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If you think you can never earn money Online short form content actually is a Hack that can let you earn a hundred Thousand dollars a month it's just the Fastest way to make money online right Now so what am I talking about let me Show you here is stripe now this is a Credit card processing for us and in the Past 12 months you can see it's 1.12 Million dollars I don't know is that 1.12 I don't know how to say that 187 Thousand dollars in the past four weeks So 28 days 187 thousand dollars now the Interesting thing is you can see that The income has started to go like this And we were figuring things out and now It's going up it'll go up over three Million dollars this year and this is Massively due to what I'm about to show You which is short form content because If you apply this hack then you can Generate so much traffic and leads and Sales and thus money that it's just Crazy So before I get into this we're Constantly running tests which is how That we got from here and we're going up Because we figured stuff out so if you Want more tests and you want more Trainings like this one go ahead and Leave me a yes down in the comments in Fact if you could stop right now and put It down there so that I know this is the Right format for you that would be

Really great and if you want something Else drop that down in the comment too But if you could do a yes or something Down in the comments so I know where We're at I can give you what you want That would be awesome of course it helps With YouTube too so what are we talking About here well I'm talking about short Form content what is short form content Well short form content is it can take a Lot of meanings but as we look through Different things we can see stuff like This right so it's typically vertical It's typically less than 60 seconds so 7 To 60 seconds is short form content Usually 15 to 45 seconds is where it Mostly plays and you get in you give a Point and you get out now this is the Kind of thing that you might see people On their phone when they're swiping up Their swipe up why watch your video Swipe up watch a video think YouTube Shorts or Tick Tock or Facebook reels or Instagram videos that sort of thing so It's just give something a bite size Give someone a bite-sized bit of Information and then move on the game is Of course to capture their attention Because this is what people are watching They're watching longer videos like you Typically see on YouTube less they're Watching longer videos other places less They're canceling their TV subscriptions They're canceling even their Netflix

Subscriptions in some cases and they're Watching more content right here on Their phone or their tablet or even on Their computer but they're watching Short form content which is just quick Content as you go there's a lot of Reasons why they do that but I'm not Going to go into the psychology of it I'm just going to go in how you can make Money with it so short from content is Stuff like this for example here is one YouTube channel where you can see brand New videos like today 288 views already Yesterday's videos are you know 2 000 Views a couple of days ago 4 000 and so On and so forth we've had views you know Here's one that's ten thousand eight Thousand that sort of thing here's Another Channel that's a a very new Channel Um this is just a video 866 views 1.1 000 views that 3.3 000 views and so on And so forth now if we look at Facebook For example here is not even our Channel Actually this is one of the people in The classes and he posted just reposted Our videos and this one's got 2.5 000 likes and 1.3 000 comments right so Facebook reels and Tick Tock of course Here's also a channel that hasn't been Heavily promoted you know 30 000 views Twelve thousand views 25 000 views 22 262 000 views you get the point right A lot of views now what does that mean

Well views translate to attention which Translates to ultimately money but how Do we get them there it's a process and You gotta take the steps so stay with me On this video I'm going to cover all of This so once we understand that we're Going to make a short form video now What are we going to do with it well in The video we are going to put a website Right so if you go on the website go in The video at some point it tells you Some information then it says hey here's A website go to this website it's called A landing page or a squeeze page or Something like that what does it look Like it looks like this scary it has some information Maybe a picture you know a headline and Some text and a spot for them to enter Their email address that's the key we Want them to enter their email address Because once we have their email address We can send them all kinds of emails Every single day or multiple times a day And offer to sell them things What we're offering to sell them we'll Get there in a second bear with me first Of course we have to get the lead so we Can sell them stuff now when they enter Their email address here like if I say Whatever I put in an email address and Hit grab now this particular one is Going to take us actually to a Spreadsheet which we'll talk about in a

Minute because it's a list of companies That will pay you to promote their Products but the point is is now they Have entered their email address so what Does that look like That looks like this if we go here so We're talking about remember we have the Short form content we see how we can Make a video put a website in a video Like someone watches The video then they go to the website And they enter their email address that Gets them into the CRM drop a comment if You don't know what a CRM is I can Explain that just drop a comment down in The comments but for the sake of this Video we get them in the CRM and now we Have them as what we call a lead which Is a lead is just a potential customer Somebody that hasn't bought yet or maybe They have bought at some point but they Might buy another product from you if They've already bought right so what is A lead well we put the lead in the CRM This is an example of a CRM which Captures the contacts and what happens Next is the best part of the CRM you set Up an Automation in the CRM and again This is going to take a little bit of Work I just want to be clear here when We're talking about going to a hundred Thousand dollars a month I'm not talking About doing it tomorrow right I mean think about how many jobs you've

Had that made a hundred thousand dollars A year maybe you've had none maybe You've had some but how many of you Hadn't made a hundred thousand dollars a Month Right probably none So because that's 1.2 million dollars a Year so to get to a hundred thousand Dollars a month it takes some effort Right it might be more like a thousand Dollars to start and then it's 2005 and 10 and 20 and 50 and whatever right and You may not even want to work that hard You might want to quit at like ten Thousand dollars a month and just spend More time doing whatever you want to do Whether that's at the pool at your house Or you know at the beach or skiing I Don't know whatever it is and that's Fine but you can get there if you want And you can go past a hundred thousand Dollars a month but the goal here is We've got to capture the lead so when we Capture the lead in our CRM we set up an Automation and it starts working for us So first it sends them an email so this Is you can see the delay here it sends It immediately then it waits five hours And sends another email Waits five hours And sends another email then it waits a Day then five hours five hours a day so On and so forth you can set it up However you want this is an example Campaign for shine ranker which is on

