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Making three thousand dollars a day the Smart way for beginners is the easiest Way to make money online so what is this Let's have a look see this is our stripe Account which is credit card processing So we have credit card processing and we Have PayPal that's how we take the money This is stripe for the past four weeks You can see here we can roll 12 months And stuff like that and see 1.174 million dollars and if we roll Back to four weeks where we were and we Look it's ninety seven thousand dollars So if you pop ninety seven thousand Dollars in the calculator divide by 28 Days we get like 3 000 and you know I Don't know a big long number I rounded It off to three thousand dollars Just to keep it simple right three Thousand dollars a day in an average 30 Day month is ninety thousand dollars a Month which is very good money for I Mean I think that puts you in the top Like One percent of earners actually less Than one percent inverter so has Excellent money so if you're in the top One percent of earners in the whole World then I think you're in good shape So you can actually and you can actually Do more than three thousand dollars a Day but I'm not gonna get too far ahead Because honestly it is going to take Some work to get to three thousand

Dollars you got to learn some stuff and You got to do some stuff we are going to Leverage tools Bots AI things like that To be smarter not harder but anyways we Still have to make this and I don't I'm Not bragging here I'm just trying to Show you that listen it's possible for You to make money online and of course You start with you know your first Dollar and then hundred dollars and so On and so forth so a couple of things Here if you could help me to help you if You will reply yes just pause the video Reply yes right now that helps me to Help you because it helps on YouTube and It helps me to see what videos it is you Actually want and the content you want So that I can give you more of what you Want and more methods like this got some Good stuff to show you today so that Would help and then a couple of things We have two checklists we're going to Talk about today so one of them is the Scary checklist and so I'm gonna call it The scary checklist and the other one is The short form checklist so keeping them Straight Is important and first thing we need to Do is we need to go to the scary Checklist and have a company to promote But what are we going to do we're going To use a proper keyword setup to promote That with a video so I just said the Scary checklist is really easy you just

Go here you get this list of companies That will pay you to promote their Products and then you know there's tons Of them on here so you can choose Whatever you want and this isn't Exhaustive right like there's hundreds Of thousands of companies that'll pay You to promote their product but this is A really great place to start because There's some great offers in here we're Going to talk about one today that has a 30 reoccurring commission but the second Thing here is the free Facebook group Which is super important because you Want to be around like-minded people you Want to see their successes you want to Be able to ask questions and get help And of course I'm in there and everyone Else is in there as well so grab the Scary checklist that this URL here get a Company to start with and then join the Free Facebook group and let's jump in Over here and get started with this So we need and I've gone ahead and Jumped over here to Tick Tock but we Need to get some traffic right traffic Comes from short form content in this Particular case because ultimately we Are utilizing a Arbitrage process here Where views equal money ultimately and It's not directly there's some steps Here in the middle uh obviously as we Have you know more than one step here But um ultimately we need views and the

Quickest and easiest way to do that is Short form content you can do long-form Content you can go buy ads you can do Other kinds of advertisement you can Even send postcards in the mail if you Wanted to but none of those are going to Bring that's like probably the worst way To do it but postcards um none of these Of course are going to bring you the Results that short form content are Especially not for the you know value That you can provide and if you wanted To spend money on ads or do something Like that to accelerate it which we do Talk about in the so again we have the Two checklists here the Um short form checklist we talk about How you can spend ads but I would still Say make a video and then run ads on That video because that's going to give You an exponential leverage of return But anyways in the short form checklist There's a bunch of five minute videos That walk you through step by step on How to do that back to the main point Here and I closed out of it back to the Main point of tick tock we have to have A video first so I just went over here And searched like make money online and As you type out the thing it gives you These kind of keyword suggestions these Are the things that either other people Are typing or that it thinks that you're Going to want that are popular right so

These are what a majority of other People they aren't necessarily in the Order exactly that other people are Typing them but this is a really great Thing to gather keywords because it's Hard to if you're going to replicate a Video and get traffic and just like make Money online that's going to be harder Than like make money online 2023 because There's less people doing videos around This and so if you go if you know Anything about SEO so getting a little Bit of a longer keyword phrase is Usually easier to rank for and there's This isn't SEO necessarily but there's An SEO component so we might as well Toss that in and do it properly so I'm Just going to pick like make money Online from home and then once I do that I can actually click again and we can See other things so we see here's 2023 You make money online from home right So we are uh still uh first part of March here in 2023 so this is a really Great video or a really great keyword Because this is going to be relevant all Year long and then you know beyond that As well but basically if we look here We've got like this video that makes 900 000 views and here's 150 000 views and There's some that are last but 279 7.3 Million views right here 2.3 million so You want to pick a video that is Already working and then just replicate

