looks Like this so that when you look up a Website's traffic or when you add a Website to a dashboard you can see Overall how the traffic or the website Is doing next if we click into the Tracked keywords we're going to see all Of the keywords for a given project now First of all this seems very cluttered To me I'm not really sure why we need to Have so many different options for the Print CSV PDF and Excel I think that we Could maybe just put this in some sort Of drop down or I don't know not even Have this many options I don't know Anybody who's probably using all of These but to be honest I don't think That there's anything that problematic With this specific dashboard next we Have the keyword research tab now my Biggest issue with the keyword research

Tab is that I think all of the these Different buttons don't really indicate What people are supposed to be doing I Honestly wonder if it would be better to Just have the actual word like this Location or language listed here with a Drop down so people kind of know what They're looking at even with the enter Keywords maybe there's a search bar Where they just enter the keywords That might make a lot more sense to Users and confuse them less as far as When we enter the keywords it doesn't Make sense to me that this says enter 3 As in the number I think we should have Maybe the word three we should also Maybe not pre-fill these I don't think Everybody's using this tool for SEO so We could just say keyword one keyword Two We're going to type in SEO in Santa Barbara and see what the results look Like now previously the keywords worked Very well I'm not sure what's happening Now but for some reason we're pulling Completely irrelevant keywords so Obviously that is something that we need To fix immediately as far as the amount Of results I think that 158 keywords is Pretty low it would be nice if we could Get more keywords than this somehow Maybe store them in a database and save Some for later that we can display but I Do know or at least I'm pretty sure that

Every time we type in a keyword we are Pulling from the API and if we could Build a way to store keywords and save Them for later to maybe generate bigger Lists for our users that would be great As far as the traffic Checker goes we Don't really need all of these different Variations of the same keyword instead What we can do is just get each of the Top pages on the website let's say maybe There's the first 100 pages of the Website showing up and see what keyword Is best for that page so in other words If AI content writing is the highest Search keyword with the best current Ranking then it would make sense to just Show this page and this keyword and for The next page like let's say page Optimizer pro review we would say okay That this is the best keyword with the Highest search and the best ranking so In other words it's basically like Saying these are the pages that are Probably getting the most traffic based On their ranking position as well as Their search rate next we have the Content editor which as you saw right There took a second to load I'm not sure Why it kind of has a delay sometimes as Far as the layout again I don't really Know why we're saving every single Search here I'm not sure if that's Necessary Maybe a delete all button might be cool

Uh maybe some scoring to know how we Were doing with these different articles When we click into one of these or we Create a new dock you can see that the Tool kind of goes below the line here I'm not sure why all this goes it's not Staying within the white part of the Design the content generator feels Pretty random if I type in something Like Chase it will generate me content But the content kind of just Does whatever it does the suggestions in The tool also seem a little odd we're Only getting one heading tag suggestion And who knows maybe these words are good But I don't know it just seems like There could be more here I also don't Like powered by Zing chart right here Next we have shine audit for some reason The tool always loads the audit Like that was last done it would be nice If maybe there was an interface like the Content editor where it shows the Previous audits but it's not always Having this loaded up already the other Thing I really don't like are these Sliders they just look awful to me I Wish there was a easier way to maybe not Have these sliders the scoring algorithm Doesn't allow anybody to get a full Score on any of their pages so that Definitely needs to be fixed because There's no reason why people shouldn't Be able to hit a 10 score the interface

To scroll is very odd you have to scroll All the way to the bottom so you can Click it and scroll Um again it just feels very Clunky it feels very like there's There's literally one bar on the side Here one you know like 10 different bars Through all of these and then we have One on the side as well And it just feels like there's a lot Going on here now one feature I would Really like to build into the audit tool At some point is a generate fixes button It would be cool if we could use AI to Generate whatever the things are that The website's missing perhaps a meta Description an H1 tag whatever it's red It would be cool if we could use the AI Generator that we build in to fix Everything next we have the leads list Which I just loaded all of the entries At once and it completely removed Everything else that was in here I'm not Sure why it did that but this is what it Looks like when it does load with just 50 entries now as far as what's in here It's kind of cool that we can see the URL that was added the email that was Collected the emails found on the Website the social is found whether or Not they were contacted but it feels Like there needs to be something else it Feels like they need to be able to enter Their phone number or other parameters

So that we can better follow up with Them because emails alone are not going To be great rate to basically respond to One of the best ways to get audits Scheduled or follow up with people is to Have them leave their phone number and So the widget that we create that we Embed on a website should allow us to Have people enter their phone number or Other Pieces of information to get an audit as Far as the audit embed itself that we Can put on a website that feeds into Shinraker first of all it has a delay in The load That was a really long delay second of All I'm not really sure why we can't Change some of the things in here some People want to add their own logo or Maybe add their affiliate link to shine Ranker when they click on free website Audit again it takes into this which I Don't think they're going to be able to Understand when somebody sees an audit Like this and they're just a normal Person they're going to look at this and Go what am I looking at so it might be Good to allow people to customize the Output the thing that people opt into When they enter to get a free roadmap Another thing that would be cool is a More condensed version of the audit that Shows you maybe a list of things that Are a problem like for example 20

Heading tags that are missing or 10 Pages with the Google out Google Analytics it would be cool to have a Summary page of the audit it would also Be nice if the leads list had a way to Hide the user's information especially If I'm doing tutorials on this tool Maybe just a button right here that says Show information and hide information Last we have the dashboard for the Tutorials it would be nice if there was A way for me to easily upload new videos Into this section because right now I Have to shoot the videos and then hand Them to the developers in order to put Them in here as far as the contact us And anything else in here I think it Might be nice to end up having a live Chat In the side so if users are having Problems they can chat with our support And I was thinking it might be cool to End eventually put some sort of services On the side of this tool as well or just Give me the ability to add new tabs but That's pretty much it I know there's Probably other features in the tool that I want you to tell me that you'd like to See again I'm being completely Transparent about this tool the tool is Not super expensive in fact the annual Fee of the tool is probably what you're Going to be paying for most SEO tools Monthly and if you want to be a

Supporter of the tool and what I'm doing Please go to forward Slash shine I'm going to do my best to Keep improving this tool and do Everything I can to help you be Successful online if you have any Questions or comments please let me know In the comments section and I'll do what I can to get back to you as soon as I Can but thanks for stopping by and until We see you next time happy money making See you guys bye

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