Our list here it says right here and if We when someone goes there and enters Their email address for shine ranker They start getting all these emails in Each one of these emails is a link where They can click and they can buy so what Am I talking about the link that's where Our tool list comes in if we were to go To shine ranker and get the tool we can Roll down to the bottom and they have What's called an affiliate program you Sign up for the affiliate program they Give you a link the link is whenever Someone clicks the link and buys you get Paid and I'm not going to go too deep Into that because that's something I've Already covered And something I'll cover again but what That means is when they click the link They get you get paid and so in these Emails that are being sent each one of Them you can it's sending the person so Bob okay let's say Bob goes to right and he enters His email address or whatever the domain Is that you put in your email because Remember We got the leads in the CRM and we got There from the short form content and Short form content had a link to your Landing page and so whenever they enter Their email address now Bob gets this email and then Bob can Click that link go over to shine ranker

Like so So the the link will take Bob to shine Ranker it just has a tracking code in it So when Bob comes over here to shine Ranker and Bob says okay cool let's get The 10-day free trial and then Bob buys Right Then you get paid so that's how you get Paid and the great thing about having The email address in the CRM is one spot By shine ranker you can go back to the List and go to the next offer down the List like Cora and semrush and screaming Right and so there's tons of tools Across here right there's all these Different tabs and whatever so there's Just tons of things that you can promote And you definitely should go to and put in your email Address right now so that you can get This list but once you have the list you Can just go down the list and keep Promoting them over and over again so we Saw how we can get them to our landing Page by making short form content then We saw how the CRM is going to capture The lead and send them emails over and Over and over and over and over again Until they buy and then send them emails For the next product and the next Product and so on right So that's what we're talking about here With the leads we just talked about we can actually get

That list so that we have our list to Send them to and that's how we make the Money so if that makes sense we make the Short form content they click on a link And they get to the CRM landing page Which then sends them emails to buy the Product and the products it's sending Them into buy is the products that you Get on and once they Buy one product then you can just Continue and go down the list and send Them the next one right And got past the capture there and so we Can just continue to do this over and Over and over and over and over again And that's how we ultimately get to Where we can have income like this where Even in the past seven days right it's 68 000. So the point is is you stack it because As you get people into your CRM you get The contacts in you get more and more And more and more and more and more and More and you have more people to sell to Right that is the value of getting the Leads so we have plenty of offers to Give them and we have plenty of leads And all of this comes from short form Content you can see if you can imagine So here imagine with me for a minute two Things first let's imagine that you make Videos and they get three thousand four Thousand views or you pop them up and You can put the same video you can take

One video and you can put it on YouTube And then Tick Tock and then Facebook and Then Snapchat and then Instagram and so On and so forth and so just on Tick Tock For example if it gets 22 000 views or 262 000 views can you imagine How many people are going to see your Website that's tens of thousands or Hundreds of thousands of people that see Your website and they go there and they Enter their email address and then the CRM sends them emails so they can buy Things from you hundreds of thousands of People So imagine with me if you get all these People that go here and not all of them Are going to go to your website of Course but if you get 1.2 million views Like the one down here on the bottom Right if you get 1.2 million views how Many people are going to go to the Website if even a portion of them go to The website you got a lot of visitors They enter their email address the CRM Sends them emails with your links and They buy from you and you get paid right So now imagine if you have an extra five Thousand dollars a month coming so if You start small a thousand five thousand Dollars a month even ten thousand Dollars a month what does that mean for You what would you do what would you buy What would that do for you as far as Security goes like maybe maybe you don't

Even want to buy anything maybe you just Want to take five months and put fifty Thousand dollars in the bank so that you Just know that there's fifty thousand Dollars in the bank I mean how would That feel to have fifty thousand dollars Stocked up in the bank just sitting There I can't imagine anyone saying that it Would feel awful right I just have to Think that all of those are positive Things just think about that for a Minute and if that's something that you Want then the thing that you need to do Is go to And you can watch the video that's up There and then you can check it out and You can go down here and you can get Into the live classes because every Tuesday and Thursday we have live Classes and we teach you how to do this And then there's also a free Facebook Group which I'll put the link in the Description down below which you should Definitely check out as well and join And then post in there that you're new And start interacting because part of it Is just getting among like-minded people Right you've got to get among the people That are thinking like you are or Thinking like the way that you want to Be in order to win right because you're Gonna have to change a little bit of Something if you keep doing what you've

Been doing then you're going to keep Getting what you're getting and if you Like what you're getting that's fine but If you don't like what you're getting And you want to get more money then you Have to change a little bit so the first Change you're gonna make is go to the Facebook group start reading the posts And start beginning to be among the People that are thinking and winning and Succeeding so that you can pick up those Things too and the second thing to do is Go to short form riches right now short and go down and sign up It is a paid class but the price is Going up and if you wait you're going to Want to get in at some point so if you Wait you're just going to pay more to Get in it later so I would go to right now and get Into live classes but either way join The Facebook group get in the classes And either way I will see you in the Facebook group and then in the live Classes and until then Happy money Making

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