It because there's no point to reinvent The wheel here it already works we the Algorithm knows that people like this Video so if you make a video like this Then it's more likely to be shown Because people that's what the algorithm Wants to show people is what they want To see and people want to see these Obviously because a view is kind of like A vote to raise your hand like say hey I'm interested in this you don't get to 7.3 million views you know just because People hate the video right so I spent a Little bit of time here on the video Part because that's kind of important so Let's say we take this one with 7.3 Million views or even 900 000 views I Mean seriously 150 000 views is a lot of Views so Pick a video replicate it put a link in It and link them to the next step so the Next step is where we're going to get Their email address and so we can just Utilize this and do this if we skip this And send them straight to the offer so Back here in our wrong one back here in Our scary checklist where we had the List of companies we were getting paid To promote if we we chose this one here And if we roll down At the bottom they'll have an affiliate Program and then we can apply to be a Partner and then we can log in here And then so I've gone ahead and logged

Into ours and we can see there's a link Here if we go to this link so this is This is your referral link all affiliate Programs have a link like this and if You go there they'll have some sort of Uh sales page landing page where they're Going to show a video and they're going To give like a this one has a free trial And then someone signs up for their free Trial and they convert to a paid Customer then you get paid right and so This link is obviously very important Where a lot of people stop is they make A video like you know so and then in the Video they put a link but they will link Directly to here now you can do that if You want to that is a way to lose a Bunch of money and leave a bunch of Money on the table because you get Someone over to this page and if they Sign up great if they don't sign up well Then they're gone and you don't ever Have that person that chance again Whereas if you utilize the method I'm About to show you then you can Market to Them because most people don't buy until They see something seven times on Average so maybe you'll spend a bunch of Times getting them ready and then Someone else will come in and they'll See their link once and click it and Then the other person gets paid right so That's dumb so What we're going to do here is and then

There's some stats here and so what We're going to do is we are going to Capture their email now it looks kind of Like so you send them to a page like This it's called The Squeeze page or a Landing page and it has you know Generally an image some text which is Trying to get them to enter their email Address and then an email address place It doesn't have anything else does it Have a menu or Social Links or anything Else right all they can do is enter Their email address or leave right That's what we want we want them to Enter their email address and click Start earning now or whatever it is so Again on how to build this in the Checklist the actual short form Checklist here there's step-by-step Videos on this too and I'm going to show You the checklist here in a minute and You can see all of the videos and in Fact here let me just pull it up and so If we go here I'm just going to open it Up so this is the actual checklist right So new videos are coming in here all the Time it's actually a very new checklist That we have just created uh in the past Week actually and so I just actually put Some video in here today there'll be More in here for tomorrow so on and so Forth and I talked about the fact that We had some videos on ads already so Those are here and then we have you know

A basic kind of getting started set up There's a tick tock section uh right now We're talking about the section on the CRM and how to build landing pages and So this one is coming tomorrow and then I think probably this one and then I Just put this one in here today so on And so forth right so there's more Videos coming all of the time and There's other sections here some of them Are done some aren't but we'll be Cranking these out very fast so by the Time you get through some of these There'll be more and the great thing About the checklist is is that it's like Five minute videos that we constantly Add to all the time and work through it The other cool thing is when you are Back here and you you know you were at The scary checklist and we clicked Dealer bar and join the Facebook group When you go ask a question I'm like okay That's a good question we don't have That in the checklist and then we can go Over here to the checklist and then we Just add a new section right so I'm Going to go in here and just like insert A row be like all right you know answer To question whatever right whatever it Is and then we just record a video put It in there and then away you go and we Put it in the spot where it makes sense As you walk through it right so I'm Gonna get rid of that but

Um you get the point so that's really Great so we can just constantly add to This and build it out to give you Everything that you could possibly need And then of course there's resources and Links over here and that sort of stuff Anyways we were talking about landing Pages and that is here We were talking about this how to build It so those videos are there and then When someone comes here and enters their Email address it's going to capture Their email and then send them some Emails so what does that look like and I'll review here in a second so we're Not lost because I realize I jumped Around there so if we come over here and We look at something like this we can See that there is a bunch of emails so a Whole bunch of emails right and they're Built on a delay so this one's immediate Which is zero minutes and then a day two Three four so on and so forth so the Zero minute means when someone enters Their email address then they Immediately get the first email so let's Take a step backwards what does all this Mean what this means is we go get our Company to promote from the scary Checklist and join the Facebook group Then we're going to do some proper Keywords and find a keyword that works And a video that is already working We're going to replicate that video and

Then post it up right so now we're Getting traffic in the video we send Them to a link the link goes to the Landing page which is like so and it Captures the email address after that it Puts the email in what's called a CRM And I can explain that if you want drop A comment down below if you don't know What that is you can if you already know What it is great Um but basically the CRM automates the Whole sales process in fact the CRM is Where you build the landing page at so This landing page is built on the CRM or In the CRM and then the CRM also is Where we build all of these emails here Now building the emails is actually Really easy because let me show you an Email for example here here is an email That we put in here and it has this you Know this is a long email most of them Aren't that long but the end of the day It has a spot for a link now this is Where you're going to put of course this Link right here your affiliate link So you pop that in there and now when Someone goes here watch your video they Go here they enter their email address They are going to be immediately taken And given a chance to buy right away Because a very small percentage of People will but they're also going to Get sent an email with a link where they Can buy and then what happens is

Tomorrow a day later they get sent Another email with a link where they can Buy and then the next day two days from Now they get sent in another email with A link I think you get the point here it Keeps going right so generally most People buy after seven Impressions but That's an average so you're gonna have a Few that are longer a few that are Shorter so you want to send them a bunch Of emails here for a lot of days and Offer them the deal every single day Which is why I said earlier it's kind of Is leaving money on the table if you put This link in your YouTube video and send Them straight there you want to capture Them like a real business does and then Send them emails all the time selling Them stuff and then what's even more Amazing is you can go back over here and Once you have sold them the first one You can sell them another one and Another one and go over here and sell Another one you're gonna sell them all These and then when you get through this Whole sheet which will probably take you A year to get there's so many in here it Might take you a year to get through all Of these things selling them and I'm Rolling really fast but if you Understand selling like 27 different Companies and then go over here and Selling you know like 50 something Companies the point here is you can go

To Google and find countless more right So that's amazing another amazing thing Here is that if you want to if you Struggle with writing the emails you can Just go to chatgpt right and just say Hey listen give me an email based on you Know and you can even say like I ask it For three emails that way I get to Choose and like oh that one sounds Really cool so like right so I ask you For three emails and away we go it's Popping in subjects I asked it for Shorter emails so we're see they're not You know it's not like a page and a half Long it's kind of the point and so Here's some this and you can read the Second one and the third one so and so Forth right so it's like it's just right There it's all proper English it makes Sense it's proper grammar and Punctuation and then spell checked and All that jazz and you even get the Subject lines and the whole nine yards So I mean I don't know that I can make It any easier than that it's literally Like AI is completely amazing and it Blows my mind even though I use it every Single day I'm still ever surprised About how amazing it is So literally at that point you've sent Them and captured their email Chad GPT Is writing you emails to send them every Single day to sell them stuff And at this point all you have left to

Do is duplicate that process like I said Go through each one of the things on the Scary checklist and then build get Another company do get another keyword Make you know replicate a video about That and then rep you know build a Landing page for that in an email Sequence or let chat gbt build you an Email sequence and send them a bunch of Links every single day to sell them that And then go to the next one and you're Going to tie it all together so all of These so in here and there's videos About this in the checklist again in Here actually they are not done I'll Have it done in the next couple days but One of these videos right here it's this One right here automation Rules tying email sequences together This video which I haven't done yet but I will shortly we it will show you how To tie all these different products Together so that automatically the CRM When you're done selling one is going to Automatically go to the next and the Next and the next and the next and the Next and so you can literally sell all Year long you can sell for the next Three years straight when someone signs Up for these things which is just crazy Because it's all automatic I mean AI is Writing the emails and the CRM is Sending the emails every single day and Handling the opt-ins and

Anyways so The only thing you really need to do now Is utilize the easy checklist that I was Just talking about which is this one and Just walk through the process so you Just go here and you do introduction how Does the process work decide on what You're going to sell obviously we just Talked about that getting your product Understanding so we have our own Products you can sell our products you Can sell affiliate products you can sell Services you can sell whatever you want Right so choosing between videos or Doing videos on your own right so There's different ways to do it there's More ways than what I just you know so We're like 16 minutes into a video okay There's more ways than one and to do This process and I can't teach you Everything how to make ninety thousand Dollars a month in like one you know 17 Minute YouTube video there's just too Much right and there's more than one way You don't even have to do them all to Get this we don't even do every single Method all the time we jump between Different ones but the point is is that There are a lot of options and the Reason that's important is just because Some people like one way better than Another eh and that's absolutely Absolutely fine just do whatever works For you

So the easy checklist I'm talking about Is just this checklist here which is the Short form checklist and so the first Step in your journey here is to go to This website here and get the scary Checklist and then join the free Facebook group again the scary checklist Is the list of tools that will pay you To promote their products and then the Next and important step is to go over Here to this website URL here and get The full checklist right here which is The set of videos that walks you through Everything how to do the whole process Step by step by step in five minute Videos and it makes it easy and this is The short form checklist and so jump in There and jump in the Facebook group and Then I will see you in the Facebook Group and I'll be doing videos to add to The checklist to answer your questions And until then Happy money making

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